Dr. Stone (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

Stone Wars Beginning

In a long, distant past
beyond our imagination,
all of a sudden, it happened.
An incredible light
covered the entire planet.
Just like that,
everyone in the world was petrified.
They could only wait for extinction.
Everything including buildings
and civilization disappeared.
To think that humans
spent millions of years to build them…
What a pity.
there was a man who refused to give up.
He held onto his consciousness
despite the petrification.
Furthermore, he counted every second
because he didn't want to lose track
of a piece of important information, time.
Isn't he amazing?
That's right.
During one spring several thousand years
after the petrification,
Senku was the first one to wake up.
On a prehistoric Earth,
I would die
out of despair if it was me.
But Senku is a teenager
with a penchant towards science.
He found a way to sustain basic living.
Ultimately, he invented
the revival fluid to de-petrify.
Senku is awesome!
I want to be like him!
Senku is popular among kids.
Should we invite
an important figure like him
to give a speech?
I'm touched.
An unprecedented epic literature.
The Origin of Stone World
is definitely a tearjerker.
By the way, Gen,
stop rambling about and start working.
Damn it, you caught me off guard.
He then used the revival fluid to wake up
the most powerful man, Tsukasa.
This is Stone World.
A blissful land free of impurities.
We should only de-petrify innocent people.
No one shall dictate the world
and we'll coexist peacefully with nature.
This is the perfect opportunity
to purify humanity.
Do you not agree, Senku?
You're wrong.
I beg to differ.
I will use science to save humanity.
Every one of them.
They didn't see eye to eye.
In order to resist Tsukasa,
who recruited allies to rebuild the world,
Senku built
the Kingdom of Science in this village.
We're in the Kingdom of Science!
Let's defeat Tsukasa!
But Senku,
to make the proactive move,
you toiled so hard to make a phone.
If we don't go now,
they will attack us during summer.
What are you making this time?
That's why I'm working extra hard
to finish this super item.
We will outmaneuver
and outspeed the Tsukasa Empire.
The best survival tool made by humans.
I'm making space food.
There it is!
He made another unfathomable invention
in the Kingdom of Science.
What's space?
I remember it's somewhere
higher than the sky.
That sounds awesome.
I can't wait!
It's just food.
I will make our all-time favorite,
green foxtail ramen, into war ration.
I volunteer to help
because I really want to eat ramen!
It is to die for.
How is that a valid reason, Ginro?
That said,
why use space ramen as a weapon?
Unless you plan to throw
hot ramen against our enemy?
That's not how it works, Dad.
In a spaceship with zero gravity,
we can't enjoy our meal elegantly.
Food that is easy to cook, nutritious,
efficient, and delicious
is called space food.
I see.
Tsukasa won't attack during winter.
We can recruit more people then.
This is a military logistics team matter.
In Stone World,
the winter war is extremely harsh.
If we can solve this problem with science
and have accessible warm food,
we'll be a trillion times
more advantageous.
This is our trump card for the winter war.
A warm scientific meal
will heal our body and soul.
Space food is incredible!
This is a preemptive strike
against the Tsukasa Empire.
Let's make the last super item!
I'll take charge of the ramen.
With the help of the entire village,
it will become more delicious.
The engineers won't slack off either.
We'll make a machine that transforms
normal ramen into space ramen.
What is this machine here?
Vacuum seal the ramen.
It means to suck out all the air.
We've done this before.
Like when we made the cell phone.
Vacuum tubes are not easy to make at all.
"Vacuum seal the ramen."
What does this mean?
All right, the ramen is done.
We just have to put it in hot soup.
There's no need for that.
We need to freeze it.
Why freeze such a delicious dish?
An order is an order.
Shut your mouth and work, Ginro.
Is this space ramen?
No, this is just frozen ramen.
We need to lighten it up to improve
the mobility of the unit.
Make it light…
-You mean…
We're making instant ramen.
The marvel of freeze-drying.
I've heard of it,
but where should we start?
Like its name suggested,
we freeze it then dry it.
When food is frozen,
the water contained will become ice.
I know that.
If you place it in a vacuum,
due to the absence of air,
the ice within will "shaboom"
and evaporate.
The food will then become dry,
hard, and light.
This is too complicated for me.
How do we achieve that "shaboom"?
That's why we need the engineers.
It's complete!
Made from the water wheel…
A freeze dryer!
Well done, Chrome, Kaseki.
is made from Senku's inventions.
The treasure that humans accumulated
for two million years
is called science.
Freeze-dried ramen.
What the heck?
It does look light and small.
But it doesn't look appetizing.
It's dry.
Check this out.
Is this edible?
I'll be the guinea pig.
Trying new things without hesitation
is the way of a scientist.
You said that last time.
It's just an excuse to eat.
This is even better than
freshly-cooked ramen!
It's done.
-It's so good!
-That flavor!
-It's so good.
We can fight and eat at the same time now.
You're wrong, Magma.
It'll do more harm than good.
I'm serious.
I hope no one will get hurt.
War seems inevitable.
We're not killing each other.
The winning condition for us
is very simple.
Control of the place of
the revival fluid's ingredient.
