Down for Love (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

My name is Leisel Shepherd,
and I'm 22 years old.
- Are you looking for love?
- Yes, I am looking for love.
What is love, Leisel?
Love is amazing thing
you can do with your love heart.
- Why do you want a boyfriend?
- So I can hang out.
After that, he can give me a snuggle,
and we can eat fish and chips
on the beach.
We all want love,
companionship, and affection,
to love and be loved.
Will you be my boyfriend?
But finding that special person
isn't always easy.
Tip of the day.
Treat your girl as a princess.
This series follows
New Zealanders living with Down syndrome
as they go on a series of dates
I love cuddling and kissing.
You scrub up well.
exploring the ups and downs of romance
If the date goes wrong,
I might cry.
and the complexities of relationships
Do you two want
to have children?
Um, no.
in the search for true love.
- You are a wonderful lady, ain't you?
- That's me.
- I don't like her.
- What?
I love her.
Leisel lives with her family
on Auckland's North Shore.
Over here is my wonderful family.
My dad is treasure of love of my heart.
Aw, Leisel.
And also over here is my gorgeous mother.
Loves to cook.
And my brother Hunter is huggable
and squeezable and also loveable.
- I love you.
- She's so loving. Oh my God.
She is just such a delight,
And also I am very good
at dancing and singing.
Crazy in a really good way.
This bedroom is like a little mansion.
Okay, I got a One Direction pillow.
It's nice and huggable as well.
And also my toy cat.
It's amazing.
And this is my baby picture.
I see that,
and I get some memories from my mum.
Brenda was just
18 weeks pregnant with Leisel
when she was told to expect the worst.
The radiographer said, "There's
something wrong with the baby's heart."
And when you're told
that your baby is not gonna survive
and now she's 22,
it's a wonderful thing!
Now that Leisel's come of age,
she's keen to fulfill a long-held dream.
Yes, I would love to have a boyfriend.
- Six.
- Six.
I would love to see Leisel
with a boyfriend.
She'd make somebody really happy.
She'd always make them laugh,
and they'd always be having a great time.
- You can go to Paihia or Hokitika.
- Hokitika.
My perfect man could be funny,
generous, and kind,
and I will love him,
the treasure of my heart.
- Five.
- Five. Where am I gonna go?
We haven't actively
tried to find her a boyfriend.
Like, I haven't gone searching, but
And it's not easy because
- There's not a shop you can go look at.
- No.
But, um
no, it's a tricky, tricky situation,
but she definitely wants to have
a boyfriend. And why not?
Make sure you get the right one.
It's tricky.
My name is Carlos Antonio.
I just turned 30 years of age.
I have Down syndrome.
It is not a disease.
Some people have it, some people don't,
and that is what can be unique.
- Are you looking for love?
- Yes, I'm looking for love.
I'm looking for someone
to share a life with.
I'm looking for love of a girl
who is brilliant, intelligent.
She loves me like the way I am.
And just to feel loved,
it is so important.
Carlos lives with his parents
on the Otago Peninsula.
Today he's at the Chinese gardens
with his mother, Alicia.
Oh, nice.
From my very first camera,
I was hooked to photography.
The beauty of these landscapes, mountains,
Oh, beautiful, Carlos.
Carlos, he always said,
"I was born to be a photographer."
He did an exhibition in Bolivia.
He sold 26 pictures
before we opened the event.
It was something
that Carlos couldn't believe it.
I see myself in ten years' time
working in Lonely Planet
or National Geographic as a photographer.
I was born in Bolivia
in the city of La Paz,
and we moved when I was ten years of age.
Those years in Bolivia,
I will treasure them forever.
When Carlos was born
30 years ago,
Alicia and Sergio knew virtually nothing
about Down syndrome.
It was hard to accept
that something was wrong with him
because I couldn't see anything wrong.
He was perfect.
Those were not the days
of of asking Google.
Uh, the doctor came with stories like,
"Ah, probably
he's going to get the mental age
of someone eight years old."
"Probably he's going to live
only five years and then, whatever, die."
And, ah, uh, I
sorry if I'm a little cynical,
but I don't think
the doctors really knew much about it.
When I see, for example,
all the things that he achieved
in 30 years now,
it's amazing.
