Dr. Stone (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

Hot Line

Stay put until I come back.
It's fine.
We've waited for 3,700 years.
Another few months or years
are nothing.
I will rebuild
the Kingdom of Science.
Go now!
Cell phone from the Kingdom of Science.
I'll deliver it to Taiju and Yuzuriha,
even if it costs my life!
Why do we have to leave discretely?
She'll chase us if she finds out.
Our top-secret cell phone plan
will be ruined if she finds out.
That Homura is this tough?
Why not kill or capture her?
We don't know where she's hiding.
However, Homura who hides in the dark
has to show her face now.
What they are afraid of
the most is gunpowder.
With such loud explosions,
the recon specialist
will have to check it out.
If Homura ever shows her face,
she must be heading towards the hill
where the explosions were.
I spotted her!
It's a fleeting shadow…
She's already on the move.
Kohaku's decisiveness
and agility are impressive.
This is a rare window of opportunity
created by Senku's sound bombs.
I must capture Homura.
Signs of explosions.
My neck.
How did she pull that off?
You're too young to understand.
I'm not here to kill you.
I know. You used the back of the knife.
When are you going to stop?
When I catch you.
It's impossible. Just give up.
Surrender now.
No can do.
I answered her
so that she'll be out of breath.
I can't get rid of Kohaku.
The distance between me and Homura
remains the same.
-So fast!
-So fast!
I'll force her to the village
so that she's cornered.
They are coming here!
Hide the elderly and kids.
Everyone else, surround her.
Are you intrigued?
Open your eyes and watch carefully then.
Jaw-dropping Science Tool l Level 2.
Flash grenade.
This is…
Long time no see!
I'm Mecha-Senku.
Let me teach you
how to make flash grenades.
Boil sea water to obtain bittern.
Electrify hot bittern
and you'll get magnesium.
Place magnesium in a light bulb
and there you go!
And that's a Print Gocco light bulb.
You don't know what Print Gocco is?
Ask your parents. They might know.
Senku is as strong as a microorganism…
So cool!
Stop touching weird places.
I don't buy your poor acting.
Once I rebuild civilization,
then maybe we can create a rom-com.
Should I escape through brute force?
I'm not strong enough to…
It didn't work at all!
Strength of microorganisms.
It's not about strength.
Where did she get that agility from?
She escaped.
I'm still blind.
Good eyesight has its cons too.
Kinro, Ginro,
Kohaku, Suika,
Kaseki, Jasper,
Kokuyo, Turquoise,
Mantle, Argo.
How does she know our names?
It means she has been spying
on us for a while.
Where are Chrome, Magma, and Gen?
Everyone is here except them.
That's odd.
Where are they?
Technician Chrome and the powerful Magma…
Did they go mining?
No, mining doesn't require Gen.
Why is Gen with them?
To guide them? Where to?
They are carrying something to our base.
This is just a distraction.
Some scientific weapon perhaps?
What will it be?
She must have noticed Chrome
and the cell phone unit.
This is bad.
It's not easy to track Homura.
The trio is moving towards
the base of the Tsukasa Empire.
Homura is trying to locate them.
She'll find out about the cell phone
one way or another.
If it's destroyed, or if she
informs Tsukasa, we're done for.
Please no! We toiled so hard for it.
We have to capture her
before she finds them.
Do you want us to chase after Homura, who
is chasing after Chrome and the others?
That's impossible.
Jaw-dropping Science Tool
Level 3, the ultimate weapon,
is launching soon.
The place where it illuminated…
Shiny marks…
No time for this.
Let's go.
Let this thrilling two-way
game of tag begin.
These shiny marks show
the path Homura took?
How can we see those lights?
Don't play dumb.
You've already seen it before.
The blue gem?
It's powder.
I see. You smeared some on her.
But I remember it only shines
for a second during sunrise.
UV rays.
This black light lamp
is a man-made UV ray.
Nickel and barium.
We found them during treasure hunting.
In layman's terms, I mixed them in glass
and made a purple light bulb.
We can track her down now.
Senku, I want to ask you something.
Homura's movement is different.
That's gymnastics.
A lost skill in this era.
It'll be hard
to capture her without hurting her.
If I can use my blade,
I can easily behead her.
A bloodless war against the Tsukasa Empire
will no longer be a dream.
Can I kill her?
Have you killed someone before, Kohaku?
Of course not.
That's why
even if my hands are forced,
I'll still hesitate.
My weakness will be exposed.
To get rid of the hesitation
I need to convince myself.
Don't worry.
