Down for Love (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

My name is Lily-Mae Ivatt Oakley.
I'm 18 years old.
My favorite cake is red velvet
with cream cheese icing.
Are you looking for love?
I'm ready to fall in love
with a boy that I love.
What are you looking for
in a partner?
It's important to be fit. And strong.
Anything else?
I'd like to have a boyfriend
who makes me cakes.
We all want love,
companionship, and affection.
To love and be loved.
Will you be my boyfriend?
But finding that special person
isn't always easy.
I don't like to break too many hearts.
This series follows
New Zealanders living with Down syndrome
as they go on a series of dates
God, my legs are shaking.
exploring the ups and downs of romance
I had my very first kiss
with my boyfriend.
She is Mwah.
Al dente.
and the complexities of relationships.
Do you two want to have children?
Uh, no.
in the search for true love.
- Boop!
- Oh, you're so cute.
- I don't like her.
- What?
I love her.
Lily-Mae lives
on Auckland's North Shore
with her mum, dad, and four siblings.
- Fun, fun, fun!
- Wow, Eden's here!
My favorite brother!
No offense, Brody.
So, can you do some burnouts
in your new car?
- No. My car can't do burnouts.
- Do we have honey? Oh, there.
I am part of a massive family.
So it's, like, really busy
and but really fun at the same time.
Chris, can you pass me
the cream cheese, hon?
Dad is a professional MTB.
He mountain bikes.
Mum is fun, wild, and definitely
really good at shopping.
- Dior, whose is this?
- Not mine.
That's Dior's.
I couldn't imagine life without Lily-Mae.
She's just, like, the spice, you know?
Like, she's just vibrant
and joyous and loving.
You're looking so beautiful today, Lily.
- Every day.
- Every day. Every day, that's true.
Oh, she is so confident,
I think, is such a good word for her.
She's very bubbly.
Like, she's so up for anything.
I remember Nova, who was
a couple of years younger than her,
getting right up as a toddler in her face.
"Just because you have Down syndrome,"
she said,
"doesn't mean we have to do
everything for you." You know?
Like, get on with it.
And that's how Lily's grown up.
She's been really challenged
and encouraged and supported
and just loved by everybody.
You could say,
"'Cause it makes you extra special."
Away from all the family chaos
is Lily-Mae's private sanctuary,
her bedroom.
Come in.
My favorite color is pink and only pink.
It's a specially curated space
with all of her favorite things.
This is DJing stuff.
So I wanna make music and produce music
and, like, go to parties
and, like, DJ
for other people's birthdays.
This is my favorite thing in my room.
As well as DJing,
Lily-Mae is also a professional model.
I think this is my favorite one.
And the dress
is actually called a Kate Sylvester,
and it costs about $1,000.
But from my modeling, I got my own bed,
and I got it custom-made into pink!
And that's baby me.
I used to have very, very blond hair,
and now I have blond-slash-brown
'cause I tried to dye my hair pink.
This is Nanny.
She died when I was three.
Like, I lost someone
who was very important to me.
I was a very cute baby
who had Down syndrome.
For me, I believe in love at first sight.
My superpower is love.
In Dunedin, love is very much
at the center of Carlos's world too.
And despite the difficulties of living
at opposite ends of the country,
he and Aelinor are still going strong.
The relationship with Aeli is wonderful.
It's brilliant. It's loving.
It's a beautiful bond between us.
I have never been loved by a woman.
Having a girlfriend like Aeli
has just made
a way of seeing life completely.
I have never had
so strong feelings for a woman.
Having a relationship with Aelinor
makes me see
a new life full of bright colors,
to have someone
that I truly admire and love.
How are you, my love?
Everything all right?
Uh, so I think it's hot up there
in Auckland, honey.
How are you going to celebrate it?
Well, I've spent
I've been spending most of the day so far
gardening with my dad.
Did it make you sweat
from that hot climate?
Yes, I definitely did start
to get a bit sweaty, yeah.
Every time when I see her,
I tremble.
