Dr. Stone (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Where Two Million Years Have Gone

My name is Kohaku.
It seems like
I've taken quite a liking to you.
Why did you suddenly say
such a troublesome thing?
We just met and she's already in love?
In this state of emergency?
That's not what I meant!
I mean, I admire your character,
so I've decided to help you.
Thank you very much then.
Being crazy about love
is the most troublesome thing.
Are you a new generation of humans
who sleep with knives?
It's because you started talking
about relationships.
I admire your way of living,
but it doesn't mean that I trust you.
This is a habit of mine
to protect me and survive.
Don't take it personally.
I'm not bold enough to attack a lioness.
Hurry up and get some sleep.
A lioness?
Even I have feelings too!
You're a gentleman,
but your foul mouth
is of another dimension.
I might accidentally kill you someday.
Then go to sleep while you haven't
accidentally done that yet.
Getting killed twice in a day? Spare me.
You're going to fight
that long-haired guy, aren't you?
I'll help you.
I can't just back down either.
That's right.
For that, I'm going to build
a kingdom of science.
But first, I need manpower.
In short, you want allies, right?
Would you like to come with me?
The lioness has other companions too,
am I right?
That's right.
I'm sure they'll be dependable allies.
I know one man who'd be perfect.
I'll take you there, Senku.
Come with me.
Hot water?
That's right.
I want to take it home
for a hot spring bath
for healing purposes.
You look ten billion percent
healthy to me.
Why would a lively lioness need it
for healing purposes?
I'm not a lioness!
And it's not for me. It's for my sister.
My goodness.
She's such a troublesome sister.
Her condition
has been getting worse lately.
If only my exceedingly healthy body
could suffer on her behalf.
That jar can contain
around 50 liters of water.
It doesn't seem like enough for a bath.
How many trips do you make
with that heavy jar?
Every single day.
This is just part of my daily training.
Thanks to it, I became very strong.
I should be grateful
to my troublesome sister--
Your wound
hasn't completely healed, right?
If you force yourself and get hurt,
it would be troublesome for me.
Give it to me.
You shouldn't force yourself too.
Is everyone other than me
in Stone World a gorilla?
You, Tsukasa, and Taiju are all gorillas.
Calling me a lioness is much better!
That's not the point.
I'm impressed you built
such a useful thing so quickly!
It wasn't quick.
I used the pulleys
from yesterday as wheels.
Civilization births in civilization.
Applying developments
is the basis of science.
Turn right.
Not this way!
We can see it now, Senku.
Welcome to my village.
How many people live here?
I don't remember how many
senior citizens and children there are.
But aside from them,
I think there are exactly 40 people.
Forty people?
Kohaku and these people
apparently don't know anything
about modern technology.
That means
this is the settlement
of the revived people's descendants.
In that case,
there should be a first-generation.
For example, hundreds of years ago,
there might have been
a first-generation science man like me
who made revival fluid.
But his descendants didn't seem to inherit
his revival fluid
or any kind of scientific development.
Where did these people come from?
Don't be violent, Kinro, Ginro.
He's my savior.
Hey. This won't do, Kohaku.
You can't do this.
Outsiders can't come in here.
That's the rule.
The chief's going to be angry with you.
It's a very simple thing.
Rules are rules.
"There are no people outside the village."
"All outsiders are criminals
who were banished in the past."
That's why we can't let them in.
Even if he's your savior,
there's no room for consideration.
I have no choice then.
Shall we fight here right now?
Oh no. It's two against one.
You clearly have an advantage.
You're so short-tempered.
Don't make such a nasty face.
Is this sorcery?
What's that?
What are these suspicious floating orbs?
So that's the level you're at?
I can get you all on my side then.
I'm going to get all 40 of you
on my side with science.
This is so exciting.
You make such a nasty face.
You're no different either.
We can't do anything about it!
Even if we break them, they increase.
I have no choice.
I'm only left with one choice.
Special Technique.
Let Someone Else Handle It!
Hey, Chrome! It's sorcery!
What are you afraid of, Ginro?
I'm already here.
I saw these from the coast.
I'd be crazy not to come here right away.
Hi, my name is Chrome.
I'm an insanely smart,
genius sorcerer!
That saves us the trouble
of finding him, Senku.
He's the man I mentioned yesterday.
A sorcerer?
My name is Senku.
I'm a scientist.
Why are you scared
of his cheap sorcery, Kinro, Ginro?
You can make plenty of this stuff
using lime water made from charcoal.
I'm not scared.
You're a fool
if you aren't cautious of the unknown.
I was scared of it though.
Why are you here, Chrome?
I'm not planning to rely on
your dubious sorcery.
It doesn't matter. Do whatever you want.
But this is one thing
I'm not backing down on.
No one beats me in sorcery!
Don't interfere, all of you.
Fighting here might harm the villagers.
It can be dangerous.
Let's go somewhere else.
He wants to have a sorcery match.
What is he planning?
Are they planning
to burn the surroundings?
Don't do such a dangerous thing
and involve others!
Watch my amazing sorcery closely.
Rainbow Bridge!
I can freely control fire.
The flame suddenly turned yellow. Why?
It changed again.
It's greenish-blue?
It's purple!
Incredible. This is…
Rainbow Bridge?
It's just a flame test reaction.
He just threw in
salt, copper, and sulfate.
What's the copper?
Is it copper sulfate or something?
You don't get what I said, right?
They are the blue crystals
from the cave, right?
This is bad!
This is bad. Who is this guy?
He even knows about the blue crystals!
Is this mind-reading sorcery? This is bad.
Does that even exist?
The natural world is really bad!
"Oh no! I'm so scared. I want to go home."
I thought that he would run away.
