Dr. Stone (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Stone Road

The outsider?
He must have been
an exiled criminal in the past.
That's the only possibility.
Could it be that the stone statues
came back to life?
How is that possible?
Even if it's unlikely,
was Kohaku really the one
who brought that outsider here?
-We're not sure about that yet--
-No. It was her, Chief.
It was Kohaku.
Jasper, didn't you hear it from Ginro too?
Don't tell such obvious lies for her.
That stupid girl.
I've already disowned her
and she keeps violating the rules.
She's out of line.
Senku. Tell me the way
to make the cure-all drug!
I will defeat Ruri's sickness!
As long as it can cure Ruri,
I'm willing to help in any way I can!
Lady Ruri.
I'm so worried.
Her sickness is cured!
Long live science!
I want to join the Kingdom of Science!
I can see
that guy's evil motives in saving Ruri.
I really don't know if he's a gentleman
or a despicable man.
But I think he's just a man
in pursuit of reason.
What the Kingdom of Science wants to make
is antibiotic.
An ultimate medicine that can
eliminate bacteria in the human body.
Since it was invented at the beginning
of the 20th century,
it saved billions of lives.
We can't conduct blood tests here
and we don't even know
what kind of illness it is.
But it's still worth a try.
-Okay. Let's make it right away then!
-What do you need?
We're missing all kinds of stuff.
Let me finish first.
There are two main ways
of creating the cure-all drug.
We can make penicillin from living things
through the biological route.
Or we can make sulfa drug from rocks
through the stone route.
Wait, Senku.
Living things? Rocks?
How can we make medicine out of them?
The most well-known way is to extract
penicillin from green mold.
But through the biological route,
making penicillin in Stone World
would be a crazy game of chance.
"How lucky that I stumbled upon
the ten billion times
super powerful green mold!"
We can only torment ourselves
by relying on luck.
"God, please give us penicillium."
We can only keep on praying for it.
Meanwhile, making sulfa drug
through the stone route,
requires a lot of determination
and manpower.
But even in this Stone World,
I guarantee ten billion percent
that we can make the cure-all drug.
In that case, we have our answer!
That's right, Chrome.
We're not gods and we're not geniuses.
We can only be diligent and work hard.
We'll be making everything step by step.
Let's take the stone route.
We must solidly work our way
through each step
and transcend two million years of history
in one go.
This is the roadmap of making
the cure-all drug.
Seriously? Incredible!
Let's start with this "iron" stuff.
By the way, what is iron?
Explain it to me in detail.
That's not easy at all.
Dr. Senku's sorcery science class?
I don't think I'll be able
to understand even if I listen.
Seriously? Incredible!
So Earth rotates on its own? Amazing!
Yes, it does.
That's strange.
Why am I not
being thrown off the branch then?
That's because of gravity.
I knew it was strange.
No wonder some stars don't move at all.
The North Star?
It's a very useful star
that's ten billion percent true north.
Remember it well.
Is that so?
You say that it's the "true north,"
but I feel like it's off.
How is that possible?
At most, it would just be slightly…
Is it because the Earth's axis changed?
The whole planet has tilted slightly
over the past 3,700 years.
Now, it's 5,739 AD.
The North Star's position has changed.
No wonder my sextant couldn't determine
the direction on the way to Hakone.
And I call myself a scientist.
What a joke.
I can't believe I missed
such an important thing.
Even if you don't have a definitive idea,
you noticed it faster than me.
I'm such a hopeless guy.
I don't think you're a hopeless guy.
I'm not trying to sell myself short.
It's just that I appear calm
on the outside,
but I actually haven't caught up
with the current environment.
It never hit me until now
how insanely long 3,700 years are.
How did you know
that the North Star's position is off?
So even the great Senku
doesn't know about this rock!
It's an awesome stone that I picked up
on Bald Mountain.
Hang it or float it on water,
it somehow always points to the north!
Marvelous, right?
It's a magnet.
So you know what it is. Damn it!
Chrome, good going.
As long as we have magnets…
Look at how much it picked up
all this suspicious black sand!
The first step in the roadmap
for the Kingdom of Science,
the Iron Age has finally kicked off.
