Down for Love (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

- [producer] Are you ready?
- I'm ready.
My name is John Halliday.
Do you want to be in love, John?
[producer] What would
your perfect woman be?
Very young, slim, and blonde.
[producer] What would
her personality be like?
Beautiful, smart, and peaceful.
[producer] Why do you want to find love?
I want to have sex.
Like, that much. So
[producer] You want to have sex,
did you say?
- Yes.
- [producer] But just a little bit?
Yeah, just a little bit.
[producer] Right.
Well, that's very honest.
[narrator] We all want love,
companionship, and affection,
to love and be loved.
Will you be my boyfriend?
[narrator] But finding that special person
isn't always easy.
- Whoops!
- I don't like to break too many hearts.
[narrator] This series follows
New Zealanders living with Down syndrome
as they go on a series of dates
I have some butterflies in my stomach
right now.
exploring the ups and downs of romance
I had my very first kiss
with my boyfriend.
She is Mwah!
Al dente.
and the complexities of relationships
[producer] Do you two want
to have children?
Uh, no.
in the search for true love.
- Boop!
- Oh, you're so cute.
- I don't like her.
- [producer] What?
I love her.
[jaunty music playing]
[narrator] 38-year-old John
lives in Alexandra.
It's a place
where his creativity comes alive.
Look inside. It's beautiful bone carving.
I come from Ngāpuhi, in the North Island.
I made the bone carving
and the nice beveled shapes.
This one is most important for me
because it's got paua shells in the eyes.
It came from the beach in North Island.
Yeah, it's very nice.
[narrator] As well as bone carving,
John loves to paint.
I've got all my family.
This is me,
and this is my grandmother.
That is me because I'm very handsome
and beautiful and good-looking.
[narrator] But art's not the only thing
John's good at.
[John] I came first
in the Special Olympics
in snowboarding
over in the States.
Yeah, it's amazing.
[narrator] John's accomplished
so much in his life,
but he's yet to experience
what he really desires.
My biggest dream is looking for love.
[producer] Are you romantic, John?
- Yes.
- [producer] What do you think love is?
Like a passion, you know?
[producer] How much
do you want to be in love?
Lots of it.
[narrator] John's been looking for love
for a while now,
plenty of time to think about going on
a potential date and what to wear.
Yeah, I want to look good
for my my girlfriend,
so I'm gonna look sharp.
I'm gonna wear that for my outfit
for my love date.
And it's very nice.
My name is Lily Sarah Harper.
I was born with Down syndrome.
I used to get teased a lot,
and people would say "four-eyes"
or mean things like that,
and it's really hurtful.
To me, it's really important to find love
because that's what makes you human.
And I just want to be wanted
and be loved from a guy.
A person who would kiss me.
A person who would hug me
and understand my feelings.
That's what I see in a guy.
[narrator] 32-year-old Lily is
an up-and-coming actress.
Today her parents and brother
have come to see her in a play
in one of Wellington's top theater venues.
It is pretty windy today, isn't it?
[mum] Yeah, well,
Wellington's always windy.
This is not too bad, actually.
[Lily] My main interest is being an actor
and showing people what I'm made of
and showing people my talent.
It makes me feel happy,
and it makes me feel
confident and special.
[whimsical music playing]
- How are you feeling about the show?
- Pumped, and I can't wait.
[narrator] The play, called Up Down Girl,
is about a girl with Down syndrome.
The show reflects Lily's life
in more ways than one.
[Lily] Mattie Baker's story
is about her being a younger girl,
and she lives with her mum,
and she wants to have a boyfriend.
It's a bit like me
because I never found a perfect boyfriend
that I wanted in my life.
[man] One small note.
- You know, when you do that? Look at
- [Lily] Oh yeah, to look at the toilets.
Perfect. Yeah, cool.
So you can click with everyone
and show them how fly you are.
- Okay.
- Perfect. Thank you.
[claps] Backstage, go, go, go.
[Lily mocking fanfare]
[Lily and man imitating fanfare]
[Lily and man imitating fanfare]
[raucous applause]
[narrator] Lily may be able
to bring the house down,
but it's the affection
of one person she's after.
Thank you for coming.
Love makes me happy.
Love makes me feel wanted.
I do know what love is
between a mother and a daughter
because it's love from the heart,
but loving a guy for a boyfriend,
it's more than that.
It's just love completely,
and I wanna know how that feels like.
