Dr. Stone (2019) s01e17 Episode Script

A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies

Look out the window.
The Earth…
-It's all black.
-It's awful.
-I can't move.
-I can't feel anything.
If I'm aware of that,
my brain is ten billion percent active.
Not bad.
Okay, think.
For instance…
There should be a delay
between average times
of the last posts by area
on sites like Twitter and Instagram.
An inverse calculation of this data
should take me
to the source of the mysterious beam.
No doubt about it,
it came from South America.
This is where
the petrification beam radiated from.
I'm amazed that you could come up
with something like this.
I wish I could say, "You got that right!"
But it's not my idea.
My son, Senku,
often uses that sort of method.
Now that we know that,
it's time to set off.
Wait for me, Senku.
I'm going to save you
along with all seven billion humans.
Are you really going back to the surface?
Aren't you going to be petrified
as soon as you land?
If you're going, at least go
somewhere opposite the source.
The opposite of the globe
from South America like Japan.
If the petrification beam
is like a radiation beam,
stay as far away as you can.
Well, someone has to be
the human test subject.
This was my idea,
so I should really go by myself.
Then we won't have enough fuel
for the return trip in the Soyuz.
We only have two capsules
and each for three people.
We need three of us to take the plunge.
I'm sorry.
Can I ask two more people to join me?
Why you…
There won't be a ground crew to help you.
It will be an unprecedented landing.
You could get petrified along the way.
You have a son, right?
If someone is going,
it ought to be someone without a family.
Someone like me.
Eight, nine.
That's 216,000 seconds.
It's been over 60 hours
since I was immobilized.
We have some good news
and bad news.
The good news
is we didn't get petrified upon landing.
The bad news
is we landed way off our destination
and we landed in the water upside-down.
If we open the hatch,
we'll sink right away.
Don't worry.
This has happened before.
There are nine hours of oxygen supply
in the capsule.
But that's the end of our lives.
Five, six, seven…
Count the insane numbers
to keep track of the date.
I have to grasp the changing of seasons
in order to survive upon revival.
That's all I can do right now.
It may be a worst-case scenario,
but I have to do what I can.
We have to go back to Earth
and find a boat to help them.
But what about the keys to the boat?
We'll have to search the pockets
of thousands of statues!
Even the nearest continent--
We'll go and help them
from the nearest island.
It doesn't matter if it's uninhabited.
If we don't have a boat,
we can make a raft.
Do you really think
we can land perfectly on an island?
We could be off by ten kilometers!
Ten kilometers is nothing.
I can just swim there.
I'll do it even if I'm fully-clothed.
Breathe steadily.
We have to conserve oxygen.
Keep your speeches minimal.
Why are you singing?
I told you to breathe steadily!
but it looks like we don't have to worry
about conserving energy anymore.
I'm sorry, guys!
I took a little over ten hours.
You're not young anymore, old man.
Don't push it.
You are so reckless to take such risks.
They are back!
Everyone is safe and sound!
On the island that is furthest away
from the source of the petrification beam,
there happened to be this little rowboat.
In other words,
there may be survivors on this island.
It can't be.
Oh no.
Let's gather some firewood then.
The Soyuz survival kit!
Here we go, the ultimate toolkit.
We have trained very hard
to prepare for the worst.
All right, now let's get cooking.
I'll gather the ingredients.
There were farms and such
by that man we saw earlier.
That's a good idea.
We'll leave that to you, Connie.
All right.
I'm going with her.
Connie and Shamil!
You're really made for each other.
I appreciate the gesture,
but we don't need a fun ritual.
We should be glad to be alive
after what happened to the world.
What are you talking about?
That's precisely why
we should live out our lives.
Especially when there is no entertainment.
Of course, there is entertainment. Music!
I'll sing for you guys
to celebrate the occasion.
What an opportunity! Lilian the Diva!
I'm sorry.
I just feel so defeated.
When I think that all the music that so
many geniuses like Mozart and the Beatles
spent thousands of years creating
are going to go die out…
No, it won't.
We'll undo the petrification someday.
Humanity won't go extinct.
At the very least,
I'm certain that Senku is still alive.
I'm sure he is.
He's your son after all.
That's right.
We may not be blood-related,
but he's still my son.
He's ten billion times better than me.
He would say,
"Giving up is the least logical course
of action."
