Dr. Stone (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Stone World the Beginning

If I let you live…
you'll just keep trying
to rebuild civilization.
Can you promise not to do that?
What are you talking about?
I can simply make a fake promise--
No, science is the only thing
that you'll never lie about.
Can you hereby swear
to renounce all forms of science
for eternity?
If you can swear to that, I…
I don't have to kill you then.
That's the one thing I won't abandon.
I knew you would say that.
Make it quick then.
It's not like either of us stands to gain
from making me bleed out.
Don't worry.
I'll bust your cervical nerve
in a single blow.
So you'll faint and die in an instant.
It will be painless.
And I will definitely not make a mistake.
if only we had met 3,700 years ago…
If only we had met
before this planet
turned into Stone World,
you might become my first friend.
Say something.
Please say something. Please!
It can't be.
No, this can't be!
Senku, how could you…
How could you die here?
Don't do this to us!
He died painlessly.
I suggest that, as his friends,
you should prepare for his funeral.
As long as there is a possibility for me
to take Yuzuriha hostage,
Taiju cannot attack me.
That was the power dynamic.
But Taiju,
if you lose your mind over Senku's death
and attack me recklessly,
then I'll have to kill you as well.
So you must calm down.
It's okay, Yuzuriha.
I'm very calm.
It seems I have no choice
but to fight him.
I'm sorry, Yuzuriha.
If it comes to that…
It's okay, Taiju.
Back then, the three of us made a promise.
I'm sure we'll make it through this.
Thank you, Yuzuriha!
He flung it.
But why?
The boulder is a decoy.
Taiju, I'm watching your every movement.
There's no use fighting me.
Tsukasa is wary of me.
He won't look away.
But here's my chance!
Tsukasa's instincts would tell him
that Taiju would protect me.
I think he's right,
now that we're in this Stone World.
But like Senku once told me,
-"Science will make us all equal!"
-Science will make us all equal!
Is this black gunpowder?
Senku left us…
With science to remember him by.
The three of us had vowed
to fight together.
Yuzuriha, Senku, and I…
will fight alongside each other
in this battle!
Farewell, Tsukasa!
Taiju wouldn't attack someone.
He wouldn't have expected me
to take so much as a scrape from that.
Farewell, Tsukasa!
I see.
That's right, Senku.
Like you said,
"If we run away,
we both must do it together!"
I don't care what anyone says.
I believe that you're still alive!
You wouldn't die
while you still have the goal
of restarting civilization from scratch!
What's the use of running away?
I'm certain that I've broken his neck.
In a world without medical treatment,
any resuscitation attempt
will bear no fruit.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Not sure if I'm doing it right,
but I have to try!
Should I perform artificial respiration?
I don't think you should move his neck.
Tsukasa hit him on his neck.
took the hit for me.
Senku took the hit for you?
Here's a psychology quiz.
"An accident has happened
and you can only save
either your friend or your lover.
Who will you save?"
I would probably be hesitant
to choose either of them.
No, you should choose to save yourself.
How could you ever choose?
That's one cruel psychology quiz!
I'll find a way from scratch
to save everyone.
The Science Club president
gave an excellent idea.
Can you choose to do that?
Then it's the same for me!
This psychology quiz tells you
who is the most important to you.
That's ten billion-percent obvious,
isn't it?
What a piece of trash.
Senku wouldn't kill himself.
He wouldn't sacrifice for anyone either.
He's hoping to find a way to save us all.
Think! What would Senku do?
We're his friends.
We should figure it out by now.
There must be some hint!
His neck.
Back then,
Senku deliberately gestures his neck,
as if he's luring Tsukasa
to attack his neck.
Why did he keep doing that?
That's not a habit he's always had.
Why did he keep touching his neck
and cracking it like that?
There's a little bit of petrification
left on his neck!
When we were removing the petrification
on your foot,
didn't Senku say,
"When the petrification is reversed,
the small cracks get mended."
Taiju, the revival fluid!
Got it!
It might work on Senku's neck too.
It might fix his neck
when the petrification is undone.
The petrification is undone!
Get up!
I know
that you wouldn't give up your life here!
You are…
the light of hope
for humanity and civilization!
Come back to us!
Wake up, Senku!
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine.
My memory that narrowly fades away
every 800,000 seconds has been stabilized.
My brain is already getting
the hang of it.
It has been
117,354,889,550 seconds
since I've been frozen like this.
In other words,
this is my 3,718th springtime.
I must absolutely revive in springtime.
Well, now's the time.
Rise and shine, Senku.
Time to get up.
Get up.
Get up already!
Get up!
I broke out!
I wanted to yell
to my heart's content like that.
I'm ten billion percent sure
that a simple-minded person like Taiju
would do it.
My first priority
is to secure my surroundings.
My body will be a valuable key
to solving the puzzle.
My position and posture when I fell…
The order in which
the mystery stone fragments fell off me…
For my future experimentation,
I need every single piece.
Hey, you.
Where did you come from?
He's butt naked!
Gross! That ape doesn't grow fur at all!
He even showed off his private parts!
Hey, don't we do that too?
Am I the first one they've seen?
Looks like civilization has fallen.
Does that make me
the first butt naked ape
to exist on this planet?
This is so exciting.
It has been 117,354,893,870 seconds
since I was petrified.
Mental arithmetic is getting hard.
The leap seconds
are a pain in the ass too.
Earth is rotating seventeen-millionths
of a second slower every year.
Little numbers don't mean anything.
Today is April 1, 5738 AD.
Today is Year Zero.
It all starts here.
Behold the power of this butt naked ape.
I'm going to build from scratch
a scientific civilization
that can fly to space.
What the hell is he doing?
That butt naked ape must be a fool.
Let's go home.
What an idiot.
I'm not as super strong as Taiju.
And I don't possess
Yuzuriha's elaborate craftsmanship.
There's no way I'm going to start a fire
using a primitive hand drill
in Japan's humidity.
That's right.
This butt naked ape
doesn't have fangs or claws.
All I can do is persevere and work hard.
That's what civilization is all about.
Why the hell is he pounding on that?
That butt naked ape is really a fool.
There are some tricks to it that
I'll only learn through trial and error.
Bash the edges off mid-air.
Sharpen both sides of the edge
by striking it on top of a surface.
I have to use the right kind of rock
for it too.
This colorful rock, chert,
is tough as hell.
I need it to make small knives and such.
I'll keep on researching
and experimenting.
I can unravel this like string cheese.
Now, he's twisting it.
Something is wrong with his brain too.
There are actually
quite a few animals that use tools.
Such as crows, otters, and orangutans.
But there's only one species
that uses science.
Generating heat by using the oxidation
of the gases given off by cellulose.
In other words,
I use ingenuity to take in
everything the universe has to offer.
I'm a master of science!
I haven't introduced myself, have I?
Well, it's nice to meet you.
What on earth am I seeing?
That butt naked ape is no longer naked!
I'm now the only one of my kind on Earth.
A human being.
I'm going to build it from scratch.
A scientific civilization
is now on the starting line.
Subtitle translation by: CL Tan
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