Dr. Stone (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

King of the Stone World

I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
So, what is it, Taiju?
What are you going to tell me?
I'm very scared
that once I tell her how I feel,
we can't even be friends anymore.
Listen to me, Yuzuriha.
However, today, I must…
For the past five years, I've always…
What is that light?
That day,
all the humans in the world
turned into stones.
You're finally awake,
Big Oaf.
Today is October 5, 5738.
Around 3,700 years have passed.
How do you know the date so accurately?
Well, I counted the days.
Is there any other way?
Humans spent two million years
getting from the Stone Age
to modern civilization.
I must catch up immediately.
I'm going to take the world back.
I'll figure out the science
behind the petrification
and our revival.
We'll save Yuzuriha too.
I want to use science to defeat fantasy.
This is so exciting.
So Senku,
who are you going to revive first?
We must de-petrify them all
one by one anyway.
It doesn't matter who goes first.
If we accidentally de-petrify
a psycho killer,
it would be bad.
I see.
It's so troublesome to decide
the first target.
Taiju, you choose.
Thank you, Senku.
My answer is obvious.
This moment has finally come.
If we pour this fluid on her,
it will de-petrify her
and she will be revived, right?
Yes, that's what should happen.
I've tried it on a shattered statue
and it turned into a corpse.
God will punish you for that!
I put the pieces back together
before I poured the fluid.
But it seems like we can't save
those who are already dead.
Just recite sutras for those
who sacrificed themselves honorably.
Namo Amitãbha.
I'm sorry for keeping you waiting
for 3,700 years.
I'll revive you now.
Wait, Senku! Yuzuriha is…
No way!
She can't be de-petrified like this!
He's starting to say stupid
and unreasonable things again.
We are in Stone World.
Even if you show your butt or your penis,
nobody would care.
Yuzuriha doesn't have a penis!
That's not the point!
Let's bring her back to the camp
and put on some clothes for her first.
No, the statue is very heavy.
Yuzuriha isn't fat.
That's not the point.
Besides, isn't it ten billion times faster
to de-petrify Yuzuriha here
and let her walk with us?
You're so unreasonable.
Wait, Big Oaf!
Why are there lions in Japan?
They obviously came out of the zoo!
The staff must have been petrified
while the door was open or something!
With no humans around,
the herbivores in the zoo
became their food.
When they get on the streets,
pets are their food.
So, they finally live out their name
as the king of the animals.
It means that in this Stone World,
humans are no longer
on the top of the food chain!
But why didn't they just maul us?
It's the first time that they saw
two-legged creatures like us
and they found us creepy.
We're the only humans in this world.
They are wary of us too.
But it's just a matter of time.
Even if we're lucky enough
to make it back to the camp,
we can only fight them using the spear.
This game is already problematic
from the start.
I definitely can't let you die, Senku.
You have scientific knowledge.
You're the last fortress of mankind.
If something happens,
I'll be your shield--
Think about it logically.
I'm the brains and you're the brawn.
We need each other!
If we run away,
we both must do it together!
All right, I get it.
ever since we're in primary school,
you have never fought with anyone, right?
You have great physical strength,
not fighting skills.
Senku, if we can't outrun them,
we have one last option.
Not long ago, I found
The Strongest High School Primate,
Tsukasa Shishio!
I'm sorry, Yuzuriha.
We need someone who can fight now.
If we can defeat the lions,
I'll surely--
That's enough. I'm pouring the fluid now.
This is bad. We're surrounded!
They're coming!
I'm sorry to wake you up
after thousands of years.
You must not understand
what's happening yet.
What's the situation?
You're wrapped in stone fragments.
We're surrounded by lions
from nine to two o'clock.
Regarding the details…
Yes, you can tell me slowly.
However, I promise you.
From now on,
you'll never be in danger again.
Because after this,
I'm going to fight for you.
This is great, Senku!
Now, humankind has wisdom,
physical strength,
and fighting skills.
That's true.
But Shishio is way too strong.
Isn't that great?
Isn't he more reliable that way?
What if he turns out to be
an evil bureaucrat with insatiable greed?
He's a man
who can kill a lion bare-handed.
In a world without guns,
I'm ten billion percent sure
that we can't stop him.
Come here, Yuzuriha.
No! I don't want that!
It can't happen!
I'm sorry.
Can you lend me some tools to cut meat?
A knife?
No. If you don't have that,
a stone tool is fine.
Do you want to eat the lion?
Are lions edible?
They are not poisonous.
It just reeks of ammonia.
The meat's tough and tastes really bad.
Have you eaten one before, Senku?
I did when I went to Africa
for research on the Ebola virus.
What kind of high school student are you?
Even if it was self-defense,
I killed it with my own hands.
Putting all of it to use
is my way of thanking the circle of life.
That's all.
Thank goodness, Senku!
He's not an evil bureaucrat!
He's an extremely nice person!
I hope so.