So I'm down for love.
[gentle piano music playing]
[John chanting loudly]
[chanting continues]
[narrator] John has been part of the staff
at Living Options in Alexandra
for the past 20 years.
Everything all right at this table?
[narrator] The center
for people with disabilities
was created by Alison,
who runs it with her daughter, Olivia.
- [woman] Thank you, John.
- You're welcome.
[narrator] John was just a teenager
when he came here
after a fire destroyed his home.
[John] I could smell the fire.
Flames go up.
That's why I was stuck in my room
and felt sick.
The fire truck
and the police
came around to see me.
After the fire, um, I was very cold,
and I'm in the nude,
and I've got no food.
I've got no everything.
[producer] But you met Alison.
Yeah, I met Alison.
She turned my life around.
[narrator] Now
John is Alison's right-hand man,
doing everything at the center,
even running their weekly tearoom.
He has a soft personality,
a giving personality.
He's generous. He's humorous.
He's energetic.
He just wants people to to be happy,
to be enjoying themselves,
to be eating good food.
[Alison] Well done.
[woman] You make
the best cupcakes in town.
Yeah, the best ones in town.
They are all amazing and colorful.
[narrator] Although John loves his job,
it's not enough
to give his life full meaning.
Yeah, I'm looking for one true love.
And and you will find her
because you're a catch.
You are the perfect man,
and you have so much to offer someone.
[narrator] And love isn't all
John's got to offer.
- [producer] Do you wanna get married?
- Yes, I do.
[producer] You've got an engagement ring,
don't you?
Yeah, I got it in my pocket.
[narrator] John's had the ring
for over a decade.
My advice for you, John,
as I've known you for 21 years,
is don't be in a rush.
Engaged first and then get married. Yeah.
And the best thing is
just starting as friends.
- Yes.
- And getting to know each other.
- Yes.
- And then it all happens.
- Mm-hmm.
- But just take it slow.
You've got You're in no rush.
- No.
- Yeah. But you're ready.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- [Alison] You've got the ring.
- Yeah. [chuckles]
Should we tie it up again
till the right girl comes along?
[John] Mm-hmm.
[narrator] And that might be
sooner rather than later,
as John will be leaving the comforts
of his hometown for Auckland
to go on his first blind date.
[producer] Are you looking forward
to going on a date?
Yes, I do.
[producer] What do you hope
that girl's gonna be like?
Very smart, happy,
feel great.
[producer] What would
your perfect present be for your date?
I'll make the cupcakes
with a love heart on it.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! [chuckles]
Love, just thinking about people
and having friends.
[narrator] Lily lives in Palmerston North
with her 18-year-old brother Noah,
who also has Down syndrome.
I love living here, and you can tell
that we are big fans of Harry Potter.
It feels like we're living in Hogwarts
'cause we've got heaps
of Harry Potter stuff around the house.
The reason I love Harry Potter,
'cause Harry Potter is the chosen one,
and people with Down syndrome
can be also be chosen ones.
This says, "I solemnly swear
I am up to no good,"
and my bedroom is this way.
You can tell this is my room
because it's got Slytherin.
I was born to a mum and a dad who made me.
They had their reasons.
They couldn't look after me.
So Paul and Angela
has raised me as their own child.
Mm, I like the chocolate cake though.
Chocolate cake's a good choice.
We had three young children.
We had three within three years,
but we wanted
a sort of challenge to our parenting.
I think that got us thinking
that one way to do parenting
And I think we're a bit idealistic.
We sort of thought to change the world.
was to show our beliefs
by taking on a child with Down syndrome.
We thought, you know,
with the right parenting,
she could fly high, and she has.
Being adopted sometimes made me feel sad,
or sometimes it makes me feel happy
'cause I know I'm wanted in this universe.
Let the feast
[Lily] I love being part of this family.
She is good.
- Awesome.
- Aww.
[Lily] I love living with my brother.
Your turn, Noah.
- Are you having a good day so far?
- Yes, I am. Are you?
Yes, I can't wait for friends tonight.
[narrator] Both being single,
Lily and Noah
often talk about finding love.
[Lily] Do you know what a date is, Noah?
Uh, yes, I know what a date is.
You go out with a girlfriend.
The exciting date
that I could think of would be
going to a café with a guy
and talking about stuff
like acting or their favorite shows
and having a drink.
That kind of gossip, you know?
[narrator] This is something
that might soon become a reality
as Lily, too, prepares for a blind date.
