Dr. Stone (2019) s01e18 Episode Script

Stone Wars

No, I only drink cola.
I wouldn't be able to talk
about business if I got drunk.
Now that the whole village is united,
-I have a message to deliver.
It's about time you told me, Mentalist.
What happened in Tsukasa Empire?
They are coming.
Tsukasa and his people.
you didn't actually see Senku's body.
If he is still somehow alive,
he'll surely discover the village
and build a kingdom of science someday.
This is the worst-case scenario
I can think of.
As soon as we have an army,
we'll take the village by force.
Is there an army
of ridiculously strong people
like that long-haired guy coming our way?
That's right.
He has been reviving a lot of people.
We've come to an all-out war
between the Kingdom of Science
and the kingdom of might.
This is so exciting.
It must be nice to join the feast.
If it weren't for that jerk
who kept saying, "Rules are rules."
I would have joined in the fun.
It's our job to guard the place.
If our foes want to attack our village,
the feast would be their best shot.
go back and alert the others.
What is it?
If they reach the living quarters
where the children are, it's over.
if I get killed,
cut down the bridge with me on it.
I see.
The moment you realize
that you're clearly outnumbered,
you're trying to lure us onto the bridge.
I like that.
He's doing a great job.
He's trying to run away!
Are you scared now, caveman?
How stupid of you to think
that you can beat a guy with a spear
on such a narrow bridge?
The caveman is doing
a better job than you.
He broke my nose.
We're so sorry, Hyoga!
Hold on.
You have bad eyesight, don't you?
Tsukasa isn't the only one
who's bad news though.
If either Tsukasa or that guy get here,
we'll all have no choice but to flee.
That guy was just revived recently
and his name is Hyoga.
I left before them,
pretending to infiltrate the village
so I can let you know in advance.
-But I could only buy so much time--
We are in trouble!
We're under attack!
No way! That's impossible!
How is he able to throw his spear so fast?
They are already attacking us?
This is seriously bad!
Kinro is fighting with Hyoga!
Kohaku, wait!
Cut down the bridge, Ginro!
Let go, Dad!
You fool! You don't stand a chance
against a spear on a bridge!
-But Kinro is…
Think of the children!
There is no other way.
Hurry! Do it now!
That's right.
I have to cut it.
I must cut off this bridge
to save the village.
That's good.
I can't be saved anymore.
I can't.
I can't do it.
If I do it,
Kinro will die!
I can't do it, my brother!
What are you going to do
with that iron pipe?
Who would have thought we would be using
the last of our gunpowder for a bluff?
Are you serious?
Is Magma the strongest in the village?
Throw this rock at the enemy
as hard as you can.
What? How am I supposed
to hit them with that?
Besides, why should I listen to--
It's okay if you missed.
You want to take the title of village
chief away from Senku, don't you?
The entire village is at stake here.
You need to cooperate for now.
Guys! Retreat for now!
This village already has guns!
-We're out of here!
-Damn it!
You had better run, Hyoga!
Then you must be the rumored…
You guys waited too long.
We've already finished building up
the Kingdom of Science.
Tsukasa will be delighted
to know about this.
Yes, now pass the message to Tsukasa.
Senku Ishigami is still alive.
Tell him we've built
about ten billion rifles
with the power of science.
Kinro! I can't believe he's dead!
I'm still alive.
Don't kill me off yet, Ginro.
This is acetanilide,
a fever-reducing analgesic.
We made some
while we were making the sulfa drug.
I'll just throw some sulfa drugs
on his wounds
and he should be better by tomorrow!
-That's too reckless!
I'm all better.
No way!
No, he's just acting tough!
He hasn't healed at all!
As a guard,
I can't lie down and keep on resting.
There is no telling when those attackers
will be back in full force.
Why are you so straitlaced?
He's really straitlaced.
That's Kinro for you.
Don't worry.
I can predict when they will be coming.
I'm so humiliated!
We can't go back to Tsukasa like this!
Damn it!
If it weren't for guns,
I would have slain those cavemen!
Then the best time to attack
would be during a storm
when they can't use matchlock guns.
Let them worry
about our nonexistent firearms
and wait until the storm comes.
Gen will talk them into it.
Yes, you're right.
Let's wait for the storm to come.
Setting aside such brain-dead opinions
about how humiliated we are,
it seems so obvious
that we may be marching to our deaths.
Now we know that Senku is alive,
our strategy will take a 180-degree turn.
Let's do it properly.
Let's go back to Tsukasa,
so we can form a huge army.
Are you scared, Hyoga?
You're a hopeless little twig
without your weapon…
Your kuda yari or whatever you call it!
What a wimp!
Kuda yari?
This thing with the bamboo tube?
I've never seen one before.
You'd better not touch it
if you don't want me to kill you.
