Dr. Stone (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

The Culmination of Two Million Years

I'll leave the village first.
It's inappropriate for an outsider like me
who isn't a participant to be here,
right, Kinro the bodyguard?
We can talk about
your end of our deal
after you've won over the village,
All right.
I mean, Lady Ruri has to get married
to the winner, right?
Don't worry.
After this, Senku or I
will surrender in the finals.
The champion will be Chrome.
It's obvious.
You actually want Chrome to win, right?
-Good job finding the difference
-That hurts.
between concave and convex lenses, Chrome!
As the priestess, I can't be selfish.
I'm only a servant of God.
I can only marry the winner
of the Grand Bout Tournament.
What? I thought…
So, does that mean
you don't really care who wins?
That's right.
Ginro, read between the lines!
Lady Ruri could only say that
because of her position.
The village chief, Ginro.
The second round of the semifinals.
Senku versus Ginro.
Please step forward.
Ginro, what are you doing?
It's because Ruri said
it doesn't matter who wins!
So, I stand a chance
to be the village chief, right?
Here comes my chance!
Ginro, you jerk!
What a scumbag.
If I become the village chief,
I'll get an unlimited supply of ramen
every day!
And a harem!
In short,
I'll turn this place
into a lively village!
This is…
Anyone but him.
-He can't become the chief.
-He can't become the chief.
We need to defeat this scumbag.
But with Senku's combat power…
our weapon is science.
I had no choice then.
You're about to use
some crazy sorcery, aren't you?
Don't even think about it!
This man named Senku
is very smart.
The winner is Senku!
Ginro has been defeated!
Senku made it into the finals.
-All villagers have come together.
-That's right.
Now the village has become
the Kingdom of Science.
We can save Ruri now.
All right. Here come the finals.
After this, I'll pretend to lose.
you can then marry Ruri
and become the village chief.
That's a perfect happy ending.
Get on your feet now…
he has passed out.
Knowing there's hope for Ruri now,
he must be feeling so relieved.
In other words…
What now?
So, the finals…
The man who will become the village chief
and the priestess's husband…
The winner of the Grand Bout Tournament,
This is…
What do we do?
Gosh, this is so troublesome.
So, if Ruri and I get married,
will the whole village be mine then?
Let's get married then.
Senku is married!
In the first place, Senku,
where did you come from?
I won't approve of you, an outsider,
being the village chief!
Hey, aren't you the former village chief?
I'm not interested
in your lack of approval at all.
Whose side should we take?
Of course, Lord Kokuyo's side!
Are you a fool or something?
But he won in front of God
fair and square.
Besides, he's married to the priestess.
Anyway, I've won.
Wine! Get me the wine!
That's so arrogant!
He sounded like a real scoundrel.
We can't drink this.
It has turned into vinegar.
Don't throw it away. Let me have that too.
I'm fine.
Time is really running out.
The tournament is just over.
I don't even have time to rest.
Let's go back and make sulfa--
Hold it right there.
You're the man of the hour.
Where are you going?
Let's have a drink.
We're drinking through the night
to celebrate.
It's the tradition.
Is it?
I'm getting a divorce then.
Senku is divorced!
We have acquired
a lot of wine and vinegar!
Come on,
the people of the Kingdom of Science!
When did I become
the people of the Kingdom of Science?
Sorry, Ruri!
I'll explain it to you later!
That man is utterly insane.
I don't know what's going on.
But it seems that I've become the first
priestess in history who got divorced.
Isn't that right, Chrome?
Are you kidding me?
Arrest that man!
Senku is not a bad guy.
Please let him explain for himself
what the sorcerers…
No, what these scientists
have been risking their lives to do
for the past half-year.
What I've seen them do.
What's this?
The flowing river water
is making the bamboo spin around.
Success on the first attempt.
I'm so awesome.
The women must be in love with me.
Good job.
If I were to do it, I would have failed
on the first few attempts.
Senku, you can fall for me too.
Well, what does it do?
Well, I'm at a loss too.
You'll see it tomorrow.
I'll stay and watch over it.
If my precious is damaged
by the driftwood,
I would cry my heart out.
Hey! Are you going to let the weak,
old man keep watch on his own?
You seem free, so come and help me out.
What? Cut me some slack, sir!
Yes, sir. I'll help you.
A weak, old man?
Wake up and smell the ammonia.
All right. It's time to wake up
and help the science team.
What's left is just to mix the ingredients
and we're done.
We're going to finish the ultimate
cure-all sulfa drug by tomorrow.
The fun production of the sulfa drug.
Step one.
First, we're using a burnable rock
called coal to…
Burnable rock?
I'll take care of it!
I have it in my storehouse.
We already used up all of it
during iron-making.
This is bad!
Don't worry.
The coal you've gathered
can also be found in mountains
around here.
Besides, what I want isn't coal.
It's the coal tar
that is left after it is burned.
First, use hydrochloric acid to clean it.
Next, pour in ethyl acetate
made from alcohol and vinegar
and we'll have aniline.
