Dr. Stone (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Clear World

Your attacks are too shallow!
One of us must win
the Grand Bout Tournament
so Ruri will get the cure-all drug!
All right then.
While Gen pulls the wool
over Tsukasa's eyes,
we'll make this cure-all drug.
All right!
What will we make with science?
When building a civilization,
there is one material
equally as valuable as iron.
The first man-made material in history
synthesized using science.
And that is glass.
What's that?
Now that we have electricity,
shouldn't we start
making all sorts of medicine?
That's right.
Clay pots aren't going to cut it
if we want to make
the cure-all sulfa drug.
Glass can contain just about any chemical.
Glass is the foundation of chemistry.
It's ten billion percent simple
to process,
yet it's incomparably tough
and super strong!
It's completely transparent,
so you can see the drug through it.
That's amazing!
once we have glass,
we can get rid of that annoying mask,
so we can see what Great Detective Suika
really looks like.
Senku, wait!
Suika said she doesn't want anyone
to see her face.
Take a good look.
Oh my! Suika!
You're so adorable!
-What's happening?
-What's happening?
My eyes have this fuzzy sickness.
Everything looks fuzzy to me.
I have to squint to see clearly,
so I end up looking like this.
It's embarrassing.
But when I wear this mask,
it's somehow a little easier to see!
That's the pinhole effect.
If you look at an object
through a small hole,
the light passing through it narrows,
bringing it into focus.
What does glass have to do
with Suika's fuzzy sickness?
It's ten billion percent
have something to do with it.
Listen, Suika.
You are nearsighted.
It's neither a disease nor a defect.
Nobody would care about that
in a scientifically-civilized world.
We have eyes of science, made from glass.
They are called glasses
and they solve everything.
A scientist can even make eyes?
That's amazing!
To tell you the truth,
I wanted to see the world clearly
even if it's just once.
I want to see everyone clearly.
I want to see
how everyone really looks like
even if it's just once.
All right.
Then let's make this thing called glass!
Yes. What should we get, Senku?
The main ingredient of glass
is a type of sand named quartz sand.
Chrome, don't you have that
in your collection?
Well, I don't collect sand.
I saw a hint that will lead us
to quartz sand though.
It's right here.
This is where I found
this translucent rock as a kid.
Such a simple piece of information
is worth a million to me.
That so-called translucent rock,
or crystal,
can be found in areas
of decayed granite like this.
all the sand around here
is the raw material to make glass.
Quartz sand.
This is amazing.
The white grains
are falling out like crazy!
This is so much fun!
We are going to get loads of it.
Get as many translucent ones as you can.
Grind up your quartz sand into finer grit.
Then we mix it with other stuff
and melt it in the kin.
What about other materials?
We've already gathered the ingredients.
Thanks to all of our efforts so far.
Calcium carbonate.
Which is ten percent of seashells.
Twenty percent cooked seaweed.
We used all this stuff when we made soap.
Here it is! Galena!
I have lead now!
Add some lead in it
and we have super see-through lens glass.
It's gleaming and translucent like ice!
It's like a gem.
What's this weird tool?
Polishing glass manually
can be excruciating.
Speaking about polishing,
this is where that super-solid stone,
the great corundum comes in.
Glass has a Mohs hardness of about six,
while corundum's is nine.
That makes it easier to polish.
-Another talk about stones?
-Diamond's is ten, the hardest one.
-I just can't keep up with it.
-Diamond must be really tough!
can you see what's in front of you?
They are just sunflowers.
It's not like I can't see completely.
I knew it.
Your last hit was too shallow!
Kinro, that is your bad habit.
Distance is crucial in spear fighting.
Without a sense of distance,
you can never win over Magma!
What can you do though, right?
I mean,
you have the fuzzy sickness.
That's why you always wear
such a menacing look.
I'm born with that.
I don't get it.
If I were you,
I would tell her right away,
"It's not my fault, it's my eyes.
I'm actually stronger than this."
A real man doesn't make excuses.
Don't tell anyone about it, Ginro.
Senku, Chrome,
I didn't expect you to be so handsome.
What do you mean by that? Damn it.
After this, we'll make some glassware.
Now that we've upgraded
Suika's labor potential,
we can start put together a chemical set.
Don't call her "labor potential"!
Say something nicer instead!
Why are you laughing?
It's time for our fun glasswork class!
Yes! Let's make a lot of them!
Just add these black stones, right?
More black stones are coming right up!
You're getting quicker, Suika.
I'm not as careless
because my eyes aren't fuzzy anymore.
There are white bubbles coming out.
This is the foam that is created
when you burn obsidian.
We're using the foam as insulation
to make a glassblowing furnace.
we'll make an iron blowpipe,
then we blow up the glass with air
and that's it.
Well, it's just our first try.
When I first started making clay pots,
it took months before they looked decent.
We don't have so much time!
Ruri is getting worse too.
