Dr. Stone (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Weapons of Science

The Strongest High School Primate,
Tsukasa Shishio!
From now on,
you'll never be in danger again.
Because after this,
I'm going to fight for you.
But Shishio is way too strong.
Are you planning to save everyone
including those grown-ups
whose hearts are tainted?
This is Stone World.
It's a paradise that hasn't been tainted.
We'll revive only the pure-hearted youth
to live in this world
that belongs to no one.
This is a good opportunity
to purify humanity.
Don't you think so, Senku?
This guy is bad news.
But if I hadn't revived him,
we would've been killed by the lions.
There was no other way.
This guy wants to revive the youth too.
So, before he knows the formulations
of the revival fluid,
he probably won't act rashly.
We can never let him find out
about the Miracle Fluid in the cave.
We have done it!
Senku! Tsukasa!
We have a full pot
of Miracle Fluid from the cave!
We can revive Yuzuriha now!
What was the Miracle Fluid
that you were talking about?
Instead of taking the time
to explain it to you,
it's ten billion percent faster
to show it to you.
Just admire it with gratitude.
Time to enjoy the revival of humanity
made possible by science.
All right, Yuzuriha.
I can finally save you now.
What the hell?
The revival fluid
is still not enough for one person.
What? Did I take it out too soon?
Tsukasa and I will play word games
or something while you get some more.
Big Oaf, go as fast as you can.
Sorry, I'll get some more right away.
Charging forward at full speed!
Then I should go since I'm the fastest.
So, could you tell me
where Miracle Fluid is?
Of course, he's going to fall for it.
If he learns where the source
of the revival fluid is,
there is a ten billion percent chance
he can stop my plan of saving all mankind.
Has Tsukasa left?
Yes, he's gone in a flash.
He was really fast--
Let's make the revival fluid
to revive Yuzuriha
while Tsukasa is gone.
My fingers turned yellowish
when I came into contact with it.
I see.
So Miracle Fluid is nitric acid?
What do you mean?
You just said
we were short of revival fluid.
Do you really think I'd use
a pot that was the wrong size?
You're right.
Why did you ask Tsukasa to go then?
It was double-edged bait.
Before reviving Yuzuriha,
I have to lure Tsukasa away
even if it reveals
the location of the cave.
Why didn't you want him here?
Isn't he a good guy?
That's why he's too much to handle.
I have no interest at all
in his idea for a mighty world.
Civilization-building games
are far more exciting.
You don't have to explain it anymore.
Senku, since that's what you said,
it shouldn't be wrong.
Something must have happened
while I was away.
Tsukasa Shishio is a good guy.
But he's also a murderer.
Yuzuriha, sorry to keep you waiting.
I told you to make it quick, Big Oaf!
You poured it just like that!
Couldn't you be a bit more like…
Nothing's happening. Is something wrong?
No, Yuzuriha will be all right.
But is she really going to be fine?
It's going to take some time
for the reaction to happen.
This is a kind of cryostasis.
It's a protective layer in the human body
formed by trace metal elements.
Through mysterious principles,
the element creates a phase shift.
So it remains in petrification.
That's complicated!
That's really complicated!
This is just my hypothesis
that was drawn from a year
of hard work and experiments.
In short,
just use the nitric acid solution
to break the protective layer bit by bit.
It will then cause an avalanche-like
chain reaction to the entire body.
Then she will be de-petrified.
Listen to me, Yuzuriha.
For the past five years, I've always…
I want to confess my love to Yuzuriha.
No matter what happens, I must survive!
Because of you,
I managed to survive all this time.
I'm sorry, I failed to protect you.
I like you a lot.
I've liked you
for centuries and millenniums.
Yuzuriha, can you hear me?
I'm sorry.
I made you wait for 3,700 years.
I'm sorry!
I don't know anything.
I just woke up after all.
I think I know what's going on.
It was you who saved me, right?
Thank you.
It wasn't me.
It's all thanks to Senku.
Senku spent a year
to invent the revival liquid.
I'm sorry to interrupt
your long-awaited reunion.
Quickly decide before Tsukasa returns.
You have only two options. Pick one.
Plan A.
Taiju and Yuzuriha.
Both of you run away right now
and live in a faraway place.
Plan B.
We'll fight together
to stop Tsukasa's murder spree
using the weapons of civilization.
It's a no-brainer!
Of course, I'll fight with you!
Senku, don't underestimate
Yuzuriha and me!
Yes! I don't know what's going on.
But I'm going to help too.
I'm not trying to be nice or anything.
It just seemed logical to give
you both a chance to flee.
If Tsukasa has killed someone,
I'll surely--
You said I killed someone.
that's just a matter of perspective.
I'm only doing the new world a favor
by thinning out the crowded seedlings.
He has no intention to hide the fact
that he killed someone
in front of Taiju and Yuzuriha.
That means those who get in his way will…
Senku, please take care of Yuzuriha
if anything happens to me.
I'll stop Tsukasa!
This simple-minded guy.
In the face of an opponent
who killed the lion with his bare hands,
he's ten billion percent will get killed.
Then, I'll have to use the trump card
that I've been keeping a secret.
I have to shoot the arrow
right between them to stop them first.
You were the first who didn't collapse
after taking a blow from me.
I see.
It's not that you couldn't attack me,
but you weren't even planning to.
I'll never hurt anyone!
But you can beat me up all you want!
Just don't destroy those statues!
You shouldn't kill people!
Taiju, let me get this straight.
You mean that you won't fight back
and keep taking the beating?
So I can't destroy the statues?
Is that what you mean?
That's exactly what I meant!
I don't understand.
That isn't even a deal.
If you get in my way--
Attack all you want!
I'll stop you regardless!
What if I say I want to kill Yuzuriha,
the girl who just got revived?
