Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (1993) s01e02 Episode Script


Who's turn is it? Colleen's? Let me see As mean as a snapping turtle.
As mean as a rattler in August.
As mean as Mr.
As mean as a centipede with sciatica.
Your turn to start, Brian.
As slow as molasses.
Slow as a snail on crutches.
There's more of them.
I heard Mr.
Bray call them immigrants.
We're all immigrants, Brian.
Some of us just came to America sooner than others.
Matthew's in love again! Colleen! Whoa.
Morning, Dr.
Morning, Robert E.
Will you take a look at Farrah's shoes while we're shopping? Yes.
Be glad to.
Is Robert E.
an immigrant too? He's a slave, dummy.
Matthew! - Robert E.
did not come here willingly.
- That's for sure.
Well, what about the Cheynne? Are they immigrants, too? No.
No, they were here long before any of us.
I was wrong.
We're not all immigrants! How do you do, Jake? I need me a shave.
I'm still out of jawbreakers.
Miss Olive! She's back! - Who's she? - My sister.
Yah! - Grace, get that wagon over to Robert E's! - What about Willie?! Aw, go on! Do what I say! - But he needs doctoring! - Jake will see to him! Whoa! - Miss Olive! We missed you! - You're my angel.
Come here, Brian! Miss Olive Didn't hear that you're Ma'd died until I was halfway across ol' Mexico.
Same goes for your wife.
- What happened? - Ask her.
Maude suffered a massive coronary.
She had a heart attack.
Olive Davis.
Michaela Quinn.
She's a real doctor all the way from Boston.
Everybody calls her Dr.
Mike except me.
I get to call her 'Ma'! Charlotte left them to her on her death bed.
That right? A doctor? Now that's just what we need! Got a sick cowboy.
Had a fever all the way from El Paso.
I'll take a look.
Welcome back, Olive.
Did you find any silver mines? Didn't need to.
Stuff were so cheap, weren't no reason to get dirty for.
I got a sick cowboy over there.
You mind taking a look at him? Will do.
Yeah, get him over to your barber shop, Jake.
Excuse me.
Horace! Give me a hand.
They said a woman doctor could not survive alone on the new frontier.
But I won't give up.
And I'm not alone anymore.
I've inherited a family.
That may be the biggest challenge of all.
[baby cries] Emily! Are you alright? Oh, the baby's been feeling poorly.
Now this morning, Sam don't feel so good.
He could hardly get out of bed this morning! I'm sorry, Dr.
Mike, but I've got to go get lunch started.
Would you like me to take a look at Sam? Oh no, he never sits still for it! We'll call for Jake if he feels the need! What about the baby? She'll be fine! She just needs a nap! I brought presents for all of you.
We'll go out to the ranch and get them.
And I'll make you lunch.
Your favorite -- fried chicken, mashed potatos and gravy.
You're welcome to come along, miss.
Come on, Ma! No, no.
You children go on ahead.
I'm sure you have a lot to catch up on.
I'll have them back by supper time.
Thank you.
Two cups.
A pinch of salt.
One finger or two fingers? Spoonful of lard.
Cut neatly until pea-sized.
What's that? [horse whinnies outside] I was just making supper.
That's alright.
We got left overs.
Thank you.
Well, anytime.
II guess I'll be going.
I gotta look after my sick cow hands anyways.
Bye, son.
Bye, sweetie.
Shouldn't we have asked Miss Olive in? I'm sorry.
I'm just a little tired this evening.
Wanna see our presents? It's nice.
It's lovely.
Miss Olive says I'm old enough.
To kill another human being? To protect my family.
Miss Olive says he's man of the house now.
- A very young man.
- But a man.
Horace! Be with you in a minute, doc.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
No, it's fascinating.
To think the English language composed of only 26 letters and then manage to reduce even those to just a dot and a dash.
Ah, it's nothing.
Oh, these came for you.
Oh! Finally! You know, most women would be happy with a new pair of shoes or a A hat from a catalogBut you? Medicine makes you happy.
Here, let me help you with those.
No, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Let me help you here.
- Oh no, I can manage.
-Where is your wagon? I just don't want to keep you from your business.
Where is your wagon? Business can keep.
Just a telegram to the President, that's all.
You're serious? From Black Kettle.
It seems that Abraham Lincoln gave him an American flag a few years back and now he seems to think that makes all presidents his friend.
It was Lincoln's government that freed the slaves.
It was Lincoln's government that sent Colonel Chivington to the Colorado territory.
Well, he was reprimanded after the Sand Creek massacre.
Yeah, they called him back to Washington and now they're replacing him with some man named 'Custer'.
Well, that's something, isn't it? Who says he's going to be any better? Oh, he can't be any worse! Dr.
Mike! Dr.
Mike! Dr.
Mike! He's burning up with fever! What in the hell do you think you're doing?! Are you trying to kill that child?! I'm trying to save him! We need to bring the temperature down and this is the best way.