The Cave of Miracles.
If we can contact our ally
over there using the cell phone,
a bloodless war against the Tsukasa Empire
will no longer be a dream.
Your friend, Senku,
is he all right?
He's been infiltrating the enemy's camp.
Isn't that dangerous?
I wouldn't worry too much.
Taiju and Yuzuriha
won't break so easily.
I wonder what they are like.
If they are your friends,
then they must be very smart.
Who are they?
They don't look like that at all.
Taiju is all brawn and no brain.
What? That's not what I imagined.
This song has become our background music.
It's impressive.
Songstress Lillian.
Everyone enjoys her music even now.
Her voice is angelic.
If only people
from the Tsukasa Empire could hear this.
Will they be moved
by such beautiful voices
and stop attacking us?
Well for us,
Lillian's voice is too famous,
they won't be moved by it anymore.
Besides, this kind of voice…
This voice…
Show yourself.
What do you want?
Good evening.
I don't want the innocent ones
to hear this,
including Kinro and Kokuyo.
In that case,
this is definitely not a good plan.
Just have the vinyl and two phones ready.
If everything goes well,
The Tsukasa Empire will open up to us
and we'll save seven billion lives.
As for the price,
if God is watching us,
then Senku Ishigami and Gen Asagiri
will go to hell together.
Don't worry.
The world of science denied God
ten billion years ago.
Tell me more, Mentalist.
I don't want the innocent ones
to hear this,
including Kinro and Kokuyo.
-In that case…
-Senku and Gen…
-are having a secret meeting.
The secret of the Tsukasa Empire.
What's the force that holds
everyone in the empire together?
A. Food.
B. Beautiful women.
C. Tsukasa.
C, of course.
Correct! Ten billion points for you!
Tsukasa was even famous
and adored back then
as the Strongest High School Primate.
In other words,
to make him surrender,
we need someone who is as charming as him.
This voice… It's from the vinyl.
I can also imitate female voices,
though the tone is a bit off.
No, it's almost the same.
But I'm ten billion percent sure
people will recognize
a male voice.
You're not wrong.
But what if we use
the gramophone with crappy quality?
The song from the vinyl is the ID card.
Correct! 100 billion points for you!
What's happening?
Through the gramophone, Lillian's voice
and singing are so good
that people believe it's real.
Well, it is real.
They can only believe Lillian
is on the other side of the gramophone.
I'm Lillian Weinberg from the US.
Listen to me, everyone in Japan,
the world is not gone.
The USA has been rebuilt.
We will soon arrive to save you.
So you mean to create false hope
and make everyone believe it.
A ruse using the legend of Lillian.
You're right.
We might go to hell for this.
I see now.
Let's discuss the details later.
Love the pitch. Approved!
That was fast.
Who the heck will understand?
I don't understand!
Please explain to him
from the beginning, Mentalist.
First, give the phone to Taiju
and the others.
Then play Lillian's song
to people in the Tsukasa Empire.
Lie to them.
This is a phone call from America.
The world is not gone.
They think the old world is dead.
That's why they follow Tsukasa.
But the old world is destroyed.
If we tell them the US has been rebuilt
and is coming to save them,
things might change.
Once enough people
from the Tsukasa Empire abandon ship,
we'll contact them by phone
and end this without shedding any blood.
But they'll find out the truth.
It's fine.
As long as we can subdue
Tsukasa and Hyoga,
the rest won't be a problem.
Only someone like you can come up
with this ten billion percent evil plan.
So exciting!
The only thing is Senku and I
will be so hated by the Tsukasa Empire,
they'll want to kill us.
That's all.
Don't tell anyone else.
Both of us who hailed from the old world
are more than enough to be the villains.
What are you talking about?
I heard your plan.
I'll be an accomplice too.
You only have your meddling self to blame.
I'm part of the execution team.
You need an engineer on the spot
to install a huge phone base station.
Senku has a facial scar.
I'm more suitable for the job.
Three people are going to hell
in exchange for
seven billion lives.
We're all ready.
The action unit
will be made up of the three of you.
The engineer, Chrome.
The phone carrier, Magma.
And the guide, Gen.
There is one big issue.
Tsukasa's scout.
Based on the snow on the branches,
she is probably surveilling us from there.
Of course not.
Good thinking.
That is the fastest route
to the Tsukasa Empire.
If she detects our preemptive move
and Tsukasa learns about the cell phone,
we're finished.
Why not sneak out at night?
We're carrying vacuum tubes.
We're finished if we trip in the dark.
Why not use speed to jet past her?
Look at this heavy load, dummy.
Seems sort of impossible.
No problem.
We'll just use a shocking science item
to lure her to the other side.
You can use that distraction to slip out.
"Shocking science item"?
If you electrolyze water,
hydrogren and oxygen will bubble up.
That combined gas is explosive.
Then we just store that gas
in a deer bladder.
The explosion won't be powerful
but the sound will be loud.
This is what we call a sound bomb.
All right, it's time now.
Let's make the first move.
Sound bomb.
Now! She turned her head!
The war for land
against the Tsukasa Empire.
The Stone War has begun.
I can't wait.
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