Dr. Stone (2019) s01e20 Episode Script

The Age of Energy

I want to make a mobile phone
in this Stone World.
But it's not a smartphone.
It only has the call function.
We can do this!
We were even able to make sulfa drugs
that took a lot of effort!
You can say that because you don't know.
This roadmap requires a lot of materials
that are impossible to get.
Nothing is impossible.
No matter how impossible it may seem,
as long as we follow the rules,
I'm ten billion percent sure
that we can achieve the goal.
That is what science is about.
We only have a few months to finish it.
What are you talking about?
It's the time when Tsukasa
would launch an attack.
What do you think, Mentalist?
based on Tsukasa's perspective,
"We have the revival fluid.
The more time we have,
the more manpower we'll get.
But our opponent is Senku.
If we give him a lot of time,
perhaps he can start
mass-producing gunpowder."
Your voice impersonation
is way too accurate.
We must be fully prepared
to defeat Senku once and for all.
To prepare for winter,
our manpower will also be dispersed.
Also, Hyoga, based on the information
that you've provided,
the Kingdom of Science
is a fortress on water.
With the protection of the frozen lake
during winter,
if they hold the fort,
it will be difficult to attack.
If we attack them, our morale
and food will not sustain us for long.
If Tsukasa finds out
that Senku is still alive,
wouldn't Taiju and Yuzuriha be in danger?
Won't he kill them?
That's not a problem.
To him, they are hostages.
He won't treat them badly.
Is it really fine
to leave Taiju and Yuzuriha be?
I'll arrange for spies to monitor them.
However, treat them the same as before.
Don't let them notice anything.
Even if Taiju and Yuzuriha are spies,
in this world,
there is no way for them to communicate.
But more importantly,
we should be more worried
if Senku might attack us first.
I've already sent Homura to watch them.
But since there is no way
to communicate with her,
there will be a delay
in getting information.
How ironic.
The importance of communication
and information transfer
is especially important
in such a primitive battle.
The rules of the game are very simple.
To attack and defeat Tsukasa,
we must make a mobile phone.
So, the battle will happen
right after the winter snow melts.
Our time limit is spring.
It feels so different with so many people
working together.
This is the result of Senku
securing the village chief position.
It's truly a good thing.
Creating mobile phones in Stone World
is an extremely large-scale project.
There are countless hurdles
we need to clear.
By the way, tell me the principle
of how mobile phones can communicate
even in far distances!
What exactly is the principle?
Explain it to me nicely!
You guys are too close!
Why are you so excited?
Listen carefully.
To put it simply,
your voice is a vibration of air.
It vibrates against the diaphragm
and it generates a tiny current
corresponding to the rhythm.
That's cool!
That's cool!
-That's cool!
-The current is way too small,
-That's cool!
-so we need to magnify it.
This time, we need to use a vacuum tube.
Then just keep circulating
the energy around
and that will send it flowing
in a wave of power.
-That's cool!
-That's called a radio wave.
The receiving end
just needs to do the same in reverse.
That's cool!
I see! I think I understand half of it.
I don't understand it at all.
The IQ requirement
for the explanation is too high.
My head hurts.
Just tell us where you want to start.
Well, for this very large-scale
scientific project,
we must first create…
A cotton candy machine.
The IQ requirement for the explanation
suddenly dropped by 100.
Is this really okay?
They are making something.
Is it a new weapon?
Isn't that…
If you put sugar crystals here
and keep spinning it,
the centrifugal force pushes the molten
sugar out through the small holes
which result in long and thin threads.
That's cotton candy.
What will happen if we place gold
instead of sugar in it?
We can make gold threads!
You're right. Ten billion points for you.
I see. Like the wires in electronics.
The lowered IQ requirement
finally went back up.
All right.
I'll go and get the gold.
Wait. Gold is too precious.
We can't afford failure.
Let's make cotton candy first.
We must at least test it.
You're right.
We must have a taste… No.
We must test it.
After that woman named Homura
set the village on fire,
we lost a lot of potato wine
and mirin that was almost ready.
It was burning for a long time.
Look at that.
It has turned into chunks
on the rims of the barrels.
What are we doing with the damaged wine?
If we boil wine and mirin for a long time,
we'll get this.
Sugar crystals.
What are those fluffy things?
That looks amazing!
It smells so good!
It's so white, like a cloud.
This is indescribable!
Even my bones are going to melt.
What's this?
Here, Dad. Try it.
This looks suspicious.
They have never had a decent snack before.
It's just cotton candy,
but for someone
who has never had it before,
it must be mind-blowing.
We need to thank Homura
who started the fire.
Do you know what type of woman Homura is?
What the heck?
Are you interested in girls too, Senku?
Are petite girls your type?
No, I don't think that's the reason
he asked that.
You don't know Senku at all.
We're being watched.
All of us are being watched
by that woman named Homura.
I knew it.
After all, she's the only one
that Hyoga trusts.
She's watching us even right now?
That's right.
She's in a position where she can
immediately see if we're up to something.
If we all decide to run away,
she can also immediately come after us.