No, you gotta keep him hot so as to sweat the fever out! Emily, does Sam have the same fever? Yes.
Keep pouring.
Trust me! [baby crying fiercely] You leave my patient alone! He's doing -- just fine He's doing just fine all right, Jake.
He's dead.
Influenza! The Grip? Please, Ma! Let me come to town with you! I promise I won't get the "fluenza"! Unfortunately, germs don't honor promises, Brian.
Who's gonna look out for us? I am, silly! It's for your own good.
What about your good? Oh, well, I signed something called The Hippocratic Oath when I became a doctor.
And part of that is that my good comes after that of my patients.
What about us? We're your family! Or, at least we're supposed to be now.
We are a family now.
That's why I want you to stay here where it's safer.
Miss Olive will let us stay with her.
No! Why don't you like Miss Olive? It's nothing to do with liking or disliking.
There's good reason to believe that it was her cowhand's carried the influenza from Old Mexico.
She's been exposed! And so have you! Well, not to the same degree! Yet! Come on.
How may I help you? What on earth are you doing to this poor man? What the hell's it look like? I'm bleeding him.
It's barbarous! It's got nothing to do with barbering.
I'm letting the poision out of him.
That's what.
Slicker, wouldn't it make more sense if we work together? I mean, I could help you.
The way you helped my wife when she was dying? I'm here to check on Emily and the baby.
They're fine.
Excuse me! I'm their doctor! I'm here to examine them.
Emily? Dr.
Mike! You should be resting! The best thing is to keep busy.
That's what I did when my husband died.
I got up the next morning and went right on with running the ranch.
Emily has been doubly exposed to the influenza, Unless she takes care of herself, she'll be all the more susceptible.
Well, I suppose reasonable folks can disagree.
I'd say we oughta let Emily be the judge.
You have ranching expertise -- I have medical expertise! I don't tell you how to work your cattle, so don't tell me how to treat my patients! Now I want you to rest now.
And I'd appreciate it if you'd consult with me before gifting any of my children dangerous weapons! Your children?! Charlotte was my best friend! Truth to right, those children should be living with me! But it wasn't your name she spoke on her death bed! [clears throat] How do, Grace? Fit as a fiddle.
Go on.
Take it.
For what? One of those.
Who's it this time? Me.
What are you talking about? I wanna make sure I'm looked after.
In case I catch it.
Not everybody gets it dies.
But if I do, will you make me a nice one? Will you? Robert E? No.
Why not? You ain't gonna get sick and die.
Well, how do you know that? Because I won't let you.
Because I won't let you.
What do you mean I can't order more whiskey? You can, but it won't come! Why the hell not? Because the stage company ain't coming through again until the influenza's gone.
They call it an epidemic.
That right? I'm afraid so.
Well, I need that whiskey.
Well, there's more important things than whiskey.
Like what? Like medicine, food, supplies.
Horace? You have a fever.
I want you to go home and go to bed.
I got it, huh? I'm afraid so.
Why don't you just close up? I haven't closed up in the middle of the day since the flash flood! Horace, with no stages coming, there won't be any mail anyway.
I want you to stir this into a glass of water and drink it.
It's quinine.
It should help take the fever down.
Thanks, doc.
Wait in line! Wait your turn! There'll be enough for everyone! Jake, you've got to help me set an example here! I'd like to help you out, Reverend but this is a practical matter.
We need to talk! I am trying to keep order in this moment! We need to talk about more than just this moment! We have a very serious problem.
That's as plain as day! And I'm not talking about the stage not coming! I'm talking about controlling the influenza.
We have to do something to stop the spread! There's nothing we can do! Yes, there is! We can isolate the sick.
What's that got to do with it? Influenza is caused by a germ.
At least that's the prominent theory.
Theory?! What the hell's a germ? Well, it's like a tiny animal -- too small for the eye to see.
Please! Listen to me! There's every reason to believe these germs are - highly contagious! - What's that mean? That means they can pass directly from one person to another! Very easily! I suppose these little critters can jump! Well, we don't know exactly how they spread but we do know it's through some form of human contact.
Are you saying that it's catching?! Exactly! So, what is it you need? A hospital.
We don't have no fancy hospital around these parts.
Not an actual hospital, but the same idea.
We need someplace that we can isolate the sick and treat them properly.
Well, you could use the church! Thank you, Reverend, but I need a place with a lot of rooms.
We need to separate the patients at different stages in the illness.
We don't have any place like that.
Yes, we do.
Charlotte's boarding house.
That's the bank's boarding house now.
Well, we'd only just be borrowing it.
No, that's trespassing.
This is an emergency! Give me this! Alright! Who didn't pay? Nevermind.
I'll do it myself! Bring all your sick people here! If you don't, this whole town could be wiped out.
Mike! Dr.
Mike! Dr.
Mike! It's influenza! He come down with fever last night.
There's room upstairs.
You wait here.
What for? For Matthew to take you home.
No! We're not going back there all alone.