Every time that she speaks or she smiles,
somehow it penetrates
every cell of my body.
I am completely in love with her.
I'm looking forward
to seeing you in the coming Thursday.
Me too. I can't wait to be again
lying on your chest.
Uh-huh. Yeah.
All I wanted was to make you laugh.
well, you succeeded there.
From both of us,
it was love at first sight.
We just knew that from the very moment
that we have set our eyes to each other,
it was just, "I found you."
And that's how we had felt.
You know, my love,
I love you very much.
I love you too, babe.
Bye, my love.
With just a few days
till they reunite,
they're both counting down the hours.
In Auckland,
Lily-Mae's practicing her dance moves,
one of the hobbies she's keen to share
with a potential boyfriend.
I am cute, bubbly, smart,
and sassy.
I think a boy would,
like, be lucky to date me.
I do have big dreams.
I'm gonna live in a mansion,
be a famous dancer,
being in a movie,
and go to America.
She's got big dreams.
But the thing is,
she's so positive that it manifests.
She is a model, you know?
She has done modeling. She has got money.
She's really a organized,
motivated young woman, uh, with dreams.
But Lily-Mae's success in life
has not always come easily.
So Down syndrome is
an extra chromosome,
and I was born with it,
and I didn't really
I didn't really like it at first,
but now I accept it
because people accept
people who have Down syndrome.
Yeah, it's been
a tough road at times,
especially when, like, when she was born.
Yeah, she was a really sick baby.
We didn't know, um,
until she was actually born
that she was gonna have Down syndrome.
She was fighting for her life
from the minute she came out.
She was tiny. She was less than 2 kgs.
But if you look at Lily now,
she's fit and healthy and strong,
and it just makes it
that much more amazing
when you when you've had that battle.
Living with Down syndrome
is challenging.
People can be mean to you,
but I do have a lot of best friends,
and they accept it though.
Friendship is the most important thing,
and I feel like if you have
way too many friendships,
you feel popular.
Lily-Mae might have
lots of friends,
but it's more than friendship she's after.
I never have fallen in love before.
I want a boyfriend who has a lot of dreams
and who wants a big life.
Also dreaming big is Carlos,
who's making Aelinor a traditional treat
that's been part of his family
for generations.
Mum, I can barely understand
Grandma's writing.
- Her favorite recipe.
- Yeah.
I'm sure Aelinor is going
to enjoy this recipe as well.
Carlos has changed,
uh, since he fall in love.
You can see his eyes are sparkling
and smiling all the time.
All right, Mum,
tell me the story of the alfajores.
Your grandmother used to love
making this recipe
because it was
the favorite of your uncles,
your grandfather,
and, of course, I also loved it a lot.
And since it became
a tradition of the family
to eat them
at special occasions,
birthdays, anniversaries,
and, um, different holidays
Mum, I'm done.
All for Aeli, Mum.
She seems so nice
and, um, shy as well at the same time,
and perhaps it's the opposite of Carlos.
Carlos is always happy,
and he likes to do things,
and, yeah, I think they are going to be
a nice complement to each other.
Carlos! You are so funny.
Look at me. Look at me now!
Oh, you are so funny, Carlos.
Bodhi, pass.
Fun is in the air
at Lily-Mae's, too,
as the excitement
of going on her first date
is soon to become a reality.
I don't know much about romance,
but I do wanna find out more.
- Lily, here!
- Shoot, Lily!
I think whatever boy would end up
with Lily and would be right for her
would be someone
who's, like, really energetic
and into having as much fun as she is.
Like, they have to like to party
every now and again.
- Chuck it!
- Good catch, hon.
She needs someone bright, you know,
who can, like,
have an adventure, have a good time. Yeah.
Anyone with Lily would be a lucky guy.
- What game are we playing, love?
- We're playing cops and robbers.
The prize is
you're going to the pub with me.
I can't!
We're gonna switch up
for cops and robbers.
I think the sort of boy
that would suit Lily
would be somebody
who could kind of keep up with her.