This is so exciting.
By the way, the lioness is wonderful.
Is everyone in your village like her?
We have a few strong gorillas,
-but Kohaku's the only agile gorilla.
-I told you I'm not a gorilla!
Hey, I'm the only one
collecting the stuff!
Get to work, you two.
We're already lacking in manpower.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
It'll be dark soon
and we just collected this much.
Should we get some help
from the villagers?
The villagers think
that you're both suspicious sorcerers.
no one will come to help us.
Why are you here?
Did you follow us here?
That person's name is Suika?
I think it's her nickname.
It's because of the watermelon rind
on her head.
Hey, Suika!
I can't believe you took my magnet!
Iron sand?
I want to help too.
I always wear this thing,
so I can't help others.
When I grow up,
it would surely be the same.
-So, when I meet someone who needs help--
-All right, enough talking.
Thank you very much.
Everyone is welcome
in the Kingdom of Science.
We need all the help we can get.
A shortie like you would be
ten billion times better
at gathering the iron sand.
I'm counting on you, Suika.
He's the first person
who didn't ask me why I'm wearing this.
He realized that
I don't want others to see my face,
so he didn't ask me!
You don't know Senku well then.
You think too highly of him.
As long as you can help,
he doesn't care what you look like.
I'm going to gather all the black sand!
-Floating and sinking…
-What are you? Momotaro?
Be careful, don't drown.
You don't know
Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter,
yet you know Momotaro?
Who did you hear that from?
Senku, do you know Momotaro too?
Ruri told us many stories.
Come to think of it,
how do you know about gorillas?
Are they out in the wild?
I've never seen a living one before.
Isn't there a gorilla in Momotaro?
No, it doesn't!
Didn't he use millet dumpling
to make friends?
A bear, a lion, a gorilla,
and an alligator.
What kind of violent Momotaro story
is that?
They used an easy-to-understand story
to make them aware of the danger
of wild animals?
I also heard many stories from Ruri.
Come to think of it,
I learned the complex words from Ruri.
Who exactly is she?
I'm suddenly interested
in this woman named Ruri now.
In that case,
I must make the cure-all drug for her.
You're interested in Ruri?
What does that mean, Senku?
Senku. Dr. Senku.
I think Chrome likes Ruri.
I see.
There you go.
Chrome is so childish.
I like how oblivious he is.
Hey, what are you talking about?
Damn it! Who are you calling childish?
With these black sands,
we can make iron from it?
That's right.
Just mix iron sand and charcoal
at a ratio of four to one and heat it.
What? That's easy.
It's not as easy as you think.
It's not the same as making pottery.
Burning firewood would only produce
a maximum temperature
of 700 degrees Celsius.
In order to turn iron sand into iron,
the required temperature
is 1,500 degrees Celsius.
That's not even close enough.
What should we do?
Blow air to it like crazy.
We have to give it
as much oxygen as we can.
Keep blowing air to it
and double the flame's damage output
from 700 to 1,500.
This thing blows air?
With such a convenient tool,
I think I can do it by myself.
Dream on.
There are never enough people to do it.
Damn it!
I can't move my arms anymore!
Don't stop, the temperature will drop!
How many minutes longer
do we have to do this?
I think around twenty to thirty hours?
-Making iron is insane!
-Making iron is insane!
Don't force yourself, Suika.
Take a rest.
I knew it.
I'm the only useless person here.
It looks like they are up to something
really grueling.
I'll help them out--
No, Ginro!
You can't leave your post.
Rules are rules.
What the heck?
He made you a gold spear.
-I want a silver one too.
-Is that your reason?
Ginro, you're terrible!
-Let's switch spears then.
I won't insist on a silver spear
to match my name.
-Your gold spear is fine!
Increasing manpower is our priority.
We have to increase the population
of the Kingdom of Science.
Silver spear…
I knew it.
We can get Ginro to join us soon.
All right. This works in our favor!
In order to get manpower,
-use science as bait.
-Use science as bait.
What kind of bait are you talking about?
But not everyone in the village
likes shiny spears.
We need to collect information.
We must know what they want.
I'm very good at that.
