Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (1993) s01e01 Episode Script


I was born on February 15th, 1833, in Boston, Massachusetts.
I was the last of five children.
The four before me -- all girls.
My father, being a man of science, firmly believed that the odds would finally dictate the birth of a long awaited son.
He would be named 'Michael'.
I was named 'Michaela'.
I was determined to attend medical school, but none would admit women.
I finally received my MD from the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania.
To my mother's dismay, my father made me a partner in his practice.
And for 7 years, we worked side-by-side Until When he died, I lost my advocate, my mentor, my best friend.
My mother would say he'd spoiled me.
I would sayhe'd given me the freedom to be myself.
With my father gone, our practice virtually disappeared.
I was afraid my life as a doctor was over, But I promised him to carry on.
Enough is enough, Michaela.
Your father is gone, and so are his patients.
They were my patients too.
Your father, God rest his soul indulged you in a fantasy.
I have a medical degree, Mother.
That is no fantasy! In this world, it is! Then maybe I belong in a different world.
I found an advertisement in The Globe for a town doctor in the Colorado Territory.
Thank you, Laura.
I sent a telegram, detailing my experience, and in less than a week, I received a reply, offering me the position.
It was the frontier, a place where people made new beginnings.
A place where my services would be needed, where my skills would be appreciated, Where I would finally be accepted as a doctor.
As we bumped across that vast territory, I could feel civilization receding behind me, slipping away with each turn of the wagon wheels.
My father taught me that different customs, language, or color of skin were not causes for prejudice or hostility.
But as I saw real Indians for the first time I could not reason with the knots in my stomach.
Welcome to Colorado Springs, gentlemen.
Pardon me, where might I find Reverend Johnson? Down at the church.
Thank you.
Do you mind if I leave my luggage there? Just for awhile? You mean "Will it still be there when you get back"? Well, no, I was just -- We're not all thieves on the Frontier, miss.
No, no, of course not.
I was just concerned that it might be in someone's way.
Pardon me, might you be the Reverend Timothy Johnson? Yes.
How may I help you? Michaela Quinn, M.
The new doctor.
I'm afraid I don't quite understand.
The telegram said 'Michael Quinn'.
I believe I spelled it out quite clearly.
That's 'Michael' with an 'A'.
My father was expecting a male.
So was I.
Would you please come with me? Certainly.
What's going on? Union Colonel Chivington and Cheyenne Chief Black Kettle.
Army's negotiating with the Indian's for all the land north of Sand Creek.
Are you alright? Oh, I'm fine.
Horace! Horace! Yeah? I'm up here! What can I do for you, Reverend? That telegram - the one you received from the doctor in Boston How was it signed? What'cha mean? You didn't change anything? Of course not.
Except that initial.
I didn't think you'd give a hoot what his middle name was.
That middle initial didn't happen to be an 'A', did it? Well, that's right, young lady! Thanks, Horace.
This is most embarrassing, Miss Quinn.
And I want to apologize for the inconvenience.
But we will, of course, pay your way back to Boston.
That won't be necessary, thank you.
Colorado Springs needs a doctor, and I happen to be one.
But you don't understand -- no one around here's ever heard of a lady doctor! Well, there's always a first time.
Miss, there are no respectable single women in Colorado Springs! That's a shame, Reverend.
Every town should have at least one.
Widow Cooper doesn't even allow lady boarders.
Go fetch your mother.
Hey, Ma! Hey, Ma! I'm coming! Morning.
Oh, Charlotte, there's been a terrible mistake.
Just a small misunderstanding, really.
You see, I thought that Miss Quinn was a man.
I mean, I assumed when she answered the advertisement that she was a doctor! I am a doctor.
So, you're the new doctor? - No, that's not what -- - Yes, I am.
Michaela Quinn, M.
Charlotte Cooper -- oh! Cooper.
And these are my young'uns -- Matthew, my oldest.
This is Colleen and uh Brian.