She's full on. She's busy.
She's she's going places, you know?
It's really nerve-racking,
but it's also really exciting
for her as well.
I hope the boy that I meet
is kind and honest.
And that's not all.
I wanna make out.
In Auckland,
Leisel and Brayden are celebrating
eight months of romance together.
Look at this sexy one.
- Oh yeah, we went to the beach.
- We did.
It was fun in the sun-sun.
Ooh, this is cute.
Oh yeah, this is cute.
- This is, like, us, like, very first date.
- Yeah.
Do you think this is
the cutest couple in the world?
We almost kissed that day.
- We did. You touched my abs.
- Yeah, I did.
With the relationship
with my girl,
it's like peanut butter and jelly.
We stick together.
And look at this, my love.
You're too cute and too handsome.
- Do you think I'm too dreamy?
- Yeah, you're too dreamy too.
She's a jelly because she is warm inside,
but she's floppy on the outside.
I'm a peanut butter
because I love peanut butter.
You are cute and the cutest.
You're my dreamy princess.
And you are my cute, dreamy prince.
I like that wet kiss.
- You are so cute, you know that?
- I know, my love.
Before she met Brayden,
Leisel was helping her mum
run their skincare business from home.
That looks good, Leisel.
Who else would like to have that done?
Keen to be part of it,
Brayden has joined Leisel
and is selling a male skincare range.
Twenty dollars!
This is our content
that we're putting out,
that the fans wanna see,
the fans wanna hear.
We listen to the fans.
Thank you all for coming.
Brayden is practicing facials
on Leisel's brother Hunter and his mates.
And I'm teaching you how to put
clay treatment on your sexy faces.
Are there any questions
or anything you want to ask me about?
I got a question.
Will this help me get a girlfriend?
It does, actually.
'Cause girls notice your faces first
and your smile.
But after I've helped you to put this on,
the girls will be flocking in right now.
That's true. It happens to me.
Don't feel scared, okay?
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- Yeah, I do.
Have you been in love
before you met her?
No, I haven't.
Oh, is it your first time?
- Yep.
- Nice.
Good job.
Don't put it in the eye. I'm watching you.
To get a girlfriend, guys,
if you listen to this,
is be yourself, be unique.
If you need help with anything,
you can ask me
or Leisel about relationships.
I definitely will help you
to look all spiced up for your girl.
You're all looking spiffy and amazingly.
Keep it up.
The girls really will run at ya.
Learn from the best.
Learn from the professional.
And now I want you
to clean up your sexy faces.
They may know
plenty about skincare,
but Brayden and Leisel
still have much to learn
about intimate relationships,
advice they'll soon be getting.
Across town,
it's date day for Lily-Mae,
and Mum and Auntie Carol
are giving her the star treatment.
- Right hand.
- Ooh!
We're gonna get you ready.
Are you feeling excited, Lil?
- Yes.
- I'm excited.
- I'm gonna third-wheel it. I think I am.
- You're not coming.
Carol, I can't open it.
Can I fourth wheel?
No, I think you've got this, Lil.
I think you've got
the confidence to go along
and act like a lovely young lady.
Be lovely Lily.
- Be you.
- Yeah.
That's really important.
That's why you're so happy.
This is why
Auntie Carol has the best advice.
What do you think
a good question would be?
I wanna ask him,
do you actually like having Down syndrome?
Yeah, that's a good question.
What if he asked you that?
What would you say?
I would say, to me, it's kind of normal.
I don't even feel like
I have a disability.
That's so good.
So what I've found, Lily, is what's lovely
is not to rush things, you know?
When I met Daddy, it was really exciting,
and I kind of had,
like, butterflies in my tummy.
As in, nervous, right?
Yeah, nervous,
but kind of a little bit excited nervous.
So it was love at first sight.
Well, you gotta give it a little bit
of time to get to know somebody.
- Spend time with them.
- That's what I'm gonna do.
That's great. Just spend time with them,
find out what they're like,
see if you've got things in common.
