Dr. Stone (2019) s01e16 Episode Script

A Tale for the Ages

From this day forth,
this man, Senku,
is the new chief of Ishigami Village!
Ishigami Village?
That's right, Senku.
I've known
for a long time
that your name
is Senku Ishigami.
With your explanation,
I finally get it now.
If everyone on the planet was petrified,
who first made this village?
Why do you and Kohaku
clearly have foreign blood in you?
All the mysteries are solved.
Hold on. Sorry.
You lost me.
That's right.
It's no coincidence the village's name
is the same as Senku's name.
Does it mean
that Ruri has known Senku all along?
I probably come up in the stories
passed down by the priestess.
That's right.
The stories that have been passed down?
Like the one where
there is a gorilla in Momotaro?
That explains why
you guys know the stories of the past
and the beasts
that all of you have never seen.
That's right.
Ruri told us so many stories.
It was passed down by the priestess
to the next generation
in the Hundred Stories.
This last story, the 100th,
is believed to be a true story
that happened a long time ago.
My mom told me
a very impactful
and yet heartwarming story.
The Hundred Stories.
The 100th story
is called…
Senku Ishigami.
Why do you keep following me, Moon?
No matter what fake moves I make,
it will ten billion percent
follow me around.
This young man, Senku,
has been curious about
all kinds of magical phenomena
-since he was a kid.
-Since he was a kid.
does the moon like you?
I don't need that crap right now.
I'm discussing
this science topic seriously.
What kind of a preschooler are you?
The moon seems like it's following you
because it's very far away from us.
I wanted to be an astronaut.
But I failed the admission exam.
In that sense, it's far-fetched for me.
That melancholic poem
is totally unnecessary.
My leg cramped up in the middle
of the clothed-swimming exam.
I was never good at swimming,
to begin with.
It was so embarrassing.
When is the next astronaut recruitment?
Who knows?
It's something like once per decade.
I want to go to space.
An astronaut? What a good aspiration.
When you grow up…
No, I want to go now.
Senku loves space as much as I do,
but he thinks for himself
and builds things for himself.
He's immersed
in the fascination of science.
-What's our next class?
-I can't take it anymore.
"JAXA astronaut candidate."
It has been ten years
since the last recruitment.
Senku, what are you going to do with this?
My hand moved on its own!
What is this?
Of course.
I'm sending electricity
straight into the muscles.
What's with this weird suit?
My limbs are twitching
and doing breaststrokes on their own!
Clothed-swimming is your biggest weakness,
isn't it?
It's the
"Electric Shock Spartan Training Suit."
It will pound the motions
into your muscles.
Can I really swim in this?
A Grade 5 kid made that weird suit?
Does it really work?
Of course not.
I thought so.
Senku made that for me
with painstaking effort.
So, even if I die, I have to do it.
And I ended up passing
the clothed-swimming exam.
So, here I am for the interview now.
I must become an astronaut
and fly into space.
And I'm going to work for science.
That's the only way I can repay Senku.
The crew has begun boarding.
The launch of the Soyuz rocket
is about to commence.
There is also an astronaut from Japan
-planning a long-term stay…
-Anyway, this is live, right?
It's Byakuya Ishigami!
Knowing you,
you probably aren't watching
the broadcast,
but just in case you are,
I'll be back with great science materials.
Just wait for me.
-I'll be left behind if I don't go now.
-What? Ishigami's dad?
-What? Show me.
-Students, we're still in class.
The founder of Ishigami Village
is Byakuya Ishigami.
My dad.
This is Soyuz.
Docking up with ISS,
the International Space Station.
Entering the final preparations.
Docking successful.
to the International Space Station!
It has been a long journey.
Nice to meet you.
My husband is timid,
but he has a loud voice.
I'm Byakuya Ishigami.
This is Shamil.
Nice to meet you.
Why are the hallways so narrow?
Unlike you guys,
I spent 50 million dollars
to get a spot on Soyuz.
To put it bluntly, I'm a space traveler.
Is this how you welcome me,
Lilian, the singer?
Don't you know me?
Yes. Of course, we do.
I even bought your CD.
Then you should get it.
I do. But please calm down.
Do you really get it?
Why are you laughing, Byakuya?
I wanted to go on with the act.
My goodness.
I'm sorry.
But it was just so bad.
Who would act that way?
What a way to start our stay.
Stop laughing and make her stop, old man.
Guys, I'm so sorry.