[Lily] I don't wanna freak the guy out.
I don't wanna scare him.
So I might as well just
go casual.
Usually on your first date,
you need to
talk about what he's into,
not about marriage straight away
because that will scare someone.
Jumping the gun and saying something,
"Oh, do you want kids with me?
You're gonna marry me,"
those kind of questions
can wait till down the road.
I got the Snitch.
- [producer] Do you wanna get married?
- Um.
I don't know.
Um, I'm happy with who I am now.
We we'll see.
See what happens.
[romantic music]
[narrator] After Carlos and Aelinor's
nerve-racking first date
at Larnach Castle
God, my legs are shaking.
[Aelinor giggles]
where they discovered
a strong mutual attraction
Your beauty captivates me.
He's pretty awesome.
Yeah, he's really nice.
[Carlos] I would like you
to be in my plans.
they've decided to meet up again,
this time in Aelinor's hometown, Auckland.
[Aelinor] I'm very excited.
I've got butterflies. [chuckles nervously]
Actually, they feel
more like bats right now. [giggles]
[Aelinor chuckling] Um
[narrator] With flowers and poetry,
Carlos is ready to woo Aelinor.
[romantic music playing]
Beautiful flowers
for a beautiful girl like you.
- [Aelinor] Thank you. I love them.
- Shall we go?
[Aelinor] Yeah.
[narrator] Because they love to travel
and explore other cultures,
today Carlos and Aelinor will be
learning to cook authentic Italian.
[woman] Hello, welcome to Main Course.
- [Carlos] Thank you so much.
- Hi.
[woman] Come this way.
[sultry guitar music playing]
[woman] First,
we're gonna make some pasta.
We start by making the dough,
and then we make a sauce,
and then when
and we're gonna make dessert as well.
- Wow.
- [woman] Okay?
[woman] We're gonna end up
with a lovely romantic meal.
Okay. So we're gonna start
by making the dough.
Pasta is one of my favorite foods.
[woman] Oh, excellent.
When you eat fresh pasta,
it tastes so much better.
- I have no idea what I'm doing.
- [woman and Aelinor chuckle]
- Do you need a hand? [laughs]
- Yeah.
[chuckling] Okay, so roll it into a log
- Because I'm thinking of a song.
- [woman] Which song is it?
Do, re, a female deer ♪
[woman and Aelinor laugh]
- "Do-Re-Mi." Oh, from Sound of Music.
- Yes.
Ah! That's a good That's a good movie.
Maybe you can do that for your third date.
- [Aelinor chuckles]
- [woman] Watch The Sound of Music.
- [producer] How's the date going?
- Every time that I see her, I tremble.
Next thing we're gonna do
is roll our pasta doughs.
[pasta machine creaking]
All right. Now, this is kinda long.
So if we cut this now and it's that long,
when you're trying to eat it,
you'll be slurping it up.
Have you ever seen Lady and the Tramp?
- Yes. Yeah. [laughs]
- Yes.
You know what happens at the end?
[laughs] That's what's gonna happen.
- So let's not do that.
- Damn it.
No, I've never felt
anything like this before.
Yeah, this is all
[giggling nervously]very new for me.
Buon appetito. Hope you enjoy it.
[Carlos] So,
what do you think about the food?
Uh, I think it looks amazing.
[Aelinor] I feel like me and Carlos,
we definitely have
a very good chemistry together.
One of my poems
is called
I Wish.
Okay. [chuckles]
[Carlos] It goes like this.
"I wish I could kiss you tenderly
So I can feel your lips into mine
I wish I could be watching you sleeping
And stare into your eyes, closing slowly
And whisper with a soft voice
To your ear
Telling you I love you
I wish I could freeze time
And by one second
I would never have to leave you"
That's really beautiful.
You inspired me to write poetry.
[Aelinor] Mm.
Oh, that poem! It was so romantic.
Yeah, I
I I definitely like that about Carlos.
Bit of an old romantic at heart.
I've been thinking about you too.
Yeah, I think we have
a strong connection between us.
Your presence is
always inside of my head, and never
it never d d disappears.
Oh, definitely, I'm very attracted to him,
and I hope our relationship goes further.
As a matter of fact,
I don't like her.
- [producer] What?
- I
I love her.
[lively music playing]
[narrator] Love is the sentiment
Lily hopes she'll find too.
