Dr. Stone (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

Masked Warrior

You're back!
We got sulfuric acid,
the most difficult material to obtain!
Can we finally make
the cure-all drug for Ruri then?
No, we still have a long way to go.
Didn't you see it too?
That super complicated roadmap
he drew for the cure-all drug.
That roadmap where you don't see
where it leads?
Not necessarily.
We've gathered most of the things we need.
Since we've gathered the materials,
we just need to do what is left
on the roadmap one by one
and work our way towards the goal.
Let's start completing them
in one go today.
Time for mad chemical cooking!
This is so exciting!
First, boil up the sulfuric acid
and add a little bit of salt.
This glass bottle is so weirdly-shaped.
There is even a stick in the middle.
I can't believe he asked me
to make such a troublesome thing.
Now I'm curious about what it's for.
It's a water dripping machine.
You'll use it to collect the gas produced
by the mixture of sulfuric acid and salt?
We have hydrochloric acid now.
Hydrochloric acid?
This chemical is a bit dangerous.
You might become blind
if it gets into your eyes.
Next, heat the hot spring specialty,
sulfur, from the sulfuric acid lake.
Boil it and pour it
into the hydrochloric acid we just made.
We have chlorosulfonic acid now.
What acid?
It's a very dangerous chemical.
If it gets on your skin,
you'll turn into a scary zombie.
It smells like a swimming pool.
Separate the saltwater with electricity.
We have sodium hydroxide now.
It's a very dangerous chemical.
The triads use it to dissolve corpses.
I see.
Chemicals that can blind you, turn you
into a zombie, and dissolve your corpse.
I see.
Are you planning to make Ruri eat that?
Of course not.
I'm just using them to make medicine.
Don't worry.
The next one isn't a dangerous chemical.
-Let's collect ammonia.
We have ammonia now.
Are you planning to make Ruri drink that?
Of course not.
I told you that it's for making medicine.
All right, we're more than halfway there.
There are only three items left.
Acetic anhydride,
sodium bicarbonate, aniline.
That sounds like a spell.
We need alcohol
to make these three ingredients.
In other words,
if we could just get some wine,
we'll have the ultimate cure-all,
sulfa drugs.
So let's make wine now!
But making wine takes a bit of time.
We can use all the help we can get…
What are you talking about?
As long as you win
the Grand Bout Tournament tomorrow,
the village will give you
an endless supply of wine.
Wait. Tomorrow is
the Grand Bout Tournament?
The timing is too perfect.
As long as either Kinro or Ginro wins,
we can get wine.
We can also give Ruri the cure-all drug!
Yes, we must win the Grand Bout Tournament
no matter what happens.
It's finally time.
Your husband, the new village chief,
will be chosen tomorrow.
Isn't that right, Ruri?
-I'm sorry!
Are all the preparations done
for the Grand Bout Tournament?
Yes, sir.
Well, I think so.
Actually, the preparations are done.
It's just that…
Why is Kohaku joining again?
Stop her!
Anyone 14 years old and above
and single can join.
We can't change the rules
of the sacred Grand Bout Tournament.
Besides, who would have thought
that a girl will participate?
It doesn't matter.
Regardless, a man who can't even
defeat a woman
can't become the village chief.
there's actually another issue.
We have one more participant.
Senku is joining
the Grand Bout Tournament too?
I signed him up!
Senku is a single man
who is over 14 years old too.
There is no rule stating
that only villagers can join after all.
Senku, Ginro,
when did you become so close?
Did they become friends
because they are both jerks?
But Senku,
with your fighting skills…
I'm not planning to win.
It's a win for me if I can tire out
our opponents.
And think about it,
if we fight one of our own…
I'll poke you.
I accept my defeat.
Isn't it easy to win the round then?
Wouldn't it be better
if more of us joined?
Wait. Isn't that cheating?
Ginro, you're terrible.
Anyway, no matter what the reason is,
rules are rules.
I would never cheat and lose purposely.
-Go ahead.
-Go ahead.
Kinro, you're our biggest chance
of winning against Magma anyway.
Just preserve your energy and win.
You don't need to cheat.
We're the ones who want to admit defeat.
Is there any problem with that?
Your facial expressions are evil.
Kohaku, what do you think?
Are you fine with tarnishing
the tournament by rigging it?
Well, it doesn't matter to me.
As long as Ruri's chances
of survival increase, it's all good.
After being here almost half a year,
This is my first time
entering the village.
This is the first step.
Is that the outsider who is going to
participate in the Grand Bout Tournament?
His name is Senku.
You said that outsider's name is Senku?
What's the matter?
Have you met him before, Ruri?
No, I haven't.
It's impossible for me to have met him.
But even so,
I know Senku.
Many years ago…
No, perhaps an even longer time than that.
I've known him for a long time.
You're Senku?
You're the high priestess, Ruri?
We finally met.
There is something I must ask you.
what's your surname?
-A surname is what follows your name--
-Yes, I know that.
There is no surname culture
in this village.
How does this girl know that?
Could it be that
you're Ishi--
Lady Ruri!
don't come near the high priestess.
We shouldn't have let her go outside.
Take her inside.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I have a lot of questions too.
After the Grand Bout Tournament,
I'll ask her.
This is great.
I don't need to kill Ruri myself.
It seems like she will die immediately
after getting married.
Magma, I won't spare you!
That's not a bad form for Chrome.
Chrome has been training
with that target all day.
I'm practicing hitting Magma's weak spot.
His weak spot? You don't mean…
That's right, his private parts.
I agree.