What if we both die? There'd be nobody to take care of us! You're too busy taking care of everybody else! We could die out there and nobody'd know! Least wise you! Colleen, there's a full-blown epidemic going on.
The less you're exposed to it, the better! No! We're staying.
And I'm gonna take care of Brian! Like a family should! It's time to sponge Tommy down.
Go on.
Reverend? [sobbing uncontrollably] Oh, Papa! Could you lift his head, Sully? This quinine should bring his fever down.
This is the last of it.
With the stage not coming through Cheyenne brew a tea works good on fevers.
What's it made of? Purple cone flowers.
I can get some.
Don't trouble yourself.
I can't use it.
Why? 'Cause it's Indian medicine? Of course not! Because I don't know the proper dosage! The possible adverse reactions! It's gotta work better than nothing.
I can't experiment on people! I simply can't trust a medicine I'm not familiar with.
You sound like somebody else I know.
Who's that? Jake Slicker.
Come on, Horace.
Mike's gonna fix you right up! Myra, are you alright? Oh, I'm fine.
Hank closed his saloon.
Too afraid of The Grip.
What about you? Why aren't you afraid? I had it once and I lived to tell.
So I thought maybe you could use an extra hand.
We got all the hands we need! Of course I can use your help.
She's a whore! She's my friend.
Don't get me started on the kind of company you keep.
Emily? I've come to help.
Are you sure you're feeling strong enough? Sure she is.
I figure it'll help get my mind off Sam's dying.
But of course it would.
Just like I told you.
- What about the baby? - Oh, she's fine.
Harriet's watching her.
Well, you come on with me now.
What can I do? Horace needs bathing.
You want me to wash, you know, everything? Oh, no.
Just the chest and back will be sufficient.
You're shaking.
You got the chills? No, ma'am.
Are you nervous? Yes, ma'am.
Well, now don't you fret.
Everything's gonna be just fine.
That's good.
You close your eyes now.
His fever hasn't broken.
Should I get you some soup? No.
You can't close now, Loren! Open up! I need tobacco! Tomorrow morning! Two hours! That's the way it's gonna be until the state starts up again.
What's the point of waiting? So we don't run out! Did you run out of flour already? If you don't sell to us, we're gonna take what we need! You heard what the man said, Hank.
The store will be open in the morning.
Wellbe here bright and early.
Mike, you gotta rest! In awhile.
Jake! Friend of mine said -- you wouldn't have any more quinine? Colleen, get me some water.
Thank you.
- I appreciate this.
- Shh.
Where do you want this one? I think there's an empty cot upstairs in the front room.
Thomason died last night.
Colleen, pass me that pitcher.
Thank you.
One for Horace, one for Brian and one for Mr.
What about you? That's all there is.
I'm sorry about the mean things I said.
I'm sorry, too.
My father often had to leave when I wanted him to stay home.
I suppose I'd forgotten what that feels like.
Mikeall this week I've watched you The way you care for people I wanna be a doctor when I grow up.
Like you.
Mike! Dr.
Mike! It's Brian! Hey, Ma! Brian! Brian's gonna be alright.
Can we go in? All the quinine's gone.
We got nothing to give her.
Where are you going? I'm gonna go get the Cheyenne medicine man.
Wait! Let me go! Take this to Cloud Dancing.
He's my friend.
This will keep you from harm.
He's with Black Kettle camped at Bear Creek.
- Tell him I need his help fast.
- I know the way.
Hey, soldier! Solider! Where's your patrol?! Sully? I wanna see Ma.
She's sleeping.
What's wrong with her? She caught The Grip, just like you did.
That's the room where my real Ma died.
Don't go thinking like that.
What if Dr.
Mike dies, too? She's not gonna die.
Promise? Promise.
You better get back to bed.
You're heavy.
OliveOlive? The children There's no need to worry about the children! Besides, you're going to get well.
You hear?! You're going to get well.
New white chief -- 'Custer'.
He's here! He wants you to bring her outside.
Hold on! Hold on! What do you think you're doing?! Bring her back! Put her down! What the deuce do you think you're doing?! Getting help.
She's in no condition to go anywhere! Least which with that character! Well, I never! You sure you're up to this? Dr.
Mike's family's gotta know how sick she is.
Will she live? She fights hard.
Will she live? That's up to you.
What do you think you're doing bringing him in here?! Glad to see you're feeling better, Jake.
Well, she don't look no worse.
She needs a sip of that tea right there.
Every hour.
And there's plenty of tea in that bag for the others.
I'll do it.
What can I do for you, sir? Name is Custer.
General Custer.
We came across some fresh Indian tracks down by the creek.
You seen any Indians? We ain't seen any.
Have we? You're welcome to search the place if you like, gentlemen but I have to warn you -- we have got ourselves an epidemic of The Grip.
Sully? The childrenare they alright? Don't go away.
Don't go away.
Ma! - Ma! -Dr.
Mike! Told you you'd get well.
Come on now! Dr.
Mike needs her rest.
Everybody skedaddle! Just like you promised! Come on.