This afternoon, ahead of her date,
she's come to
a seafront café in Wellington.
So, how are you feeling, Lily?
Um, I feel good,
but I also feel a little bit, um nervous
'cause I've never done it before.
We're nervous too.
I'm probably more nervous than you!
Hm. True that.
What do you hope your date's like, then?
- We'll see.
- Tall? Dark?
- [Angela laughs]
- [Paul] Like your dad?
Do you want him
to be bald like Dad or not?
- Not really.
- No! Come on!
I just want
someone different than what Dad is.
[narrator] Lily's date is
28-year-old Alex from Hamilton,
who's here with his mum.
How are you feeling
about going on this date today?
I'm looking forward to it.
[mum] What do you think
you might talk about?
I'm gonna talk to her about
I do, like, drama, music,
performing of as a band.
[mum] 'Cause she might have
similar interests.
She might do.
Be yourself.
Have fun. Maybe
you might meet someone special.
[narrator] Being a movie buff,
Lily's taking Alex to Wētā Workshop,
famed for making some of the world's
most fantastical creatures
for films like Lord of the Rings.
[suspenseful music playing]
- Hey.
- Hello, I'm Alex.
- Hi. I'm Lily. Nice to meet you.
- Lily.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
- [man] Kia ora, folks. Lily.
- [Lily] Hey.
- [Alex] Hi, good to meet you.
- Alex, good to meet you. I'm Kevin.
Welcome to Wētā Workshop. How are you?
- Feeling good.
- [Kevin] Good.
Today I have some fun stuff
we're gonna do.
An artist is gonna teach us some
sculpting techniques. How's that sound?
- [Lily] Sounds good.
- [Kevin] Very good. Let's go.
[Lily] All right.
[Lily imitating Gollum] It's my precious.
- [Alex imitating Gollum] My precious.
- [Lily rasps throatily]
[Lily] He likes doing the Gollum voice,
and I'm really good at it too.
So we got one thing in common so far.
- Talent.
- Same.
[mysterious music playing]
This is Warren Beaton. So
[Lily] Hey!
Yeah, Warren Beaton has worked on
many, many films over the years
for the last 36 years or so,
uh, including Lord of the Rings,
including The Matrix.
- He's worked on all sorts
- You're so talented, by the way.
- Persistent. Just persistent.
- [indistinct chattering]
So, you guys wanna get started?
- Definitely.
- Good.
For you, madam.
[narrator] This afternoon,
Warren will be teaching Alex and Lily
how to make tinfoil sculptures.
[Warren] Now, first of all,
now, be ready to suck.
- Okay.
- Oh, I'm really good.
[Warren] Yeah.
We're gonna crinkle it first,
shiny side in.
Now, the best technique,
just put that under your chin and
Instant crinkles!
Okay, now start folding under.
Oh yeah.
- [imitating Gollum] My precious.
- My precious.
- Yeah, get your Gollum going.
- [Lily] There you go.
[Warren] Okay, there we go.
With your chin in the darkness,
and here we go.
Okay, now, looking here,
I'm going to make two squeezes
with my thumbs about the middle,
and then,
we shfft, punch in a couple of eyes,
- [Alex imitates Gollum]
- [Warren] In with a nose.
- Wink!
- [Alex, as Gollum] Wink.
And then grab a teaspoon. Shing!
[Alex] Shing!
[Warren] Teeth now.
Good. Good. Oh, making progress.
- [Alex groans like Gollum]
- Now, this is about evil.
Typically, when we're designing
characters like
- We channel Jack Nicholson.
- Yeah, definitely. Yes.
He has one expression, five Oscars.
With this, you just go
Watch. [makes crunching sound]
Straight down in the middle.
You are now much wiser
and made a small step to a larger world.
[Alex] Aha!
[impish giggling]
This is mine!
[Lily] You are hilarious.
- Oh my God.
- Mate, you make me laugh sometimes.
Oh, thanks.
I can tell I might think of him
for a second date, maybe,
'cause at the moment, he's really good.
[narrator] But the real test
for Lily and Alex is yet to come.
[Kevin] Now I've got a treat for you.
We're actually gonna get you guys
in some cloaks. We're gonna sword you up.
- So, how's that sound?
- I'm into that!
Very good. We'll see
a good friend of ours, uh, Gollum.
- Yay!
- Hey, friend.
[dramatic music playing]
I wonder where Pippin and Merry are.
Let's kill some trolls.