So this is all my awards
from Bolivia,
from London.
I have won two photography competitions.
This one was from Dame Judi Dench,
who plays M in the James Bond movies.
I write poems.
I am an international swimmer.
I speak Spanish,
English and Portuguese,
German and French.
But there is one thing
Carlos has yet to achieve.
It is so important.
If you feel loved by someone else,
it's a wonderful experience.
An experience
Carlos doesn't want to put off any longer.
He's ready for love
and whatever it takes to make that happen.
It is a big challenge,
but I'm willing to risk it.
Since leaving school,
Leisel's run her own cosmetics business.
I'm just gonna give you
a nice, good clean.
I love my job because it's the best thing
that ever happened to me.
That looks good, Leisel.
Who else would like to have that done?
Getting her a job with Nutrimetics
has launched her into an adult world,
so she's instructing adults,
and she's helping
all the people she meets.
- I hope you love this part.
- I think I will.
It's changed my life,
and it's changed her life.
Ta-da. You're all done.
Some of the profits
from Leisel's business
have gone to charity,
the rest to her prized possession,
her spa pool.
Ooh, nice and warm. I love warm things.
It's the best spa pool I ever got.
I love this.
Leisel loves it so much,
she'd love to share it
with someone special.
If I have a boyfriend,
I might invite him to my house
and have a nice warm spa
with some drinks.
Or maybe something to snack,
like sausage rolls or Cheerios and stuff.
Be really romantic.
How do you think about
you find a nice girl, a lady?
- It would be nice.
- It would be nice.
- But I think it's important for you to
- I know, Mum.
- To meet somebody
- I know.
And just to share
some, you know, ideas
and and go to the movies and
Stuff like that can happen, Mum.
Sure, yeah.
I'm looking for love of a girl
who has a noble heart
that we can both be good friends,
and maybe we can be a wonderful couple.
To kick-start
Carlos' s search for love,
tomorrow he'll be venturing into
an unexplored world of blind dating.
I'm jumping with glee and happiness
having to know
that I will have a blind date tomorrow.
I'm biting my fingernails
just to know
how it's going to be like.
I am not able to going to sleep tonight.
Either I'm going to be
thinking of this blind date
and thinking how I'm going to
respond if she says hi.
Jesus Christ, Lord.
This boyfriend business.
What sort of boy
do you think you'd like, really?
My dream guy could be really romantic.
Oh, perfect. I like romantic too.
He give me love
and also butterflies in my stomach.
Oh, that would be nice.
To help Leisel
in her search for love,
she, too, will be
going on her first blind date.
My perfect date,
going out to
to the picnic at the beach,
and we can have fish and chips
on the beach.
If you came back here,
then what would you do?
Go to the spa.
Go and have a spa?
And you can be my waitress.
Oh, come on!
Sounds romantic, doesn't it?
It sounds very romantic.
I love that idea.
So do I.
I might have to suggest that to Dad.
Uh, no, you cannot.
Oh, you're funny.
During a successful
wine-tasting date
- Boop!
- Oh, that's so cute.
Josh and Libby experienced
a strong chemistry.
We are 100% vibing together.
- Here's a flower. You like it?
- Aw, thank you.
To see if the feelings
are still there a week later,
they're meeting up for a second date.
They both love dancing,
so they'll be joining world champions
Karen Hardy and Enrique Johns.
How are you feeling
about your second date?
I've got the feels!
Made me feel in love
and made me feel having a girlfriend.
How are you feeling about Josh?
He's a really cool guy.
I'ma be excited for today.
I'm gonna show her the sexy moves.
Well, hello again.
Hi. How are you?
You look pretty.
Aw, thank you.
Well, you look really good as well.
I'm excited to get in the cha-cha mood.
Same here!
Today, Josh and Libby
will be getting the lowdown
on a popular Latin American dance.
It's a dance that comes from Cuba
It's called the cha-cha-cha,
and it has some very, very simple steps.
If you get the simple bit, we can add
the magic at the end. What do you reckon?
I'm up for that. I'm up for everything.
You've got a little bit
of dance experience?
I was on TikTok.
Could you give us a demonstration
of some of the moves that you can make?
Wonderful! Wonderful! Oh my God!
Now, Libby, any dance experience?
