Dr. Stone (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Two Nations of the Stone World

At last, I'm living like a human being.
Well then,
it looks like I've reached the limit
of ignoring my fatigue.
Damn it!
I can't possibly survive if I'm on my own,
let alone work on science and progress.
I could use some assistance
from one more person
with a lot of strength.
I already have someone in mind.
Right by where I was revived,
there was the uncannily masculine hand
of a guy who'd been swept here
from the same direction as me.
I've already seen more of this face
than I ever wanted to.
It has been 3,700 years.
Hey, Big Oaf.
let's get started
on the Senku Research Laboratory.
Hey, Big Oaf.
What should I do
to get you revived like me?
I wonder what happened 3,700 years ago
that led to the petrification
of the entire human race.
The first theory.
These earthlings
are getting on our nerves.
Let's turn them all into stone.
The tests on the swallows were successful.
Fire the Petrification Beam!
This is so exciting!
The second theory.
At last, it's time for me
to use my petrification machine!
Oh no! It got me too!
The third theory.
We are petrifying viruses.
We only infect humans and swallows.
This is so exciting!
Only one thing is for sure.
Only humans and swallows
turned into stone.
It seems like some kind of insane fantasy,
but there must be some underlying rule.
Which means I can fight it.
Figuring out the rules
is the basis of science.
I'm standing in the face
of an uncharted branch of science.
This is so exciting.
All right, think.
How did I break out of my stone?
Is it simply because of deterioration?
If I was revived
because of the stone deteriorating,
wouldn't the exposure to the elements
have de-petrified me first?
But other statues
are stone all the way through.
For me,
the surface remained as stone while
the rest changed back into living cells.
No, it's the opposite.
The surface was too deteriorated
to revert to living cells.
That's why it turned into a stone husk.
The parts of the surface that happened
to be less petrified reverted to cells.
That must be why there are pieces
missing from the shell.
Then the key to my revival
isn't deterioration,
but some other particular external cause.
The fragments closest to my head
were on the ground in a pile.
In other words,
my revival started with my head.
There must be something in there.
This odor…
Nitric acid?
The hair on the back of my neck
is still petrified.
Let's try it on this petrified hair.
Why is it that only I
was revived with nitric acid?
It doesn't work even the slightest bit
on Taiju, Yuzuriha, or anybody else.
What sets me apart from the others?
All I need is a hypothesis.
I see.
It's because I've been thinking.
For the past 3,700 years,
I've never lost consciousness.
The brain burns through
400 calories in a day.
Multiply that amount of energy
by 3,700 years
and you get two trillion joules.
How did I get so much energy?
Energy and mass
have an equivalent exchange.
It's the foundation of science
that Einstein derived.
Energy cannot be created from nothing,
no matter what.
There's something in the stone
that I was consuming
in order to use my brain.
Which means if I can figure out what
that was, I can undo the petrification.
Try everything.
Just try everything.
I really want to try Nital,
the industrial etching solution.
Damn it. Too bad I don't have alcohol.
Have faith.
Try everything.
Try everything.
Keep on trying!
no matter how fantastical
the petrification phenomenon,
the foundation of science
can never be shaken!
I need more manpower!
Now, get soaked in nitric acid
and wake up,
you simpleton.
I know you're conscious in there.
Like you've always been
for the past 3,700 years!
You're the same as me.
You're someone who never gives up!
-I believe in you and I'll wait for you!
-I believe in you and I'll wait for you!
-I'm hopeless without you!
-I'm hopeless without you!
Come back, Taiju!
Come back, Senku!
It stopped raining.
The thunderstorm
that was keeping us camouflaged is gone.
So don't shout anymore.
If Tsukasa hears us, we're screwed.
-You're right.
-Tsukasa is not coming, is he?
I'm impressed you noticed my neck.
I hardly gave you a speck of a hint.
Taiju, Yuzuriha.
You both earn a ten billion percent score.
Never mind my cervical nerve,
you just crushed my entire body!
I'll kill you!
You guys should've known by now,
but don't thank me for every little thing.
I won't thank you either.
Welcome back,
Don't you think the shape on this hide
kind of looks like a rocket?
Surrounded by stars.
You're way off the mark.
It looks like a science flag.
I bet it'll look good on Senku.
-Let's put it on his neck, just in case.
-I see!
It'll be even better with a splint. See?
I don't need this at all.
I'm all right now.
Dr. Senku's self-sacrificing
human experiment was a success.
The regenerative ability
of de-petrification
is far more potent than I imagined.
The petrification that has given us
so much grief is what cured you too.
You said it when we made soap.
But maybe this petrification
is the stone of life
that replaces doctors for us.
It's Dr. Stone!
Come to think of it,
it's really out of this world.
When the petrification is undone,
it fixes everything around it too.
What a considerate scientific phenomenon.
I've always wondered.
Who on earth turned us all into stone
and who launched the attack?
Was it really an attack?
Since Senku's neck can heal,
maybe we can put
these broken statues back together
and revive them
by pouring the fluid on them.
