Dr. Stone (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

Master of Flame

Thank you,
Let me tell you, Magma.
If I used science
to overcome my eye sickness,
I would have defeated you
a long time ago!
Kinro is incredible!
I can't believe
that he knocked down Magma.
Mr. Magma!
That was so cool, Kinro!
But speaking while wearing that mask
is not very convincing.
Magma is also drained.
Kinro will surely win!
Doesn't that mean
that we'll be the champions?
Ruri will be able to take
the cure-all drug then.
Is your watermelon mask sorcery?
Isn't that against the rules?
You're right.
Although the round may be over,
we should still check
if any rule was broken.
I can't move or even speak anymore.
This fight is over.
Ask the judge, Jasper, yourself.
If both sides agree,
I'll admit defeat.
Even if I can't hear what they are saying,
I think Magma seems nicer.
Suika threw this mask into the ring
to help me.
I knew that, yet I still put it on.
If it's against the rules,
that means I lose.
Rules are rules.
Damn it.
Don't say things
that aren't beneficial to yourself.
Kinro is so straitlaced.
She didn't throw it into the ring
to attack your opponent.
A mask is just an accessory,
so there is no problem--
I knew you would ask the judge.
That's because you're a fool
who doesn't bend the rules!
The winner is Magma!
Damn it. That guy played dirty!
I'm sorry.
I'm glad you're still alive!
We had no choice then.
This is a team battle.
We'll win as long as someone
can defeat Magma.
That fight just now has already caused
a lot of damage to Magma.
That's the most important thing.
Second round.
Chrome and Mantle, come forward.
The problem is in the next round.
I'm coming.
If Kohaku doesn't come back
before the second round is over,
she'll be disqualified.
Yes, I know that.
Where is Kohaku?
Where did Kohaku go?
She rushed out earlier because she said
that she wants to save you.
I'll go and find her!
Stay put.
You don't have your glasses on you.
It's too late even if you go now.
We can only wait.
I have to buy as much time as I can
even just for one second.
After seeing Kinro and Magma's
intense fight…
It's like kids fighting.
All the best to you two!
That guy isn't a threat at all.
Even if he wins this,
I can defeat him in an instant.
Right now.
Hey! Don't look away!
I admit defeat.
The winner is Chrome.
This is bad.
Third round.
Since Kohaku is absent,
the winner is Senku.
She didn't make it.
Damn it,
you were so close!
I'm sorry!
-It's all because Mantle captured me--
-Thank goodness!
I'm so glad he was lying.
As long as you didn't drown,
that's already enough.
It's all my fault.
I'm sorry.
You lost because of me, Kohaku.
It can't be helped.
And it's not your fault at all.
Doesn't that basically settle it?
The high priestess's husband
and also the new village chief…
It's me, Magma!
You should be happy, Ruri.
From now on, you're my woman.
Without Kohaku, our last line of defense,
the Kingdom of Science's
only decent fighter
is the bodyguard, Ginro.
We only have you.
Ginro the bodyguard.
Can Ginro win against Magma?
To be honest, it would be very hard.
Didn't Senku already mention it before?
"Dominate the Grand Bout Tournament
through strategy."
The strong may not necessarily win.
Everyone must be very curious, right?
Why is my mouth so full?
Could that be…
Isn't that the main ingredient
for Senku's drink?
You kept them in your mouth
like a squirrel the whole time?
I wanted to keep them until it's my turn.
Ginro and Argo,
come forward!
I happen to know
how powerful Senku's science power is
from when we went to get sulfuric acid.
Senku's special power-up drink
might have a more potent effect
if eaten raw, right?
Don't eat it raw.
You'll only end up
with a stomachache, won't you?
At this point, let's not tell him.
I'm feeling it!
I'm feeling it.
That guy sure is impressionable.
Though I know that already.
For better or worse,
in this strategy-filled
Grand Bout Tournament,
a simpleton like him
might be the dark horse.
Fourth round. Begin!
This guy suddenly…
Every strike is very decisive.
Ginro is on fire!
Does he really thinks
that he'll become strong
after eating the herbs raw?
I think he's too excited
after having caffeine for the first time.
Going all out
because of a misunderstanding
isn't a bad thing at all.
Here I come!
It's completely useless.
What I have that you don't
is the deep belief
in the greatness of science!
Seriously, Ginro?
Seriously, Ginro?
Oh no.
Damn it.
Why can't I defeat him?
The winner is Ginro.
Where are you going, Ginro?
He must have a stomachache.
It's his fault for eating so much
of that stuff.
He's all beaten up and withered out.
This won't do.
I don't think he can fight anymore.
You should know the current situation.
If Magma advances to the finals,
it's game over for us.
The possibility of the wounded Ginro
or Senku
winning against Magma
is zero.
So, we can only rely on me to defeat Magma
in order to have
a chance to save Ruri, right?
Magma and Chrome, come forward.
As long as you defeat Magma,
the new village chief and Ruri's husband
will be you, Chrome.
If they battle head-on,
it's impossible for Chrome
to defeat Magma.
But this is a group battle.
We can only hope on the slim chance
that Kinro's attacks took a toll on him.
Chrome has also trained hard
with the target.
