Dr. Stone (2019) s01e24 Episode Script

Voices Over Infinite Distance

We've made plastic!
The electric wires are done too!
The vacuum tube is done!
The microphone is done too!
This huge scientific project…
…is finally completed.
In this Stone World,
that's full of stones,
we've come so far,
building a scientific civilization
from scratch.
The strongest weapon in modern warfare
that can deliver voices
over infinite distances…
The mobile phone is finally here!
Our voices are going to travel
across the skies
and far into the distance.
So it's great that we're sending
our voices over long distances.
But how are we going to hear them?
Oh my.
We're going to need another one.
-Damn it!
-Damn it!
You intentionally left that out, right?
Because people might give up
if you told them
that we need to make two.
We need another mobile phone
to make it work.
But if we run a long cable,
it should work as a phone.
Ruri and the others can hear us
if we speak from here?
We spent so much effort
into making the phone.
Have you decided the first thing
you want to say?
Ruri is listening on the other end.
Chrome, isn't this your chance
to confess your feelings?
Isn't this the best opportunity?
My feelings.
Hit the switch!
I've turned it on!
Can you see it, Ruri? It's amazing, right?
Isn't science incredible?
What's wrong with all of you?
We can hear him!
-It's a success.
-What exactly is this?
That's really surprising.
That was definitely Chrome's voice.
This is ridiculous.
How can you speak
using such a small thing?
It's almost like a speaker.
"Almost like"? It's literally a speaker.
Microphones and speakers
just convert between sound
and electricity.
Of course, they are the same…
What did you say just now?
"It's almost like a speaker"?
What? Speaker?
Is this a bee?
It's a bee.
What? The speaker is a bee?
aren't speakers a kind of bee?
What makes you think so?
It was mentioned in the Hundred Stories.
That's how it was passed down?
It's the 14th story
of the Hundred Stories.
There is a talkative bee called Speaker.
When it poked gravestones with its needle,
it could speak in the voices of the dead.
Poke gravestones with its needle.
The voices of the dead.
This story doesn't impart any knowledge.
I don't get what it's for.
It's very suspicious.
What kind of information do they want
to convey to modern men
by using the word "speaker"?
And it's the 14th story
of the Hundred Stories.
One and four.
It's pronounced as "ishi."
Isn't that your birthday, Senku?
It is said
that our founder,
Lord Byakuya and his people,
were buried here.
My dad's grave!
The graveyard!
What are you doing, Senku?
You might get cursed!
What's the matter?
Is there something in the gravestone?
I should have noticed it before.
That old man was so clever.
The gravestones of the founders?
If I think about it carefully,
it's ten billion percent ridiculous.
This isn't a gravestone at all.
It's a time capsule
that has been kept solid in concrete.
Time capsule?
Is there something inside?
we'll know after breaking it.
Do you want to break it?
Wait, you boor!
I'm guessing that there is glass inside.
We're going to need someone
with both power and speed
to crack it swiftly.
-She's fast!
-She's fast!
There seems to be something silver inside.
It's silver
because it's wrapped in aluminum foil.
Just rinse it with hydrochloric acid…
It's really glass!
A saucer?
It looks like they cut out
the bottom of a bottle or something.
Speaking with needles.
Doesn't it remind you of something?
A record!
My dad and the crew's voices are on there.
They went through all this trouble
to leave us a voice recording.
Let's hear what they have to say.
If it's not something exciting,
I'll kill him.
That old man.
Chrome is right.
Science is really incredible.
It lets Senku's dad
speak to him from heaven
thousands of years later,
traveling through time with science.
He used science to transcend time.
Hey, Senku.
Can this record thing trap voices?
But voices aren't something we can catch.
I don't understand it at all.
How did he do it?
The way a record works
is extremely simple.
You make a needle vibrate with sound
which then carves grooves.
And then, if you run a needle
over the grooves to vibrate it,
it will make the same sounds
that carve them.
Just carve grooves into the glass
and it can preserve sound?
This is so unexpected.
Senku's dad was incredible!
No, that's not true.
I don't think Byakuya can do it.
This must have been made
by someone around him.
Astronauts are all scientific elites.
All of them except Byakuya,
who got in by luck.
But this idea might have come from my dad.
Only he can think of such a lame idea.
Can we make a record
from the bottom of a bottle?
That sounds like a good idea.
Glass is more durable than plastic.
If we preserve it properly,
it will last for thousands of years.
Did you suggest it because you know that?
Of course not.
