Dr. Stone (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Stone World

That day,
all the humans in the world
turned to stone.
Listen to me, Senku!
I've decided.
Today, I must tell Yuzuriha
about my feelings for her
for the past five years!
That's really interesting.
I'll be cheering for you so hard
from the science laboratory
that my vocal cords would snap.
Is that so? Thank you, Senku.
You're so noisy.
I don't plan to support you at all,
Big Oaf.
What? What do you mean?
Besides, you didn't tell her anything
for five years.
It doesn't make sense at all, idiot.
I'll give you something
that really makes sense.
This is a love-at-first-sight drug that
accelerates the release of pheromones.
After drinking this, I'm ten billion
percent sure that you'll succeed.
Thank you, Senku.
But I'm sorry.
I wouldn't pull such a lowly trick.
Hey, Senku.
Is the love-at-first-sight drug real?
As if I'd had something like that.
That was just gasoline.
It was made from the cap of PET bottles.
Think about the molecular structure
of polyethylene, idiot.
It's just a type of hydrocarbon
in gasoline.
Isn't it obvious?
-No, it's not.
-How can that be obvious?
In that case, wouldn't Taiju die
if he drank it earlier?
I'm ten billion percent sure
that he wouldn't drink it.
That earnest fool.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
So what is it, Taiju?
What are you going to tell me?
I bet 100 yen that he would be dumped.
I bet 300 yen that
he would be dumped badly.
I bet 500 yen that
he would be dumped ruthlessly.
I bet 10,000 yen that surprisingly,
he won't get dumped.
I'm very scared
that once I tell her how I feel,
we can't even be friends anymore.
I've always been a coward.
Listen to me, Yuzuriha.
However, today, I must…
For the past five years, I've always…
What is that light?
Yuzuriha, hold on
to that camphor tree tightly!
I don't know, but…
-I can't speak.
-Save me.
-What's happening?
-The square…
Save me, Mom, Dad!
Am I
going to die like this?
I'm not dead!
If I'm not careful, I'll get swallowed up.
I must remain conscious.
I'm sure Yuzuriha is fine.
She will surely be all right.
I can't just die a coward.
This time, I must tell Yuzuriha
how I feel.
I must rely on my determination to live!
No matter how many weeks
or months it would take,
I must tell her. I must!
Since then, decades, centuries,
and millenniums have passed.
No, I won't give up.
I want to confess my love to Yuzuriha.
No matter what happens, I must survive!
I broke out. I've finally broken out!
Stone fragments?
I see.
Everyone is really…
So that's what happened.
How long has it been exactly?
I'm sorry.
This is the only thing I can do.
As long as the geography
didn't change much,
I should just follow the riverbank
and return to
that camphor tree's location.
Something fell.
Is it a bird sculpture?
The one who made this is so incredible.
The details are so intricate.
It looks so real.
Isn't this a real one?
My friend sent me a photo saying
that he also saw one somewhere else.
It's so pitiful.
Perhaps it has a bird disease
that made its skin turn hard.
How can the veterinary clinic
be open before class starts?
You must not be thinking things through.
Besides, I can't believe
you're bringing that sculpture
to the veterinary clinic
as if it's a bird.
You're so silly. It's so embarrassing.
I don't want Yuzuriha to see
my silly side,
yet I bumped into her.
Bumped into her?
Yes. There's another person here
who's not thinking things through
and is feeling embarrassed.
What? Don't laugh at me.
Aren't you the same?
We're both late to class.
No, you're right.
I am not mistaken.
Even after thousands of years,
from that day until now,
you're still alive.
You're still alive!
Well done, camphor tree!
You've been protecting Yuzuriha
from breaking or being swept away.
I'm sorry, I failed to protect you.
No. I should say that you're the one
who has been protecting me.
Because of you,
I managed to survive all this time.
In that hopeless darkness,
I spent centuries and millennium alone.
All right. I can finally say it.
Listen to me, Yuzuriha.
I want to finish
what I wanted to say that day.
I want to finish what I wanted to say
a long time ago.
I like you a lot.
I've liked you
for centuries and millenniums.
I'll save you, Yuzuriha.
Even if I don't know how yet,
I will surely…
"Come downstream, Big Oaf."
You're finally awake,
Big Oaf.
You're still alive, Senku!
Don't come and hug me
while wearing almost nothing!
I'll kill you!
Today is October 5th, 5738.
How long were you going to sleep?
I woke up half a year ago
and started getting to work.
That means, since that day…
Around 3,700 years have passed.
How do you know the date so accurately?
Well, I counted the days.
Is there any other way?
Four, five, six, seven, eight…
Damn it.
I almost lost consciousness again.
Around every 800,000 seconds,
there's a peak.
It's like having diarrhea.
I'll think while counting.
Let my left and right brain work equally.
116,427,065,530 seconds.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven…
You've been counting continuously
in the darkness?