Hold on!
You're too fast, I'm not following!
That's step one?
It's such a troublesome procedure.
How many steps to go by tomorrow?
Well, about 25 steps.
That's insane.
What exactly is this?
Is it time for me to take a look inside?
This is…
Are you able to make it, Senku?
I would like a bottle of cola.
Yes, I can.
Everything is possible with me around.
But there is no way he's that nice.
Senku, what is this carbonated water for?
My goodness!
Was there an explosion?
This is pretty bad, isn't it?
What have you done?
We haven't really done anything.
We poured vinegar on some cooked shells,
extracted glacial acetic acid
using sulfuric acid,
turned it into ketene in an iron pipe,
and put it back to make acetic anhydride.
Is that so?
I wanted to drip some acetic anhydride
into the aniline.
But I accidentally poured too much.
And it exploded.
So, that is what this wreckage is from.
Mix acetanilide with chlorosulfonic acid.
Then, we'll obtain
para-acetamidobenzenesulfonyl chloride.
Add in ammonia
to get para-acetamidobenzenesulfonyl acid.
Cook it with hydrochloric acid
and that is what you'll get.
I'm impressed you can say that
without stuttering, Senku.
Lastly, that carbonated water.
That's right, Senku.
Could this be used to make…
Yes, speaking of carbonated water…
"Speaking of carbonated water"?
Mix it with sodium hydroxide
to make sodium bicarbonate.
That's what I thought.
That's right. It's sodium bicarbonate.
Just what I thought.
Step 25.
Finally, rinse this mixture
with sodium bicarbonate.
Next, just wait for it.
It has been a long time.
Half a year
is such a long time.
That's right.
It's also known as…
the cure-all drug.
The sulfa drug is ready!
Finally, we can save Ruri.
It's too early to cry now, you fool.
Save the tears after she's cured.
I'm not crying!
What a shame.
I can't enter the village
and witness the moment
Ruri takes the medicine.
Just wait by yourself in the laboratory.
Gen has done a lot to help.
I'm feeling bad for him.
I guess this is just the way it is
for people like me.
Hi, my name is Senku Robot.
Mix carbonated water, coriander,
lime, and honey caramel to make cola.
Try tossing some lime zest
onto crushed coriander.
You'll be shocked
at how much it smells like cola!
Ruri, don't worry.
This medicine is the powder of life
that is born from stone.
It's the cure-all drug of science.
-It can surely defeat the illness!
The battle between the mysterious bacteria
and the culmination of two million years.
This is so exciting.
All right.
I finally got to see my patient.
Time to make a diagnosis.
All right. Say, "yee."
I can hear the sound of a goat bleating.
That's proof
that there is fluid in her lungs.
Senku, what are you doing with the rat?
-Are we eating it?
That's the first thing that comes to mind?
No, I don't eat rats.
That's great.
Under normal circumstances.
Under normal circumstances?
It's a valuable source of protein
after all.
Unfortunately, we are not eating it now.
I need to cut it open.
There is red inflammation
all over the lungs.
It's definitely a bacterial infection.
Even the rat is infected too.
The question
is what species of bacteria it is.
Even the cure-all drug
has its limitations.
It's not ten billion percent capable
of killing all the bacteria.
If Ruri has pulmonary tuberculosis…
If the enemy
is the Mycobacterium tuberculosis,
there is nothing we can do.
Oh no! This is bad!
Don't get up. Lie down.
Breathe in slowly.
It has never been this bad before.
She might be in danger now.
It's that weird white powder!
She became like that after taking it.
I told you not to take
that sorcery medicine.
Senku, you bastard!
-It's because of that medicine!
Otherwise, Ruri's condition
wouldn't have worsened!
Yes, perhaps.
I knew it!
The bacteria are getting worse.
It's making allies
by spreading its toxic genes
into the harmless bacteria all around it.
It's the pneumococcus bacteria's
special move.
It means Ruri's illness
is pneumonia.
This is no ordinary pneumonia.
It's the one that killed hundreds
of millions of people in the past.
the sulfa drug
can destroy pneumococcus effectively!
Human science
has won!
As long as we know its name,
it's no longer an enemy.
She just needs to keep taking sulfa drugs.
You bastard, you're still talking?
Dad, this isn't some trickery sorcery!
This is called science,
the culmination of human wisdom.
I believe in science
and in Senku as well.
That's right. So do we.
I kind of do too.
Ruri did a great job surviving
until she was 18 years old.
Stay clean and keep warm.
It will slow down
the spread of the disease.
The hot spring water that Kohaku
hauled in every day
ended up protecting Ruri.
I forgot how many years has it been
since I've left the village or run around.
Kohaku's rambunctiousness
must have run in the family all along.
From this day forth,
this man, Senku,
is the new chief of Ishigami Village!
Ishigami Village?
That's right, Senku.
I've known
for a long time
that your name
is Senku Ishigami.
Subtitle translation by: Angel Choo
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