Dr. Stone (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Let There Be The Light Of Science

As long as there is
this scientific gourmet,
I can gather the manpower to make iron.
Here is the wild fox millet ramen.
Thank you for waiting!
It's so chewy. Awesome!
This is so awesome!
If Ganen the foodie loves it,
then it must be good.
It's awesome!
It's so smooth. It's really good!
Are you the one who made
such delicious food, Senku?
What type of girls do you like?
Those who can pump a lot of oxygen
into my furnace.
That's too straightforward.
Senku, you really don't know
how to make small talks.
Hey, Kinro, Ginro.
Here, try it.
This ramen is really good.
How can you eat something
that is made using sorcery?
Besides, how can guards accept
gifts of food?
Rules are rules.
What's that in your hand then?
You'll accept the gold spear,
but not food?
That's right.
Another bowl, please.
Another bowl, please.
Chief, Lady Kohaku…
Kohaku is distributing food
to the villagers.
Shall we go?
What for?
To eat.
Of course I won't go.
What is she doing with the outsider?
Here you go.
I don't know who to give it to.
Such a great response.
The villagers are all coming here.
That's not a problem.
I'll just work them to death,
so that it's equal
to the amount of food they ate!
You look like a villain as always.
After eating this,
it makes me crave for a drink.
Something like cola.
Senku, is he with you?
-Hey, the noodles are turning soggy!
-Kinro, Ginro, stop quarreling.
What is it? What's going--
There's no time to explain.
There's an enemy.
You had better come clean now!
Or else, I'll slash your throat!
Are you that long-haired man's underling?
Well, getting killed by such a cute girl
isn't such a bad idea.
But did you get the wrong guy?
I don't know any long-haired man.
I've been by myself
ever since I was de-petrified.
-What's going on?
-What's happening?
I was wondering
why you seemed so familiar.
You're Gen Asagiri.
Do you know him?
No, not at all.
He was a magician
who wrote trashy psychology books.
Have you read my book?
I'm so happy to hear that.
But calling it "trashy" is a bit too much.
Please call me "Mentalist."
But it's my bad for taking the ramen
without asking.
Can you put away your weapons now?
I'm so scared
that my hands and legs are shaking.
I'm going to spill the ramen.
Let me help you with that.
This guy is full of bullshit.
As usual, I was looking for food
and I was surprised.
I smelled the nostalgic ramen aroma.
I found myself here before I know it.
This man has no fear at all.
-The words he said
-It's such a terrible way
-are as light as a feather.
-to live out there.
Well, I'll assume that's true then.
In short, there no such thing
as a free lunch.
Anyone who has eaten the ramen
will have to work.
We have upgraded the blowing function!
Iron mill furnace at level two!
We can work in shifts now.
Gen Asagiri.
How are Taiju and Yuzuriha?
I see.
You thought you could get me to fess up
while I was distracted.
You sure are bold.
Are you trying to trick a mentalist?
But don't worry.
Especially Taiju.
His physical strength is limitless.
You know that, right?
So, he's the long-haired man's underling.
-Should we kill him?
-Hold it right there, you fool.
Gen Asagiri.
You ten billion percent knew
that I was trying to make you talk.
Why did you suddenly admit
that you're Tsukasa's underling?
The situation has changed.
It's because I saw this.
My job is to confirm that you're dead.
"Tsukasa, Senku is still alive."
Then you'll be dead.
I was planning to do that.
But if you can make iron weapons,
it's hard to say who will win.
At last!
-We finally made it!
-"It's just a primitive village.
Senku is dead."
If I lie and report that,
you'll be safe.
That's a big help
if you're willing to do that.
I'm a man without principles.
I'm the world's most shallow man.
I'll be satisfied as long as I can
live happily with the cute girls.
I don't care if you or Tsukasa dies.
I'm going to win,
no matter who I have to dispose of.
I'm in a dilemma.
The Kingdom of Science
versus Tsukasa Empire.
Which side will benefit me most
if they win?
That's my only interest.
There are plenty of science stuff
and ramen here.
But given the arduous labor,
it's just killing me.
Meanwhile, there's no science
in Tsukasa Empire
and the meals are dull.
But it's very relaxing.
And if I revive idols,
I'll be living the harem dream life.
What's a "harem"?
I'm sorry, it's better
if kids don't know about that.
I think ramen is definitely better.
Ramen is quite good,
but the weather is so hot.
I feel like going back to Tsukasa's place.
Your name is Gen Asagiri, right?
A selfish man like you
who's full of bullshit
should either be killed or imprisoned.
That's so scary!
No, if we don't let him go back,
we'll be dead
when Tsukasa comes here himself.
Don't worry.
Once you see what we make
with our beautiful new iron,
I'm ten billion percent sure
you'll want to join
the Kingdom of Science.
What are you going to make?
Are you going to make swords?
A power generator.
A power generator?
Are you kidding me?
No, you must be dreaming!
What? There's natural copper here.
It's pretty. I don't want to break it.
I'll melt it to make copper wire.
Damn, you weren't even listening.
It will be great if the thunderstorm hits.
God is angry. Here comes the lightning!
You'll die if you get struck!
Get women and children into the house!
It's coming.
Well, now is the thunderstorm season.
We're so lucky!
We're not, you idiot!
It's the worst scenario!
We're not even ready yet!
You aren't making
a lightning generator, are you?
There's no such thing.
I thought so.