Very good. All right,
we are faced with the legend himself,
Gollum. I heard
you both do Gollum impersonations.
Do you guys want to have
a Gollum impersonation contest here?
- Yeah.
- [Lily] Okay.
[as Gollum] Where's the precious?
My precious
He's good at playing Gollum.
[Alex ] I think it's Gollum.
My favorite part.
- Very good.
- Bravo.
You really got into character there.
[narrator] But will precious
become passion,
or is this just a joust between friends?
[as Gollum] They stole it from us.
Not listening. Not listening.
[Alex] I just wanna hang out more.
Just friends. Yeah.
[as Gollum] Do you wanna be friends?
[normal voice] He's a nice guy.
We're just friends.
I just wanna see who else is out there.
[as Gollum] You don't have any friends.
- [normal voice] And scene.
- [Kevin] Awesome. Very good. [claps]
[romantic music playing]
[narrator] In true romantic style,
to conclude their date,
Carlos has brought Aelinor to the ocean
for a sunset poem.
This poem is written
with all my love for you.
"Tonight I want to kiss you
Because your lips is where I belong
Tonight I want to fall in love with you
Tonight I want our eyes
To stare at each other
So we can let them speak by themselves
Tonight I want our mouths
To feel our breaths
And slowly, slowly
We can let them kiss
Tonight I want to be by your side
By the fire, naked
So our bodies can feel the warmth
If I love something about you
It would be your eyes
Because those beautiful eyes eyes
Will never age
And if I like you
I will love you forever."
- [romantic music swells]
- [chuckles emotionally]
That's It's really beautiful.
I feel very lucky.
Yes, I think a lot of girls
are gonna be jealous!
[Carlos] That's how I feel towards you.
Yeah. I I definitely feel that way
towards you as well.
I've definitely never felt
this way before.
- [whispers] I love you, Aelinor.
- [chuckles emotionally]
[Carlos] I want to kiss you.
[upbeat music playing]
[narrator] While Carlos and Aelinor enjoy
the flush of new love,
for John, this journey's yet to begin.
Nice to meet you.
I hear you're going on a date tomorrow.
Yes, I do.
Excellent. Shall we have a chat about it?
- Go for it.
- Okay.
[narrator] To ensure
his first date goes to plan,
he's visiting Dave Hicks
for relationship advice.
[Dave] You've never met this woman before?
[John] Never.
How are you feeling?
I'm feeling great.
- I got lovely flowers.
- Uh-huh.
Because I bought that from Queenstown.
That is amazing.
Yeah. What are you gonna do
when you first meet her?
Hold hands.
That is a very good thing.
Excellent. Are you gonna ask her,
"Is it okay if I hold your hand?"
"Yes, you may." Hmm.
[Dave] How would you ask her?
"Excuse me. May I hold your hand, please?"
[Dave] Yes, perfect.
Polite, and you ask for permission.
- [John] Mm-hmm.
- Excellent.
I would have a few little questions
that you can ask her
to keep the conversation going.
- Yes.
- You could ask her, "What do you do?"
- Yes.
- Yeah?
I'd like to ask her,
"Let's someday get married?"
- On the first date?
- [John] On the first date.
- And I've got in my pocket the ring.
- [Dave chuckles]
Whoa, look at the bling on that ring!
So, is this a friendship ring,
or is this a wedding ring?
Friendship ring.
Excellent. What do you think
about the idea of marriage?
Husband and wife,
that is a very good thing.
John, I'm starting to get to know that
you've got a whole plan and picture here.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
- When your date comes tomorrow?
- Mm-hmm.
I think you're gonna do amazing.
- With the flowers and the ring.
- Mm-hmm.
Your beautiful personality, John.
- All the best. Best of luck.
- Thank you.
Can you please let me know how it goes?
- Yes, I will.
- Thank you.
[gentle piano music playing]
[narrator] John's date
is 32-year-old Emma,
who has a special interest in weddings.
My favorite thing to do
is to plan my own wedding.
Um, also, including
other people's weddings as as well.
[producer] How much
do you want to get married?
One hundred percent.
[Emma] So this is the replica dress
of Kate Middleton's gown.
- [producer] Is that you trying that on?
- Yes.
I wanted to be the most beautiful princess
that everyone could actually look at me.
I haven't had a boyfriend
since when I was a teenager.
No one gave me a ring
to ask them to marry me,
but I haven't had that experience yet.
