Dr. Stone (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Call from the Dead

I'm considered dead,
so do visit my grave.
Look. Signs of digging.
You're right.
Only you, Yuzuriha,
could notice such detail.
What did Senku hide here?
Something for us?
But the guard is here.
And we can't dig with a shovel.
They're visiting the grave every day.
Can they converse with the dead?
Leave it to me.
This is…
I miss your voice so much
that I'm in tears now.
Especially your loud voice.
Is he the fabled…
It's working!
Cell phone hotline.
You can talk to each other
despite the distance.
It's been around a year
since that incident.
Senku, I…
I'm Senku!
No, you're not.
I'm Senku.
Was it the cell phone?
How did he manage to communicate
with friends over a great distance?
His intelligence is beyond comprehension.
Radio waves, the sound of science,
are soaring through the sky now,
connecting us with
the faraway enemy lands, Father.
Are you ever going to stop crying?
My ears can't stand it anymore.
I'm sorry. I'm just too emotional now.
Hi there, Yuzuriha.
You made a cell phone within a year.
You're amazing. I knew you had it in you.
Why is he wailing so much today?
Is today that guy's death anniversary?
I'm shaking from the fact that I can
finally hear you both on the phone.
I'd die to spend ten billions hours
catching up with you guys.
But now is not a great time
for a lengthy conversation.
I'll go straight to the point.
I just need one person.
Show this phone to one person
from the Tsuksa Empire
Use whatever excuse.
I'll tell you about the details later.
Straight to the point?
If they are being watched,
this is our only option.
And you, Taiju.
It's better if we keep you in the dark.
Even if you hear something,
try your best to play dumb.
That's insulting. Taiju will be mad!
Just one thing, Senku.
This is the most peaceful way
to do it, right?
it's the most peaceful way.
All right, I got it.
If you say so, Senku,
then there's no need for explanation.
Even after a year,
they still believe in each other.
I guess I can understand why
Senku and Taiju survived
after facing Tsukasa.
There's not much time left
before Tsukasa goes all-out on us.
We'll begin our operation
when the trio comes back tomorrow.
Did Gen or the others leave any messages?
Nothing. None at all.
They just buried the handset
deep into the soil.
Is it possible that they were caught?
It's not like Gen to not keep in contact.
Did something happen?
Why do we have to
hide in the bushes like cowards?
If there's an enemy,
we should just go kill them!
-We need to know where the enemy is first.
-You'll be the first one to die in a war!
We're facing Ukyo.
He has impeccable hearing.
Isn't it more dangerous to hide in bushes?
If we move, we'll make a lot of noise.
he'll shoot at where the noises are.
But it's not like
we chose to hide in the bushes.
He lured us here.
Damn it, we need to
at least make sure Gen can return safely.
That way,
we can launch the phone operation
against the Tsukasa Empire.
If we just need to ensure Gen returns,
then I have an idea.
First, Chrome heads out.
I'll follow him.
And then?
The arrows will expose
the enemy's location.
Then I punch!
I see!
-Like hell no! Are you trying to kill me?
-What? You only think of yourself?
-You're selfish.
-Then you're self-centered!
You just want me to be the bait.
This is the spare battery
that we couldn't give to Taiju.
This is the positive
and this is the negative, right?
If we connect both poles,
the battery will be overheated
due to constantly being in a circuit.
Starting a fire with sticks
will expose our location
due to the noise and smoke it produces,
but if we harness
the power of science, we can…
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Block the enemy's vision via smoke
then create a ruckus
to cover the noise of my footsteps.
It's much better than
waiting for an opening.
Oh, no!
That's it, Gen.
If you don't run now,
our sacrifice will be in vain.
You still have the important task
of convincing the people
from the Tsukasa Empire.
Run faster, or else I'll kick your ass.
Oh, no!
We've already decided
the first enemy to convert.
I have something to tell you.
If the guard can join us,
then we can slowly convert
everyone from the Tsukasa Empire
through sheer will.
Yes! It's done.
Coiled copper!
The gramophone is working so smoothly.
Playing it manually will result in
different speeds and off-key music.
Even if it works perfectly,
it's useless if Gen can't make it back.
Taiju and Yuzuriha will soon
show the phone to the first target.
If Gen isn't here by then,
we're done for.
Hey, Senku.
Who is the first girl I need to seduce?
-I'm glad you're all right!
You're Nikki right?
Listen to me.
-I don't care!
My job is to watch over you guys,
to make sure
you don't meet anyone in private
or do anything suspicious.
Tsukasa asked me to keep this
a secret, but I don't see why.
You already knew it anyway.
