Dr. Stone (2019) s01e19 Episode Script

To Modernity

That's the man that they say
Tsukasa has been looking for.
What? Is that so?
What kind of person is he?
Hello, Hyoga.
This is the world after 3,700 years.
A new world where you can shine.
And I thought he de-petrified
someone incredible.
What's with this lanky man?
Would he be useful?
You'll know once you fight him.
Want to have a contest with him?
Can I really do that?
He might die.
That would be so pitiful.
He was just de-petrified too.
It's fine.
What did you say?
As long as I can use a weapon
that I'm good at,
fighting with ten men
wouldn't be a problem.
Don't regret it!
We have another incredible guy.
I'm sorry.
There weren't enough men
for a warm-up spar after your rest.
The numbers are not a problem.
The only proper fighter here,
whom I don't want to fight
is you.
The Strongest Human Primate,
Tsukasa Shishio.
Follow me.
I'll take you to our new world.
nature's blessings are so abundant.
We don't need to worry about food.
The world was like that for ages,
long before people began to live on it.
It doesn't belong to anyone.
the moment you and I were born,
the old world told us,
"This world,
down to its last square centimeter,
belongs to some rich old fool."
That's right.
We worked so hard daily,
yet over half of the money we made
went to rent expenses and the like.
Come to think of it,
we were basically slaves.
Powerful people benefit
from youngsters who have nothing.
People fight and steal from others.
That's the old world.
We're so much happier now.
It's also because I'm a fan of Tsukasa,
the Strongest Human Primate.
Hey! We got a big one!
Tsukasa, we're back.
Yes. Thank you for your hard work.
We found a wild boar by accident today…
Tsukasa has always been that charismatic
even back in the old world.
If a strong and handsome young man
became the incarnation of justice,
it would be tough to talk anyone
into turning on him.
Hey, Hyoga.
Do you think society 3,700 years ago
was an ideal one?
If we de-petrify those with vested
interests from the old world now
and let them obtain scientific weapons
that can kill anyone,
what do you think would happen?
They will use the weapons to re-establish
their pyramid of benefits.
Once someone has experienced a good life,
he would never let it go.
this newly-established world
cannot sustain seven billion people.
There must be a culling.
The two strongest fighters
are unexpectedly in sync.
Then youth should be the ones
to re-establish the new world.
We don't need to create the same world.
My friend…
I wonder if I can call that man my friend.
A man named Senku who had
a superhuman grasp of science
sought to revive the old world.
That's why
I killed him myself.
Once Senku disappears,
science would disappear too.
I want to purify the tainted humanity
and move forward to the new world.
For that purpose,
I'll stain my hands as much as necessary.
Even Hyoga's spear broke off!
Damn it. This is bad. Let's run away!
All right!
Excellent fighting skills,
great team coordination,
dirty tricks from a traitor,
and the scientific power
to make guns and katanas.
You guys are actually prepared.
But if you were able to realize
that this battle is a fake one,
then you'll be even more prepared.
So, that's the target.
This is bad!
This place is on fire!
-Head to the hanging bridge! Quick!
Jasper! Turquoise!
There is no need to guard me.
Save the children!
The bridge is…
Who's that?
What a nuisance.
Get everyone to safety!
Enemy reinforcement?
She is my right-hand woman, Homura.
She's different
from those simple-minded men.
She's very capable.
What was that move just now?
This is bad.
Once this place gets on fire,
the downhill wind will expand the fire
and the strong wind will become deadly.
This way.
Forget about the house!
Do you want to die?
Evacuate now!
Hey! You can't go that way!
The wooden bridge is on fire!
We can only evacuate
to the science storage room.
Homura did a good job.
We can't go back
after being humiliated like that.
Being humiliated doesn't matter.
We lit the fire to get the villagers out.
That should be obvious
even to your melted brain.
We're dealing with people
who wouldn't even abandon a village guard.
They are so naive.
So what?
I see.
We grab one of the kids that ran out
and use them as a hostage and we'll win!
I see.
There is no guarantee
they will attack head-on.
Keep your senses spread out
in every direction!
But can we protect all these villagers?
We'll hide the children
in the science storage room!
Get the water!
-This way, hurry!
-Get the water!
-It's on fire!
The minerals that Chrome
spent so many years collecting.
The science laboratory that everyone
spent many months completing.
If they are destroyed just like this…
I will protect the Kingdom of Science!
That little kid didn't run away!
Capture her
and take her as a hostage!
Is she acting as a diversion
to help the others?
I certainly appreciate her naïveté.
As long as we can capture one person,
we'll win.
It's much easier than attacking the main
camp guarded by the scientific warriors.
Run and hide.
Lure them farther away
from the Kingdom of Science.
I must go up the mountain
against the wind,
so they can't smoke me out with more fire!
There she is! Over there!
What? Suika did what?
I tried to stop her.