Yeah, I've been dancing
since I was 11 years old.
I was in the dance troupe for Hairspray.
- Oh!
- Oh gosh!
So I think we're gonna cancel
everything we planned,
'cause we thought they were beginners,
and we're gonna upgrade it.
So the very simple principle
to learn about the cha-cha-cha,
step, step, side, together, side.
Step, step, cha-cha-cha.
Step, step, cha-cha-cha.
So each time we step,
it's gonna be like riding a bicycle.
- Josh, are you showing off?
- Yeah!
Oh, I'm liking
your groove there, Libby.
I'm very impressed by them.
I mean, the ability
to pick something like that so quickly,
especially not having really done cha-cha
beforehand, it's actually quite hard.
Now, how about a bit of fun?
This is when you get your solo moment.
So let your arms go,
and then let your hips go. Let 'em go.
Not exactly.
- He's getting there. He's getting there.
- He's getting there, isn't he?
Yeah, Josh is really funny.
But will funny be enough
to win Libby's heart?
Yeah, is that too much for you?
Yeah, that's far too much!
We now do our bit.
We show our arms.
Great. And can you roll the shoulder?
Ooh, I can see you checking that out!
Oh yeah.
Yeah, Libby is a good dancer.
Good. Hold tight!
Dirty dancing, down we go.
- Yip!
- Ooh!
- Whoo!
- [Libby[ Shoot. Careful.
Next time, actually hold onto me.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Don't worry, I've fallen over lots.
Now, do you think
you could get through that without us?
- We could try, can't we?
- Yeah, we can try, yeah.
Over to you, guys.
Two, three, four.
And one, step, step.
Cha-cha-cha. Step, step
I 100% loved the dancing.
Step. And New York.
Great. Other way.
Do you still have
feelings for Libby?
So much.
How are you going to tell her?
I'm gonna ask her.
- How are you feeling about it?
- I'm feeling awesome.
Big explosion.
Turn in.
[Libby[ I do not know exactly
what he thinks about me,
but I do know that I only see him
as a really good friend.
Do you think
you need to tell him that or not?
No, I don't think I should tell him
because I don't like to break
too many hearts.
I think it would be better coming from
somebody else telling him that for me,
so, yeah.
- Tricky situation, isn't it?
- Yeah, it is.
While Josh and Libby grapple
with the difficulties of unrequited love,
Leisel's full of optimism
as she prepares to meet her blind date.
Gonna be cool, eh?
- I'm feeling so excited.
- Are you? What do you think it'll be like?
I think it's gonna be
really fun and romantic.
Do you? Do you think
it's gonna be love at first sight?
- Love at first sight. I'd love that.
- Would you?
- Are you nervous?
- No.
No? Awesome.
If my boyfriend proposed to me,
I would say, "Yes, I will marry you,"
and then we'd go to the honeymoon suite.
Then after that, have some kids.
And you look gorgeous.
- Just like you, Mum.
- I hope you have a fabulous time.
- I will, Mum.
- Great.
- I love you.
- I love you too, sweetheart.
Jump in.
Leisel's 21-year-old date
has also never had a relationship before.
Ooh, time to go.
- All good?
- Yep.
This is Brayden's lodge. You can come in.
Brayden loves clothes, food,
and romance.
Love, of course, you cannot see it.
You cannot feel it.
But I'll tell you this,
love is in the air.
Glasses. It's all about the sunglasses.
Girls love a guy
who wears sunglasses proud.
Do you like
my badass clothing of the week?
Wow, looks great.
Are you nervous, Bray?
- Never.
- Oh my goodness!
So, your first date,
and there's no nerves?
- Nope.
- What, just excitement?
Excitement, calm.
I'm in the green zone, personally.
Well, looks like
it might be time to finish getting ready,
so go and sort your hair out,
put on a bit of cologne,
and then we better hit the road.
Let's do it now, baby.
I really would like Brayden to find love
and establishing a life for himself
and a family for himself.
I said to myself
that I wouldn't be single forever.
Everyone deserves love,
no matter what you are.
Ugly, cool,
or bald, or anything,
you still look beautiful no matter what.
Leisel's invited Brayden
to join her for a game of mini golf.
