Dr. Stone (2019) s01e23 Episode Script

Wave of Science

It can see faraway places.
The sun will rise soon!
Don't look at the sun directly
using the telescope.
Senku, if you guys got the real thing…
It looks like a mountain of gems!
Not only does it look like
a mountain of gems, but it is one.
It's a treasure trove
of super rare metals.
Aren't they just slightly heavy rocks?
You had me dig for them for half a day.
We'll use these rocks
to win against Tsukasa.
We'll win with these rocks?
I see.
You're right.
These heavy rocks are powerful.
Dad, I don't think that's how--
We can't blame him.
He's from the old generation.
Our opponent is Tsukasa and his men,
who are great fighters.
Our plan is to make a mobile phone
using these rocks
and win the information war.
But Senku,
how long will it take
before we can make a mobile phone?
That's right.
Once spring comes,
Tsukasa's army is going to be rushing in.
Well, we're not far from the goal.
To put it simply,
the vacuum tube
is the mobile phone's heart.
Plastics make up its skeleton.
The microphone is the vocal cord.
The gold wire is the veins.
With these four body parts,
we can finish the mobile phone.
This enormous scientific project
is finally at its last phase.
Listen carefully.
We'll charge towards the goal in one go!
Let's make the heating filaments
required for making the vacuum tube.
We'll use what lies under this blue glow.
The most heat-resistant metal
in the universe, tungsten.
But Senku,
how do we get it out from the rocks?
Well, that's a very difficult process.
What are you doing, Magma?
What? We're getting it
out of the rocks, aren't we?
Shouldn't we just break them into pieces?
Don't worry.
We need to break them anyway.
See? I'm not wrong.
You're so selfish!
If you were wrong,
how would you compensate for it?
That's unusual.
Even though he was rash,
I can't believe
he actually lends a hand on his own.
Did something happen in the cave?
You get to see all the insane stuff
that humanity worked together
for two million years to build.
Stuff you never would have seen otherwise.
And I'll show you so much of it,
it will make your head spin.
I don't care if you're the leader anymore.
At least, until we deal with that Tsukasa.
Who knows? I wonder what happened.
I'm done.
What should I do next?
I'm going to do chemistry stuff
to this powdered blue rock
to turn it into something
resembling toothpaste.
Right, you're doing chemistry stuff.
We won't understand
even if you tell us, right?
Lastly, we're going to get rid of the rust
on the toothpaste stuff using hydrogen,
warm it up in a glass container,
and then it's done.
It needs to be at least 1,000 degrees.
The hotter it is,
the stronger the tungsten will be.
Just bake it then.
What? It's quite easy.
Are you stupid?
If you put a glass container
into a fire that's 1,000 degrees,
what do you think would happen?
We have to heat up just the tungsten
toothpaste inside the glass container.
A very precise heating device
is required then.
How do we do it?
We don't have much time.
Let's divide the work.
I'll handle
the toothpaste-making chemistry stuff.
Who will make
the precise heating device then?
There's no other scientist to work on it.
you should be able
to create it from scratch, right?
Use all the science tricks you've learned.
Or do you need me, Dr. Senku,
to assist you?
Hey, don't make me laugh.
I'm Chrome.
I'm a very clever scientist!
Don't come crying to me
for help at the laboratory.
Yes, leave it to me.
You'll handle the heating team.
I'm jealous of you two.
You know,
even as a kid.
I love making things on my own.
In order for people
not to look down on me,
I made all kinds of things
like the bridge and the shields.
That's why I'm still considered
a front-liner at my age now.
To be honest,
sometimes, I would think
that it would be great
if I had friends to do it with me.
Don't you already have
two of them, Mr. Kaseki?
Two working buddies.
Where are they?
Right here.
Even though I'm almost
50 years older than you?
What does it have to do with age?
What the heck?
They seem more energetic than usual.
A modern guy like you
should come here and help me.
You know more about chemistry
than the villagers, right?
Do I?
There's a ridiculous number of steps.
I know that you don't know
anything about it.
To put it simply,
cook the blue gem powder
in sodium hydroxide.
Use seashells, hydrochloric acid,
and ammonia to crystallize it.
Bake it and mix it with honey.
I completely got it, Senku.
Bake it and mix it with honey.
I completely understood only that part.
Chrome is definitely
ten billion times more useful than you.
No, I don't think anyone
could have kept up with that.
You're the only one who gets it, Senku.
This is the precise heating device!
Chrome's killer move.
Don't be a show-off.
You're reminding me
of what happened in the past.
I don't know how much heat
it produces though.
To measure the temperature,
let's set up some metals
in order of heat resistance.
It's not even doing anything to the lead,
and that's the weakest one.
It's winter after all.
If we just had a little more sunlight…
Use all the science tricks you've learned.
We're using fire too.
Add the cotton candy machine
to the pinpoint heating!
Damn it.
Suika and I didn't have enough strength.
But at least you've defeated the lead.
Incredible. We've beaten gold and silver.
As expected of the battle team!
The iron melted!
Gorilla team!
This should be over 1,000 degrees, right?
It needs to be at least 1,000 degrees.
The hotter it is,
the stronger the tungsten will be.
No, it's not enough yet.
Add electricity power!
All right.
It's done.
Tungsten toothpaste!
Heating team, how are things on your end?
It's almost done.
Not bad, scientist.
What kind of
all-power combination is this?