Because I can turn into
an ordinary watermelon
and go anywhere silently!
You're really something.
All right,
in order to get the manpower to make iron,
we'll dispatch the Great Detective Suika.
Yes. We're counting on you,
Great Detective Suika.
"Great Detective Suika"?
I want to help everyone!
So where did that foreigner go?
The one Kohaku supposedly brought in.
He's staying in Chrome's storage room.
As long as he doesn't come
into the village,
the elder isn't planning
to make a big deal out of it.
I agree with that too.
But what if he wants to do something bad?
-If he's a bad man, I'll kill him.
This way, Ruri will fall in love with me.
Is that man strong or not?
Isn't that the point?
Is that so?
I don't care about that at all.
The most important thing is his looks.
A man's looks and personality
don't matter.
He just needs to hunt well.
Hey, the three of us
like different types of men.
Why are we all still single?
Fresh fish is so delicious.
Yes, the meat is very firm.
Grilled fish?
I'm tired of eating it.
I eavesdropped
on what everyone might want.
First, Garnet, Sapphire, and Ruby.
The three dazzling sisters.
They're the most beautiful women
in the village.
What the three of them want most is…
It'd better be something that can be made
with science in this era.
There you go.
Something science can never make!
A strong man.
A handsome man.
A man who can put food on the table.
They are so honest with their desires.
Senku, the way I see it,
you are quite good-looking.
But I don't think you'll fit
Sapphire's standards for a handsome man.
Look at them saying whatever they want.
This is the problem with women.
That's why I hate women.
You're so childish, Chrome.
Ruri and I are both women. Do you hate us?
Kohaku, I don't see you as a woman.
You're a gorilla after all.
I'm sorry.
I think we have a chance with the one
who wants someone to feed her.
What does she want?
Food like fish.
Speaking of food,
the village's biggest glutton, Ganen,
is getting tired of eating grilled fish.
-He's trying to find new food.
-I'm tired of eating fish.
You're amazing, Great Detective Suika.
You easily found a scientific bait
that can let us get more allies.
Could it be that you want to cook?
That has nothing to do
with science, right?
Who says it's not?
Food is science.
Besides, where do you think the flavor
from the fish you eat daily comes from?
It's from glutamic acid and amino acid.
Suika, what are you holding?
This thing
is my friend, Chalk, most favorite toy,
dog-teasing grass.
You mean wild foxtail millet.
With that, perhaps we can make it.
Something that humans
in the old world love.
The most delicious food in the world.
We're making gourmet survival food
from scratch.
This is so exciting.
You can't be saying that
this wild foxtail millet is edible.
Count me out.
We can't eat it like this.
So I must whack it
until the husks are removed.
Wild foxtail millet
is ten billion percent good grain.
It's the ancestor of rice.
It looks filthy.
It's so hairy.
It's a cycle of inspiration
and trial-and-error.
Food is a perfect example of science.
Now we have wheat flour…
No, the wild foxtail millet flour
is done!
Add in a wild bird's egg
and tenderize it
using potassium carbonate.
In the fourth century,
an unknown Mongolian man discovered
this scientific food by coincidence.
a fool who wants to try
everything just like you
also existed in the fourth century.
-This aroma…
-This aroma…
We had a name
for this insanely good scientific food
3,700 years ago.
It's called "ramen."
But this is actually foxtail millet,
isn't it?
I'll make sure it's safe!
As a sorcerer,
I should try new things
without hesitation!
It's delicious!
Ramen is insane!
It's my first time tasting
such a smooth, chewy texture!
Unbelievable. I can't believe that
this kind of food exists in this world!
Let me try it too.
The first decent meal in 3,700 years.
It's not authentic at all.
After all, the base ingredient
is wild foxtail millet.
Why is the texture so dry?
The bitter aftertaste
doesn't go away either.
Can I eat it if I consider it as medicine?
But to them, this is a godlike food.
Seems like this wild foxtail millet ramen
might be popular.
What's going on?
I can smell something nice.
People have waged wars over pepper.
That's how fundamental food is
to civilization.
I want to use the scientific food, ramen,
to rule this village.
You look completely like a villain.
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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