It's something she's a bit of an ace at,
so he'll have to bring his A game too.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- My name is Brayden. What
- My name is Leisel.
- Nice name. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
Do you like mini golf?
I love mini golf.
Are you gonna beat me?
I like you a lot.
Thank you. I like you too.
You look amazing.
So do you.
Thank you. Do you want to play?
Yes, please.
Okay, let's go.
Grab whatever ball you'd like.
Thank you.
Do you wanna go first?
- Yeah, why not?
- Okay.
- Hey!
- Hole in one!
You're winning.
What is your favorite food?
Oh, my favorite food is fish and chips.
I love fish and chips too.
Hello, King Kong.
Hole in one!
Hole in one again.
I am very good at this game.
- Ooh!
- Wahey.
Come on, ball!
Looks like
the ball is not your friend.
- Five.
- Nice!
You look really beautiful today.
Thank you.
She's amazing.
She's hardworking.
She's passionate.
looks like we're going on the ship.
Ooh-oh-oh, Titanic!
I like him.
He's funny and cute.
Watch this.
- Ooh!
- Ooh-oh-oh-oh!
Where is it?
- I can see it.
- Yeah.
Can you reach?
Do you need help?
Got it.
Thank you.
But let's try this again.
Okay, got that out for him.
Oh my God, not again!
Crikey. Let me get that for you.
Thank you.
I saw it rolling that way.
Sneaky little monkey, that ball.
- Can you see it?
- It's not in this bush.
- Don't get stuck.
- I'm not going to.
Got it.
I think she won
in this competition.
She is strong, intelligent.
She's just amazing human being
I have ever met in my entire life.
Oof! That was a journey.
- Let's get some ice cream, hey?
- Ice cream. Ice cream!
There you go.
Thank you. That looks delish.
I think she is the one.
Where do you want to eat
your lovely ice cream?
- How about over there with the umbrella?
- Okay.
She is so funny. She's hilarious.
She is Mwah!
Al dente.
I really like him a lot.
Really good.
I'm pretty excited and happy about it.
My favorite comedy guys
is really funny guys.
My favorite one is Mr. Bean.
Oh yeah.
He's so hilarious.
Honestly, they've got the same interests.
Same interest in hot chips.
So, yes, I think they've had a great time.
They look really comfortable together,
so, yeah. Like, yay, successful!
- See ya. Have a wonderful day.
- Yep. You too.
- Would you like to do this again?
- Yeah!
Are you on social media?
- I am on Facebook.
- Cool.
- L
- L
Carlos' s big day has arrived,
and he's full of positive anticipation.
Quite excited to finally
meet her in person.
For his date,
Carlos has chosen his favorite shirt.
He's keen to make a good first impression.
And I will not know her reaction
on her face.
That is the biggest fear.
You don't know
how she's gonna react to you.
I've got the looks of my dad.
So let's see.
I don't know if I'm going to fall in love
with this person,
but having a friend
to talk about anything and everything,
that is the most important.
Think you'll have a good time?
With the companion of a woman,
it's always going to be fun.
Well, that looks lovely, dear.
It's really nice.
Here, come here, and I'll try
- Remember this necklace?
- Yes.
- It's the mock Tudor one that we bought
- Yeah.
Carlos' s date, Aelinor,
has flown down from Auckland
with her mum, Francesca.
But it goes beautifully with that top.
- There. How's that?
- Yeah.
- So, are you feeling nervous?
- Uh, yeah, feeling a bit nervous.
- Yeah.
- Bit excited.
Well, that's natural.
Yeah, I have no idea who I'm meeting
or what's gonna be happening.
Aelinor works
as a part-time model
and has a special interest
in medieval history and costumes.
[Francesca[ Seeing you in that outfit
with that, uh, necklace,
you look a bit like a Tudor queen
getting ready for
one of the court ceremonials, don't you?
Yes. Yes.
Aelinor has
developmental dyspraxia.
It means
she can't do some of the things
that, uh, somebody her age
might normally do.
Uh, things like driving, riding a bike.
Sometimes the young men she's dated
haven't understood the impact
of her disability,
so she's had her ups and downs.
Very curious to see
how today's going to turn out.
Yeah, uh, very very excited
to meet the guy, of course. Yeah.
I'm gonna be agog
to hear all the details once you get back.