I thought we would just run away
if things got bad.
Running away isn't an option anyway.
There are too many elders
who can't handle the journey.
There are no cowards in this village
who would desert the elders.
That's right!
There is no one like that!
Well, Homura respects Hyoga a lot.
If Hyoga told her to watch us,
she would surely do it.
That's why she won't make trouble
if we leave her be.
But it would be impossible for her
to betray him.
"Cotton candy?"
Don't worry.
I didn't poison it.
If you're worried that it's poisoned,
you can feed some to an animal first.
You fool.
Of course, I won't eat it.
Senku, why did you give
our enemy cotton candy?
Homura is watching us.
She'll tell Tsukasa Empire
about the cotton candy.
Sweets are very tempting.
Some of them might rethink
their allegiance.
I see.
You're as nasty as ever, Senku.
No, I meant that as a compliment.
I'm sure
he means that in a strategic way.
But perhaps Senku just wants…
He might just want
to share some candy with a girl.
That's what I think.
They wouldn't even abandon
a village guard.
They are so naive.
I wouldn't die
just from tasting it, right?
It's so sweet.
Please enjoy it.
This cotton candy…
It's so fluffy and it melts on my tongue.
At the same time,
it has a good amount of roughness.
the inconsistency of cotton
is defeating the flavor's balance.
I'll work hard to improve.
What the heck?
You just made me fool around
in a silly way.
The balance of the cotton candy's taste
doesn't matter at all!
So the phrase "fool around"
was passed on through the generations.
Is it from the Hundred Stories?
That old man is ridiculous.
Do we really have so much time to waste?
Tsukasa is coming soon!
The mobile phone is not done yet!
Don't worry.
We're talking about important matters.
Is cotton candy's flavor
considered important?
If the cotton candy ends up
with a bunch of clumps,
the same would happen
when we're making gold threads.
I see.
Good thing we tested it
with cotton candy first!
Before we put in the gold,
we must figure out
what's causing the clumps.
We're always doing
the last-minute trial-and-error again?
Over there!
The moment when the rope
is tugged in the opposite direction,
the rotation speed drops,
and that causes it to clump up.
Is there a way to make it work smoothly
without losing speed?
How about using your brotherly bond?
Don't ask for the impossible.
Okay. Let's use a longer rope then.
-Use one which is a kilometer long.
-We'll die!
What if we spin it by hand
like that power generator there?
The speed isn't enough.
Let's rely on willpower then!
We should be able to do it
if we take turns.
But we'll be lacking in manpower.
We need to prepare for winter.
We can't use all the manpower
for scientific inventions.
It all comes back to that.
We can't increase manpower
by using the revival fluid too.
We'll have to make it then.
It's a bit of work,
but the super craftsman, Master Kaseki,
can pull it off.
We're making the revolutionized energy
in human history.
We're making gears.
We happen to have Kohaku's shield.
Its shape is ten billion percent suitable
for making wheels.
You're using that?
Didn't the village chief give that
to his daughter, Kohaku,
to celebrate his victory?
A gift to Kohaku.
The champion
of the Grand Bout Tournament, Kokuyo.
This is so nice.
All right.
You can have it, Kohaku.
Thank you, Dad!
Well, I don't mind.
But it's an important gift from her dad.
I wonder if Kohaku will agree.
No, I don't mind at all.
Practicality first.
She's so heartless!
This is incredible!
It's so easy!
I only have to go in one direction,
and I can go slowly!
One person is enough to turn it!
In one direction?
It spins around and catches…
All right!
I have an idea!
This is going to be amazing!
What are you doing?
Just come with me!
All right. Let's get to work!
It's so suspicious.
What exactly is Chrome planning to do?
He must have something planned.
Just let him be.
When a boy is up to mischief, you're not
supposed to look until he's done.
Now isn't the time to worry about others.
You're all in for hellish work.
Twist these gold threads together
into a super-thin wire
that we'll work into a coil.
How long would you like it to be?
The length is from here
to that mountain!
So, we're relying heavily
on manpower again.
It's great
that you're the village chief, Senku.
We did it, Senku.
We haven't slept or rested
for three whole days.
This is…
I'm awesome too,
but it's this blade of science
that's really awesome.
It would have never worked
if I didn't have this iron cutting tool.
This little thing here.
What do you think, Senku?
Isn't my invention great?
This is payback for when
you got me good with the magnet!
You should be more surprised.
-It's a waterwheel.
-You know what it is? Damn it!
A waterwheel?
I already have a name for it.
It's called
the "Rumbling Cotton Candy Machine."
I think "waterwheel" is better.
I'm already very surprised.
With zero-knowledge of it,
I can't believe that you two
made such a thing.
This is a way bigger deal
than an automatic cotton candy machine.
We can use them for other things.
Kinro and Ginro worked so hard
to spin that thing.
Could it be…
As long as we have gears and waterwheels,
the era of manual labor is over.
With an infinite contraption
that requires no fuel,
we're finally harnessing
the power of nature.
We're overcoming manpower
and entering the age of energy!
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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