[producer] What are you gonna wear
to the date?
[Emma] My bridesmaid's dress.
[producer] Wow.
Is that like a lucky charm?
Yes, it is.
I'm gonna put my lippie on.
It's my amazing dress
that I wanted to wear for the date.
The last thing I need to do is
to put my pink pashmina on
to finish my ensemble.
Can't wait to go on my date.
[suspenseful music playing]
[narrator] Being an artist,
John's invited Emma to see Van Gogh Alive,
a multisensory exhibition.
- Hello.
- [chuckles]
How are you?
I'm good, thank you.
Are these for me?
Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.
- These are pretty.
- Yes.
Your eyes are so beautiful.
Thank you.
And you have a beautiful smile.
Thank you so much.
These are lovely. Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Let's go in.
- Yeah.
[uplifting music playing]
- [Emma] Wow.
- Wow, that's nice.
[Emma] Yeah.
I remember this painting.
- [John] Yes.
- It's quite famous.
I'm an artist.
- Are you an artist?
- Yes, I am.
[Emma] Oh, that's nice.
I'm really good at drawing.
- Very nice.
- [Emma] Yeah.
Do you like Sunflowers?
[John] Yeah, I love it.
- Oh my Lord!
- [romantic piano music playing]
[Emma] This is gorgeous!
[John] You like the color?
[Emma] Yeah, I like all the colors.
I would love a bed full of sunflowers.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
I would love to jump on these.
I'm a little bit emotional now.
- Are you all right? You're a bit crying.
- I'm a little bit No
I'm not crying. I'm just
I'm a little bit emotional.
[breathes shakily]
You must be brave, be strong.
- Yeah, I will.
- And I believe in you.
[Emma] This is amazing.
You can stand on one of the paintings.
[John] Look at the ground.
Ah, this is so cool!
I love all the paintings,
like, surrounding everywhere.
- You wanna sit down for a minute?
- Yeah. Why not?
[Emma gasps] This is so romantic!
[John] Yes.
What kind of artist are you?
- I'm a painter.
- Mm-hmm.
And sometimes I'm drawing.
- Oh, that's nice.
- Yeah.
I would Maybe one day,
I would like to see all your paintings.
Yes. I've got something in my pocket.
Do you?
This is a friendship ring.
- Aw, this is lovely. Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Can I put it on myself?
Your choice.
That's gorgeous. Thank you. I love it.
I'm just gonna leave it like that.
- [John] Yeah.
- For now. Thank you.
You're welcome.
You have really good taste.
I love sparkly,
and also diamonds is my favorite.
Mm-hmm. That's why I got the ring
because you're
the special woman in my life.
Emma is a nice person.
I like her so much.
"I will not live without love."
[Emma] Yeah. I love that saying.
- Me too.
- [Emma giggles]
- [John] I love you.
- Aw!
You're so sweet.
[narrator] Keen not to part company,
John asks Emma to a local café.
On the way, he gets straight to the point.
[John] Do you like babies?
[Emma] I do. I would like to have
my own child one day.
Me too.
[Emma] Yeah.
- I want to ask you a personal question.
- Yes?
[Emma] I know this is, um, out there.
- Yes?
- Um
I know this is a shock to you,
but I would like to say
that I would like to have you
as my boyfriend.
Yes, you may.
Because I know
you're a very kind, generous man.
[John] Mm-hmm.
I know I would like to have you
for the rest of my life.
[John] I do.
I really love him. [chuckles]
And you are so sweet.
[John] I love her.
[producer] Do you feel like
she might be the right girl for you?
Yes. The right girl for me.
I do like you so much.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
You make me nice and calm and
Are you crying?
[both chuckling]
- I'm not crying.
- Okay.
- I'm just very happy.
- That's good.
[heartwarming music playing]
You're so good to me. Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
[narrator] In Palmerston North,
Lily's hopeful
her second date will lead to love.
This time, she's double-dating
with her brother Noah,
who's never done this before.
[Lily] How are you feeling, Noah?
I'm feeling good.
[Lily] You don't need to feel scared.
If you run out of questions
to say to your girl,
I'll help you
'cause I'm your sister,
and you've never done this before,
and I believe in you, and you can do this.
- I can.
- Okay?
[Lily] I believe
that we can do this together.
- Yes, we can.
- Brother and sister?
- Brother and sister.
- Good.
[narrator] For her own part,
having not found love last time,
Lily intends to succeed today.