I see.
That's why Senku said
that it's better for us to flee.
The attack still affects him.
He's losing quite a lot of blood.
We'll have to let him sleep
for a few days.
Well, let's not fight among ourselves.
Just protect Yuzuriha
rather than protecting
the statues of some strangers.
I'll do what I have to do.
Don't try to get in my way.
The crossbow has the speed
of more than 200km per hour.
He actually grabbed it single-handedly.
Hey, get up.
Didn't you say to let Taiju sleep
for a few days?
You're not going to go down
that easily in front of Tsukasa,
are you, Big Oaf?
Yes, of course!
Are you okay?
My body is very strong.
I'm built to last.
That's great.
Right. Tsukasa!
I'm going to stop him
from killing other people!
Hold it right there, Big Oaf!
I won't give up!
You're so simple-minded!
Didn’t you just prove
that it's impossible to stop him?
There's only one way to stop
a monster in this Stone World.
Keep developing civilization
and make weapons of science.
What a waste!
Senku, what are you doing?
I'm making it look like
Tsukasa scared us
and made us run off with just our food.
What do you mean?
Are we going to run away?
It's just an act.
If we complete the weapons of science
before Tsukasa realizes it,
we'll win.
We'll lose if he realizes it
before that happens.
That's the kind of race this is.
We're going to find the raw materials
for the weapons.
Our target is Hakone.
Don't worry.
It’s only around 80km of adventure.
Two full marathons?
We'll be there in five hours.
Only someone with incredible stamina
like you can do that.
The cherry blossoms seem different.
The cherry blossoms that we knew,
Yoshino Cherry, couldn't self-pollinate.
It probably went extinct a long time ago.
This view is really nice!
Senku, what's that?
A sextant.
It's now 3,500,970 seconds
since sunrise as of now.
He casually said something really awesome.
Senku had no issue counting down
100 billion seconds
even in a petrification state.
This calculation is nothing.
A sextant can calculate coordinates
of the location by measuring the time.
But it's not accurate at all,
it's completely useless.
But this is all we have now
to determine the location.
We're around Kamakura right now.
I want to know the exact
latitude and longitude.
Are there any buildings
that could serve as landmarks?
Anything metal is rusted away.
There are no buildings left.
Yuzuriha, what's the matter?
That area's completely bare of trees
for some reason.
Speaking of a landmark in Kamakura…
I know.
We're at 35 degrees, 19 minutes north
and 139 degrees, 32 minutes east.
Yuzuriha, what's wrong?
Who made you cry?
Was it me?
No, I'm not crying.
No, I'm not really crying.
It's not that, Taiju.
I just woke up today.
Nothing felt real to me.
But the moment I saw
the Great Buddha Statue of Kamakura,
I realized that this place
is indeed Japan.
It really has been thousands of years.
All of a sudden,
I think of my mom, my dad,
and everyone else.
Don't worry.
From now on, we're going to defeat Tsukasa
and save all mankind.
That's right, Yuzuriha.
Even the Great Buddha statue
is guiding us too.
Even after thousands of years,
it hasn't decayed.
He really is a god!
Wait. It should be Buddha, right?
In short,
it's something like that!
The Great Buddha statue is made of bronze.
Scientifically, it just doesn't rot.
There's no grass
around the Great Buddha statue.
Isn't it so we can find it?
No, that’s because
there are copper ions all around, right?
It's poisonous to most plants.
That's right! Bronze!
Bronze can be used as a mirror.
It can improve the accuracy
of that stupid sextant.
I'll just help myself with some of this!
Stop it! It'll bring God's wrath!
-It's the Great Buddha statue!
-You musclebrain, shut up.
Help out over there!
The Great Buddha statue!
What are you doing?
I want to protect you guys
from the beasts.
Tsukasa might catch up to us.
If Tsukasa shows up,
we'll be screwed anyway.
There's no need to worry too much.
I see.
Just go to sleep!
Getting rest is part of the job, Big Oaf.
That giant body
is actually struggling for once, right?
I'm barely fine!
I mean my height!
But not my stamina!
So don't worry!
your toes are still petrified.
Yes, it's quite a nuisance.
But just let it be.
How can we let it be?
It's so cold.
The part where it felt painful
didn't hurt anymore.
Does the revival fluid
have the effect of relieving fatigue?
How could it possibly have such an effect?
When the petrification is reversed,
the small cracks get mended.
We're still alive even though
our faces are cracked, aren't we?
You're right.
Let's hit the road now
if you want to bathe
in the actual rejuvenating fluid.
Could the destination in Hokane be…
Things are scattered around the place
and there are uneven footprints.
Did they run away in a hurry?
that's what he wanted me to think.
That's because…
you'll never run away
with your tail between your legs.
He lied about Taiju
not being able to move.
The reason he's secretly heading west
is that…
That's obvious.
Senku wants to fight against me.
He's planning to make
the weapons of science.
Where would he go?
We're finally here!
It's a hot spring!
Mount Fuji looks so beautiful from here.
You two.
Don't forget the purpose
we traveled all the way here.
What are the weapons of science?
It's the greatest invention
in human history.
Is it a smartphone?
You sure like smartphones, don't you?
It's a gun.
That means we'll need to make gunpowder.
The Stone Age was two million years ago.
The invention of gunpowder
was recent, around 700 AD.
Basically, we're about to warp
1,998,700 years ahead
in civilization.
This is so exciting.
It's Hakone.
If they manage to make gunpowder,
I don't stand a chance to win.
I must stop them
before Senku can make it.
Thankfully, Japan is full of volcanoes.
Go to any hot spring,
you can get the material for gunpowder,
which is sulfur, at will.
It's the birth of gunpowder,
the ultimate weapon against Tsukasa.
Subtitle translation by: Angel Choo
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