She said she'll go to the hot springs area
on the mountain.
Isn't this the hot spring
where I usually draw the hot water?
The danger is right up ahead.
The toxic gasses released in this area,
hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide,
are heavier than the air.
The downhill wind is pretty strong.
Something about this wind
gives me a bad feeling.
She is so hard to catch!
Break that girl's leg
and see if she can still run!
This wind…
Get up on the tree!
What's going on?
Don't worry.
The poison gas will settle to the bottom.
Poisonous gas?
Nature is neither friend nor foe.
It's impartial as it comes.
Poisonous gas?
Did you make that, you twig?
Yes, of course.
In the Kingdom of Science
that is full of weapons,
there are still fools
willing to attack us.
All right.
Let's go.
just breathe slowly and you'll be fine.
All right.
Go back and cry to your mom, Tsukasa.
But wait here
for ten billion seconds first
for the poisonous gas to dissipate.
I can't believe he's mocking us.
What? Ten billion seconds?
Besides, is the poisonous gas real or not?
In this Stone World,
how can he make such a thing?
You're right.
Let's be more thorough.
We must investigate the poisonous gas
before going back.
How fortunate.
You simple-minded guys
can finally accomplish something.
What? They all died.
That means their gas masks
are the real thing.
Senku and his allies already have
a variety of metals and chemicals
under their control.
The Kingdom of Science
is very strong indeed.
We can just rebuild the houses.
We made our enemies retreat
without losing anyone.
It's a complete victory
for the Ishigami Village!
It's all thanks
to Suika's great accomplishment.
My goodness. You were so reckless.
We'll need to overwhelm them with numbers.
Aside from Tsukasa and I,
we need to mobilize everyone in the empire
to form an elite force.
-All right.
-Please bring it there for me.
But what should we do next?
Tsukasa will soon find out
that you're still alive, Senku.
And he'll soon find out
that we can't make gunpowder
at all either.
Is that so?
What do you mean?
Listen carefully.
The revival fluid that Tsukasa's people
have been making
is very simple to make.
And yet, we haven't de-petrified
any stone statues at all.
That's because we don't have
the nitric acid we need.
We can make it using bat guano and shells,
but it would take too much time
and materials.
We also can't make gunpowder
without nitric acid.
Tsukasa is smart enough
to figure that out easily.
We don't even have any leftovers
in our gunpowder supply.
Scientific lingo is so hard to understand.
I don't get the situation yet.
Use layman terms to explain it.
It means Tsukasa already figured out
that even if we have guns,
we can't really use them.
Then he would surely gather everyone
for a massive invasion.
The more time passes,
the more fighters they have.
And we can't even make gunpowder.
What should we do then?
What? Do you even need to ask?
We'll attack them first
with one of our fun scientific inventions.
I agree.
Waiting will put us at a disadvantage.
Let's attack first.
But we must complete
our scientific weapons first.
Yes. I've been wanting to ask
since earlier. What is it?
Go ahead and cry tears of joy!
Modern technology is finally here.
The scientific advancements
we've recreated from the stone age
are finally catching up to modern times.
In modern times,
whoever has it can win the war.
The strongest weapon
in two million years of human history.
Nuclear weapons?
No way, right?
The strongest weapon
in two million years of human history
is communication technology.
I want to make a mobile phone
in this Stone World.
Is he stupid?
What kind of crazy thing is he saying?
A mobile phone?
What's that?
Is it a fish?
-From far away?
Can he make that?
From a distant place…
We can talk to each other?
Isn't that sorcery?
In this world,
can we achieve such a thing?
Amazing! I want to know how that works!
Can it be a weapon?
It can be.
Communications can completely
turn the tide in a battle.
For example,
we have a double agent
who leaks intel to us in real-time.
This is Gen Asagiri.
Senku, there are only a few enemies
on the west side.
Security is very lax.
This is Gen Asagiri.
Senku, there are only a few enemies
on the west side.
Security is very lax.
This news is so exciting.
Gather and attack the west side fiercely.
As long as we have perfect coordination,
invading the Tsukasa Empire with
no bloodshed will no longer be a dream.
But who will the spies be?
I've already arranged that
a long time ago.
Taiju and Yuzuriha.
There are two of them.
A smartphone?
Nice answer.
Yes, I want a smartphone too.
Is it a smartphone?
You sure like smartphones, don't you?
The smartphone that
the simple-minded Taiju has always wanted
will finally be produced.
But it's not a smartphone.
It only has the call function.
We can do this!
We were even able to make sulfa drugs
that took a lot of effort!
You can say that because you don't know.
This roadmap requires a lot of materials
that are impossible to get.
Nothing is impossible.
No matter how impossible it may seem,
as long as we follow the rules,
I'm ten billion percent sure
that we can achieve the goal.
That is what science is about.
Gen's reports are all fake.
The village already has
a strong scientific power.
Senku is still alive.
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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