Since our objective is to weaken
our opponent,
we should aggressively strike
the opponent's groin.
You're beyond a tomboy or a fierce woman.
How should I describe you?
You're good at fighting.
Even if I have no chance of winning at all
before Kinro and Ginro fight with Magma,
I must wound him a bit at least.
That's the only thing I can do!
In that case,
the lineup is very important.
Let's rig it!
Make a match-up that will let us rig it!
-Let's rig it.
-Yes. Screw fair fights.
The Kingdom of Science must use
wisdom and technique in fighting.
Dominate the Grand Bout Tournament
through strategy.
We'll rig it so that
Kinro gets to the top unscathed
and pits him against an exhausted Magma.
That means Kinro and Magma
should be in different groups.
But if I can win against Magma
in the first round,
that would be a lot easier.
That's right.
If you win the final round,
they must have the tournament again.
When it comes to drawing straws,
all we can do is pray to God.
Kohaku and Magma start off together.
No Kinro-and-Magma matchups.
-It sounds like a tongue twister.
-Kohaku and Magma start off together.
No Kinro-and-Magma matchups.
Kohaku and Magma…
It's the tournament lineup.
Kohaku and Magma start off together.
No Kinro-and-Magma matchups.
Kohaku and Magma start off together.
No Kinro-and-Magma matchups!
The first round
of the Grand Bout Tournament is…
Kinro versus Magma.
Oh no.
This is bad.
This is really bad!
My prayers backfired!
Damn it, we're so unlucky!
We had no choice then.
Luck isn't a concept
that a scientist should have.
Even if we were dealt a bad hand,
we must do everything we can.
A rigged Grand Bout Tournament
is won by doping.
This is the Kingdom of Science's
power-up drink.
Another drink that looks very suspicious.
Did you put dangerous chemicals inside?
Unfortunately, it's very healthy.
The ingredients are tea leaves,
honey, and dwarf sweet flag.
Caffeine is a stimulant,
the dwarf sweet flag will keep you cool,
and honey increases blood sugar.
It's a power booster in Stone World.
Why did you finish all of it?
Is there none left?
What can I do?
If you lose to Magma,
I must fight him.
I can't believe
he even ate the ingredients raw.
The dwarf sweet flag is all gone.
Is that the grass
that's growing all over the river?
I'll go and get some for you!
Even if I can't participate
in the tournament,
I can still help you!
But think about it.
Wouldn't it be best
if you join the tournament on my behalf?
This is bad!
Bad news!
Suika went to get herbs by the river.
She's drowning!
You're the quickest, Kohaku!
You should go and help her now!
She'll die!
I'm ten billion percent sure
that you're lying.
I'm not lying.
I happened to see her
when I was walking by the river.
If you happen to pass by
and see her drowning,
how would you know
that she went there to get herbs?
If you want to trick the science team,
try after ten billion years, idiot.
Even if we know that he's lying,
what if it's true?
Suika would be in danger.
you're our last line of defense
for defeating Magma.
If you leave now--
But I'm the only one fast enough
to save Suika.
Even if we know that he's lying,
I must go to the river and take a look.
Mantle, you despicable man.
Oh no!
First round.
Kinro and Magma, come forward.
But Kohaku went to save Suika.
If Kohaku doesn't return in time
for her match in round three,
she will be disqualified.
Damn it.
Come back soon, Kohaku.
Good job, Mantle.
As they say, "Err on the side of caution."
With Kohaku gone,
no one can defeat me.
Ruri's husband and the next village chief
will be me.
if you surrender now,
I'll make you my right-hand man.
I don't dislike strong men.
Lick my shoes in front of everyone now.
That's the proof that you're on my side.
even if what you say is true,
I'll never surrender to you.
Even in the midst
of this corrupt Grand Bout Tournament,
I will still choose to fight head-on.
I'm not my old self anymore.
How can a man who has never defeated me
to be someone different?
For the sake of my friends,
I must win.
First-round, Magma versus Kinro.
Your filthy greed is nothing
compared to what motivates me!
Kinro, when have you become so strong?
Amazing! He's an even match for Magma.
He might have a chance!
He's doing ten billion percent better
than I thought he would.
This is the result
of the battle team's special training.
What are you so pleased about, Ginro?
As the last resort…
Hey, Mantle.
Jasper is a strict judge.
He won't let you get away with that.
-You can do it, Kinro!
-Good luck!
All right!
I just want to use the stone
as a musical instrument
and cheer for them.
Mantle tied me up so tight!
I can't free myself at all.
I must return to where everyone is quick!
Magma distanced himself from his opponent.
He always just goes by brute force.
It's my first time seeing Magma
being serious.
Oh no. If he distances himself…
Kinro keeps squinting hard.
Suika, are you okay?
That bastard, Mantle, was lying
when he said that you were drowning.
Kinro must be suffering from fuzzy vision.
I can tell because I have it too.
What's with that jab?
It's too shallow!
Oh no. That was a direct hit!
This is bad.
I can't move.
No, it's not over yet.
What I'm doing is important!
What's going on? How did you get in here?
It's finally time for me to be of help!
Are you still going to struggle, Kinro?
I like you even more.
I want you to be my right-hand man.
I'm going to use this hill to gain speed!
lick my shoes.
This is the eyes of science,
-Who's that suspicious guy?
-Who's that suspicious guy?
What's with that silly mask?
My vision…
Is this science?
He dodged all of them!
How exactly did you do that?
Thank you,
Let me tell you, Magma.
If I used science
to overcome my eye sickness,
I would have defeated you
a long time ago!
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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