Come on, get ready. Ready?
- What the hell is this?
- Exciting!
How is that Oh, look at that.
You look lovely. So good.
Good to go, hon.
Ahead of a romantic getaway,
Leisel and Brayden
are meeting Carolyn O'Neill,
who's an intimacy coach
for people with disabilities.
Whether people have disabilities or not,
parents don't really wanna talk about it
with their kids,
and kids don't really wanna talk about it
with their parents.
So it's really great when parents
can support their young people
to get information about sex,
to have conversations about it
with someone else outside the family.
Are you ready
to see the love specialist?
- How about you?
- Of course. Let's roll.
- Okay, let's roll.
- Toodle-oo.
- See you.
- Be good.
- Bye.
- We will.
Don't forget your toilet paper.
Let's go, my sexy one.
- Come on, my sexual mate.
- Bye!
- Bye-bye!
- Toodle-oo.
I think it's great
that they've got the opportunity
to go and actually talk to someone
who knows how to discuss the
everything with them. Yeah.
Sexual Just say sexual relationships
and intimacy. There you go.
Oh, there you go.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- I'm Carolyn.
- My name is Leisel.
- Nice to see you too.
- Nice to meet you.
My name is Brayden.
I am Leisel's boyfriend.
Yep. And I'm Leisel,
and this is my boyfriend.
Nice to meet you, guys.
It's really brilliant
you wanna talk to me about this.
- Yeah, I'm down.
- Yeah, I'm down too.
Great. It's gonna be good.
Did you wanna talk about sex
and bodies and intimacy?
Well, I love sex.
- I know she does, but
- I love sex with this guy.
So, what is sex?
When you say "I love sex,"
can you tell me what sex means?
What is that?
I think, like, sex means,
like, rubbing and kissing.
Wet kisses, handstand kisses.
Something like that.
- But for me personally, I do like to kiss.
- Yeah.
And let people know
and say, "I'm in love with this girl."
I think sex is when people
are touching private body parts,
or there's some sort of
It feels yummy or delicious
in your private parts.
Does that sound like something
you might know about a little bit,
or is this all new?
A little bit new.
- And it's gonna be a new experience.
- Yeah.
Shall we look at some pictures?
- Yeah. I'm down.
- Okay.
These people
are having intimate time.
So that's starting to be sex.
It seems they have
more to learn than they thought.
If you're watching a movie
and you see some people having,
like, intimate time
and you two are watching the movie,
and it's just you having a date,
you can stop the movie and say,
"I think that looks like
that could be quite nice to try that."
And it's a chance
to find out from each other
if you wanna try some things or not.
I'm thinking
we could have a bath together,
so that's gonna be even more romantic,
with the candles on the side.
Yeah, and music as well.
And I love kissing, hugging, pranking
- I love to do.
- Right.
My girl hates pranks. I don't know why.
Yeah, I don't like pranks.
You might like something.
- And you might not.
- I Yeah.
And in a relationship,
it's about finding that stuff out
from each other, right?
- You might like to smack Leisel's bum.
- Yeah, I do.
'Cause you think
it's a fun, lovely thing to do.
And, Leisel, you might
how would you feel about that?
And I said I don't like that.
That's actually really handy
to have those words
because you can say that,
actually, at any time,
when any time you're doing
anything sexual together.
And the the neat thing is
that we can trust what our bodies tell us,
and then we need to listen
This is important, Brayden.
we need to listen
to what our partner is telling us.
So we can change our mind anytime.
- Yeah.
- And that's called consent.
So it's about communicating that
to each other.
What are you What's your feeling of
feel when I'm touching your body?
It makes me happy,
and when you touch my body,
I feel I am connected to this person.
And I love it, personally,
because you're like, "Take it slow."
"Touch my body slow."
When I say to you on purpose,
"Kiss me slow,"
you actually kiss me slow as possible,
like a snail kiss.
Oh, you mean like this?
Yeah, like the snail kiss.
What do you think, baby,
when I touch your body?
