Dr. Stone (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Full Assault

Lillian is not here anymore,
Yes, you're right.
But you revived her.
She'll live forever in this song.
But I can promise you this,
I'll use the power of science
to protect
this last song of hers.
To fool everyone from the Tsukasa Empire,
we will need this record no matter what.
And you'll try your hardest
to protect this song.
I believe we have a common goal now?
Sure. Deal.
I'll join your plan!
Thank you, Nikki.
Finally, we converted an enemy
from the Tsukasa Empire!
Senku, Gen.
Your ruse to fool
the Tsukasa Empire with a songstress's
voice is indeed commendable.
But the main problem is that
the imitation of the fake songstress
is only 55% of the real thing!
She's so strict!
We have to respect
the opinion of a diehard fan.
But don't worry.
I'll train you until
no one will know the difference.
Thank you so much!
Why do I feel like
this will be grueling training?
With me on your side,
you shouldn't worry too much.
One last important question.
You guys must be aware that
Tsukasa is very powerful.
It's not just him.
His friends too.
It seems like he wants
to create an ideal world.
For that, he de-petrified
a lot of capable individuals.
Not everyone agrees with him, of course.
But since he's the so-called
"Strongest High School Primate,"
everyone is willing to follow his orders.
The left and right-hand man of Tsukasa…
While Tsukasa doesn't
agree with the title,
these two guys are
not to be underestimated.
You've already met one of them.
Yes, and the other one
will be a huge obstacle for your plan.
He is
The archer.
If you play the song again,
Ukyo will surely take notice.
More precisely, he'd hear it.
If he heard it,
I'm not sure
a phone could deceive his ears again.
I see.
If we can't play the song continuously,
don't do it then.
Taiju, you're naive and optimistic.
I love it.
I understand.
We can't bring them here one by one.
We'll bring everyone here
when Ukyo is not around.
Maybe this will work.
He used to be a sonar operator
for a submarine.
He has impeccable hearing.
That's why Tsukasa revived him.
Chrome and Magma
are buying us time against Ukyo.
I hope they are safe.
Your sacrifice will not be in vain.
What the hell! I'm not dead yet!
None of the arrows hit me.
Oh, you're alive!
You turned pale,
so I thought you were dead.
It almost hit me
and I was just scared shitless.
So in the end, I'm just your meat shield?
Thanks to the arrows just now,
I know where Ukyo is.
You fool! Magma, wait.
These arrows were from every angle,
which means that he was moving
while shooting to conceal his location.
He used the smoke to his advantage.
He's definitely a tricky foe.
Magma can't deal with him alone.
Over there?
Think logically with science.
If he can aim at me from every angle,
it means he already knows where I am.
His hearing is inhuman.
But then why did every arrow miss?
It's not pure luck, is it?
It seems like Ukyo
doesn't plan to kill us.
He wants us alive
to get more intel from us.
In that case,
I know how to escape without dying.
Chrome? Where did you go?
Damn it.
No need to tie you up.
You don't plan to escape anyway.
You surrendered voluntarily
so that the muscle guy
and the other person can escape.
Once the smoke dissipated,
I would have no choice
but to shoot at the muscle guy.
So he really doesn't want to kill me.
He just wants intel.
You made a great decision
in that situation.
One can even say that you won.
You think so?
Wait, he just wants intel.
No. I won't be fooled!
All right, we're here.
No need for introduction.
I know who you are.
You are different from the others.
This is our first encounter, I believe.
I've always wanted to meet you, Tsukasa.
What a strong aura.
Are you a friend of Senku?
We are super good friends!
I'm Chrome.
A scientist from Ishigami Village.
Someone's approaching.
Chrome was captured by the Tsukasa Empire.
What should we do now, Senku?
She wants to save him alone?
She's fast and decisive.
Stop Kohaku.
But no one here can keep up with Kohaku.
Come back, lioness.
I'm not a lioness!
Wow. She stopped.
Let go of me, Father!
Are you stupid?
Rushing into the enemy base alone
brings nothing.
What should we do then?
You guys want to leave him for dead?
If we can't act alone,
then let's give them a full assault.
You mean…
Kingdom of Science, full assault!
We already got rid of Homura,
the recon specialist.
There's no point in waiting anymore.
Move, everyone.
Set up camps near the Tsukasa Empire.
Saving Chrome is no longer a dream.
Are we staying near the Tsukasa Empire?
This is scary.
We shouldn't do such scary things.
How about staying here?
Winter will be over in another two weeks.
If we stay here,
we'll be done for
when the Tsukasa Empire attacks.
Yes, offense is the best defense.
Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.
Ginro, you…
Are you planning to carry
those inventions too?