Even if he turns into stone,
he'll live on.
Even though it won't happen in our time,
he'll surely succeed.
He'll save all seven billion people.
When Senku is revived,
he'll need some allies.
We must pass down the baton
for thousands of years to come.
It's such a weird story
that I have no idea what's happening.
Thousands of years ago,
all of humanity turned into stone.
You know those stone statues
we see all over the place?
Those are all humans.
Only Senku's dad and five others
were spared
because they were in outer space.
All of us in Ishigami Village
are their descendants.
Does that mean
we're all Senku's relatives?
Byakuya and I aren't blood-related.
We're just family by name.
On top of that,
it has been hundreds of generations.
How can I possibly be your relative?
What are you doing up there?
This is your day!
It's time to feast
in honor of our new village chief.
You all just want to drink, don't you?
We should join in the fun. All of us.
Drink up, sorcerer!
I'm a scientist! Hey!
Here you go, Chief.
I'm no longer the chief.
I'm sorry!
But Lady Ruri is a divorcée now.
The village hasn't been this lively
for so long.
Everyone is smiling
and having a great time.
Yes! Me too. I'm--
We have to guard the bridge.
No way!
Hey, I'm an outsider.
It's okay! You can join in the fun!
Where is the chief?
The last story
is a message from Lord Byakuya.
I thought you should be the only one
to hear it.
I figured it would be something like that.
If we go to the main islands,
we can find antibiotics.
It's Yakov and my turn to take a risk.
If we don't make it back,
take care of the kids.
Let's go home.
It was only pneumonia.
Damn it.
It was only pneumonia.
It's rare to see you so gloomy,
old man.
You've said it yourself, right?
"That's precisely
why we should live out our lives."
Yes, I did.
Humans can survive without some fun.
I had fun.
We managed to survive
because humanity had already made it
to space.
I know this is only after the fact,
but I never thought
that I would have a wife and kids either.
I had so much fun
since the day we went to space together.
I have something
that I always wanted to tell you, old man.
On the day humanity turned into stone,
the ramen you forced me to eat…
The ramen I ate in outer space
was really delicious.
Delightfully delicious.
Humanity will make it back to the point
where we'll be eating ramen in space.
I'm sure of it!
What are you writing? A novel?
Pearls of wisdom
to help our descendants live on.
I thought I'd make them into stories
so it'd be fun.
That is something
a former teacher would think of.
But it's hard to keep writing it
in English.
You can do it in Japanese too.
I want to know your mother tongue better.
The Hundred Stories.
Gathering food and avoiding danger
take precedence above all.
Large beasts and such.
I should write about minerals as well.
Who knows,
it will spark someone's interest
towards them in the future.
Hundred Stories, Chapter One.
I hope that it will reach Japan
where Senku is located.
As Lord Byakuya had hoped,
someone took an interest
in rocks because of his stories.
And that's Chrome, right?
The old man
wasn't totally useless after all.
This is the village graveyard.
It is said
that our founder,
Lord Byakuya, and his people,
were buried here.
They have been dead for 3,700 years.
Even if the story was true,
you won't find a single bone.
And the very last chapter
of Hundred Stories…
It's a message from me.
Hey, Senku!
If this message comes to you safely,
that means you've been de-petrified
after thousands of years.
I'm doing fine here.
I'm probably dead by now.
As I promised,
here's the scientific gift
which is the friends
that the Hundred Stories
will connect you with.
Life has been great,
even in this post-apocalyptic world.
With your scientific knowledge
and your friends' help,
I'm certain you can build a world
that is even more fun.
You won't lose.
You will build a civilization from scratch
and save all humanity.
I know you can do it.
I need to check something
before I go back.
All right.
I'll head back to the village then.
I see.
So, you've been dead
for thousands of years now?
It must have been when I was still alone,
counting hundreds of millions of seconds
in darkness.
That takes me back.
That takes me back.
I would be stuck
if it weren't for your scientific gift.
I'm happy to receive it,
thousands of years later.
No, I only drink cola.
I wouldn't be able to talk
about business if I got drunk.
Now that the whole village is united,
-I have a message to deliver.
It's about time you told me, Mentalist.
What happened in Tsukasa Empire?
They are coming.
Tsukasa and his people.
It's almost time to show them
what the Kingdom of Science is capable of.
This is so exciting.
Subtitle translation by: CL Tan
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