I'm Lillian Weinberg.
I look forward to this coming week.
I'll try my best not to be a drag on you.
I thought the coming week
would be a living hell.
You got us right there. Nice one.
If you were for real,
you would be dead the next minute.
I'm Darya.
Nice to meet you.
That timid big guy is my husband, Yakov.
You scared the crap out of me.
Darya and I were doctors.
If you don't feel well,
just let us know.
That's good to know. Thank you.
Yakov is a reliable man.
It's his second time in space.
He might be timid,
but he's an experienced guy.
Why are you all smug?
Knock it off, old man.
I'm quite good myself.
Don't get so full of yourself.
The girl behind him is Connie.
A former NASA staffer.
I'm a big fan of yours,
Connie, I was wondering
what you were going to say.
that is all I wanted to say.
Connie, what are you afraid of?
Go on and ask for an autograph.
Go ahead.
Please sign this for me.
Of course.
Thank you so much!
Nice assistance, right?
Well, it's time to set the stage
for a proper greeting for Ms. Lillian,
who spent 50 million on this trip.
This will be our background music
for the rest of the trip.
I agree.
Play it 100 times a day.
No, that would be so embarrassing!
I'm sorry! It's my fault!
That concludes my mini-concert in space.
It’s too embarrassing to sing
in front of my fellow astronaut friends.
That's all for today.
Goodbye, my fans.
Shamil and Byakuya,
don't you want to use
the communication line?
To contact your family or something.
No need.
I don't have a family.
How about you, Byakuya?
I have a son named Senku.
But like Shamil, he's a little brat.
He said he's not interested
in staying in touch.
He's probably wrapped up
in his own research now.
The distribution of posts
about stone swallow figures
being found around the world
is proportional
to the distribution
of swallow populations.
Based on statistical significance,
this has exceeded the figure.
It means these stone statues
are real swallows
that have been petrified.
Are swallows being petrified
all over the world?
That's so insane, it's hilarious.
This is so exciting.
You can't sleep?
Sorry. Did I wake you?
It was so noisy that my eardrum ruptured.
I'm sorry.
But you really love singing, don't you?
It's because I've been singing
for so long.
Since you were a kid?
I found a record at the junkyard one day.
Since then, I've been listening
to the songs every day.
In the end, the record player broke down.
After that, I started to sing.
It makes me feel really happy.
I want all kinds of people
from all around the world to hear me sing.
If my singing makes them feel
that the world is a fun place
and that it's good to be alive,
that will make me happy too.
Just like how I was back then…
I'm sorry.
That's so embarrassing.
If there is a chance,
please let Senku hear you sing too.
Of course.
"Hey! I'm miso soup!"
"Help! Don't drink me!"
"Awesome! I'm in the air!"
"No gravity pulls."
"I'm free!"
Oh no, you don't!
What are you doing?
Shamil, have some Japanese food.
I'm fine with my nutritional jelly.
That's all for every meal?
Won't you get tired of it?
Take this!
What's that? Noodles?
It's my special ramen.
It's the same taste you can get at the
popular spot Senku and I frequented.
I don't deny that you have good taste,
but you're pampering us.
We're here to work.
Humans can survive without some fun.
Just try and have some.
Here. Try it.
It will surprise you.
-It's so good that it shocked you, right?
I want some too.
That's not it.
Look out the window.
The Earth…
We couldn't get in touch
with NASA and Roscosmos.
Is it broken?
No, no one is answering!
No one is responding
over the amateur radio either.
That light earlier…
Something must have happened on Earth.
Something big!
Could it be a nuclear war?
Don't say something so horrible.
All right. The network is connected.
Is anyone tweeting about the situation?
There are no new updates around the world.
I know! The live cameras!
Here it is!
What is that?
Stone statues?
How did that happen?
My goodness!
Let's not act recklessly.
We'll wait here.
There are seven billion people on Earth.
Let's wait for the survivors
to contact us.
They will help us!
How long are we going to wait?
A month?
Two months?
Humans are in such a state now.
Even if we're going to wait for help,
we have to return to Earth
for that to happen.
Let's go back to Earth.
What nonsense
are you talking about, Byakuya?
I told you.
There are seven billion people on Earth.
-Someone will come--
-You're wrong, Yakov.
We're the last six humans.
Wait for help to come?
It's the other way round.
We're going to rescue
all seven billion humans on the planet!
Subtitle translation by: Angel Choo
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