Yep, okay. Done.
Carlos is meeting Aelinor
at Larnach Castle,
a suitably romantic spot
for a medieval queen to meet her prince.
- Hi.
- Hi. How are you?
- I'm good. Hi.
- Hi.
I'm I'm Aelinor.
I'm Carlos.
- Hi, nice to meet you, Carlos.
- You too.
- Ah.
- Um yeah.
For me, it would be an honor
to have some tea with you.
Yes, I'd I'd like that very much. Yes.
Let's go inside.
- After you.
- Thank you.
- I like your necklace.
- Oh, thank you. Yeah.
And may I ask who gave it to you?
- Uh, I bought it myself.
- Ah.
I I love Tudor history,
and it's a replica of one of the necklaces
from the show The Tudors.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
- So, what do you do, Carlos?
I am a photographer.
Oh wow, that's really cool.
How about you?
Um well, I
My main, um, interest
is in acting and, um, costuming.
Yeah. And I've also traveled
quite a bit around, um, Europe.
- Hmm.
- Been to, um, Paris and Italy.
- Yeah.
- Tea.
God, my legs are shaking!
- Oh
- Oh.
Thank you.
She is an adventurous,
intelligent woman.
I actually have a very good bond with her.
Having gauged
Aelinor's interest in history,
Carlos is keen to take her
on a tour around the castle.
I think he's pretty awesome.
Yeah, he's really nice.
I think we actually have
quite a bit in common.
He's just a really sweet person.
Very artistic.
Yes. Yes, it is.
So, what do you like about me,
my my my dear one?
Uh, I like you a lot.
- Me too.
- Thank you.
Yeah, I think your, um
your beauty captivates me.
Mm. Yes.
Yeah, I enjoy being with you too.
She's beautiful from the inside
and from the outside.
Do you mind if I take a picture of you?
No. I don't mind at all.
I love his creativity,
which is generally the sort of personality
I tend to gravitate towards anyways.
Can you look that side?
There you go.
Is there
a bit of a spark between you?
Uh, I'd say there is, yeah.
You are quite a model.
Thank you.
She's one of a kind.
Wow, those are really good.
I know that with her,
I'm gonna have a wonderful life together.
Wow, it's gorgeous.
Boyfriend material?
- You're beautiful.
- Thank you.
Jesus Christ, Lord.
I thank God to put Aelinor in my life.
With everything going so well,
Carlos invites Aelinor to take a walk
around the castle's
majestic landscaped gardens.
What do you think about the view?
Wow, the view's amazing.
I love this great little spot.
Do you want
to hear a little secret?
Uh, yeah, sure.
I have many plans in the future,
I would like you to be in my plans.
Uh, I'd like to be
a part of your plans too.
My beautiful lady.
Libby's change of heart
has left Josh reflecting on love
and what the future might hold.
So, how do you think
your date went with Libby?
It went good.
We had a nice dance.
It was so fun.
- Oh, you had a dance with her?
- Yeah, I loved having a dance with her.
- Did you enjoy that one?
- Yeah.
Cool. So, do you think
it would work with her?
No, she lives far, far away.
That's hard, isn't it,
when they live a bit far away?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
But that's okay.
There's plenty more fish in the sea.
Oh yeah.
And there'll be
somebody out there for you, hey?
Yep. Yeah.
And I'm sure you're gonna find
a lovely girlfriend that
maybe lives a bit closer for you, yeah?
Thanks for cheering me up.
That's what mums are here for, darling.
In Dunedin, Carlos is also
passing news about Aelinor to his parents.
How was it?
- Wonderful.
- Wonderful?
- Yep.
- Good news.
Right. So, who did you meet?
Aelinor, but it's a strange sort of name
because it's a medieval name.
How was she?
In one word, interesting.
Good. So, nice girl.
- Yep.
- Good. What does she do?
She likes to read.
She likes to listen to music.
She likes She likes to dance.
That's nice, Carlos.
And you think she liked you?
- She does.
- Well, good.
- Hmm?
- All good.
With a second date very much
on the cards, Carlos couldn't be happier.
Not unlike Brayden,
who's positively ecstatic
about his second date.
I am feeling full of beans this morning.
Leisel's chosen a pottery date
so she and Brayden can get creative.
