Dr. Stone (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Buddies Back to Back

This fine, hair-like thing
is going to turn into silver?
I thought they were roots
from some plants.
That's the material for my silver spear.
Oh my!
Science is really strange.
By the way,
Kinro, you already have your gold spear.
I'm sorry I didn't notice.
Who would have thought we would only get
a silver spear and not a gold one?
Ginro, stop yapping and step it up!
Come to think of it,
why are we only going to make
a silver spear?
Because it's needed to obtain
a very dangerous and precious ingredient.
All right! At last, I have a silver spear!
Thank you, Senku!
You don't have to thank me at all.
I didn't make it for you.
Let's go.
Ginro, you will be the team's bodyguard.
The bodyguard.
I'm the bodyguard, Ginro!
-Ginro the bodyguard!
Isn't this the hot spring
where I usually draw the hot water?
I came all prepared because you said
it was going to be really dangerous.
The danger is right up ahead.
Stop playing and point your spear forward.
The spear serves as our sensor.
That is what I made it for.
Look at the blade closely.
If this silver blade turns black…
What does that mean?
It means you'll die
in a few seconds.
You need to get away within 0.1 seconds.
We'll all run too.
The enemy we're about to go up against
will kill us if we make just one mistake.
This is the greatest hurdle
in making sulfa drugs.
There is not even one fish in this river.
Yes, nothing but emerald green liverwort.
There is no doubt about it.
Our destination is upstream.
The greatest hurdle is up ahead too?
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's not black yet.
It's okay.
A sensor isn't supposed to be
at the back of the group!
Ginro, you moron!
You said I could get killed,
so I'm scared!
I can switch roles with you.
Give me the silver spear.
No way! Let me do it!
I'll do it!
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Senku. Kohaku.
We're here, Senku.
Just as expected.
We have found the source of the materials
that were our greatest hurdle.
I don't even know
what we are going to get here,
but I can tell that this is the spot.
It's divinely beautiful beyond comparison.
An entire spring of emerald green.
What's wrong, Senku?
Isn't this the spot?
Nothing. It's definitely here.
This is perfect.
We're here to extract the green water
from this lake.
But the terrain is bugging me.
The toxic gasses released in this area,
hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide,
are heavier than the air.
They settle in dips like this one.
So that silver spear can sense
these toxic gasses?
The silver will turn black instantly
when reacts to hydrogen sulfide…
Ginro, come back here!
How did you know?
One more step
and you'll fall asleep forever!
-Go away!
-Calm down! There's no one else here.
There is no one else here, Ginro!
The bird's wing
is melted.
What kind of lake is this, Senku?
There is a type of drug that was created
in an alchemy lab in the eighth century
that became the cornerstone
of the chemical industry in our era.
It's sulfuric acid.
So we have to get this sulfuric acid
to make Ruri's cure-all drug?
I'm afraid so.
Besides, we need to secure a source
of sulfuric acid
or chemistry won't develop any further.
It looks like we can only force our way
to obtain it.
I'm ready to give up my life
to save Ruri's life.
I think I'm fast enough…
This is something that happened
during my time,
but there was a team of researchers who
visited a sulfuric acid zone like this.
The man who led them knelt down
just to tighten his shoelace.
Are you okay, Professor?
He died.
There was hydrogen sulfide
at his head's height when he knelt.
This is something that really happened.
It means nature can kill humans
within seconds if it wants to.
You can't just overcome it
by moving faster, Kohaku.
Then what should we do, Senku?
I want to save Ruri no matter what!
Isn't it obvious?
Of course we have to make gas masks first.
In order to defeat our chemical foe,
we must fight it with chemistry.
We'll have to see how much poison
we can breathe through this.
But there is no room
for trial and error this time.
One tiny slip and we die.
Next is my mask--
No need for that.
I don't need you to collect sulfuric acid.
Stay here.
What? What do you mean--
Shut up and listen to me!
This gas mask can't guarantee your safety.
If we both, the scientists, die,
who's going to save Ruri?
All humans will die one day.
But their wisdom must live on.
They are passed down without failure
for two million years.
Listen up, Chrome.
I'm going to pass down
all the science I know,
all two million years
of human civilization to you right now.
Hold on! Why all of a sudden?
You're asking me to succeed you.
It's really freaking me out!
Well, aren't you kind?
You're not even my girlfriend.
So, don't worry.
It's not like I want to die.
in order to cure Ruri's illness,
we can charge into the poison gas
and get some sulfuric acid.
If the worst happens to both of us,
in that instant,
all science will disappear
from the face of the Earth.
So, I have to stay back
in case you get killed, Senku?
It's so you can carry on
my scientific legacy.
If that's the case,
I refuse to succeed you!
Are you throwing a childish tantrum
just because you're made to stay?
That's not it!
I have no intention
of helping you with a plan
that makes it okay for my friend to die!
Too bad though.
I'm not willing to inherit your wisdom.
So Senku, if you die,
science dies too!
You're ten billion percent
will come back in one piece!
why are you, the key figure of science,
take on such a dangerous task?
Just use me or someone else.
that's what you would call "logical."
And yet you said, "Chrome, stay here."
You seem to think you need to protect me.
I'm not your little boy.
Don't underestimate me, you jerk.
I've never underestimated you, fool.
My reasoning is logical.
I know everything about
how the gas mask works
and the materials we're going to get,
so it gives me
the highest probability of success.
That's all.
That's not going to give us
the highest probability of success!
We're both scientists,
so we should go together.