So listen carefully, Taiju and Yuzuriha.
I don't plan to be your friend.
Back off now.
All I want to hear is
"yes" and "no problem."
Anything else,
then brace yourself for my fist.
Hear me out…
I said if I hear anything else,
I'll punch you guys.
It didn't work?
He's enduring it.
Hit me…
every time I say something. I don't care.
But please hear me out.
This is something related
to an important friend of mine.
This is…
Is this a phone?
How did you make one in this world…
Even though I don't know music,
I know she's an American singer.
Nikki, do you know her?
I'm not an idiot.
Of course I do.
I'm Sebastian, the interpreter.
Sebastian? This is Senku's voice.
No, he told me to play dumb.
This phone call is from the US.
Listen to me, everyone in Japan.
America has been rebuilt.
What? Did you hear that?
We're saved!
I see now.
Even though I already have
a rough idea of what their plan is…
At least make sure
that Senku's ruse will work.
Before that…
I remember Lillian was in outer space.
Exactly, I was petrified when I returned.
Someone woke me up recently.
Do you know how your voice saved me?
Your voice saved me
from the boring school life.
If it's for you, I'd do anything.
But if someone is using Lillian Weinberg's
name for some elaborate ruse,
then I'll never forgive him!
We're so dead.
A diehard fan, I see.
Why did you find us a diehard fan
as our very first subject?
I've always felt that
your luck sucks, Senku.
You woke Tsukasa up first.
Things go wrong when you're well-prepared.
Still, I feel like something's wrong
with the voice.
If you're real…
I don't mean to offend you,
but to make sure you're real,
can you answer a few questions?
The real you will know the answer.
How many copies have you sold?
What should Senku and Gen do?
Surely, they don't know the answer.
We only have three options.
I have some memory loss
due to petrification.
One, play dumb.
Ten billion copies.
Two, wing it.
-What a rude question! Of course I know!
-Three, get mad.
Which one, Senku?
I pick four. Guess it right.
This is an ad hoc Fermi problem.
According to my deduction,
a seat on Soyuz costs
around fifty million dollars,
so that's five billion yen.
Assuming Lillian has twice the amount
of money, around ten billion yen,
simply because she can easily make back
ten times the money from touring.
If we take out the royalties…
More than 60 million copies.
Not sure if there is more.
All right, I shall take over now.
I held a party to celebrate after
selling more than 50 million copies,
but I don't really remember
since CDs aren't as big.
Should I wake my agent up?
No need.
She got it right.
One last question.
I'll trust you
if you can answer it correctly.
It works, Senku.
Another math problem. Just use
your Fermi problem thing to deduce.
What are your body measurements?
An estimate will do.
Even if we miss the mark, we can
always say that our body has changed.
Using my memory to compare
Byakuya's height
and size of the surrounding objects.
Her body measurements
should be 88, 65, 85.
It should be thinner in your profile.
How would I know?
She's a pro, so her public
measurements would definitely be thinner.
But these are my real measurements.
She'd never reveal
the real measurements to her fans
because Lillian is still
a famous celebrity in this world.
She won't burst her fans' bubble.
You're not Lillian Weinberg.
This is bad.
What if we just play
the song straight away?
Wait, no. A die-hard fan will definitely
notice the difference in my voice
after listening to the song.
Should I try to talk my way out?
Or perhaps…
Play the song.
I used mainspring to improve its quality.
Instead of bluffing,
I'd rather bet on science.
Someone to find
I know the times are tough
Just down and out
Putting my faith in tomorrow
No way to know, so I'll…
Oh, my! How did he do it?
Each and every road seems
To be calling to me
-I'll keep moving on…
-This song is really her.
No way I'm mistaken.
You can never imitate that.
Do you know how many times
I've listened to it?
How many times I've played that song?
Just taking one small step to hero
I'll take the chance
And when I do
Lillian is not here anymore,
It's always you
Yes, you're right.
But you revived her.
She'll live forever in this song.
I have a question about science.
Can you use your knowledge
and revive Lillian's other songs?
Just say yes, Senku!
No, it's impossible.
Those broken recording devices
are ten billion percent ashes now.
But I can promise you this,
I'll use the power of science
to protect
this last song of hers.
You're so dumb.
I knew
you wouldn't lie about science
because you put your faith in it.
I'm getting fond of you.
Please no.
To fool everyone from the Tsukasa Empire,
we will need this record no matter what.
And you'll try your hardest
to protect this song.
I believe we have a common goal now?
Sure. Deal.
I'll join your plan!
Thank you, Nikki.
Finally, we converted an enemy
from the Tsukasa Empire!
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