Dr. Stone (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

A Flimsy Alliance

The first biography I ever read
once I started going through
science books was Edison's.
What's electricity anyway?
There are only four fundamental forces
in the universe?
-Gravity, electromagnetism…
-What's five plus three?
So, that's what electricity is.
And then there is the strong force
and the weak force?
I don't understand a thing.
It's so hilarious.
In other words,
electricity is the most essential power
in the universe.
This is just so exciting.
I woke up naked in this primitive land
all by myself.
After one year and four months,
we have finally made it.
The foundation of science.
This is it.
I'm off to a good start.
All right!
There is electricity in the Stone Age.
That's unexpected.
Right, Tsukasa?
That's what happened, Suika.
This man, Tsukasa,
was behind Senku's murder.
But I'm not dead yet.
That guy is bad news.
He wants to stop
the development of science.
He got rid of Senku with a straight face
in order to achieve his goal.
Like I said, I'm not dead yet.
That means Tsukasa is a bad guy
and that makes Gen his accomplice, right?
It means Gen is a bad guy too!
That's weird.
But Gen helped us by stopping Magma.
He's a good person.
He's neither good nor bad.
He's just a sneaky little bat
who is full of bullshit.
It doesn't matter
if Gen Asagiri is good or bad.
Our only option is to recruit him
to join the Kingdom of Science.
We have to get him to send
a false message to Tsukasa.
"Senku is definitely dead."
That's the only way we can win.
Hey, did you hear that, Gen?
You saw it too, didn't you?
That powerful light of science!
I don't care who wins or loses.
Tsukasa versus Senku.
Who cares if either
Tsukasa or Senku has the edge?
The Kingdom of Science
is obviously more fun!
The youngsters are so passionate.
What a shame.
I don't have such passion, Chrome.
I'm the world's most shallow man.
I only care about my personal interest.
What is this?
Is this a prank?
Didn't the manager stop them?
I told them I'm a mentalist,
so I only work as the prankster.
Today is 5,739 AD.
But you're still 19 years old.
Wait. Aren't you…
from the TV special
on psychological magic?
You were on screen with me, weren't you?
That's right.
You're the Strongest High School Primate.
Tsukasa Shishio.
Over here…
Well, I've gathered the stone statues
of the people who needed to be revived
including you.
We don't need
those dirty old people with powers
in this beautiful Stone World.
Let's create a new world together.
I'm interested in your skill
as a mentalist.
I need your help with something.
I want you to track down a person
and figure out their psychology.
I'm just being extra careful.
There is this guy named Senku.
If he's still alive,
please find him.
Senku was the first person
who was de-petrified.
He made a cure to undo petrification
using the power of science.
He was also the man who revived me.
he's planning to revive all mankind
including those tainted old men
and tries to develop a civilization
that creates weapons of science.
I've killed the world's smartest man
with my own hands.
Who are you?
What's that noise?
Hey, Gen! Are you all right?
It's no use.
He obviously died instantly.
This is bad!
No, wait.
He guarded himself
with bags of fake blood.
It's all over his body!
This guy is really something.
He prepared these in advance
for safety precaution!
That's amazing.
You're a magician through and through.
Although he had that fake blood bags
for protection,
he's badly injured.
Damn it.
We must catch the perpetrator!
But who would be so cruel?
I'm going to investigate it!
This is bad!
I know who did it!
Well done, Great Detective Suika.
I know who's behind Gen Asagiri's murder.
Look, he isn't dead yet.
So, who did it?
He is…
I've killed the sorcerer.
I, Magma,
am the most powerful man now!
Fighting sorcery is no more
of a challenge than twisting a baby's arm.
All right. I got it.
Actually, it would be best
if I could get rid of Kohaku.
But she leaves no openings.
Kohaku is really strong for a woman.
That must be the power of sorcery.
But the powerful sorcerer
by Kohaku's side is dead now.
Now, she's just an ordinary girl.
If she apologizes tearfully to me,
I will consider accepting her
along with Ruri.
That's right.
Both the sisters can be your women.
How fortunate of them!
This is really bad news!
That bastard.
I see.
Gen made the flowers disappear
in front of Magma and his friends.
From Magma's perspective,
Gen seems more like the rumored sorcerer
that I brought here.
So, Magma mistook Gen for Senku.
That's why he assaulted him?
But Magma actually thought
that my strength came from sorcery.
Yes, Kohaku is like a real gorilla.
A really great one at that.
I'm sorry.
So, why is Magma looking
for an opportunity to kill you, Kohaku?
It's probably because…
No, it must be because of…
the Grand Bout Tournament.
In our village,
there's a martial arts contest
held once in every generation
known as the Grand Bout Tournament.
So, that's what that arena-looking thing
on the far island is for.
This happened a few months ago.
It was the village priestess's birthday,
the day Ruri became an adult.
The champion will marry the priestess
and become the village chief.
That's how my dad,
the current village chief, became one.
The winner is Magma.
Magma made it to the finals.
That's awesome.
Magma is very strong!
That's right!
Ruri, are you all right?
Hold on!
You're not allowed
to go near the priestess.