Your dress sure is dirty.
Manners! I told Miss Quinn you only take gentlemen boarders.
Don't have a rule.
Matthew, you go on help the Reverend bring the lady's luggage.
You're a real doctor? That's right.
You went to college and everything? And everything.
Oh, excuse me.
This way, please.
It's right upstairs.
I got some soldiers staying here during Treaty Council.
Right here.
Thank you! Reverend.
Well, it ain't Boston.
It's very nice.
Thank you.
My expectations of a warm reception were vastly disappointed.
Apparently, the prevailing opinion of women doctors was no better in Colorado Springs than it had been in Boston.
Bless this food and those who prepared and served it.
And may all thy children everywhere be blessed with equal bounty.
Thank you, Lord.
So, Captain Chivington, how is the treaty progressing? Colonel Chivington.
I beg your pardon.
How are the Indians faring? The only reason I'm sitting out there in the dirt, is 'cause Congress been listening to a bunch of bleeding hearts who've never laid eye's on a Indian.
I believe their reasoning is that the Indians were here first.
They're standing in the way of progress, miss.
Progress for whom, sir? Everybody! I am fully satisfied that to kill the Red Rebel is the only way to have peace and quiet.
Nice stew.
Thank you, Colonel.
So, doc, are you engaged? I was once.
Well, out here, there's 20 men to every woman.
Really? Yep.
Where might I find a newspaper office? Well, you - you'd have to go to Denver for that.
Oh, well, um, were could I post an advertisement? Bray's store.
Pretty much everything goes through there one way or another.
Should have listened to me in the first place, Reverend.
Colorado Springs don't need no doctor.
She won't take 'no' for an answer, Jake.
What can I do? You can put her on the next stage, right back where she come from.
Morning, gentlemen.
Jake Slicker.
He's pulled a few teeth, he's lanced a few boils, and he thinks that makes him a doctor I see.
And from a woman.
You see, the only doctorin' women are allowed to do 'round here is midwifin' Which is lucky.
The midwife's a very reasonable woman.
That's a relief.
I'd really like to meet her.
You already have.
You? Good morning.
It's over here.
What's the problem, Charlotte? Loren, no problem.
The doctor here is just gonna to post a notice.
The doctor?! No room.
Well some of these look as if they've outlived the people who put 'em there.
Sorry, Charlotte.
None of those notices seen its day.
What the hell's he doing in here? NO DOGS OR INDIANS Here's one that's seen its day, Mr.
What are you doing? That's private property, miss.
WANTED: Permanent lodgings also suitable for medical practice It's time to go get that horse, doc.
What horse? The one you've gotta make your rounds on to meet your patients.
Oh, that horse.
That horse.
Morning, gentlemen.
Bein' a doctor, that's one thing.
And bein' a woman, that's another.
And bein' an unmarried lady - that's another.
You've got enough black marks to last you for awhile.
What you don't understand is there's some people around these parts -- Well, they don't even treat women like they're human.
Didn't we just fight a war to prove we're all created equal? I hate to tell you, doc, but nobody out here much cared about that war.
They're too busy killing Indians.
Mornin', Robert E! Well, any of these fine horses for sale? Who's buying? I'm just asking a simple question.
-The paint and brown.
- Ah, the paint and brown.
Good withers.
Very good.
Nice strong back.
Excellent back.
Wonderful teeth.
They're rotten.
Well, maybe just a little.
I-I like this one.
Too old.
But-but he looks like he's got, umheart.
Do you know how to ride? Do I know how to ride? Well? Do you?! Watch me.
More weight in the stirrup.
Jump! Come on.
You took it down.
I answered it.
Here it is.
Well, if you're gonna survive, you better learn to make it on your own.
Wait, wait! Come back! Come on! Come on! How much? A dollar a month.
I'll take it.
What do you think? Not much of a shingle.
For the life of me, I have don't know how found your way back into town by yourself.
I'd like to wring Sully's neck.