It's gonna be a great day.
Hopefully, the second date
will be more successful than the first.
Hi, Brayden.
Hey, Leisel. How are ya?
- Pretty good.
- You look amazing.
So do you.
Thank you.
Are you ready
to play with some clay today?
- Are you excited?
- Yes.
I am.
- Let's do it.
- Yeah.
There you go.
Thank you.
Let's get started.
Come on in.
We are going to do what's called
"throwing on the wheel" today.
- Okay.
- That'll be fun.
You're just gonna squeeze
the water over the clay like that.
Okay. It looks like in a car wash.
Yeah, exactly.
This is the tricky part. This is where
you have to be like a T. rex, okay?
And just keep squeezing
as you travel all the way to the top.
And whatever you can make today is good.
If you make a cup, that's great.
If it turns into a bowl,
that's great as well.
This is so cool.
It's a piece of art now.
I like how you've stopped.
We call that abstract art.
- Want me to try and fix it for you?
- Yes, please.
- We'll stop. It's almost centered.
- Yeah.
There you go. All the way to the top.
This is really fun. It feels like slime.
I am loving this.
What is it?
Like a little vase
or maybe a flowerpot for my mum.
She is so professional at clay making.
How can she do it that so good?
Thank you, sink.
- What?
- What's next?
- It's just like baking a cake.
- Yeah.
Are you having fun?
He makes me happy and smile
because I can feel
the happiness inside me.
She is a living legend
right now.
Every time I see her,
she always puts smiles on my face.
Have you got any pets?
I got one cat and a noisy bird.
Nice. I've got one cat called Mittens.
Oh, I love that name.
Thank you.
My cat, its name is Trixie.
- Trixie? That's a nice name.
- Yep.
- Okay, I'm gonna hold it for you.
- Oh, that looks really good.
Yours looks wonderful.
Just there.
It's perfection.
Just like yours.
Thank you.
I should buy it for a thousand dollars.
- Oh, that is so cool.
- Yeah.
Thank you for coming today.
It's been really fun. Thank you.
Leisel, she is top perfection.
I love him so much.
He's the best.
You look beautiful today.
You look amazing.
Thank you.
What is your favorite part today?
I do love the clay part.
- The clay making?
- Yeah.
My favorite part is hanging out with you.
- Yeah, it's been really fun hanging out.
- Yeah, I love it.
Hanging out is so much fun.
It is. I love it even more.
I like it when you're here.
- Thank you. I love it when you are here.
- That's so amazing.
You make me smile.
You make me happy.
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- Oh, I love hugs.
- Same.
Determined to make sure
everything goes perfectly
on his next date with Aelinor,
Carlos has come to meet Dave Hicks,
who's skilled at asking
just the right questions
when it comes to relationships.
So I understand
you've already had one date.
One date.
It was just magical.
What did you think when you first saw her?
- She's beautiful.
- Ah!
- Both inside and out.
- Did you say that to her?
With our eyes, we we said it.
So, have you got any plan
for the second date?
What Have you got any any game plan?
I do also write poetry.
- You are full of surprises, Carlos.
- Thank you.
Are these poems
that you've written about her?
- Wow.
- Yes.
So this is
Would you say it's, um, poems about love?
- Yep.
- Wow.
You can say
what the heart doesn't able to say.
- Yeah. Oh, it's powerful. It's powerful.
- It is.
It goes beyond the words, you know?
It's the feeling
behind the words, correct?
What do you think
being a good boyfriend is?
Taking care of each other.
Yeah, looking out for each other.
- Yes. Yep.
- Yeah.
- So you like her, and she likes you.
- I do. Yep.
- Friendship's there.
- Mm.
The moment's coming,
the first kiss.
What's gonna happen?
We both are
looking forward to our first kiss.
Mm. Eyes open or closed when you kiss?
When somebody is kissing you,
it is also kissing your soul.
When you kiss,
you have to be with your eyes closed.
Let our lips just do it.
Carlos, you're a beautiful man.
I think this woman is very lucky
because I don't think
people think like that very often.
You're a romantic.
You're a poet.
You're an artist.
Cool, man.
Keen to share
their love of hot chips,
Leisel and Brayden are meeting
for a third date
at a beach near Leisel's home.