She can only live for a year at most.
I'm not planning to take care of her.
She can just die
and I'll become the village chief.
It's best if it can be staged
as a suicide out of despair
due to her chronic illness.
I surrender.
The champion of the Grand Bout Tournament
is Kohaku.
I'll never let Ruri be
with a man like you!
Damn it, Kohaku.
She took part in the tournament
because of this.
What should we do?
The rule is that the champion
has to marry Ruri.
Ruri and Kohaku?
Both sisters will marry each other?
It's forbidden love!
-That hurts!
-How is that possible?
What do we do
about Lady Ruri's marriage partner?
That's why your dad,
the village chief, disowned you?
No, but that was the last straw.
Kohaku caused a lot of trouble
since she was a kid.
They will have to hold
another Grand Bout Tournament again.
It's next month.
So, Magma killed Gen
because he wanted
to win the Grand Bout Tournament?
Is Gen really dead?
No, he's not.
But things will be bad
if Magma becomes the village chief.
If Magma became the village chief,
I wouldn't get the chance
to give Ruri the medicine
even if I made it.
It's also an opportunity.
If a man from the Kingdom of Science
defeats Magma, wins the tournament,
marries Ruri,
and becomes the village chief,
it will solve everything.
Rounding up citizens
for the Kingdom of Science
and giving Ruri the cure-all drug
would be easy.
Kinro, Ginro,
I have something to ask you.
What do you think about Ruri?
Do you want to marry her?
No, I've never thought about it.
But Ruri…
Lady Ruri is adorable.
But her face is similar to yours.
She is busty…
I mean she's elegant, cute,
and she has big eyes.
You're only commenting on her appearance.
Is the girls' appearance
the only thing you see?
Ginro, you're a horrible person.
I told you. She's busty…
I did mention that she's elegant too.
My answer is simple.
Guards must not ask questions
and answer them.
Rules are rules.
But it's not against the rules
if I talk to myself.
I understand it now.
Senku isn't an evil person.
As usual, save the explanation.
What's your motive?
I want my sister to live.
You don't need to explain further.
Too shallow!
Do you think
you can take Magma down this way?
Let me get some rest!
No, rest after three more rounds!
Hold on!
Actually, I wanted to train you.
But only Kinro and Ginro
stand a chance to defeat Magma.
I'm sorry.
"Chrome, I know you like Ruri!
But I chose Kinro and Ginro
to fight the battle and marry Ruri.
I'm so sorry."
That was what she really meant.
You're being too straightforward
like you usually do.
What a spectacular view!
Hey, Ruri!
It's all right.
Is it your illness again?
Chrome, they said that
my illness can't be cured.
They said I won't make it to adulthood.
Leave it to me, Ruri. I'll try everything!
One day,
I'll be able to cure you for sure.
Sure. I'm totally okay with that.
If I can make the cure-all drug
with science
so she can have a happy life,
there is nothing more I can ask for.
After all, I'm a genius scientist.
So, you've gone from a sorcerer
to a scientist?
Yes, I won't relate things
to sorcery anymore.
Leave the Grand Bout Tournament
to the battle team.
The science team should focus
on creating the sulfa drug.
All right!
I plan to join
the Grand Bout Tournament too.
Kinro, Ginro, and me
from the Kingdom of Science team
must stop Magma from winning.
Gen, are you all right?
Looking at his condition,
it's going to take some time
before he recovers.
In other words…
That's right.
We have a short time limit
before Tsukasa comes to kill me.
I haven't had enough sleep.
Wake up, Ginro.
Didn't we agree to have morning training
before the shift handover?
This is bad!
Gen is missing!
I see. So, he has gone back to Tsukasa?
But why would he leave quietly?
Is that sneaky little bat
going to tell Tsukasa
that Senku is still alive?
This is bad, Senku.
We have to go after him then.
Wait, Tsukasa!
It's me!
I found a primitive village.
I had a fight with them
and suffered an injury.
the Senku that you're looking for…
We must quickly catch
that sneaky little bat.
Senku, why did you stop me?
We must catch him at once--
Don't bother. It's going to be fine.
If Gen wasn't interested in science,
he would have never helped us
in the first place.
When I made electricity,
Gen has already decided
whose side he was going to take.
It's just that
this superficial guy
has his own way of doing things.
Men are troublesome.
It's the same no matter which era it is.
After eating this,
it makes me crave for a drink.
Something like cola.
In this Stone World,
are you able to make it, Senku?
I would like a bottle of cola.
Yes, I can.
Everything is possible with me around.
As for Senku…
There was no sign of him at all.
He must be dead.
Will Gen join the Kingdom of Science?
That's right.
He'll surely make it back here safely.
The first battle between Tsukasa Empire
and the Kingdom of Science.
The fight for Gen Asagiri.
The Kingdom of Science won.
Gen is indeed a good person!
An alliance is formed
with a bottle of cola.
The world's flimsiest alliance.
A bottle of cola isn't enough.
At least make me an icy cold cola.
All right then.
I'll have to make Gen a very chilled
bottle of cola using science for him
just in time when he gets back.
Subtitle translation by: Angel Choo
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