What do you feel, babe?
I feel like
having butterflies in my stomach.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Thank you for teaching us.
- Thank you.
- And
- And it's been really fun to hang out.
This is new to me and my girl
because never talked about this before.
It's important to get the information
that you guys need
to make your own choices, right?
- Yeah.
- Shall we go?
- Let's do it.
- Okay, come on.
with all this new information,
Leisel and Brayden might just be ready
to take the next step.
Lily-Mae's date, Luca,
has flown up
from Christchurch to meet her.
Like Lily-Mae,
this will be his first-ever blind date.
- We need to get a move on, Luc.
- All right.
Are you excited?
I got butterflies in my stomach right now.
- Oh, you got butterflies in your stomach?
- Yeah.
Fair enough. I would too.
Hey, what are you gonna do
if she wants to see your muscles?
- You gonna show her?
- Maybe.
- She'll think you're as hard as rock.
- Mummy
Oh! And if you can't think
of anything to say,
remember we went through these?
- Oh yeah.
- They're little icebreakers.
So just remember
you've got them in there if you
if suddenly conversation stops
or you feel a bit awkward,
you could say, "Oh, I've got some"
"I've got some questions
I'd like to ask you." Yeah?
She's gonna think you're so cute.
I think
she's gonna take one look at you
and just go, "Wow!"
- "What a gorgeous young man."
- Yeah.
- Very proud of you.
- Thanks, Mum.
- I love you.
- I love you too, sweetie.
Wonder if she's gonna kiss you
on the first date.
Let's go. Let's go do it.
Lily-Mae loves kayaking
and has invited Luca
to join her for a tandem paddle.
- Feeling a bit nervous?
- No.
- Not at all?
- No.
Oh! I wish we were all like you.
You're amazing, Lil.
Okay. Bye.
Bye, hon. Oh, hugs? No hugs?
- Bye.
- Love you, hon. All the best.
She's arrived a bit early,
but it's a chance
to practice her TikTok dance moves.
Oh my God. Okay.
Here goes.
Oh my God.
He is really hot.
Hi. Okay, well, I'm Lily.
Hey, Lily. I'm Luca.
Um, are you a bit nervous?
Yeah. I am.
- You don't have to be.
- Okay.
Like, at all.
Like, I'm totally fine with it.
Okay. Good.
- Do you have any questions to ask?
- Oh yeah.
How old are you?
I'm 18.
- Wow.
- How old are you?
I'm 19.
- I'm turning 19 this year.
- Yeah.
Hey, guys. How's it going?
Here for some kayaking?
- Yeah.
- Fantastic.
No worries, we'll get you guys
out on the water.
I'll give you a quick demo
on, uh, how to paddle.
I'll give you each, uh,
a paddle here, and, uh
- Can I teach him?
- Please do, yeah. I know you
So what you're gonna do is,
you do that first,
and then you do that part.
That's it.
She knows what she's doing. I feel like
If you wanna have fun,
you can do a little turn.
So be careful down here.
It does get a little slippery.
- Beautiful. That's it. You
- Look at that. Yeah.
All right, Luca. Yeah, same deal.
I'll hold it steady for you.
Oh my God!
You got it?
- Okay.
- Have fun out there!
- Okay.
- See you later!
I'm feeling very happy and excited.
She's awesome.
- Do you like going to the mall?
- Yes.
Do you like going to the movies?
Well, we might go,
after this, to the movies if you want to.
- Yeah. That's cool.
- Okay.
My arms are falling off.
In the city,
Aelinor works at a costume hire company,
ideal for her love of fashion and history.
Excited about Carlos's imminent arrival,
she's planning a medieval banquet.
He's probably gonna think
I look like I stepped out of a
out of a fantasy world.
I'm feeling pretty good about Carlos.
Yeah, our relationship so far
has been going very, very well.
He's never seen me
in in any of these gowns before.
This dress makes me feel pretty awesome.
Oh, I'm definitely looking forward
to that first cuddle.