We're not glass craftsmen.
We can only keep trying.
Hey! Stop this, Chrome!
Who's that old man?
I'm so sorry, Mr. Kaseki,
but we really need your expertise.
You must be out of your mind
to ask someone for help
by tying him up using a rope!
I absolutely refuse to get involved
in any kind of sorcery!
He just won't come and help us.
Mr. Kaseki.
I almost forgot
to return the lacquer to you.
Is that so?
Did you make that?
That long-lasting, durable shield,
in an environment
with no iron tools and dye.
I gave it to Kohaku's dad, Kokuyo,
when he won the Grand Bout Tournament.
I went all-out when I made it.
Those were the days.
The construction is ridiculously advanced
for the technology.
So, I figured that there could be
a highly-skilled craftsman among you.
I didn't expect him
to be such a senile old man.
Did you also make that wooden bridge?
Yes, that's right.
You took the planks down without asking.
So, there is no way in hell
that I'll help you…
What's this translucent stonework here?
If you won't help, then fine.
Just sit down there and watch
as I show you something great.
Kaseki, this stuff is going to be
ten billion percent
exciting for you.
Heat makes it pliable and soft.
It's like blubber.
It's easy to mold!
Oh no. It's too thick.
What are you doing? My goodness!
He's not spinning it steadily.
That's why it didn't come out nicely.
Wait, did he do all this
just to make me help out?
I can't stand it.
A dedicated craftsman like you
isn't going to stay put in front of
something as fascinating as glassblowing.
I bet you can't sit still anymore,
Mr. Kaseki?
My goodness! I can't take it anymore!
I accept your challenge!
Leave this to me.
There is no way he could be that buffed.
Suika, water.
Here you go, sir.
Amazing! He's incredible!
Mr. Kaseki,
isn't this your first time seeing glass?
His years of experience in craftwork
is on another level.
I've been a craftsman for 50 years,
you know.
Aren't I amazing?
There are people like you in every age.
People with true talent who have spent
their whole lives
dedicated to craftsmanship.
-All right!
Hey. What's wrong, Senku?
We worked hard to build a laboratory.
You should be more happy.
Yes, we deserve a pat on the back.
Next, it will be the dawn of chemistry.
Things are starting to look
quite nice here.
Our Kingdom of Science
is going to be ten billion times more fun
than that Tsukasa Empire.
It has been a while!
It's me, Senku Robot.
Here is an overview
of the Kingdom of Science!
This is the base camp of the kingdom.
It has a huge collection of minerals that
Chrome has collected since he was a kid.
They are all wonderful treasures!
And as you know, the scientific gourmet,
wild fox millet ramen.
I can eat bowl after bowl!
It's so incredible!
We rely on having power in numbers
to make iron.
It operates at 1,500 degrees Celsius
and beyond.
That was really tiring.
To defeat Magma,
these are the training grounds of hell!
it's just a normal training ground.
Friendship, effort, and victory!
You're not one to talk!
You are really horrible, Ginro!
A fully man-powered generator
that is really eco-friendly.
Blowing glass
with the skill of an artisan.
It bends like clay.
The scorching hot glass is cooled slowly
so that it doesn't crack.
And next is laboratory.
With all kinds of insane chemicals,
we'll move forward on the path
of making the sulfa drug.
What a view.
The Kingdom of Science
is getting more incredible.
We have only made the bare necessities.
We wouldn't get anywhere
if we were missing any one of these.
Was the technology even more incredible
before the world collapsed?
It took two million years to get there.
Now, we must catch up with it
and surpass it.
Our first step
is the cure-all sulfa drug.
The sorcery team is so lucky.
They look like they are having so much fun
with shiny stuff.
While we…
Hey, Kinro.
What if…
What if the spear tip were shiny?
Maybe it will give your fuzzy vision
a better sense of distance
so you'll fight better.
What are you rambling about,
Hey, speaking of shiny…
Don't you think we should have
a golden spear and silver spear?
But only for
the Grand Bout Tournament, okay?
We need it to win, right?
I don't know much about combat,
but they say they can defeat Magma
with gold and silver spears.
Are they serious?
Senku, to borrow your words,
they just ten billion percent want
gold and silver spears.
I mean,
now that you have
all this thing called glass
and an amazing research laboratory,
I'm sure you can make me a silver spear.
And then taking down Magma
will be a walk in the park.
That's right.
Now that we have glassware,
we can finally brace ourselves
to get the most difficult material
to obtain in creating the cure-all drug.
All right.
Our laboratory's first development
will be the silver spear.
I'm sorry, Kinro.
Maybe it's because I'm cuter.
You don't look cute at all, idiot.
This could literally cost you your life,
In search of the greatest treasure
in the history of chemistry,
a great adventure shall begin.
You'll have to risk your life
in the ultimate danger zone
where you might die on the spot.
Subtitle translation by: CL Tan
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