Dr. Stone (2019) s01e22 Episode Script

The Treasure

This small chunk won't be enough.
But it came down the stream in the cave.
There must be a lot more inside.
Tons of this heat-resistant treasure
called tungsten!
There is only one set of lights left.
The last member of the expedition will be…
Collecting heavy scheelite
requires a lot of strength.
The friendly expedition trio
will go on a mining expedition together.
To the fun treasure dungeon!
Senku, Chrome, and Magma?
I've never heard of such a risky group.
It makes me break into a cold sweat.
Will it be okay?
He might shout out, "I'm the chief!"
and attack you or something, Senku!
All right. Let's hit the road,
the three of us.
Our goal is the magic stone that's needed
for making vacuum tube filaments,
which is scheelite, the stone that glows
in blue under ultraviolet light.
It can withstand high temperatures.
The strongest metal
in the universe, tungsten!
It came down the stream in the cave.
There must be a lot more inside.
Chrome, I'm counting on you
to lead us to the cave.
I'll be going down into the cave
with those two scientists.
No one will be watching.
Finally, he left.
Senku has left Ishigami Village.
The water is a little warm.
From the looks of it,
we'll find our treasure soon.
Hey, Senku.
Is it okay to bring Magma along?
He's boorish and doesn't care about
anything, but to be the king of the hill.
If you let your guard down,
he'll try to snuff you out
to be the village chief.
Think about it rationally.
We desperately need tungsten
to make a mobile phone.
That treasure is deep in the cave.
To dig it up,
we really need Magma's strength.
The situation is
ten billion percent simple.
We have to bite the bullet.
We shouldn't be bothered
by the risks and assumptions.
It's a waste of time
to just think about this.
If Magma were to shove us down
and say we died in an accident,
it would be a perfect crime.
Besides, with both of us dead
and science vanishing,
Tsukasa won't attack the village.
He isn't that smart to figure that out.
Step back!
What's wrong, Senku?
These are mica.
It's like baumkuchen…
You wouldn't understand
what that is anyway.
It's a rock,
but it's brittle and breaks easily.
They are natural pit traps.
This is bad.
Nature traps are scary.
We won't be able to get back up
if we fall down?
That's right.
If we forcibly climb up
with a rope or a ladder,
it will collapse instantly
and bury us alive.
No! Let go, Senku!
It's going to collapse soon!
Didn't you see what happened?
Magma wanted to push us
into the mica pits!
That's right!
I came along to kill both of you here!
You weak-asses act so high and mighty.
But you're actually useless
and you can hardly even hunt!
The strong one becomes the leader,
gets the girls
and makes the village stronger.
This is the law of nature.
This is life.
Science? It's all bullshit!
In your old world,
the weak may be the ones who ruled.
But this is the stone age!
You're the one getting in the way!
Damn it.
Senku, if it wasn't for you…
If you hadn't come to Ishigami Village
that day,
I would have been in power.
I'm the one who's truly strong.
I'm the strongest man!
Stop moving around!
It's annoying!
I'm doing some measurements.
It's impossible to get out
of such a deep pit.
It's ten billion percent better than you
sitting there and shouting like a fool.
Keep raising your voice like a fool
and it will collapse and bury us alive.
Damn it, you little twig.
Asshole, are you picking a fight?
I'll kill you, you jerk!
I told you.
If you keep shouting,
it's going to collapse.
If I keep pouring in water
from that pond over there,
you might be able to swim back out.
Well, it won't fill up
if you pour it slowly!
I'm doing it slowly with perseverance.
It's better than doing nothing, right?
Wait, that's not such
a bad idea after all.
It has nothing to do
with giving up or perseverance.
Whether or not it works,
science will determine it.
Connecting the gas mask tubes will give us
a good meter of drop height
from the surface.
If the inner diameter of the tube
is two centimeters,
by Torricelli's law,
the flow will be 0.00139 cubic meters
per second.
If the hole is 28 cubic meters,
that's 20131.68 seconds or 5.59 hours.
Given the water temperature,
we should barely avoid hypothermia.
I'll explain it to you.
Can you do as I say?
Yes, of course.
Don't underestimate Chrome, the scientist!
Without any one of us,
we won't be able to pull it off.
You said the weak
ruled the strong in my old world?
Of course not.
Everyone performs their own duties.
The development
of scientific civilization needs the weak
and brawny meatheads like you.
Even people without any special skills
can come in useful someday.
It doesn't matter who the leader
or the strongest one is.
There are all kinds of people.
And that equals strength.
I don't give a damn about all that.
Senku, you stole
the village chief position from me.
It's as simple as that.
Yes, you're right.
But in exchange,
you get to see all the insane stuff
that humanity worked together
for two million years to build.
Stuff you never would have seen otherwise.
And I'll show you so much of it,
it will make your head spin.
How is the water going from low to high?
Time for a fun grade school science!
Siphon Principle.
Let me explain it.
First, fill the tube with water.
Then take it to a point
lower than the water surface.
The water will flow upward continuously.