Yeah, just getting to
getting to be in his arms again.
He's revealing to be
a very kind, romantic partner.
I think that's one of the things
I actually like most about Carlos,
is he actually knows how to be romantic.
In Dunedin,
Carlos is finding creative ways
to keep long-distance passion alive.
When I miss her,
I tend to take a selfie
and send it to her.
That will tell her
that it doesn't matter if I miss you.
I will always be with you.
Oh my gosh.
He's definitely not boring.
Never bored with Carlos.
This kind of photography,
for me, is artistic,
and somehow Aeli loves them very much.
Uh Oh,
they make me feel very happy.
He is. He's very handsome.
After kayaking,
Lily-Mae and Luca
are cooling off with a swim.
Now I'm getting out. I'm cold.
You have nice muscles, Luca.
Oh yeah.
I work out basically every day.
How about you?
Yeah, I work out.
Like, weights?
Yeah, every day at home.
I got two different jobs.
What I do with the money,
I get different equipment
for my YouTube channel.
- You have a YouTube channel?
- Yeah.
- I do too.
- Wow.
- You can watch it if you want to.
- Oh, thanks.
I have big plans.
- I wanna go to uni in Mount Albert.
- Wow.
I wanna have a café
and then travel around the world
and live in a mansion.
That's cool.
- What are your dreams?
- Um
My dreams would be
well, if turning famous on YouTube,
I think I
Okay, yeah.
I've been on TV seven times.
Seven times?
Yes. I've been on a magazine,
I wanna get my own private plane.
Wow, that's a big dream.
Yeah. Have my own house.
Yeah, and doing my own podcast.
Wow. That's a lot of things.
I have been thinking about it
the whole entire time we were kayaking,
and I think
I'm going to go on another date with him.
If you don't mind, I'm gonna fall asleep.
Good night.
Yes, good night.
Taking a nap
in the middle of a date,
Lily-Mae is certainly
putting Luca to the test.
What she doesn't know is
that in his family,
Luca is the master jokester.
But Sleeping Beauty's
not entirely surprised by her prince.
I got water going on me.
That actually felt really good, so
It might just have proved
a winning move.
In Auckland, Aelinor's getting ready
to welcome Carlos into her home
for the very first time.
It's not long now, is it?
- No, it's not long at all.
- So, how are you feeling?
Oh, a bit bit nervous but excited.
Got the old butterflies in my stomach.
Yeah. Turn around,
and I'll just get this laced up.
I think since Carlos
came into Aelinor's life,
she's been very happy.
She's, uh, enjoyed having
somebody she can talk to
about the sorts of things
she wouldn't talk to anybody else about.
I bet he's probably as nervous as you are.
Right, there you are.
- I think you're done.
- Yeah?
But Carlos
isn't the only reason
that Aelinor's feeling anxious.
It's gonna be
pretty nerve-racking for everyone.
It's the first time my friends
have actually been in this house too.
I'm very excited to be with them,
to chat along,
to laugh with them,
to have a really good time.
The time has finally come
for the queen to receive her suitor.
For you, my love.
Thank you, babe.
Come on inside. Come on inside.
Well, we've got a bit of a theme
running here today.
- Oh.
- Yes.
We've got a sort of array of medieval
and Mexican-themed headwear
for everyone to try on.
Take your pick.
Her love for fashion,
her interest of medieval era,
that's what really makes her unique.
You look awesome, babe.
Thank you.
It really goes with my shorts as well.
Uh, yes, it does.
I'm ready to go to the ball.
Yes, you are.
After a successful day
at the beach,
Lily-Mae and Luca
have decided to go for a drink.
- Do you like your milkshake?
- Yes, I do.
Mine's really yum.
I live, I eat, I sleep, I dream pink.
- Oh my God.
- I have this flower for you.
It's actually very pink.
- Thank you. Does it smell good?
- Yeah.
I got something for you.
Why am I getting so many presents?
It's not like
I'm your girlfriend or something.
- Yep.
- Whoa.