- Wonderful day, right?
- Yeah, it is.
I heard you go
to ten-pin bowling.
Yeah, I do do ten-pin bowling.
Did you win?
Yeah, I've got lots of scores.
I'm so proud of you.
Yeah, do you want to sit down first?
- Ooh, I love the comfy.
- Ooh, so cozy.
Are you ready?
- Yes.
- Three, two, one.
Hey, look at that!
Let's do it.
Come here, you big boy.
Okay, I've got the plates.
Oh, here goes the chip
on the ground. On the
Silly chips.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Let's munch.
Yeah, let's munch-munch.
- What's your favorite date?
- My favorite date is today.
The ocean water view
and your pretty face and this lovely food.
Yeah, it's amazing, isn't it?
Yeah. Go away, you nasty!
Not you, the fly.
And also go and get the seagulls.
Yeah, we are the lovebirds.
Yeah. We are the lovebirds. High five.
You look beautiful,
just like an ocean.
I cannot live without you,
and you're just
so beautiful,
just like a flower,
and I don't want to lose you.
That's nice, Brayden.
You're so cute.
And you are so handsome
and wonderful person.
Thank you.
We are damn happy!
Actually, we are
that happy, happy as a couple.
True, yeah.
It could be time
for the big invite.
Wanna come back to my place
for a spa and some sausage rolls?
That's a good idea.
You can read my mind.
Yeah! That could be so cool.
Pardon you!
Armed with poems
and jittery legs,
Carlos has one more stop to make
before meeting Aelinor.
Hi. I'm here for a special occasion.
I met this girl who
Today is my second date.
She's kind of this medieval kind of style.
Her, um, two main favorite colors
are green.
- Okay.
- And purple.
We do have
some beautiful purple delphiniums here.
- I love those very much, yes.
- Yeah.
And then perhaps
some red roses for a bit of romance.
I would love that as well.
Are you nervous?
I have some butterflies in my stomach
right now.
And, of course, that's normal.
- Yeah, of course.
- Yeah.
It's going to be a big surprise.
I will make her afternoon memorable.
Here we go. All yours.
Thank you. I think she will love it.
At Leisel's home,
romance is most definitely in the air
and potentially in the water too.
- I'm thinking we're gonna have a spa soon.
- Yeah.
Yeah, then we can snuggle in the spa.
Oh yeah.
It's gonna be so romantic.
It will be.
It's great that the spa date is happening.
Bray was really excited
when Leisel invited him.
He was up really early,
and he had his bag packed with his togs
and everything last night,
and, yeah, he's he's really excited.
I'm gonna make some sausage rolls.
I've been ordered.
- It's the ideal date.
- I know!
- Sausage rolls and a spa. Oh!
- I know!
Yeah, let's go
and snuggle in the spa.
Oh yeah.
I've got a question for you.
I've been thinking hard on this
for a couple of days.
I'm not sure you'll be okay with this.
Want to be my girlfriend forever?
Yes, I can.
I had my very first kiss
with my boyfriend.
You're my handsome prince.
It was amazing!
I love him.
He's a perfect gentleman.
Here I am. I'm taken.
And I love it.
Tip of the day.
Treat your girl as a princess.
It's just like a fairy tale.
I believe in true love.
- Do you believe in true love?
- I believe in true love as well.
We deserve each other, don't we?
Yes, we are.
First kiss for Leisel
and probably first kiss
for Brayden, too, I'm assuming.
Yeah. She'll be buzzing about that
'cause it's pretty big. Yeah.
I'm super, super happy.
I'm never, never going to cheat.
Having officially asked Leisel
to be his girlfriend,
it's time to share the good news.
We had our first kiss in the spa.
- Did you?
- Yeah.
Oh my God!
Your daughter and me
are together.
You cannot stop us.
- That's pretty good.
- Yeah.
That's a pretty good reaction
from my father.
- Yeah.
- "Good reaction"!
- Next time
- Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl.
Carlos lays his heart on the line.
"Tonight, I want to kiss you."
"Your lips is where I belong."
A lucky strike
bowls one man over.
I'm gonna ask him now.
Let's make it official, yeah?
And an emotional confession.
I want to ask you a personal question.
I know this is a shock to you.
Are you crying?
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