Even if I don't care much
about gratitude and stuff,
I completely agree
with not wasting the meat.
Did you two build this?
Just wait, Yuzuriha.
After we get enough Miracle Fluid
or whatever acid it is,
I'll de-petrify you at once.
Let me introduce myself again.
I'm Tsukasa Shishio.
Just call me Tsukasa.
In this world,
surnames have become meaningless.
I'm Senku, the smart one
and who's in charge of science.
He's Taiju, who's simple-minded
and in charge of heavy lifting.
I'm Taiju, the simple-minded one.
Nice to meet you.
Ask Senku everything that needs thinking.
What do you usually eat?
Usually, we eat wild vegetables
and mushrooms.
As for meat, we sometimes were able
to catch and eat rabbits.
I often dream of eating meat
to my heart's content.
Well, that kind of life…
It's over.
I'll be in charge of fighting
and hunting.
He's incredible!
Now that I've joined you,
you'll never be short of food again.
I see.
As long as we grill it immediately,
it won't spoil
even without a refrigerator.
This isn't grilling.
I'm using aldehydes in the smoke
to kill microorganisms.
To put it into words for a simple-minded
guy like you to understand,
it's called "smoking."
If Senku and I team up,
we'll have plenty of preserved food.
We can finally take one step
towards civilization.
So, we haven't even taken one step yet?
Hey, Tsukasa. What's wrong?
I'm sorry for startling you.
This person was stuck under the rock.
Tsukasa is a nice guy indeed.
He's like a superhero.
I'm so full.
All right,
it's a delightful quiz time.
What's the most important necessity
in a scientific civilization?
The winner gets ten billion points.
"The most important necessity
in a scientific civilization"?
A smartphone?
Nice answer.
Yes, I want a smartphone too.
How many centuries did you skip, Big Oaf?
Is it steel?
Steel is needed, of course.
But that's too far ahead.
There's something more convenient.
Calcium carbonate.
I see.
Just like before, I don't get it at all!
You mean lime?
That's right.
To put it simply for that simple-minded
guy to understand, it's lime.
The stuff that was used to paint
the white lines on sports fields.
That means we need to find
a gymnasium storage
to get that calcium stuff?
Yes, that's right. Gymnasium storage?
They'd better have those
after 3,700 years!
Big Oaf,
the shell used to shave off your beard,
can be ground into a powder
to get that calcium stuff.
All right.
Let me handle the physical work!
There's nothing more exciting
than calcium carbonate.
It has four very important usages.
First, agriculture.
Replace the hydrogen ions
in the soil with lime
to improve soil quality.
Second, architecture.
Mix it with burnt sand to make mortar.
Mortar is basic cement.
We can use it
to build huge stoves and houses.
Third, soap.
Gather sodium carbonate from seaweed,
mix it with oil,
and the reaction creates soap.
Getting sick
means game over in this world.
This small stuff
that keeps germs off of us
is our stone of life
in a world with no doctors.
It's Dr. Stone.
You're amazing.
It was the same when I was de-petrified.
You can instantly calm down
and tell me the situation.
I've never seen
such a brilliant man like you.
I truly respect you.
A man who would compliment
another man face-to-face
must be a cunning fox
with evil intentions.
It has been that way
for ten billion years.
What are you trying to say?
You're making me uneasy.
I really didn't mean anything by it.
you can really create
modern civilization from scratch.
I was only thinking that.
Oh, my!
So this is how civilization is built.
Yes, it must be done step by step.
We're already getting closer
to civilization little by little.
What's the fourth use then?
You said there are four vital uses
for shells.
No, there are only three.
Didn't I say there were only three?
Really? Is that so?
My memory is a mess too.
The Stone World
is free.
The shells are the same.
They don't belong to anyone.
It's the same for this ocean
and this land.
Once there was a poor young man.
He wanted to make a shell accessory
for his sister
who was about to undergo surgery.
His sister loved mermaids.
there's a middle-aged man
who owns the right to fish there.
He was drunk.
The boy who was collecting shells…
In that man's words,
he badly beat up that young man
who was stealing the shells.
In the end,
he wasn't able to help his sister
to look like a mermaid.
You're aware of what you did, right?
you just killed a human being.
Of course, I'm aware of that.
Are you planning to save everyone
including those grown-ups
whose hearts are tainted?
I think
they'll be grateful to you at first.
when civilization returns to the hands
of the old, rich, and powerful people,
they would surely say, "That's my land."
"Pay the rent."
"Pay taxes."
They'll rob the future
from the poor youth again.
We can't go back
to that kind of world again.
This is Stone World.
It's a paradise that hasn't been tainted.
We'll revive only the pure-hearted youth
to live in this world
that belongs to no one.
This is a good opportunity
to purify humanity.
Don't you think so, Senku?
Not at all.
I don't think that way at all.
I'm a young man who's obsessed
with machines, the universe, Doraemon,
and loves scientific technology.
I want to use the power of science
to save all of mankind.
Every one of them.
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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