The God of War
is surely watching over him.
This is the semifinals.
Magma versus Chrome.
What happened to the fight
between Chrome and Magma?
This is awful.
The winner is obvious from the start.
He's intentionally toying with him.
Admit defeat!
Chrome will die!
This is bad.
This doesn't look too good,
I know you won't give up for Ruri's sake.
You're unexpectedly smart, Magma.
You muscle-brained.
This is getting exciting.
Until Ruri begs me for your sake
or before you admit defeat,
I'll beat you up
until you can never walk again.
Deadly attack. Blinding!
Deadly attack?
You must be kidding!
That's right.
It's impossible for me
to defeat Magma right from the start.
That's right.
I'm Chrome.
I'm a scientist,
-What's going on?
-What is that?
What is he doing with Suika's mask?
I thought it was something special.
Isn't that the sorcery mask I broke?
Do you think I would be scared
if you showed me that right now?
Sunny day.
I'm starting a fire
with sunlight and a lens.
I have to bet everything on this one move.
He misunderstood.
Chrome is planning to use
the lens from Suika's glasses
to burn Magma's clothes.
That's obviously what he's planning to do.
But the magnifying glass used to make fire
is a convex lens that gathers light,
but the glasses are concave lenses
that disperse light.
So, what does that mean?
I'm ten billion percent sure
that Suika's glasses can't start a fire.
I want to save Ruri.
I must win
and make this village
the Kingdom of Science.
With Senku's lens
and my determination…
You lanky monkey.
Show me what you've got.
It won't work, Chrome!
You can't start a fire
with a concave lens!
It's fine.
Don't worry, Dr. Senku.
I'm a scientist after all!
Damn it.
My arms must not shake at all!
Keep your nerves calm!
Chrome, could it be that you…
When he was lying face down on the mask,
he was dripping water
on the lens of Suika's mask.
He's literally using sweat and tears
to create a convex lens
that can start a fire.
But can he really start a fire with that?
Yes, it's called a burning lens.
There is even a case
where a lens made from
a suction cup and the air started a fire…
Gen Asagiri?
Why is that smooth talker here?
Long time no see.
Never mind what I've been up to.
Isn't Chrome the priority now?
My cola depends on the victory or defeat
of the Kingdom of Science.
You've been watching silently
for a while now, right?
How many seconds more do Chrome need
to successfully make a fire?
This is very important.
Calculating the math for that question
is not easy.
I'll calculate it for you now.
The diameter of the lens
is five centimeters.
The solar constant value is 1,362 watts
per square meter.
Damn it.
It's so hard to calculate
the heat transfer rate mentally.
It's 2.6821.
Around 2.68.
Since there is no wind,
the cooling speed is zero.
Fleece's flammability
is similar to paper's.
With a specific heat of 1.3 kilojoules,
a density of 900kg per cubic meter,
and the ignition point
is 300 degrees Celsius.
It's exactly 60 seconds.
Let the mentalist handle the rest.
All right, come on.
I'll just kill you
if you keep dilly-dallying.
You took care of me before.
Thank you for killing me.
You're the sorcerer from outside!
Why is he still alive?
Of course, it's because I used sorcery.
Magma, I've already cast a spell on you.
That spell will make your heart explode
if you move.
-Make his heart explode?
-He'll die on the spot?
This is a sorcery attack from outside.
-Isn't it against the rules?
-It is, if your heart explodes.
But if it's just a bluff,
then it's just a taunt.
There shouldn't be a problem, right?
Why don't you try moving?
See if it will explode.
-How despicable.
Magma can't move. Defeat him now.
I can't do it anymore.
I can't move from exhaustion.
Chrome, your acting skills are so bad.
It's fine.
Gen made it convincing.
Move fast!
This sorcery is very draining.
I can only do it for one minute.
Good thing you're a weakling.
Now, I just need to wait
until that sorcerer is exhausted!
Mentalist, you're good.
Magma is already greatly wounded
from Kinro's blows.
Beating up Chrome also used up
a lot of his energy.
-I know that you actually want to rest.
-I want to rest. I'm exhausted.
So I gave you
such a beautiful excuse as a present.
"The wise move is to wait
until the sorcery loses effect."
In order to justify one's laziness,
humans would even buy such obvious lies.
You've long been trapped in my magic,
-Hey, what's going on?
-Chrome, go!
Gen gave us 60 seconds.
Chrome, the rest is up to you.
Sixty seconds is under ideal conditions.
Even just the rippling of the water on
the lens can throw off the calculation.
Damn it.
The spear moves no matter
how hard I try to keep it stable.
Calm your mind.
Thank you, Chrome.
I will save Ruri.
Senku's science,
Gen's magic,
and my determination.
With our strengths combined,
the light will set a fire.
Pat it.
What's going on?
This is a flashover phenomenon.
Flame will instantly spread
on the surface of the fleece.
Magma, don't worry.
I'm not planning to kill anyone.
I'll save you in the nicest way.
The winner is Chrome.
I defeated Magma!
That means the remaining participants are…
Senku, Chrome, and Ginro.
-Only our team is left.
-He did it!
That's right.
The Kingdom of Science wins!
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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