Is that his name? He didn't even tell you his name? Well, he wasn't very talkative.
And to be honest, I was afraid to press him for fear he'd change his mind.
Well, that's not likely to happen.
One thing Sully is, is a man of his word.
Why doesn't he live on his homestead? Sully was a miner, come out here in '59 with the Pike's Peak rush.
He fell in love with Loren's daughter, Abigail.
The store keeper? That's right.
He acted like he didn't even know Sully.
Abigail died giving birth to their first child.
I did everything I could.
What she needed was a doctor.
By the time we got her to Denver, she was gone.
So was the baby.
Loren blames Sully.
Loren's a bitter man.
He just needs to tear down somebody.
Sure is dirty! Well, that's what we're here for.
Here's your apron.
Thank you, darling.
Did you ever use a broom before? Did I ever use a broom?! It's like the horse, isn't it? We had servants.
Just a moment.
Brian, set the water right there.
What's this, Dr.
Mike? Brian, put that back in there! No, that's alright.
So long as your careful.
Looks like a tomahawk.
Everything looks Indian to you.
Brian's Cheyenne crazy.
Sully's got a tomahawk.
So I've seen.
It's for testing reflexes.
Hey, do that again! What do reflexes do? They tell me something about your brain.
His knees tell you about his head? Now that sounds like a lot of malarkey.
What do you know? Children - work! Oh no! They're getting away! Come now.
Chickens are kinda mean.
How do you get the eggs? Well, you gotta trick 'em.
How? You gotta trick 'em into leavin' their nests Then you can take the eggs without getting pecked.
Good! Come on! Time to go! I can't thank you enough.
It's not necessary.
No thanks needed.
What you need is luck.
This ain't gonna be easy.
Come on, son.
Let's go.
Git! Bye! Charlotte was right.
The only work I knew was doctoring.
I knew nothing of the daily hardships these people took for granted.
The carved cradle, the hand-hewn furniture every pot and pan, Sully had left it all just as it had been when his wife died.
The hope chest - filled with hopes never realized.
The baby's bootie.
Their wedding picture.
I felt like an intruder.
Good morning.
Well, you sure look grand.
Grand enough to be in Boston.
I'll introduce you to some people.
Good morning, Mr.
There's some people over here.
Let's say hello.
Good morning, everybody.
Good morning! Say hello to these people.
Hello! Hey, Slicker! Got a shot fella! He caught a ricochet slug out hunting.
Excuse me, gentlemen! I'm a doctor.
I'm a doctor.
Let me -- Get him over to the shop! Come on! We don't need her help.
You women! Go on now! Git! You, get inside! Let me pass.
Ma'am, are you alright? Look here! Get away from my wife! Your wife's ill.
It's just one of her spells.
Her heart's pounding.
Of course it is! - You're alright, ain't you, Ma? - Just all the excitement.
You have an arrhythmia.
Mind your own business! This is my business! Ahh! There's some things in the cabin that belong to you.
It's nothing I want.
What did Chief Black Kettle say to you when I rode up? He wanted to know who you were.
What did you tell him? Told him you were a medicine woman come from the east.
He said among the white's, only men make medicine.
So you must be a crazy white woman.
Except for Charlotte, none of the townspeople would take me seriously as a doctor.
I was beginning to think Chief Black Kettle might be right.
Maybe I was crazy.
I had come to Colorado Springs to be a pioneer doctor.
But I was fast becoming just a pioneer.
Who is it? Matthew Cooper! Ma needs your help.
The baby's crownin', but it just won't come on down.
I tried to move it, but nothing is happening.
Emily? We're losing them.
Expose her abdomen and wipe it with this.
It's alright.
You aren't going to cut on her?! There's no choice.
- I don't know.
- I know what I'm doing.
Now hold this over her nose.
Now keep it there.
Keep it there.
That's enough.
Something's wrong.
Clear the windpipe.
Massage it! No.