I just thought it could work
because it's round.
Even if you're lying, just say "yes."
All right.
Please give me a hand.
Why did he leave?
What the heck?
Be nicer to the old man!
We don't have enough materials
even if we want to make it.
Right, old man?
There might be something
we can use on the Soyuz.
I found something good!
My good partner,
the electronic shaver.
I'm sorry, my electronic shaver.
I won't waste your motor.
We can easily make a record player
using the things we've made so far.
We'll be using the gear
from the cotton candy machine.
I've brought it here.
Drilling holes on Dad's shield
wasn't a waste.
It's doing so much good.
As long as it can help you guys,
I'm happy.
That's how humans are too.
As they grow old,
they slowly become the gears of society.
Why are you suddenly saying
such nice words?
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
This is the tool used for sewing.
All right.
This is perfect.
Bone needle.
Playing back the record is a lot easier.
But the recording process is not as easy.
We need a hard rock
to carve grooves on the glass.
we need corundum
or diamond and the like, right?
Use this.
This is…
It's a diamond.
Isn't this your wedding ring?
How can we use such a precious thing?
It gets in the way when I'm working
and I don't usually wear it anyway.
If it becomes the record player's needle,
the diamond would be happy too.
In exchange,
you have to let us in
on building the recorder
and making recordings.
Thank you.
All right!
That took no time at all!
What's going on?
They said we can hear
the voices of the founders.
What? The founders?
The voice of someone
from thousands of years ago?
All right.
Spin it, Ginro.
I've gotten good at spinning this
from the cotton candy machine.
I don't know who's listening to this,
hundreds or maybe thousands
of years from now…
I'm Byakuya Ishigami, an astronaut.
You guys are so noisy. I can't hear it.
This is the voice
of Ishigami Village's founder…
Senku's dad's voice?
I'm just joking!
That's it for the stuffy formalities.
The one who has been de-petrified
and is listening to this record
is you, Senku.
Am I right?
I know it's you.
This is my last conversation with you
after hundreds or thousands of years
or even longer than that.
Even though this is a conversation,
I can't really hear your voice.
don't forget.
I'll always…
You don't need that dramatic
father-and-son crap, do you?
Let's get down to business then.
You know me quite well.
You're so cold towards your dad.
Kohaku, you're the same too.
If you're still worried
about how to unite everyone
in the village,
let them listen to this.
I dedicate this song to those
whose light of music has dimmed!
Why did you think of making a record?
I've been thinking.
How do we keep all the knowledge
and fun stuff
that humanity's come up with
from disappearing?
I also want to leave something
that would make Senku feel excited.
YEAR 5738
The song…
It's so beautiful.
It's the voice of an angel.
It's incredible!
The song is so…
-It's incredible!
During our time,
Lilian was one of the world-class singers.
Imagine that being the first song
you hear.
Two million years of humanity
is really incredible!
Were you able to listen
to such great music everywhere before?
it's not just music.
Games, television, manga, and movies.
All of them are entertainment
produced through scientific improvements.
There was a lot of incredibly fun stuff
all over the world.
Even if they are physically gone now,
it's all there…
In our hearts.
I'll show them all to you
after we defeat the Tsukasa Empire
and de-petrify all the stone statues
in the world.
I must experience it!
How exciting!
All the stone statues in the world…
Will be de-petrified!
So we just need to destroy
the Tsukasa Empire first, right?
This is amazing!
Everyone is excited about this!
Good job, Senku's dad.
-The villagers
-Let's defeat our enemy
-are motivated to revive the people
-and de-petrify the stone statues.
who have been petrified.
It's all because of Lilian's song.
Doesn't this also wash away your guilt
for having dragged
the villagers into a war?
No way.
I've never had that kind of guilt.
You actually made
what you said that day come true.
Just like what you said
the day we first met.
This village
has become the Kingdom of Science.
So it finally begins.
The war between the Kingdom of Science
and Tsukasa Empire.
We'd better build that second mobile phone
and bring it over.
Senku, does that mean
it's those two's turn this time?
We're finally connecting.
The Kingdom of Science's
whole fighting power.
It has been almost a year.
-I'm waiting for you, Sen--
-You can't shout out loud, Taiju!
That's right. I almost forgot!
The winter is almost over.
The final battle with Senku is near.
Come on.
Let's snuff the flame of science forever
and build a new, untarnished world.
The final battle against
the Tsukasa Empire, on our home turf.
It's the beginning of the Stone Wars.
This is so exciting.
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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