Senku, you were the one who said
to throw everything at it.
That's not what I meant.
This is too ugly.
But perhaps this is for the best.
If the goal is for all of us
to join together
to raise the temperature…
We're going to make a long,
thin blob of tungsten toothpaste.
Add electricity to water
to produce hydrogen.
That hydrogen, with a lot of heat,
peels the rust right off the toothpaste.
Here we go! Precise heating
-to thousands of degrees!
-To thousands of degrees!
The most heat-resistant metal
in the universe,
a tungsten filament!
All right.
We have all the materials now.
We're finally in the final spurt
in making a mobile phone!
Let's do it in order.
Let's make the mobile phone's heart,
the vacuum tube.
There is some slightly
complicated glasswork
that we need to finish up.
Even you might not be able
to make them, Mr. Kaseki.
How dare you.
I made this super hard,
weirdly-shaped thing after all.
Nothing can shock me anymore.
Come on, let me see the design.
It's called Hickman Pump.
It has extraordinary suctioning power.
A level ten billion vacuum pump!
You're speaking like
you're endorsing a vacuum cleaner.
Vacuum tubes are made
by removing as much air as possible.
The prototype we built before
was a simple level-one pump
for light bulbs.
It won't give us enough power.
Where do I even begin?
Is this even humanly possible?
During our time,
the Hickman Pump
was hand-made by
very incredible craftsmen too.
You're both craftsmen
but in different eras.
It can't be helped then, Kaseki.
It's impossible.
Is that true?
Yes, it's impossible for the mentalist
to know about that.
He's just making it up to provoke Kaseki.
Don't worry.
I don't need such mental motivation.
This complicated stuff
gets me fired up anyway.
In exchange,
I want to do the thing
that you did with Chrome the other day.
You know,
the thing that makes us working buddies.
All right!
I'll let you handle
the vacuum tube, Kaseki.
Listen, Senku.
I noticed something.
Even if Mr. Kaseki sounded
like a child unwilling to accept defeat,
I'm sure he just wants to help
lessen your burden.
Of course, I know that. Are you stupid?
My friends and I…
The children will also…
All right.
I'll let you guys handle
the electric wires, Suika.
We're also a part
of the Kingdom of Science!
Don't just rely on Senku
to make the electric wires.
Let's make them!
All right then.
This way, the chemical team
can focus on making plastic.
But I don't really know what plastic is.
That's the material I'm most
concerned about on the roadmap.
Can we make plastic in this world?
Isn't it made from petroleum or something?
Hey, Gen. Come here.
I'm going to work you to death
in return for getting me hyped up.
This is too much.
Mr. Kaseki has a soft spot for Gen,
doesn't he?
Let's start making plastic.
First, we simmer some wood
and boil the liquid that comes out.
Pour it over some hot copper and--
I didn't understand any of that!
You heat it to get some liquid,
heat it again, and heat it again?
What exactly are we doing?
We need to extract and add various
ingredients for a great transformation.
Chemistry is all about
addition and subtraction.
After addition and subtraction,
we'll get formalin.
It's the stuff used to preserve corpses.
It stinks.
There it is again.
A dangerous chemical
related to corpses again.
All right.
Next, we must collect a lot of coal.
Coal ash, sodium hydroxide
and also formalin
make humanity's first synthetic plastic,
All right.
So we need to burn
a whole lot of coal, right?
My hands are freezing.
I can't work properly.
It's another harsh winter.
I hope no one freezes to death this year.
Yes, we need a lot of them.
This job suits you two the most.
Hey, Ginro.
Where are you going?
Look, I have training.
And I need to stand guard
to protect the village.
So, I think I'll pass.
What are you talking about?
The village chief,
Senku's orders are rules.
Wait! It must be a very tough job!
Rules are rules.
It's so warm here.
Let's make a warm meal
for everyone to eat.
We can get our work done a lot faster now.
we only need ashes from the coals.
If you want to sit by the fire,
suit yourselves.
How amazing.
You're obviously making
something totally unrelated,
and yet the village becomes
more and more enriched.
that's what science is all about.
I was right to give you the position
of the village chief.
What? Manganese battery?
Do we need to use batteries
in finishing the vacuum tube?
I've prepared the instructions
and materials.
We'll use the manganese
we got in the caves.
You're telling me to make it?
Zinc for seaweed
Manganese rice balls
Coal in the middle
The manganese battery is done
How strange
It's done?
So it's not that hard
Manganese battery
Lots of manganese
Manganese battery
Lots of manganese
Manganese battery
Lots of manganese
Make 800 of them.
What? 800?
This is too much!
I'll make them with you.
This is the wine that you want.
Are you going to have a party?
No, I want to make the mobile phone's
vocal cords, the microphone.
Using wine?
Actually, we're using
the pink grains stuck on the lid here.
Then we mix some cooked seaweed
in hot water.
Which part of this
is the "microphone" thing?
Hey, what are these sparkling stones?
It's called Rochelle salts.
They turn sound into electricity.
Tack this onto something light,
like a plastic megaphone
and you get a microphone.
We've made plastic!
The electric wires are done too!
The vacuum tube is done!
The microphone is done too!
The strongest weapon in modern warfare
that can deliver voices
over infinite distances…
-The mobile phone is finally here!
-All right!
This is incredible!
We managed to finish it before spring.
The long-awaited moment
has finally arrived.
The final battle against Tsukasa
is at hand.
This is so exciting.
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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