Even if I can rely on my willpower
to wake up,
if I happen to wake up in winter
with nothing around,
it'll be game over for me due to hunger.
In order to wake up during spring,
I must accurately know the date.
All right, we're here.
Don't just talk. Do some work.
Senku, you…
You made these from scratch?
I don't have enough manpower.
I spent a whole day just preparing
for the basic necessities on my own.
In order to go to the next phase
of civilization,
I must have a strong assistant.
I've been waiting for you, Taiju,
because I'm ten billion percent sure
that you'll survive.
You're the man who decided
to confess his love to Yuzuriha.
Before doing so,
how can you not persevere
for a few millenniums?
You're not that weak, right?
Of course!
I'll let you do the thinking, Senku.
Leave the physical work to me!
Humans spent two million years
getting from the Stone Age
to modern civilization.
I must catch up immediately.
I'm going to take the world back.
I'll figure out the science
behind the petrification
and our revival.
We'll save Yuzuriha too.
Two high school students will build
a civilization from scratch.
We'll become the Adam and Eve
of this Stone World.
This is so exciting.
That's a huge haul.
Your stamina is ridiculous, Taiju.
Destroying angels are poisonous.
Beech mushrooms are edible.
Fly agaric is poisonous.
Aren't mushrooms like those
from Super Mario clearly poisonous?
Mugwort is edible.
Who are you trying to poison, idiot?
It's so delicious!
How did you season this?
I just used some salt
extracted from seawater.
Humans can eat anything
that's seasoned with salt.
Pickled products require salt as well.
It's the greatest discovery
of primitive people.
Thank you, Senku.
All of these are all thanks to you.
You've put so much effort into this.
I'll work hard and harvest more items
to repay you.
I'll explore the other side!
The wild ones?
Are these edible?
Just wondering about it is useless.
I'll find out after eating them.
I saw him on television before.
I think he's called
The Strongest High School Primate,
Tsukasa Shishio.
Even this man too?
What's this?
Aside from me and Senku,
is there another person who survives?
Who placed this here?
It was me, idiot.
It was you?
Are there really no other humans
in this world?
Increasing the population
is our first challenge.
How can mankind have a future
if only two guys like us
are alive and waiting to die?
You're right.
after 3,700 years,
why were we suddenly de-petrified?
Was it because the stone corroded?
Yes. Even if this is caused
by this weird mineral corroding,
isn't it too coincidental for us both
to wake up almost the same time?
Only half a year apart after 3,700 years.
There must be a logical reason
for this coincidence.
We both got washed up near this cave.
Look at what's trickling down.
Miracle fluid produced by bat guano.
It's nitric acid.
What? It's nitric acid?
What's that?
I knew you would ask, Big Oaf.
It's too troublesome.
I won't explain it to you.
So you're saying
this something-or-other acid
corrodes the stone and revives them?
If it's that easy,
we won't be having this much trouble.
I've already tried countless times.
I used every method I could think of.
I don't know how many times I've tried.
This is all in the realm of fantasy.
Is it mineral or cellular?
I don't even have any tools to study it.
So there are puzzles
that science cannot solve in this world.
Here we go again
with that clichéd sentence.
That's why I keep hypothesizing
and experimenting.
Science is a slow process.
It would be good if we had wine.
If we have alcohol from wine,
we'll produce Nital Etch by combining
nitric acid and ethanol.
That's an industrial corrosive.
What did you just say, Senku?
What? I was telling you about Nital.
It gets into the ferrite grain boundary--
Not that. I don't understand
such a complicated thing anyway.
Did you say that we only need wine?
Can't we make wine if we have grapes?
That's impressive, Big Oaf!
Okay, I'll leave the physical work to you.
That's more reasonable.
It's very easy to make wine.
Just place the crushed
fresh or dried grapes in a container.
Then just stir it daily.
But it was illegal to make wine
at home during the era we were in.
It has been three weeks.
It should be ready.
But Senku,
aren't we still too young to drink?
It's fine.
We're already over 3,700 years old.
That's right.
It turned out better than I expected.
But it should be ten billion times worse
than what's in the market.
So if we have grapes,
we can make wine so easily.
We must do it step by step.
Next, we must put in more effort.
Let's start distilling the wine
and make brandy.
Distill the wine?
I don't get it at all!
I knew you would say that.
It means heating the wine,
then cooling it to condense
and increase the alcohol content.
It's not a big deal.
In 3,000 BC, people from
ancient Mesopotamia
used pottery for distillation too.
If you can dream it, you can do it.
This is so exciting.
Let me tell you something, Big Oaf.
It's not that there are puzzles
that science cannot solve.
If you can't solve the puzzle,
find the reason.
This simple and unrelenting effort
is what we call "science."
I've experimented for a year.
I didn't expect to solve it that fast.
It's a slow process indeed.
I want to use science to defeat fantasy.
This is so exciting.
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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