I've tried it before.
They just went back
to be a shattered corpse.
Since its regenerative ability
is so potent, then why…
I'm ten billion percent sure
that Taiju is too crude for this.
I can only count on you
for your craftsmanship.
This is one hell of a difficult mission.
Do you think you can do it?
That is really one highly demanding task,
but I'll try.
What a quick response.
Craft is all about perseverance!
What are you whispering about?
Don't be so sneaky.
Tell me!
The thing is,
I'm going to see Tsukasa.
I see. So you're going to see Tsukasa.
But why?
He killed Senku. He's a dangerous guy!
But he didn't actually die.
He was a good guy, but…
At the very least,
he thought he'd killed Senku!
That's exactly what we accomplished
in that fight.
Tsukasa is now under the impression
that I already died.
Meanwhile, I can always know
where Tsukasa is.
We'll have a big advantage in this battle.
First, I need you both
to serve as my spies
and infiltrate the Tsukasa Empire.
I've already told Yuzuriha
the plan in detail.
Taiju, you're in charge of protecting her.
For a simpleton like you,
the less you know, the better.
Sure, you can count on me.
Tsukasa intends to use the Miracle Fluid
to amass an army of young people
to make a new world
ruled by military might.
In order to bring down the Tsukasa Empire
and stop its mass destruction of humanity,
I must form a revolutionary army
that fights with science.
But how are you going to do that
all on your own?
That's right.
If Tsukasa has the Miracle Fluid,
the nitric acid,
you can't make gunpowder
and you can't grow your manpower,
which is important.
There is one solution to this problem.
We'll find the mysterious folks
behind the smoke signal
and team up with them.
The problem is that
Tsukasa may get to them before I do.
I'll just have to bet on the chance
that they haven't met.
You mean,
you want us both to spy on Tsukasa Empire
while you seek allies
for your scientific revolutionary army?
We'll each be fighting
our own battles then.
That's right.
I'm getting all teary-eyed
thinking about our sad goodbye.
You're both so casual about this.
Goodbyes between men are so dry.
Yes, that's because
Senku likes to be rational.
We won't be seeing him for a while.
It could take weeks or even months.
Or even…
Senku! You must…
Wait, I can't raise my voice.
Hang in there while I'm gone.
I mean,
we've been through it for 3,700 years.
Waiting for a few more months or years
is going to be a walk in the park.
I'm going to build a kingdom of science.
Fifty-seven meters from my right.
You've been following me quietly
for the past two minutes.
Who's there?
Blue eyes.
She's young.
Did Taiju and the others just revive her?
Or are there other ways
for people to be revived?
How rude.
Shouldn't you say hello?
Shut up!
Save your introductions for hell!
How is it possible?
She's so young,
yet she's a powerful fighter.
The martial arts community
should have heard of her.
Who on earth is she?
I saw what happened.
You held that girl hostage
and then you ruthlessly killed
the gentleman
who took the hit for her.
I didn't hear your conversation,
but I'm not interested
in your side of the story!
Repent to the sorcerer gentleman
until your soul rots away!
Did you say "sorcerer"?
How quickly you've forgotten
what happened.
You angered the mountain
with your suspicious black powder!
"Angered the mountain?"
Does she mean the explosion?
I see.
Could it be
that you may not be one of the revived,
but rather, one of their children?
What generation are you from?
She's one of the pure, primitive people
who doesn't know science.
I could rule over them easily
and kill them anytime.
I don't need to fight her.
In that case,
what I should do now
is to go back to the cave.
I must get ahead of Taiju and Yuzuriha
who have seen the gunpowder-making process
and take hold of the source
of the Miracle Fluid.
You're the sorcerer gentleman
who protected that girl.
You're still alive?
Stop talking.
You can introduce yourself
all you want later.
Now save your strength.
Can you hang on until dusk?
If you can't bear it much longer,
I'll just try and blow it up
with the rest of the gunpowder.
But if you can,
I'll ten billion percent save you
no matter how long it takes.
You're the only one
who can make the decision!
Tell me now, what's it going to be?
Yes, my organs and bones are fine.
I can still hold on.
The fallen tree weighs roughly one ton.
Tilting it to the side would take
half of that which is 500kg.
Assuming my own weight is just over 60kg,
multiplied by two to the third power
to get to 500kg.
I can barely make it with three.
The bamboo is barely strong enough.
I'll just have to pack them with dirt.
I didn't expect soap to be useful here.
It's an all-star team
of the great Dr. Senku's inventions.
What is it that you're making?
This is science.
It was invented by Archimedes
a few hundred years BC.
It converts the measly strength
of a high school kid into Herculean might.
It's called a pulley!
I'm not talking about
that Archi-or-whatever's wisdom.
I'm talking about
your unwavering diligence
in forcing yourself through every step
until you solve a problem.
My name is Kohaku.
It seems like
I've taken quite a liking to you.
Subtitle translation by: CL Tan
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