If anything happens,
we can save one another.
Am I wrong?
By that time, the poisonous gas
might have already killed us.
There will be no saving one another.
But who knows?
Maybe one of us might get a leg cramp.
You're right.
Although it's only 0.1 percent,
but that should raise
the chances of survival.
Taiju and Yuzuriha, was it?
They are in the Tsukasa Empire
as spies, right?
Isn't that risky?
They have your back
and you have theirs, right?
That's the same for us.
I don't work for you.
I'm working with you.
So, don't tell me that you'll protect me!
That's the wrong line!
Am I right?
Well, because of you,
I have to make another gas mask.
you may entrust your life to me.
The same goes for you, Senku.
Kohaku, now that Mom is gone,
I need to tell you something.
Do you know what is
the most important duty of the priestess?
The Hundred Stories.
These are 100 stories
that contain all sorts of wisdom
that have been passed down generations
in this village.
Please understand, Kohaku.
Ruri has only years to live.
We must never lose the Hundred Stories.
You're healthy enough
to succeed Ruri as the next priestess--
If that's the case,
I refuse to succeed her.
It's like you're saying
that it's okay if Ruri dies.
I don't like this kind of plan,
so count me out!
Where are you going, Kohaku?
If I'm in a position to take on
the priestess's role,
Ruri will have no reason to keep going.
That's right. I must make Dad dislike me.
I'll be a bad daughter.
I'll make myself completely unqualified
to be a priestess.
I'll get spring water for her treatment.
Even if it will take thousands of pots,
I must cure Ruri no matter what!
It seems that we have much in common.
If a man like you marries Ruri,
everyone will surely be happy.
But God didn't bless you
with the skills to fight.
God's not very considerate.
Going by our plan,
either Kinro or Ginro
will be wedded to Ruri.
So to make up for it,
would you like me to be your wife
since I look just like her?
You're not like her at all.
Ruri is a lady while you're a gorilla.
See? I was right about you.
What are you trying to say, Kohaku?
Don't say you've fallen for me.
No, in your dreams.
I knew it.
Then don't say
something like that anymore.
This is the same
as when we made Edison's light bulb.
First, we steam-roast some bamboo.
You can use glass for that too?
Add potassium carbonate
which is extracted from ash.
We used this to make ramen.
That gives us this black powder,
activated charcoal,
mixed well with potassium carbonate.
It will neutralize
and absorb the poison gas.
Now we have a chemical barrier
against poison gas!
Time for the two of us from the science
team have a rematch and avenge you!
We're going to get it this time.
We'll get over the greatest hurdle
for the cure-all drug, sulfuric acid.
This is totally the curse of that fairy
from the spring!
The birds died
and the spear turned black.
No! I don't want to go
to that wretched place!
Damn it, Ginro.
Hey. Let's go.
Fine. You're better off staying back.
You'll just be dragging us down.
However, this is no curse.
It's science.
Rub the black sulfuric acid sludge
with some kind of alkaline base
and it will turn silver again.
Even rubbing it against
the warm ashes will do it.
Our poison gas sensor is back!
Let's go to the sulfuric acid lake.
He died.
There are no do-overs.
Do we really stand a chance
against this instant-death poison gas?
No way!
Are you seriously just walking up to it?
If you stand around huffing
and puffing in fear,
you'll end up overwhelming
the gas mask's ability to clean the air.
It's a very simple concept.
The more you freak out,
the faster you'll die.
If you got that, hurry up.
Of course I know that!
Damn it.
Senku, I'm not like you who's…
Good grief.
Why am I sitting here, helping you again?
Senku and Chrome are really strange.
Anyone would be too scared to do it!
They could die!
My goodness! I just can't stand it!
They act all brave,
but they are actually reckless!
For a man to bail out on his team
and then speak ill of them,
I'm guessing you must feel like a loser
for being so weak.
I'm not really…
Calm down, Ginro.
You're not weak at all.
Fear is a key to survival.
Do you feel much better when I said that?
I was once a coward myself.
They are really scared inside too.
There is no one who's not scared.
That's right.
I hadn't thought about it before.
Nobody knows
that Kinro is scared deep down
because he had to fight with Magma
with his fuzzy vision.
But we try to overcome fear
for the sake of something dear to us
using reason and willpower.
I don't know what's going on,
but that's how I see it.
I want my sister to live.
Oh my.
I accidentally made an extra gas mask.
It probably won't be useful,
so I'll just leave it here.
The end of your gas mask is melting!
It's about to come loose!
That was close.
I'm glad to have him on board--
Damn it. I'm doomed.
Senku's trying to catch up to me.
Don't bother.
It's already too late.
It's all because of one tiny slip.
It's all up to you to save Ruri now.
You're so heavy!
Control your breathing, Ginro!
If you breathe in too much,
the mask won't last!
It won't last?
Is the poison gas going to kill me?
Am I going to die now?
I promise, all the activated charcoal
and potassium carbonate
will keep you safe from the poison gas
if you control your breath!
You overcame your fear.
Isn't that how you came all the way here?
That's right, Ginro.
Think with this
and with this.
No matter how powerful nature is,
nature doesn't have a heart
or a mind to think with!
That's all what
humans have going for them!
He's right.
I'm Ginro the bodyguard.
I must use my brain and heart
to overcome my fear.
The science team of Senku and me…
Together with Ginro the bodyguard…
Has overcome the greatest hurdle
to making the cure-all drug.
Sulfuric acid obtained!
-All right!
-All right!
Subtitle translation by: CL Tan
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