- [Lily] Bye!
- [Paul] See ya.
If this date goes wrong,
I will be upset.
I might cry.
- [Lily] Do you feel nervous or anything?
- Nope.
- I'm pretty fine about everything.
- That's good.
[narrator] Lily's date is Clayton,
who's come from the South Island today
with his mum, Sofia.
It's gonna be exciting, isn't it?
I wonder where you're gonna end up.
I can't wait for this moment.
[narrator] Like Lily,
Clayton's a performer.
Oh, it's pretty here, isn't it?
- Yes, it is, Mum.
- Yeah.
I'm a singer, and I do, like, Stan Walker,
Sam Smith, and Westlife.
Those are my favorite songs of mine.
You look good.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
[Clayton] I want a girlfriend.
I really want to.
I just wanna make her happy,
make her laugh
um, 'cause myself,
I I laugh very much.
[Sofia] So, buddy,
you're up for this today?
- [Sofia] Are you nervous?
- No.
I wonder if she likes music like you.
Be bizarre if she loves Yeah? Singing?
Talk a bit about yourself,
but don't forget to talk about her.
I'll talk to myself
and let her do her own thing.
Just be yourself.
I will be myself, no problem.
Yeah. I'm sure
you'll, uh, knock her socks off.
I'll knock my own socks off, Mum.
[laughing] I'm sure you will.
All right, proud of you.
Thanks, Mum.
[whimsical music playing]
[narrator] Lily and Noah
are meeting Clayton
and Noah's date, Anna,
at the local bowling alley.
[Lily whispers] Wow, it's really cool.
Hey, guys. Hi.
- How you doing?
- [Lily] Nice to meet you. You good?
- [Anna] I'm good.
- I'm Clayton.
- Hi, I'm Lily.
- Hello, I'm Anna.
- I'm Noah.
- Noah.
I love your T-shirt
'cause I watch The Simpsons sometimes.
- [Clayton] I like that jacket on you.
- Thank you. You look smart, by the way.
- Thank you, Lily.
- [Lily] It's all right.
- Do you want to play some bowls?
- Yeah, sure.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
Come on, guys.
[Anna] Awesome.
[jaunty music playing]
Now, that's a good hit. Nice one.
Not bad.
One big power shot.
I got a question for you.
- Yeah?
- Who's your favorite movie?
Finding Nemo.
That's my favorite movie.
Noah, have you got
a question for your person?
So, what's your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Disney Princess.
[Noah] Mine is Harry Potter.
[Anna] Yep.
- I've got something for you. So
- [Lily] Okay.
Yep. It's
[zipper opening]
[Clayton] I, um,
I got this little gift for you.
- [Lily] Oh, cool. Can I open it?
- [Clayton] Yeah.
[paper scrunching]
- [Lily] Good choice of wrapping paper.
- Yeah.
No way!
That is so cool!
- You like it?
- I love it. Thank you for this.
You're quite welcome.
- [Lily] Come here.
- Come here. Give me a hug.
Come here.
[Lily] Thank you.
That's cool. You're you're quite welcome.
I like Lily.
She's nice.
I think I found my boyfriend.
I feel loved.
I can't believe this actually happened.
He's the one. I can feel it.
All right.
- [Clayton] That's awesome.
- I love that picture.
[Clayton] Me too. My date is hot.
[chuckles] Oh, come here.
All right! What do you think of that?
Ooh! You look sharp, girl!
[narrator] Although Lily's onto a winner
with Clayton
Now, that's a whopper scene!
When you're looking like that! ♪
she's not prepared to let Noah lose out.
[Lily] Are you feeling good?
Yes, I am.
[Lily] Okay, good.
I have realized
when I've been talking for a long time,
I seen that you hardly talk to your date.
- [Noah] Yes.
- Um.
And she's quiet
'cause you didn't ask her questions.
[narrator] Noah puts Lily's advice
to the test.
- [Noah] So, what's your favorite color?
- Blue.
What's your favorite sports?
Uh, sports?
- [Anna] Yeah.
- Swimming.
I think Anna is a beautiful girl.
She is awesome and a cool date for me.
[producer] Would you like
to see Noah again?
- [Lily] Hey, Noah?
- Yeah?
Have you found your first love?
I think I did.
Oh, okay. Just asking. We're cool.
- [Noah] Have you?
- I think I found it.
[narrator] And when you've found love,
there's only one thing to do.