It's not working.
Hold him upside-down.
Upside-down?! Do it! By the heels! Slap him! No.
Again! You're both fine, Emily! The doc saved your life! You have a beautiful, healthy baby, Emily.
Emily healed well and the baby thrived.
And yet no patients came to me.
I knew it was time for drastic measures.
Morning, Mr.
I am in need of your professional services.
I was hoping you might find time for me in your busy schedule.
Don't cut women's hair.
Oh, no, sir.
It's your medical services I am in need of.
I can't seem to cure this toothache of mine.
I'd appreciate a second opinion.
From one doctor to another.
Come on inside.
I'll take me a look.
Have a seat.
So, it's the one I thought it was your left side.
It is.
Well, it's both sides really, but this side is worse.
Nasty looking cut you've got there.
Looks infected to me.
Open up.
Looks bad.
What do you suggest? Pull it.
Pull it?! Pull it.
There's, um, no other alternative? You asked for my say, you got it.
Well, yes.
Of course, you're right.
I'm sure.
So I entrust myself entirely to your estimable care.
How's that? Pull it.
Here goes.
Souvenir? I believe I feel better already.
How much do I owe you, Mr.
Slicker? Two bits.
This ointment will take away that infection.
Thank you, Mr.
Have a fine day.
You forgot something! Your tooth, ma'am.
I'd say I earned that, wouldn't you? Yes, ma'am.
How are you feeling, Mrs.
Bray? There's nothing wrong with me.
You looked a little peak-ed.
I just had a tooth pulled.
What? Jake Slicker said it had to go.
Wasn't nothing wrong with that tooth, was it? No.
You ought to be ashamed! Letting that bully yank a perfectly good tooth right out of your head! You're right.
On the other hand I bet my bottom dollar that you shook him right up! Think so? Why, sure.
What you did took guts.
A man can't ignore that.
Charlotte? How did your husband die? He didn't.
As far as I know, he's alive and kicking somewhere.
They call you 'Widow Cooper'.
Well, that's just the townfolks way of being nice and polite.
We had a farm over there in Topeka.
Took us 4 years to get that thing going.
Then one day, he just up and sold it.
Didn't even ask me.
He just came in one morning and said, "We're going mining for gold up at Pike's Peak".
My fiancé never once mentioned the war.
Until he came from dinner dressed in an officer's uniform.
and announced he was leaving in 2 days.
2 days! Men! You can't be dependent on them.
When that mine went bust my husband - he lost his good sense.
He just up and disappeared With my money sock.
I'm sorry, Charlotte.
What's done is done.
What about your man? Oh, he was a doctor - met in the hospital.
Those days I was too busy thinking about work.
Didn't pay any attention to parties like my sisters.
Besides, when I did, boys never asked me to dance.
They always thought I was too Smart.
I wasn't going to give up being a doctor, so I gave up the parties instead.
How come you never got married? Got killed in the war.
It's funny.
It doesn't matter how you lose them.
The pain is the same.
What happened? It's over? Yeah.
It's over alright.
Did they reach an agreement? In a manner of speaking.
Chivington threatened war unless Black Kettle surrender the reserves south of Sand Creek.
But why? Because he wants to impress the brass back in Washington.
Get them to grant statehood.
So he can become first governor.
Well, that's hardly a negotiation.
Chivington didn't come to barter.
He came to steal.
Another month passed and still no patients.
But then I had a very special visitor.
Jake Slicker himself.
Ointment you gave me done the trick.
I'm glad.
How's your teeth? They're fine.
May I offer you some refreshments? Nah.
I gotta get back.
You know Robert E? The blacksmith? You might wanna ask him about his lumbago next time your in town.
He didn't even wanna sell my a horse.
Yeah, well, fact is I asked him to let you take a look at him.
I'm sick and tired of hearing him carry on.
I'll see what I can do.
Good morning.
I just wanted to thank you for selling me such a fine horse.
He's old.