The weapon by your waist
might not even have its showtime.
Why else do you think
we worked so hard to make a huge box?
It is the strongest weapon
in contemporary warfare,
The vacuum tube inside is still intact?
Seems like we have
to check regularly while moving.
Someone called!
Wait, don't answer it, Chrome!
It stopped ringing.
For it to ring now means only one thing.
Plus, it only rang once.
Homura saw through the deception,
and is after us.
If we answer,
she'll know we're carrying a cell phone.
Our mission is to
feign innocence and move forward.
This is a two-way game of tag.
Chrome and the others
are carrying the phone.
Homura is after them.
We're after Homura.
However, if we call them
in this positioning…
The game of tag will become a siege.
This is a war of intelligence.
This is bad. The shiny marks
stopped after the river.
She must have washed the powder away.
The UV rays from sunrise betrayed us.
Why is this phone ringing intermittently?
It's Gen's intention.
Sending Morse code using the ringtone.
Since we can't talk, we'll text.
That's what it is.
Sorry, I don't understand.
We don't get terms
from the civilization of science.
A few kilometers earlier,
Gen's location overlapped
with Homura's path.
Which means that Homura found
the trio, and is tailing them.
This is valuable information.
The trio Homura's after
is telling us their location via phone
so that we can have the full picture.
A siege of intel.
Oh, no, I can't get any signal.
Chrome, can you climb up and check?
Wait, in Stone World,
there's a communication device?
As a recon specialist,
I have to investigate further.
Now's the best time
to destroy it.
A fake one. What?
Gen's swapping trick.
I couldn't switch to falling position.
I'll die.
Farewell, Hyoga.
No matter how agile your enemy is,
if you know when and where she is
as well as other information,
capturing her alive is easy.
Exciting, right?
This is how we fight intel wars
in the Kingdom of Science.
So we've arrived?
We finally arrived
at the base of the Tsukasa Empire!
Quiet , Chrome.
There's someone
with good hearing in the Tsukasa Empire.
We worked so hard to get here.
If we're caught…
It's just a statue.
Crap. These statues look strong.
Why are there bloody numbers
on their foreheads?
It looks like the order of revival.
It wasn't there last time I checked.
The lowest number is 33.
That means that
Tsukasa revived at least 32 people.
It's faster than expected.
Even if we try our best
to recruit people from the Tsukasa Empire,
if he can revive people faster,
then our effort will be in vain.
This is not good.
Why not just destroy these statues?
No, it's still too bothersome.
Let's break their limbs.
That way they can't fight anymore.
You're merciless, Magma.
I forgot that since we've been allies.
You show no mercy against your enemies.
That said, your plan
to destroy these statues
is still feasible.
These statues didn't commit any crimes.
At least pick the bad guys.
Humans can claim to be
as realistic as possible,
but when you have to do it,
you'll still hesitate.
Tsukasa is so scary
because he can do that.
We have to stop him.
We're not weak at all.
We serve a higher purpose.
We want a bloodless war.
If we recruit faster than they can grow
their army, then everything will be good.
All right, let's go.
Our mission is to
build the hotline for the phone.
you didn't hesitate
to destroy those statues.
I don't care about the life of strangers.
I see.
Thank god Magma is an ally.
Is this…
A grave.
Cemetery of the Tsukasa Empire?
Not at all.
Whose then?
Is he dead?
It's quite obvious that he's still alive.
It's to trick Tsukasa
into thinking that he's dead.
I'm considered dead,
so do visit my grave.
Senku's tombstone
is the relay point for logistics.
It's the perfect spot then.
The Tsukasa Empire
is not interested in my grave.
So even if someone visits the grave,
he won't raise any suspicion.
A grave to communicate
with the dead Senku.
The birth of a phone to the great beyond.
This is a brilliant idea.
It's also normal
to commiserate in front of a tombstone.
But then…
This is not normal at all.
It's too obvious you're hiding something.
Gosh. Another annoying stone.
That was over the top, Magma.
Let's hurry up and hide.
It seems like no one noticed.
You two are just too sensitive.
No, we don't know yet.
I told you that there's someone
with good hearing in the Tsukasa Empire.
The sound came from somewhere nearby.
If the Tsukasa Empire
finds the phone, we're done for.
Mentalist is with them.
He'll find the perfect hiding spot.
The other two should
have no problem either.
They are known
for their perseverance and will power.
I believe that no matter what,
they'll be safe.
It rang.
What if it's from the Tsukasa Empire?
I miss your voice so much
that I'm in tears now.
Especially your loud voice.
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