If we don't,
not only can't we save Chrome,
but we will also lose to Tsukasa
ten billion percent of the time.
But there are so many. It's so heavy.
We can't carry them. What should we do?
Don't worry.
For real?
I'll make an automobile.
It's here. Are you serious?
It sure gets you pumped up.
It's true…
Even now, Senku is still enjoying himself.
All right!
Wow! What blueprint is this?
A bunch of circles, triangles, and lines.
My eyes can't keep up.
Senku, you're too excited.
That's because I'm making a car!
This is just a larger version
of remote control cars or plastic models.
I decided to use this.
Even though it's ten billion times simpler
than my rocket,
it still has wonderful utility.
This is a boiler engine.
Now throw these in the hot water.
We collected them to make a plastic model.
We were attacked by the bee swarm.
We paid dearly for it.
Everyone was swollen like Anpanman.
We didn't even use it in the end.
What a pity.
These are the by-products
of honey harvesting.
We decided not to use them because
the phone case has a simple design.
But this time,
we're making something complicated.
Your effort has finally paid off.
When cooked honey congeals,
it'll turn into beeswax.
Is this a candle?
You usually find it on a crayon
or a lipstick.
Is this the material for the engine?
Very round and beautiful.
The lathe from the water wheel
makes a rotary blade.
You manufacture small components with it.
But components made
by wax are very fragile.
Are you sure it'll work?
Yes, even for something as small
as a millimeter.
Cast the wax-made components in plaster.
Then pour in the molten brass.
So you're not exactly
using wax to make components.
I see now.
Should we really dismantle the heater
Senku made for us?
Spring is coming.
But what will it be used for?
I don't know. Senku ordered so.
He said cheerfully that,
"Nothing will go to waste in science."
Something like that.
I can hear his voice.
Place the heater inside the car.
The logic is simple.
When you boil water with the heater,
it'll produce steam.
Then, connect it to the component
that Kaseki made using the lathe.
The steam will push it downward,
then release.
It's the opposite of a pump.
Now connect it to the wheel.
It will spin, then return.
This is a boiler engine.
All right!
They and Senku are definitely having
way too much fun.
Seems like he already forgot that he was
making an automobile to save Chrome.
Don't worry.
The Tsukasa Empire thinks that
Chrome is just a skinny, useless villager.
They will just hold him hostage.
If he keeps quiet, he won't be in trouble.
But it's Chrome.
"If he keeps quiet,
he won't be in trouble."
But it's Chrome.
She said it twice!
Let's hurry up.
Gosh. It seems like we'll be busy.
What happened?
The Three Heads have gathered round.
Ukyo, Hyoga, and Tsukasa.
Who's the guy with the bandana?
Why do you call yourself a scientist?
You do know that you can get killed
if you have any information
provided by Senku, right?
I know you want to kill everyone
who knows science.
But I'm here to tell you that…
science is fun and interesting.
Listen carefully.
the flame test!
Oh, no. I messed up.
I should've begun with ramen
or cotton candy.
Tell me why you came here, scientist.
If not, face your death here.
I can't tell them about the phone.
Oh, no, I guess I'll really die.
This is bad.
Chrome, I do not reject all
of the civilization of science.
We use fire and tools here too.
This is science.
What you don't know is the old era
where only vested interest ruled.
How it was polluted
by weapons made by science.
You don't know that.
That's why we're purging.
But Senku
wants to taint this pure era
bestowed to us by a certain will.
It's not too late
to join us, Chrome.
If you can offer us the head of Senku,
I will allow you
to enjoy flame test-level science
and I will guarantee
the safety of everyone in your village.
Sounds like a great deal.
It's better than death.
You really think I'd say that?
Just throw me down there already.
I see.
Even before death,
he didn't change his mind.
A bridge?
There's no point
in continuing his torture.
No sticks nor carrots
will make him betray Senku.
We can only guess why he came here.
Where did you find him, Ukyo?
Oh, right, Ukyo knows that
we were doing something near the grave.
If they search carefully,
they might find it.
Shit. This is bad.
Damn it. What should I do?
Near the Cave of Miracles.
Chrome came here alone for reconnaissance.
I guess it's for nitric acid.
Even though he hid the truth for me…
Why did he lie to Tsukasa and Hyoga?
Wait, who exactly is Ukyo?
Is he trying to start a revolution
in the Tsukasa Empire?
Now it's time for assembly.
Weld the components with molten iron.
What is this?
We're using this to save Chrome!
This is a living thing that we made
from scratch.
Living thing?
It's true that one can only assume so
after seeing something move on its own.
The existence of a steam engine means that
we're now in an industrial revolution!
Kingdom of Science Railway.
The destination of this steam train is…
the Tsukasa Empire.
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