But he's sound.
He's sound.
That kind of work must be hard on the joints.
Certainly would aggravate a case of lumbago.
I heard you, uh, had a touch of that yourself.
Would you mind if I just took a look at that? I don't wants no woman doctor! Of all the men in this town, I thought you might understand what it's like to be judged unfairly.
Does that hurt? Don't feel good.
You see this swelling here? It's called arthritis.
Now if you take a pinch of this powder 3 times a day it'll take down the swelling and relieve some of the pain.
And you can't fix it? Not entirely, but this will make it better.
Well, I guess that's gonna have to do until the new doc gets here.
New doctor? The Reverend said he put out a new advertisement.
I would like to know why you placed another advertisement for a doctor when that position's already been filled.
Now, I don't mean to offend you, Miss Quinn.
Quinn! That is a matter of opinion! Who's opinion? Have you polled my patients? I'm not aware of you having any patients.
Jake Slicker.
Emily Donovan.
Robert E.
I think that we should just calm down.
I'm perfectly calm.
I'm just waiting for an answer.
Help! Doctor Mike! It's Ma! Rattlesnake got her! I need a bucket of cold water, some pillows.
Colleen, I need a glass of cider and Brian, I want you to hold your mother's hand for me.
What are you all doing here? You were bitten by a rattlesnake.
Oh, yeah.
You're going to be fine.
I am? I want you to give your mother that.
Here, Ma.
Come on, Ma, you gotta drink this! Come on, Ma! Ma! Dr.
Mike Yes, Charlotte? One thing Anything.
Please, please take care of my children.
Charlotte, no need.
I mean - I, I don't know anything about children.
Raising them.
They don't tell you about that in medical school.
Besides, you're going to be fine.
Please promise.
Promise me.
I promise.
Ma! Oh, God, full of compassion, thou who dwellest on high, grant perfect rest unto the soul of Charlotte Cooper, who has departed from this world.
Oh, Lord, help us to understand that the sorrow of loss is but the measure of the love that is stronger than death.
Son Charlotte left behind many unpaid bills.
And after the bank in Denver foreclosed on the boarding house, It was decided that the children should come to live with me.
Horse's are ours.
So is everything else.
We're free to take it when we leave.
But you only just got here! I'm gonna be staying in the barn.
I don't wanna live here! Well, you got no choice.
There's room for a cow in here.
Yes, well, the truth is I-I don't know how to take care of one.
But you know how to take care of us, right? Now, wait a minute, Matthew.
I never claimed to know anything about being a mother.
You're not gonna be our mother.
Come on.
I didn't mean that.
You know what I mean! I'm just not good at being a homemaker.
Most doctors aren't, and that's what I am - a doctor.
I was hoping that - that we might learn from one another.
I'm willing if you are.
I wanna go home! You can't! Brian! Where do you think you're going?! I'm running away to live with the Cheyenne! - Let go! - Calm down! Dear Mother, I know in the past, I was unresponsive to your wish that I learn more about childrearing.
However, as certain turn of events has reversed my attitude.
And I would appreciate any and all advice on the subject.
You clumsy little fool! Let go of him! He broke my candy jar.
It was an accident! And he climbed up on that stool after I told him not to do it.
Did you disobey Mr.
Bray? I just wanted to look.
What's the damage? The jar costs a dollar.
There was 100 candies, that's another dollar.
It was only half full, Loren.
- 1.
50! Please add it to my bill.
You're darn straight, I will! Who's gonna clean up this mess? I don't know how.
Then you'll learn.
I hate you.
Go on with your shopping.
Thank you.
Was but truth.
Oh! My heart does pound, just like you said.
How often does it happen? More and more regular.
Once, maybe twice a week.
This is a powder called digitalis.
Just take a pinch whenever your hearts starts to speed up.
It'll just slow it down.
I'm afraid this is all I've got, but I'll send to Chicago for some more.
And Maude, you can't work so hard.
I'll be right back.