I want him to be my boyfriend.
So, why not?
I thought I might as well put it out there
and tell everyone that I'm being serious,
and I found a boy
that I wanna have a relationship with,
so I might as well.
I'm gonna do it now, I think.
- [producer] You're gonna ask him?
- I'm gonna ask him now.
Hey, Clayton, can I ask you a question?
Will you be my boyfriend?
Yes, that'd be so nice.
I wanna have a relationship with you.
- That's nice.
- And I do want us to go out again.
I'd love to.
- I love you.
- That's cool.
- You are a wonderful lady, aren't you?
- That's me.
[narrator] After agreeing
to be her boyfriend,
John's invited Emma for a second date
in the mountains near his home.
[heartwarming music playing]
[John] I feel love.
She is really hot and, like,
beautiful woman in my life.
[narrator] It's been six long weeks
since they last met.
I came down to Wanaka
to have my second date with John
because I felt
that I want to spend more time with him.
[water splashing]
[Emma] And I want
to get to know him much better.
[narrator] With a ring on her finger,
there's no telling what other surprises
may be in store today.
It's quite lovely,
but I know some people think I am engaged,
but, um,
I keep on telling them that I'm not.
[narrator] To raise things up a level,
John's taking Emma
on a romantic helicopter trip
to one of Wanaka's highest peaks.
- Hey, you.
- Hello, gorgeous.
This is for you.
Oh my Lord!
- Are these chocolates?
- [chuckles]
Righto, guys.
- Look at the day. Absolutely beautiful.
- [John] It's a nice day.
So we're going up to Coromandel Peak.
- [John] Mm-hmm.
- Okay?
Which is a beautiful spot
looking over Lake Wanaka.
- Come this way.
- [helicopter whirring]
[pilot] Okay, lifting now.
[Emma] It's actually my first time
being on a in a helicopter.
Oh my God, it's amazing!
[pilot] If you look out front,
you'll see Lake Wanaka out front.
Yeah, I can see it. I can see, yeah.
Oh, I love this view!
[heartwarming music continues]
So if you look out in front, you guys,
can you see this mountain straight ahead?
That's where we're gonna be landing.
That is 4,000 feet high.
- Oh my God!
- [Emma] Wow.
[pilot] And the temperature at the moment
is three degrees.
[romantic music playing]
[Emma] It's an amazing view this way.
Finally, I got my man.
I missed you so much.
[Emma] Well, I missed you too.
You are amazing, cute, and funny.
- Aw!
- Special woman in my life.
Oh, you're so sweet.
I really want you to be happy.
- Yeah, I promise I will be happy.
- Yeah.
- Because you are the man in my life.
- I've got a big crush on you.
- Really?
- Yes, I do.
I love you.
I love you too
from the bottom of my heart.
[Emma giggles happily]
[inhales deeply, exhales sharply]
You're so kind and generous man I know.
one day,
you and I can get married.
Yeah, that's true.
And I really do love you so much.
[John] Yes, I do.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
[soaring romantic music playing]
- [Emma] Love being here with you.
- Yeah, me too.
[narrator] Before heading home,
on the shores of Lake Wanaka,
Emma has a handmade gift for John.
This is for you.
Oh, you're very kind.
And I'll open the card first.
- Aw!
- [giggles]
You make me cry.
[Emma chuckles]
[John] You're so sweet!
It's lovely!
Oh my God.
You are a good artist.
- It's beautiful.
- Because I know you like green.
- Y
- Do you love it?
I love it.
Thank you, sweetheart.
I feel something inside of my heart,
that you are an amazing guy
that I want to be with
for the rest of my life.
You are very special to me.
[romantic piano and string music playing]
- [producer] Is this forever?
- [Emma] Yes, it is.
[producer] So, what's the next step?
[Emma] I wanna carry on dating John.
Yeah, I'd love having
a third date with Emma.
[Emma] Because I am falling in love.
Yes, so am I.
[narrator] Next time
Oh my God.
an exciting adventure
for one young woman
I don't know much about romance,
but I do wanna find out more.
- [camera beeps, shutter clicks]
- Carlos gets creative with selfies
Uh, he makes me feel very happy [chuckles]
He's definitely not boring.
- Let's bowl!
- [Leisel] Bye.
and Brayden and Leisel
turn up the dial on their relationship.
What is sex?
Wet kisses, handstand kisses,
something like that.
[jaunty music playing]
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