With magnets,
we can then build a generator.
If you need magnets,
just use the iron sand.
Natural magnets aren't strong enough.
We need the lightning
to strike the iron rod
to make high-power magnets
with the power of science.
I wanted to put up
some lightning rods and wait for it.
But this is a rare chance.
We shouldn't miss it.
Let's quickly get ready now.
we have to be as fast as lightning!
Melt the copper.
Kohaku's shield is coated with lacquer.
It's somewhere in the village!
I got the lacquer!
Lacquer is a good insulator.
Coat the iron rod with it.
What are you doing?
What are you going to do with it?
I've carved a channel in the plank.
Pour copper into the channel.
Wrap the solidified copper wire
around the iron rod.
This is bad!
The outsiders are destroying the bridge!
So, he's finally showing his true colors?
I bet they used sorcery
to summon the wrath of God.
That's right.
I'll take care of it.
I'm going to kill him.
Oh no. It's Magma.
He's not someone who can be reasoned with.
A fight is inevitable.
We'll be screwed
if we fight the villagers now.
Damn, we need to do something.
That leaves me no choice then.
I don't want to be dragged into it
and lose my life because of it.
Suika, can you get me a bunch of flowers?
Instead of fighting,
isn't it better to offer flowers?
Why the hell is this sly guy
holding flowers?
That's right.
So, it was you
who brought upon the wrath of God?
You come to me yourself.
You have some nerves.
Oh, my.
It's actually the other way around.
We're using sorcery
to drive away the lightning.
What nonsense is this--
Just like this.
They are gone!
They were here!
Can't Magma and the others see that?
It's a trick
called the back palm or something.
The trick that a magician uses with cards.
This fake magician is quite something.
It's not impossible at all.
Wasilewski from NASA
has completed the experiment
of making magnets
in places prone to thunder.
It's an awesome stone that I picked up
on Bald Mountain.
This is the result
of your ten years of exploration.
That's right.
Are you impressed?
We're here at the Bald Mountain.
It's a perfect spot for lightning.
This is the only place
to catch the lightning.
Quickly set up the lightning rod!
They seem to be preparing something.
-Let's help them--
You're only trying
to get a silver spear, right?
Our job is to keep watch.
Rules are rules.
The lightning is closing in.
This is bad.
We don't have time
to build a proper tower.
But… Damn it.
We need to make it as tall as we can.
If only there were something long
we could shove into the ground…
No way, I can't give you the spear!
So, you really do love it, right?
My spear!
Here comes the God of Lightning.
Senku, what are trying to do?
There's nothing to work with
in this stone-age world.
Are you really going to…
The power of electricity.
This is just so exciting.
This is awesome!
We have obtained magnets
for the generator!
The gold spear is struck into pieces.
Sorry, Kinro. Don't be mad.
It was urgent after all.
Senku will surely make you a new one.
That's weird.
Where did the spear go to?
It's gone, isn't it?
The golden spear that you had made for you
and never let me borrow.
Where is it?
we may have failed to make magnets.
They won't go near each other,
let alone stick!
They are being repelled
by some mysterious force.
You have the poles backward.
It's so strong!
So, with this,
we can generate incredible electric power?
By the way, Senku,
are you making a thermal generator
or wind turbines?
Don't tell me you're making
a nuclear reactor.
A man-powered generator.
Right, I should have known.
Pound the copper plate,
keep whacking it,
and file it down into a disk.
Take this!
I'm going to file it down with corundum,
that tough rock I showed you before!
Corundum is the hardest mineral
after diamond.
Great collection, Chrome.
I wanted to apply phosphoric acid
to the copper wire as an insulation layer.
But it seems to work with the lacquer.
Hey, Senku.
I've been wondering
when is the best time to make fun of you.
Why have you turned into Anpanman?
I'm allergic to lacquer.
All right!
Kingdom of Science's special production.
A dual hand-crank power generator
is ready.
Are we suppose to spin
the two discs at the same time?
That's quite tough.
It's not a problem
if there are two people.
We'll have to spin it in perfect timing
or it will crumble.
That's right.
If only there were two people
who worked in perfect sync
and had a lot of energy…
It's you guys again.
What now?
I'm going to show you
an incredible machine. Come--
I'm not going.
You're as stubborn as ever.
What are you upset about?
What other reason there is
besides his broken gold spear?
Oh, my. Electricity is really awesome.
In technological civilization,
our world of sorcery,
all sorts of contraptions work
using electricity.
If there's electricity,
any gold spear or silver spear
can be made or fixed.
Right, Senku?
Electrocoating is very difficult.
Do you even know the formula?
I know nothing.
Gen Asagiri,
you make stories up like it's nothing.
They sure are brothers.
They have such good chemistry.
With Kinro and Ginro joining our team,
we have more people
in the Kingdom of Science.
Can that thing
really generate electricity?
This is a steam-roasted bamboo string.
Do we need to place it on a high place?
It has nothing to do with heights.
But we might as well…
I see.
It's an Edison light bulb
made using Japanese bamboo.
Edison light bulb?
are you afraid of the night?
because I can't see anything.
Why did you ask?
During our time, there was no darkness.
The incandescent light bulb
invented by Edison
put the world out of endless darkness.
He conquered the twenty-four-hour day.
With science, humanity defeated the night.
This is going to light
the darkness of the night
for the first time
in 3,700 years.
Subtitle translation by: Angel Choo
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