Oh my God, thank you so much. Oh my God.
- It's pink.
- Yeah.
- It's pink.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- I got these icebreakers.
- That's nice. How do you play?
Yeah, are you a morning person
or a night person?
- I'm actually a night person.
- Oh yeah?
'Cause I like going to the pubs.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause I'm 18.
Okay, your turn.
How would you describe yourself
in three words?
- That's nice describing words.
- Yeah.
- Your turn.
- Okay.
Uh, what is your best surprise
you ever had?
Probably today, these presents.
It's great to spend time with you
together today.
Same. It was fun.
Would you like
to come down to Christchurch
to have a date more?
Okay, yeah. I would like that.
Oh! Yeah.
At Aelinor's place,
the guests of honor arrive
to attend the medieval feast.
- How are you?
- Hi.
- Oh, you look very nice.
- Oh my gosh.
- Aeli, this is my sister, Tati.
- It's so nice to meet you finally.
- Hi, it's lovely to meet you.
- Look at your dress.
- Thank you, yes.
- My goodness.
This is my friend Rafiqah.
- Rafiqah, this is Carlos.
- Hello.
Do I look nice?
Thank you.
I love that Aelinor has
a passion for something herself.
My brother is passionate
about dressing up in costumes,
so I think that's something
they can share.
Which one?
This would be good.
Aelinor is a kind, soft-hearted person.
Yep. It's perfect.
Goes with your outfit perfectly.
It's great to see her happy.
Lunch is served.
Well, guys, lots of food here.
Uh, roast beef, Mediterranean chicken,
Mexican rice salad.
I don't think Mexican rice
has anything to do with medieval Europe.
Oh, well, we'll pretend.
Oh yes. Of course.
You can thank Carlos for that.
He has an absolute love of Mexican.
Yes. You do, don't you?
- Everything.
- Everything Mexican.
- Yeah.
- You've been to Mexico?
Carlos is a good someone else
to lose your baby to.
He's been very good for her.
He's, um, a very extroverted person.
They bring the best out in each other.
So, what lo
what caused the the love of Mexico?
- The beauty of the landscapes.
- Yep.
The beauty of its women.
But, yes, just
- Not as beautiful as Aelinor though.
- Yeah.
- Of course not.
- No, of course.
No, no, I mean
Oh, what I'm talking about?
I'm very happy
for Aelinor and Carlos.
Their energies both match together,
and they complement each other.
And, um, Aelinor, why the theme?
Have you always
really liked medieval things?
Yes, yep. I was 16 when that happened.
I remember it was Anne Boleyn
that got me into my medieval obsession.
It was watching The Other Boleyn Girl.
I think that she's lovely.
I think that she looks like someone
who would maybe have the patience
to be with him
'cause he's he's just so full of energy
and full of joy,
and I'm just really glad that he has
somebody to share that with, yeah.
Of course,
this will be for dinner tonight.
With the banquet over,
Carlos and Aelinor have
a proper chance to catch up.
I was so happy, so overwhelmed,
so anxious to see you.
I've been dreaming
for this day to to happen.
I was counting the days to see you.
And to see your beautiful eyes
and your beautiful smile.
What was your first thought of this?
My first thought was how happy
and excited I was going to be
to see you again.
And how did you felt?
I felt
I felt pretty amazing.
Mum and I baked these
to give to you.
The family tradition.
Oh my gosh. They look amazing.
My grandma used to spoil my grandpa
with these.
Wanna try?
You are eating my grandma's recipe.
Wow, that's amazing.
If we marry
up at Larnach Castle,
how would you like it to be?
Ah, I'd like it to be
with our friends and family.
I'd probably like it to be
in the, uh, castle gardens.
Me too.
Being able to marry you
is my greatest desire.
- Mm.
- It means everything.
Yes, definitely.
With Carlos making big plans
for their future,
what happens next will be up to Aelinor.
Not everyone has been lucky
in their search for love.
Neither Josh's date with Hayley
nor Libby led to lasting romance.