Morning, Horace.
I have a letter to post.
Aye? A letter.
I think I'm losing my hearing.
You should let me take a look at it.
Oh, no.
Let me look at it.
Oh, that's alright.
It won't hurt.
Are you sure about that? Is it both ears, or just the one? Well, it's mainly this one.
Sit down.
You sure you know what you're doing? Absolutely.
I see exactly what it is.
- You do? - I do.
W-what's that?! Now just hold still.
You had more wax in there than an ear plug.
Well, I'll be! Will you take some stamps for the ear, doc? I need to send a telegram to Chigago, then we can call it even.
Sounds fair to me.
Is it some kind of medicine? That's right.
And it's very important.
I'll get it right out.
Thank you, Horace.
Doc! You gotta help me.
Myra, what the hell you doing over there? Nothing.
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave, miss.
And I'm going to have to refuse.
Where can we talk? Ladies ain't allowed.
I'm not a lady.
I'm a doctor.
Sit down.
Nice bed.
What's your name? Myra.
I'm Dr.
I liked what you said out there about not being a lady.
I don't approve of male hypocrisy.
Me neither.
Tell me, what's wrong with you? I gottayou know, uh Female problem? Have you ever been examined before? No.
It's nothing to be afraid of.
Thank you, Myra.
I'll find my way out.
I want you to go to bed and rest for at least 2 days.
Noactivity for a month.
Oh, Hank'll be mad as hell! Bartender? You leave Hank to me.
Wait! They ain't real, but they're pretty.
They're lovely.
Thank you.
I'm the one that ought to say thanks.
I'll check on you in a week.
Hank? I've given Myra orders to remain chaste for a month.
Chaste? She doesn't work.
She works for me.
Unless you want to take her place, lady.
I'm afraid that's not my line of work, gentlemen.
As I said, I'm a doctor! I'll be expecting to hear from any of you foolish enough to spend time with Myra before that month's up.
Get out.
We ain't quite finished with you, lady.
Kiss her, Carl! Get out of my way.
I ain't afraid of you, mountain man! Come on! Get in the wagon! Brian picked up the candy real good.
Come on! Thank you! In all the chaos, I'd nearly forgotten Brian's bout with the candy jar.
But he hadn't.
He was still furious with me.
Brian! Brian! Brian! What's going on? Brian's run away! I'll get the horses! I want you to stay here and look after Colleen.
I'm not gonna stay here! Just do as I say, Matthew! Brian! Brian! Please! Tell them to let me go! He says you were lost.
He brought you here for safekeeping.
I wasn't lost! Maybe I was.
Brian ran away.
He got it into his head to run off and live with the Cheyenne.
He thinks you live with them.
You're his hero.
Is that right? That's right.
So he's out there somewhere right now wandering around the cold with wild animals.
Chief Black Kettle says his people will search for the boy as soon as it's light enough to see.
Thank you.
How long before we go? You're not going.
Women stay in camp.
Not this woman.
You know, the Cheyenne believe that if a woman acts like a brave, she'll become one.
I'll risk it.
I'm not hungry.
You wanna look for the boy come sun up? Then you'll eat - hungry or not.
Last time I ate corn, I was sitting on the banks of the river Charles.
Where's that? Home.
You ever get homesick, Mr.
Sully? No.
You think he'll be alright out there, all on his own? There's no way of really knowing.
I let Charlotte down.
No, you didn't.
Did your best.
Sometimes life has a way of taking its own course.
- Íå ñå òðåâîæè,ñêúïà.
Ùå ãî îòêðèåì.
Brian! Brian! Brian! Jake, Reverend, and Matthew - come with me! The rest of you fellas - check the ravine! That's Brian's! I know it is! Find! Their off their reserve.
Maybe it's a hunting party.
Maybe it's a raiding party! Loren, we've got enough trouble without you conjuring up an Indian war.
The Red Man ain't kept his word yet to the white folk.