It will even work in your bathtub.
You can give it a try.
This is bad.
It's taking forever to fill up.
Senku won't be able to stand it.
A weak-ass like you should go up first.
I'm the strongest one in
the Ishigami Village, living by the sea.
Don't underestimate me.
I don't care if you're the leader anymore.
At least, until we deal with that Tsukasa.
But if there's a dull moment,
I'll kill you.
Sure. That won't be a problem.
Science would never be dull.
Magma's brute strength
got us out of the worst-case scenario.
The worst-case scenario?
He meant that he would have died
if his body had gotten any colder.
This is why I can't stand weak-assess.
You're wrong!
The worst scenario that would happen
had my body gotten any colder is…
I would hug Magma to keep myself warm.
It's indeed the worst scenario.
Just like I thought.
We've finally found
this striped rock face.
The treasure dungeon we're currently in
is a skarn deposit.
We get to collect
a lot of amazing minerals here.
It's a big treasure chest
created by nature.
White, black, blue, gold…
It really is clearly separated
into stripes!
It's my first time seeing such a rock!
It's just a rock, isn't it?
The magma underground boils water
that gets into the white rocks,
the limestone, that's all over the place.
All the stuff in the hot water
seeps into the rocks around it,
transforming it
into all different kinds of rocks.
This is a skarn deposit,
nature's treasure box.
I see.
That's why the parts around the cracks
transform and form stripes.
In other words,
only with Magma's help,
can we get this super rare gem.
All right. This is it.
The gems we are looking for
are inside this wall.
It's extremely hard.
The excavation work is the only thing
the weak-assess like us can't do.
We're counting on you, the strongest man.
I don't want to attack you head-on
and get countered by scientific weapons.
But while I'm digging for the treasure,
you won't be surprised
even if I raise the weapon, right?
Are you trying to…
That's right.
The backs of your heads
are wide open right now!
That was my plan.
I figured as much.
That's why you couldn't help
but save us back at the mica hole.
You weren't trying to push me down.
I knew all along
that you were trying to save me.
I'm sorry.
I insulted you.
You can hit me.
It doesn't matter anymore.
It didn't change the fact
that I did plan to kill you after all!
The most heat-resistant stone
in the universe!
We got it!
Tungsten is a great treasure.
But in this dungeon of treasures,
the three of us found a treasure
that's even more precious.
What are you talking about?
That's gross.
Yes, that's gross.
Shut up!
I regretted it
the moment it came out of my mouth!
What's the matter with you two?
Getting along all of a sudden?
There is way too much treasure here!
We have manganese!
We can use it for manganese batteries!
Copper pyrite! Sphalerite!
As I said, these are just rocks!
Are you done yet?
The sun is going to set!
Bring Senku back by evening
three days from now.
Let's get going!
Hey! Let's stay for a little longer.
Yes. It's rare to find a treasure mine.
Neither of you are going to carry
all that anyway!
Hurry up!
Why are you in such a hurry to go back?
-Damn it. What are you doing?
-Where are you taking Senku?
Hey, Senku.
You're back.
What's all of this?
There is no point calling for help, Senku.
All of us are in it together with Gen.
So, you've finally come to realize it?
All you need to do is hand science
and my head over to Tsukasa,
and the village will be safe?
It's perfectly logical.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
An astronomy telescope?
An observatory?
I want to go to space.
January 4th, Stone Day.
I heard that
it's your birthday today, Senku.
This is a birthday gift from all of us!
Finally, he left.
Listen up!
I have a brilliant idea.
I mean, I just vaguely remembered that
you can put two lenses in a tube.
It's a rather half-baked idea.
Excuse me!
Everyone wants to help out too.
I want a better birthday gift from Senku
for my birthday.
Otherwise, it's not worth the trouble.
That's right.
All the villagers worked together
to complete it.
You'll have to make
the adjustments yourself.
That's right.
Hey, Senku.
You feel touched, don't you?
You can cry. Come on.
Don't hold back.
-Ginro, you're such an ass.
-Come on.
Not bad, guys.
This is very practical.
It can be used as a watchtower
against Tsukasa's army!
I guess you're right.
Your feedback is as rational as ever.
A guy doesn't bother
bringing up his own birthday.
How did you know it was today?
Our body's internal clock is a mess
because of the petrification.
I don't even know my age now.
Just count the days you have been alive.
Senku, you…
It's 6,268 days.
So, you used a leading question on me.
Still, you couldn't have figured it out
if you didn't know when I revived.
Don't you remember?
You wrote the day
your petrification was undone.
It's by the Cave of Miracles.
You wrote right after you woke up.
Did he write this down
when he was unpetrified?
How did he know the date?
The whole time, was he…
This is one brilliant man.
Come to think of it, since the beginning,
before we even met,
I've been quite fond of you, Senku.
Well, putting aside my personal gains,
I bet everyone feels the same too.
But you'll surely say
that it's too corny, right?
That's right.
It's too corny.
I thought so.
Subtitle translation by: Angel Choo
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