Oh, sir, careful.
Yeah, I was sad about Libby.
I'm very disappointed in in me.
Annoyed. Going crazy.
But like many
with a broken heart,
Josh has found a way
to deal with his disappointment.
Here we go.
I've never actually
seen him like that before.
He obviously got the feels for Libby
and and didn't quite get
why it didn't work.
And I also sort of said to him
that not necessarily everybody's
gonna click.
Josh is not one
to be kept down for long though.
He's ready to get back in the dating ring.
I'm a very honest person.
I could give a girl,
uh, love, support, and honesty.
Oh, there's lots of girls everywhere.
I deserve to be loved.
I'm making a big splash for the girls.
After making
her own splash with Luca,
Lily-Mae is planning a second date.
But before she does,
there's a very special person
she needs to visit.
Do you think Nanny would be happy
with me going on this date?
Yeah, absolutely.
- Hi, Nanny.
- Hi, Nanny.
Lily's got some beautiful flowers for you.
Yeah, we got flowers for you.
And news.
Oh, are you gonna tell Nanny your news?
Um, so I'm going
on another second date with Luca.
That's his name.
I'm going to Christchurch
to see him in his own hometown.
Um, he's kind, and he's nice,
and he's hot.
- Nanny's old
- And he's cute.
He's cute, and he's loving,
and he's full of loyalty and wisdom.
And that's, uh, basically it.
It would've been so great
if she could've met Luca.
- Yeah.
- She's watching though, eh?
Yeah, she is.
I think this will be good for me.
And I hope you're okay up there in heaven.
I don't ever wanna
stand in Lily-Mae's way.
This is her life, you know,
and she deserves to,
and she's got every right
to experience these things
just like everybody else does.
So, you know,
that's just what I remind myself
when I feel a little bit apprehensive
or wanna keep her close
or, you know,
like, 'cause I think, you know,
still think of her as,
you know, my little girl.
Um she is growing up,
and and I need to grow with her,
and I need to be able to, um,
you know, share in that excitement
and embrace it.
- She'd be so proud of you, Lil.
- Yeah.
- The young woman that you've grown into.
- Yeah.
You beautiful girl.
Three sleeps, two days.
Gosh, that's so exciting.
Also counting down the days,
Leisel and Brayden are planning
their first sleepover together next week.
That's popping
popping good!
You mean, ooh la, popping, popping good!
I feel, like, fuzzy on the inside
and loving on the outside
with my heart to him.
- Pop, pop, popping, popcorn.
- Pop, pop
He makes me laugh,
like, doing funny jokes.
Pop, pop. Wedding dance popcorn.
- Okay.
- Popcorn wedding dance.
Let's practice dancing, eh?
If he proposed to me,
I would say yes.
I just love being his girlfriend.
It it feels so amazing.
And while you're popping, we need kisses.
It's very much evident
that she feels like
she's a grown-up young lady now.
She said, "That lady, Carolyn,
she was really good."
And I said, "Oh, that's good."
She said, "She gave me something."
"Oh, what did she give you?" And she goes
Popcorn, and lollies. Time for the movie!
What movie are we gonna see?
Is it Titanic?
Or is it Notebook?
Or I got a good one for ya.
Romeo and Juliet movie.
Let's watch Romeo and Juliet!
Babe, do you love popcorn
and your sweet boyfriend?
I love popcorn, and I love my boyfriend.
I've never been
in the bed before together,
and I can't wait
to get more loved again in my bed.
Am I ready to let my daughter go? Hmm
I think so, yes.
Her happiness is
is the most important thing, so, yeah.
I love you more than anything.
I love you too, babe.
You taste like popcorn.
And you taste like popcorn too!
Next time,
is it third time lucky for Josh?
High five.
- A romance reaches new heights
- Why is he so good?
Do you wanna be my girlfriend?
This is really funny.
Libby makes a surprise announcement
I was very scared to come out about it.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Oh my God!
and things heat up
for Leisel and Brayden.
This is like a paradise resort.
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