Dr. Stone (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Fire the Smoke Signal

Tsukasa Shishio is a good guy.
But he's also a murderer.
If we complete the weapons of science
before Tsukasa realizes it,
we'll win.
We'll lose if he realizes it
before that happens.
That's the kind of race this is.
It's a gun.
That means we'll need to make gunpowder.
This is so exciting.
It's Hakone.
If they manage to make gunpowder,
I don't stand a chance to win.
I must stop them
before Senku can make it.
I need to talk to you about what happened
during the petrification.
When I met you 3,700 years ago,
under the camphor tree…
Listen to me, Yuzuriha.
For the past five years, I've always…
What were you
trying to say to me at that time, Taiju?
All those times in petrification,
I thought about finishing
what I was saying
no matter how many centuries
or millenniums of years have passed.
But right now,
there's nowhere for us to escape
from the harsh environment
of this Stone World.
As a man,
it'll be too despicable of me
to tell you that now.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure you have no idea
what I'm talking about.
No, I understand.
We have to restore civilization
and save all mankind.
Yuzuriha, when that happens,
will you then listen to the things
that I didn't get to say 3,700 years ago?
Yes, I understand.
We'll bring the world back.
We surely will.
The three main raw materials
for the gunpowder have been gathered.
You've gathered them all?
Next, we just need to mix them together.
Now, here comes
the fun gunpowder-mixing time.
The first ingredient for gunpowder
is the limitless supply of sulfur
from the hot spring.
We can easily get this
by burning some wood.
And third,
the last and the most difficult one,
potassium nitrate.
It's very time-consuming to make this.
We've prepared potassium nitrate
in advance.
I think I've heard that before.
It's nitric acid!
The Miracle Fluid!
Did you take it from the cave?
Not every day a musclebrain like you
can get the right answer.
Ten billion percent points for you.
Mix potassium nitrate,
sulfur, and charcoal.
With a pinch of sugar,
it'll increase its power.
By the way, this is glucose
extracted from grapes.
Hi, I'm Senku Robot.
The formula he just mentioned earlier
is real.
You can make a bomb with it,
but please do not imitate.
Lastly, pound it hard
until it forms a mass.
Did you say pound it hard?
Leave the hard work to me!
That's not a good idea.
Given your physical strength,
won't it produce sparks
and cause an explosion like flint?
No, hitting stones against one another
will not produce sparks.
It's true.
Flint isn't just made of stones.
Without iron, it will not produce sparks.
Hot springs, volcanoes,
iron pyrite.
Iron pyrite?
Hold on!
There's no problem.
The making of gunpowder
succeeded on the first attempt.
So that's how powerful gunpowder is.
There have been plenty of accidents
where students were experimenting with it
and got their hands and feet blown up.
It can easily be lethal.
Are we using it to attack Tsukasa?
No, we're going to make a deal with him.
Tsukasa is not an unreasonable
homicidal maniac.
Remember what he said
when you went at him?
Let me get this straight.
You mean that you won't fight back
and keep taking the beating?
So I can't destroy the statues?
Is that what you mean?
That's exactly what I meant!
I don't understand.
That isn't even a deal.
In other words, based on the situation,
there's still room for negotiation.
With the gunpowder weapon,
we have a bargaining advantage.
But if negotiations
with Tsukasa fall through,
then we'll have to…
If Senku succeeded
in making the gunpowder,
I'll have to…
-…kill him.
-…kill him.
All right, it has become a lot weaker.
If Tsukasa caught up to us,
he would ten billion percent find us.
Senku, Taiju.
A smoke signal?
Could that be Tsukasa?
No, that's the opposite direction.
Besides, Tsukasa wouldn't
reveal his location.
What is it then? A forest fire?
That's too much of a coincidence.
It was clearly raised
in response to our smoke.
That's right.
This is so exciting.
In this Stone World,
there are other people besides us.
Are there other humans?
Anyway, let's put out the fire first.
Yes, you're right.
No, hold on.
As far as they know, that explosion
could have been from a volcano.
Before we leave,
let's make a bigger fire
to send them a signal.
I see!
But what if that's actually Tsukasa
catching up to us?
We'll be doing him a favor
by letting him know where we are.
The least logical part of me,
my gut, is telling me
that if we start a fire now…
Which one should I choose?
Our safety or our future?
Senku, what do we do?
Should we put it out or light it up?
Light it up! Fire the smoke signal!
The gunpowder is burning out.
Throw in anything that burns!
Hold on. I'll get the firewood.
This smoke signal is a double-edged sword.
It will expose our location
to those in the surrounding area.
If Tsukasa discovers the gunpowder plan…
Senku is planning to make gunpowder.
The seashells are the answer.
It has four very important usages.
Didn't I say there were only three?