I think you got that backward, Mr.
Look, son, we all know your mom was an Indian lover, God rest her soul, but this is no time for sentiment.
Matthew's right.
Besides, you're just jumping to conclusions.
I see what I see.
There they are! Plain as the nose on your face.
Bray, get over to the fort and tell Colonel Chivington.
We'll keep an eye on them.
Brian! Brian! Dr.
Mike?! Don't worry! We're going to get you! Hang on tight.
Are you alright? It hurts.
Where? My leg.
His leg's broke.
I'll need a splint.
I'll get something.
It'll be alright, Brian.
I'm going to have to set your leg so we can move you.
Just hold his head.
Bite on this.
You're a brave boy.
He's fine.
I think that's Dr.
Maybe Brian's down there.
Troopers! Forward! No, wait! What are you doing?! No! Stop! Listen to me! You don't understand! Stop! Stop! Hold up! Hold up, men! Damn it, woman! You are interfering with government business! - Wait -- - No, we're not.
This is a search party, sir.
My boy was lost and these people tried to help me find him.
The Cheyenne have broken federal law by leaving their reservation in a number greater than two.
That's my fault, sir.
Please accept my apology.
Fall back.
Brian? He's alright.
Are you alright? You sure told 'em, Dr.
Mike! Thanks.
Poor Colleen will be worried sick by now.
Let's go home.
Brian's leg healed well.
I wish I could say the same for relations with the Cheyenne.
The townspeople were fearful, and the soldiers were spiteful.
But with winter approaching, peace prevailed.
As for my practice, I'd, well, had some very challenging cases.
How's Mr.
Storvil's pig? Very well, thank you.
Never knew pigs were so intelligent.
I've heard farmers say they're smarter than dogs.
Not wolves.
I didn't say 'wolves', did I? Do you like it? It's lovely.
The important thing is - do you like it? We'll take it.
Don't you wanna know the price? Gonna make a dress for the Christmas dance? 8 yards, please.
Such a thing as spoiling children.
What caught your fancy, Brian? Looks like Sully's wolf.
It is.
Sully's the one who carved it.
I thought he was a miner.
He is.
He's a misfit.
So why are you selling his carvings? I didn't put it there.
It belonged to our daughter.
That's enough.
I'll buy it.
Maude! Where's the powder? Where is it? What powder? What are you talking about? Maude, listen to me! Let's get her upstairs to bed.
No! We can't leave her laying on the floor! She shouldn't be moved! Maude, listen to me! Where's the powder? Gone.
Keep her head up high! Don't move her! Horace? The mail bag?! It just came in.
Hey, that's government property! Please, Horace! You have to help me find it! What's your hurry? Medicine! Here's one from Boston.
No! The medicine! Well, it hasn't come in yet.
Do something.
There's nothing I can do.
Maude, don't go! I'd lost patients before, but never for want of a simple drug.
This sort of frontier justice was something I would never accept.
Do you want anymore? No, thank you.
You haven't read your letter yet.
Dear Michaela, That's what my mother calls me.
Dear Michaela, I have just received your letter of November 10th.
It's hard to believe we are nearly a month behind by post.
Anything I write will be obsolete - obsolete means when something is over and done with for a long time.
Anything I write will be obsolete by the time you read this, but so be it.
Mary is with child.
Mary's my oldest sister.
Baby's due in May.
Perhaps you will return by then.
I won't pretend to not hope that you will give up this lark.
You're a civilized woman, not some rustic.
As for my advice on child rearing Come home, settle down, and raise a family of your own.
Who is it? It's Sully! Open up! Chief Black Kettle's been shot! Put him on the table.
Chivington and his men ambushed the village.
They burned it to the ground.
Massacred nearly everybody.
There's a bullet lodged in his neck.
Can you get it out? I think sobut the swelling is constricting his air passages.
He can't breathe.
There's something I've got to do first.
What? You better know what you're doing.
It's called a tracheotomy.