Or he would say, "I belittled you.
Take me as your pupil."
Or that he might be moved
and want to be my pupil.
I thought one of those might happen!
Oh no!
I was even worried
that I wouldn't know what to do
if he wanted to be my pupil. Oh no!
Do you think my sorcery
is just some amateur trick?
I didn't even say anything.
Just wait.
I'm going to show you something
that can actually be weaponized.
This one is amazing!
I think he went to get something.
Is that why he changed the venue?
I guess he just needs his tools.
That hurts!
What kind of attack is this?
A ball of sulfur, right?
You put that sulfur you threw
on the fire earlier into a pot
and melt it down with heat.
After it cools and solidifies, you just
break the container and it's done.
What a brilliant method.
A sulfur ball static generator.
It's supposed to be
a 17th-century invention.
You're exhilarating, Chrome.
Instead of rubbing with your hands,
using hide is ten billion times stronger.
This is my flag of science.
This is bad!
His head is all spiky!
His head is already spiky!
How does that work?
Give it back.
Is this a kid's science experiment class?
Such primitive…
Did you come up with all these yourself
in this primitive village?
That storage room seems to have
useful minerals and scientific materials.
Did you collect them yourself?
Yes, that's right.
Is there a problem with that?
Kids collect everything.
I'd smash things together,
mix them, and burn them.
If something amazing happens,
then it's sorcery.
Isn't that the case?
Watch me, Tsukasa.
Even if you kill me or the others…
Even if you try to reset science,
there's always an idiot
who'll try anything.
The butt naked ape will inevitably create
a technological civilization.
As things stand,
I'm ten billion percent sure
that Tsukasa will try to kill you.
Your only choice is to join
our kingdom of science.
What are you talking about?
You and your scientific storage room
will be a part of my kingdom.
I won't give it to you!
Come down, you bastard!
This is so embarrassing.
How can I just let him have his way?
I'll challenge you to one last fight then.
Let's have a duel!
If you lose, bow and apologize to me.
Never come to our village again.
If you win,
I'll give you the storage room.
A battle?
Let me show you my best sorcery.
I've never lost my entire life.
Fight me in a battle of numbers!
I have a feeling
that you'll surely lose badly.
This is so exciting!
Chrome, how many years have you spent
collecting so many kinds of materials?
See? It's amazing, isn't it?
Even if I lost to you in sorcery
and arithmetic…
I mean, I was off my game today.
In terms of collecting items,
I won't lose to you.
Wait. These are just
ordinary stones, right?
Malachite, chalcanthite, and corundum!
That one is really tough.
I can't tell the difference at all.
Why are you so passionate about stones?
Here it is! Galena!
I have lead now!
If you break it, it's shiny inside.
It's amazing!
I don't get them.
I really don't get why they collect them
and think of them as precious items.
I often collected insects
when I was little too.
Now I can't even touch them.
They creep me out.
You even have philosopher's stones!
Have fun showing off your trophies.
I must deliver this hot spring water
to my sister.
Also known as the philosopher's stone.
It showed up in Dragon Quest too.
Heat it up and you get mercury.
There they go again
with their weird sorcery.
Do whatever you want outside the village,
but if you take a step on the bridge,
I'll cut you down.
Rules are rules.
Melt some gold dust into the mercury.
Don't inhale the smoke. You'll die.
And now you have a shiny golden spear.
This is amazing!
What's the use of this sorcery?
It has no use at all.
But your name is Kinro, right?
Doesn't a gold spear suit you?
You're not thinking
that you can buy me off
with such a lousy trick, right?
It won't work on Kinro.
He has a one-track mind
and always says, "Rules are rules."
That's right, rules are rules.
I don't see why I need to remove it.
He just needs one more push!
Do you have a silver spear?
You're like one of those
who spend all their time
collecting materials in Monster Hunter.
Monster Hunter?
You have herbs too.
Swertia herb, licorice, and coptis.
They're all used in traditional medicine.
They're all drugs.
Yes, but I'm not sure
of their effectiveness.
I've been trying them on my own body
and collecting the good ones.
I'll collect anything
if it makes Ruri better.
That is why I became a sorcerer.
Thank you for bringing me
the healing water of the hot springs
for my illness,
You didn't come yesterday.
Did something happen?
I accidentally fell asleep along the way.
I spent the night in the forest.
Accidentally? Kohaku, please.
Fix that attitude of yours.
Jasper, Turquoise,
can you leave us for a while?
I want to talk to Kohaku alone.
We can't do that, Lady Ruri.
We can't leave you all alone.
Kohaku is my younger sister.
Kohaku, you fool!
Your hair is knotted differently.
Something happened
that made your hair come undone, right?
Please don't force yourself.
I don't have much time left.
Don't risk your life for me.
Is there no sorcery that can save Ruri?
Or can't science save her?
It depends on the situation.
It's just a shame
that in this Stone World…
I think I should tell you everything,
what happened 3,700 years ago
before the world collapsed.
Why are you bawling all of a sudden?
What's with your emotions?
I'm not crying.
Damn it! I'm not crying!
Who is the culprit
behind the petrification?
If I find him, I'll surely kill him!
Don't you find it unacceptable?
The incredible civilization
that our predecessors
spent centuries building
was wiped out in an instant.
I'm so pissed off!
It isn't wiped out, idiot.
The whole thing's right here.
How can mankind lose so easily?
Two million years of human history
are right here, inside of me.
And it's also inside of you.
Am I right?
You're right. Do you even need to ask?
I want to create
the kingdom of science with you!
And I want to cure Ruri's sickness!
Tell me.
Didn't you say earlier
that there's a scientific way
to save Ruri?
That's right. We're making
the ultimate medicine of science.
The antibiotic.
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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