I'm sorry, Hyoga!
Once the storm comes,
we'll launch a siege right away!
If they are going to be so aggressive,
letting them fight Senku
might not be a bad idea.
If they win, that would be wonderful.
Even if they lose and die,
I'll be able to find out
what the Kingdom of Science has.
They are not worth much, even as pawns.
Nice! You're so good looking!
Not bad.
Is this going to cure his fuzzy sickness?
Sorcery is amazing…
I mean, science is amazing.
I'm glad Kinro doesn't have
the fuzzy sickness anymore.
You have new ones made for you too.
I'm so used to wearing this mask,
I can't imagine myself without it.
That's not all
for our scientific war preparation.
The man in the black mask
is pretty skilled.
Is there a scientific way
to deal with him?
The battle team will be shedding
tears of joy once it's ready.
Time to show off your skills.
What's that? That sounds fantastic!
His body gets bigger
when he gets excited about making things.
Now get to work.
Stop wasting time!
We're going to race against the storm.
Ishigami Village,
let's get to work!
The downhill wind is pretty strong.
The storm is coming
in just three days.
God is on our side.
They can't use firearms now.
It's the toughest weapon
in all of Stone World.
The blades of science!
You're doing great, Kingdom of Science.
They might be a little ugly though.
My vision is so clear.
This is the power of glasses!
With Magma, Kohaku, and Kinro,
this is a piece of cake!
It cuts so well.
This is the power of science!
How can such a thing exist in Stone World?
This is bad.
Our weapons are no match for them.
First, use pine coals
to heat up the kiln to 1,200 degrees.
Once the flames turn to purple,
it's ready.
Keep pounding it
to remove the impurities in the metal.
Then fold it and fire it up again.
After that, you pound it again.
This process is called orikaeshi-tanren.
Keep repeating the process
to further strengthen the iron.
You need to repeat this dull
and tiring process over ten times.
At least, that's how you would make
a real katana.
But just twice will do.
Just twice?
It's all thanks
to advanced modern science.
They looked
at the crystalline structure of metal
and realized it was basically done
after two folds.
We're not artisans in making katana,
so we must be fast and skip all the steps
that we're able to with science.
What's more important is quenching.
The blade forms into martensite
when it's well-burned
and the parts with plenty of clay paste
become semi-hard ferrite.
I don't understand the science behind it.
But to sum it up,
the blade is made strong for cutting
and the back is made flexible
for parrying.
Am I right?
That's awesome!
You're really quick at understanding it.
That's why you're a craftsman.
It's the difference between the two sides
that makes the katana
the strongest sword in the world.
It's broken!
Your spirits must have already been broken
before your weapons were.
this must be what Senku is aiming for
by brandishing his katanas at us.
But your katanas are no match
for my kuda yari
and my Kanryu-style spearmanship!
It's round. A moon?
What is this?
This spearman, Hyoga,
is in a different league.
The three strongest in the village
are Magma, Kohaku, and Kinro.
If you beat them all in one blow,
we will win, Hyoga.
Thank you for the information, Gen.
But I can already tell from a glance.
So that jerk, Gen, is one of them!
Did that jerk betray them to betray us?
He's giving us a clue
that we can't beat him
unless the three of us work together.
Give it to me.
How selfish!
Then let's go for it, Kinro.
Wait. You didn't listen to us!
That's Magma for you!
It doesn't matter if he likes it or not,
we'll fight together.
We'll use Magma's huge body as a decoy
while you send me up, Kinro.
All right, got it!
Send her up?
He can still react
to an attack from above?
If I could just deliver the first blow…
He's twisting his wrist
to spin the tip around.
I can't see where the tip is!
The spear tip…
Suddenly broke off?
A cut that's too precise
to have been made with stone tools
and too well-hidden to see.
With enough force, it tears apart.
Just like a magic trick.
Really? Who would have done such a thing?
Kuda yari?
This thing with the bamboo tube?
Not bad, Gen.
You did really well
for a dirty traitor.
What are you saying, Hyoga?
Why would I do that?
Oh, well.
You got me.
As expected of you, Hyoga.
Suika, bring this to Gen.
But Gen is with our enemies.
I don't know where he is.
That mentalist would have left signs
for us to follow.
The one that only we understand.
Work hard, Great Detective Suika!
I've only seen these flowers
in the sun before.
Why are they in the shade?
I play in the forest a lot, so I know!
This is the signal that Gen left for us.
Do you know this flower?
It's impossible to bloom in the shade,
so it's perfect to use as a secret signal.
It's called black nightshade.
I used it on the stage a lot.
It's one of my favorites.
In the language of flowers,
it means "liar."
You're pretty nimble
with weapons too, Mentalist.
It cuts exhilaratingly well, doesn't it?
These are the blades of science!
Subtitle translation by: CL Tan
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