This will help him to breathe.
It's to take away the pain - tell him.
"He's not afraid of pain.
" Come sun up, Chivington's men are gonna be searching for Black Kettle's body.
And they've a mind to come looking.
Well, you can't move him.
He could start bleeding again.
Besides, I need to stitch up that trache- otomy as soon as the swelling goes down.
How did you get so involved? You see that wolf over there? Some people think it's evil.
He's been a friend to me, just like the Indians.
30 years ago when the white man first set foot into this territory there was thousands of those wolves.
And then the govenment put a bounty on their head and now there's just a few hundred.
The way I see it, some things happened to the Indians.
You can hide Chief Black Kettle in the barn.
Thank you.
He wants to know how long it'll be before we can move him.
At least a day before the tissue binds enough.
Better go back up to the house.
Come on, Brian.
Brian, set the table! Matthew, did you clear all their tracks? Every last one.
What if they recognize you? Sit down, Coll.
[feigns accent] Can I help you? We're looking for some renegades might have come this way.
Injuns? 'Round these parts? Sorry, but, we got orders to search every house.
Help yourself.
If you see any renegades, send the boy to the fort.
- Yes, sir.
- Ma'am.
Let's check the barn.
Look out back.
Had to borrow one of your horse's, son.
Proud to lend it.
I can't promise you you're going to get it back.
There's no harm.
Your Ma done a good job raising you up.
Ain't you riding with them, Sully? Nope.
Why not? Afraid of horses.
Really? Yeah.
Always have been.
Everybody's got something they're afraid of.
Chief Black Kettle just gave you your Cheyenne name.
Medicine Woman.
What'll he do now? What he never wanted to do Fight.
Well, uh, I guess I'll be going.
Come on, boy.
We didn't see Sully again after that.
He seemed to disappear into the winter But with the winter came Christmas Eve.
Colleen had looked forward to the church dance, But when the day came, we were snowed in.
It's turning into a blizzard out there.
Can't we just get out of these get-ups? - No! It's gonna let up any minute.
- Hogwash.
Shut up! Stop it! Is that any way to talk on the eve of Jesus' birthday? Aw, gee! Christmas isn't about parties, Colleen.
I know.
I was just counting on it for so long! How are we gonna get a tree to decorate? You go out there -- you're gonna get eaten by the snow monster! It's not about decorating trees, either.
And it's sure not about getting all dressed up! Nono, it's not.
Though I don't think it would hurt to let God see us cleaned up for a change.
Snow monster?! Yeah.
Snow monster! He's gonna get you! Arrh! I'll tell you what -- let's sing Christmas carols.
& Silent night Holy night & Come on! & All is calm All is bright & (kids joining in) & Round yon virgin, mother and child & & Holy infant, so tender and mild & & Sleep in heavenly peace & & Sleep in heavenly peace & & We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas & & We wish you a merry Christmas And a happy new year & Dear Lord, Grant us the strength to accept the misfortunes of this past year.
Please give us the courage to face the challenges that lie ahead.
Wherever possible, watch over us and protect us from harm.
We thank you for bringing us together.
For our good health.
And for this food.
And Lord, please tell Charlotte, we think of her often.
I miss her dearly.
It always sound like you're talking to God like He were here sitting here with us.
I like to think that He is.
Mike? Do you think Ma would mind if I called you "Ma" too? I don't think she'd mind a bit.
Matthew! Hello.
Come on in.
Warm yourself by the fire.
Thank you.
Colleen, get the sweet tea.
Merry Christmas, Brian.
Thanks, Sully! Colleen.
Thank you, Mr.
Thank you.
Now that's a shingle! It certainly is.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you.
Well, uh, good night.
Merry Christmas.
Please stay.
Eat with us? I'd like that.
I had come to the Colorado territory to find acceptance as a doctor.
But I found much more.
I found a home, a new family.
And for Christmas, I received the greatest gift of all.
The gift of love.