At that time,
Senku hid the truth from me
as he was worried about my strength.
In other words,
the fourth most important function
of the shells
is the weapon of science.
It's easy to imagine.
For instance, potassium nitrate
can be used to mass-produce gunpowder.
Even back then,
Senku had already decided
to fight me with the gunpowder.
Once the weapons of science
come into play,
you'll no longer be the strongest.
Tsukasa, you're acting
like a spoiled child.
Well, you could put it that way.
If you create the weapons of science
and awaken the people
of the older generation,
they're going to fight for their rights
and interests again.
In the blink of an eye, the world
will regress and be tainted again.
To stop that from happening,
I won't hesitate to use force.
So you thought you had no choice
but to kill Senku, the science madman.
Such a thoughtful death sentence
that the whole world is weeping.
Yes, but before that,
could you tell me the formula
for the revival fluid?
I'm sorry, I'm not as thoughtful as you.
I can only look at things logically.
I'm not interested to know
what you're going to do with her.
If you want a woman,
there are plenty elsewhere--
Don't try to negotiate, Senku.
You never buried Yuzuriha.
Your best move would have been
to bury Yuzuriha somewhere far away
while she was petrified.
That way, she won't be taken hostage.
Even I could come up with that.
Someone as smart as you
couldn't possibly have not thought of it.
But you didn't do that.
Was it for Taiju or Yuzuriha?
No, I'm afraid it was for both of them.
You kept saying
that you're a rational man.
But you still have friends
that you cherish.
I had countless supporters,
but no one to cherish me.
So Senku,
I won.
That's a big help.
It's so troublesome
to wash my hair in this world.
Senku, you can't tell him.
As long as he doesn't know the formula
for the revival fluid,
he's not going to kill you.
I'm really fine.
But Senku,
to secure everyone's future,
you mustn't die.
The revival fluid is a compound
of nitric acid and alcohol
created by filtering the Miracle Fluid
from the cave.
Mix it with as close to 96 percent
distilled alcohol as you can get.
The ratio is 30 percent Miracle Fluid
to 70 percent alcohol.
The reaction won't occur
unless it's perfect.
Test it on the petrified swallow's
feathers to fine-tune it.
Thank you, Senku.
I have no reason
to keep you alive now.
Yes, this should be enough.
Three smoke signals?
It's a response to the three explosions
we made earlier.
There's no mistake.
There are people there!
Senku! Yuzuriha!
If I let you live…
you'll just keep trying
to rebuild civilization.
Can you promise not to do that?
What are you talking about?
I can simply make a fake promise--
No, science is the only thing
that you'll never lie about.
Can you hereby swear
to renounce all forms of science
for eternity?
If you can swear to that, I…
I don't have to kill you then.
All right. Next person, Senku.
I want to go to space.
An astronaut? What a good aspiration.
When you grow up…
No, I want to go now.
Then again, I'm just a kid who doesn't
know the first thing about science.
I'll start everything
from scratch.
Keep conducting experiments.
I won't help you out.
But Senku,
if you are serious about this,
you can accomplish anything
through diligent application of science.
Santa will prepare
all the tools you need.
Just focus the light using
a magnifying glass to ignite the fire.
He's conducting some cute experiments.
Iron sand and aluminum foil
are really something.
The frying pan is melting
from the thermite reaction.
How cute?
The liquid oxygen for the injector
boils off ten billion percent
at normal temperature
and it freezes when it's too cold.
I'll have to keep trying with ethanol
for a while until I switch to kerosene.
What is this?
It's an ablator.
The chamber will burn out
if I don't use it.
Please get me a Raspberry Pi,
a transmitter module, and a gyroscope.
We'll use the old Yagi antenna
for the receiver.
It's what they'd use for televisions.
Didn't you say you wanted to experiment it
with light objects?
I asked for Yuzuriha Ogawa's help
from the Crafts Club
to make us three passengers.
I made a wool doll of myself.
It makes me feel so embarrassed.
What will you use them for?
It blew up in the sky.
Did we fail again?
Not exactly.
I want to go to space.
I want to go now.
"You can accomplish anything
through diligent application of science."
if possible, I don't want to kill you.
I'll ask you one more time.
Will you promise me, here and now,
that you'll abandon science?
That's the one thing I won't abandon.
I knew you would say that.
Are you kidding me?
Regardless of my answer,
it's just a matter of time
before you kill me
just to be safe.
Make it quick then.
It's not like either of us stands to gain
from making me bleed out.
Don't worry.
I'll bust your cervical nerve
in a single blow.
So you'll faint and die in an instant.
It will be painless.
And I will definitely not make a mistake.
if only we had met 3,700 years ago…
If only we had met
before this planet
turned into Stone World,
you might become my first friend.
Subtitle translation by: Angel Choo
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