Dr. Stone (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Steam Gorilla

We're using this to save Chrome!
This is a living thing that we made
from scratch.
Those in front, move out!
Don't get crushed!
It's dangerous. You'll get hurt.
Let's clear the way.
I'm not afraid of it.
This is just a reckless monster.
It won't stand a chance against me,
the strongest man here.
An arm wrestle between
Magma and that steel entity?
This is exciting.
This is nothing.
Are you dumb?
A human can't stop a machine.
It's like a living thing.
Like a strong monster.
It's like a gorilla!
Exactly, even more so than Kohaku.
I thought Chrome was your punching bag.
Please come back, Chrome.
We can now all save Chrome.
As long as the engine is done,
a car will be a piece of cake.
A strong monster born from science.
Steam Gorilla!
Now let's bid a temporary farewell
to the village that nurtured us so far.
No time for sentimental tears.
Let's load it with
all the scientific tools.
Full assault against the Tsukasa Empire!
Get excited.
Let go of me!
What the hell?
Do you think a bamboo prison can keep me?
Don't cry if I get out!
Why imprison him in such an obvious place?
It's too bumpy.
The equipment will break.
This is bad.
Why do I have to test drive?
Because you're the one
with a driving license.
Is a driving license even necessary
in this world?
You still have to follow
the traffic rules.
Senku, you're surprisingly serious
about the rules.
Even though I don't follow them
even a tiny bit!
Which is it?
Wooden wheels might not work.
We don't have asphalt roads here.
What should we do with the wheels?
Don't worry! Everyone is doing their best.
We're doing hexagonal plaiting.
It's so fun.
Bamboo weaving?
This is…
Airless tires invented by NASA
for planet exploration.
Bamboo version!
Even if you explain with words
such as "well-known" and "popular,"
I still don't know what it is.
That's it.
All right! It's done.
Steam Gorilla.
I don't know how it works,
but it looks so cool.
Me neither, but it sure looks cool.
It's impressive. I'm in awe.
What is this sudden change in mood?
It can't be helped.
Men just get excited
about making machines.
Grandpa Kaseki looks so sad.
Let's hurry up and save
Chrome with Steam Gorilla.
I don't want him to go
through anything bad.
Even though he's an important hostage,
no one knows how Tsukasa will treat him.
That's not what I meant.
We are so thrilled after making a car,
but Chrome isn't with us.
Poor Chrome.
Exactly, even the whole of America
feels bad for him.
Let's rush in with Steam Gorilla
and rub it on his face.
Our science team sure is friendly.
This means that they are very close.
We're ready whenever.
Full assault to save Chrome.
All right, bring the inventions
as well as those slow
and cumbersome elderly to the car.
We're not going, Senku.
We thought about it.
Even if we have too many inventions,
we can still transfer them
in several trips.
We wondered why you made
such a great effort to invent a car.
It must be to accommodate those of us
who cannot withstand long journeys.
We saw through that, Senku.
It's not just for you.
I simply enjoy working with science.
The elderly will stay in Ishigami village.
Everyone is ready for war.
We don't want to be a dead weight.
Without us, you can carry more inventions.
But this is too dangerous.
Exactly. What if Tsukasa's backup team
attacks the village?
They will surely take over.
You guys have to come with us.
Don't stay here!
but we're not worried.
You'll definitely
defeat the Tsukasa Empire before that.
Of course.
We will fight together
and return together.
We'll come back with the victory flag
of the Kingdom of Science.
How nice. I want to drive it too.
Steam Gorilla is running smoothly.
Yes, we're on a flat surface now.
I thought about our route several times.
This might take longer,
but it's better if we travel
on a flat surface.
But things won't be that simple.
It stopped on a slope.
Let's push it together.
The system of the boiler engine
requires inertia to move smoothly.
There's also a double boiler engine.
It'll produce more power.
I wanted to save time, but it backfired.
More power?
We still have a long way to go.
made a scary expression.
That's when he's using his brain juice.
Setting up the camp behind a cliff.
It's simple, but it's
the best natural fortress in battle.
Place the production facility below.
Use a lot of trees
to cover the smoke we'll make.
I need to locate Chrome's location.
Without his location, we can't attack.
Where should I start?
Now it's time for Detective Suika
to contribute.
I can't find him anywhere.
Oh, no!
I'm so bored. You keep me
in a bamboo prison within a cave!
Why is he shouting all of a sudden?
Chrome, thank god you're safe.
You took a huge risk,
but well done, Suika.
It's heavily guarded there.
We can just rush in and kill everyone.
That way is the least feasible.
Killing is bad
but facing them head on
is not a bad option.
Direct confrontation?
I don't think I'm fit for the job.
This is reckless.
We will use sheer strength
to break the prison
because we have a reliable machine.
I will use science to level up
the all-mighty Steam Gorilla
into an overpowered tank.
All right!
Do you want to modify
my super cute Steam Gorilla?
It's not cute.
Not cute.
Not cute.
Not cute.
I'm upgrading it.
Let's modify it then. Hurry up!
Senku, what's your modification plan?
To ensure we can ambush
and disperse the enemies,
we will modify it into a sturdy tank.
So with iron?
It'll be too heavy to move.
Speed is the most important factor
in an ambush.
So what do you plan to use?
I see, paper tank.
It's definitely light.
Everyone has collected so much.
Any grass will do?
Yes, most of them will work.
Burn a large amount of grass
with NaOH to break them down.
I'm Mecha-Senku.
If you want to do this at home
use soda powder or bleach.
The grass will become sticky
after cooking.
Wash them, press them and dry them.
It looks just like paper.
Making paper is so easy.
This can be used for the blueprint.
Drawing on leather
was such a waste of resources.
What's that?
What does this thin thing do?
Are you serious, Senku?
You can't use such weak material
to make a tank.
Yes, you got it right.
Is that something like a shoji door?
Yes, ten billion points for you.
Lastly, heat it with an iron.
Paper shield is done.
Now we just have to paste
the paper shield around the car.
Steam Gorilla is now a tank.
I don't think you understand this.
With enough strength, a spear
can pierce through a wooden shield.
The thin paper shield
will not protect us
from the Tsukasa Empire.
I agree.
Let's do an experiment then.
Let's test the paper shield.
Oh, no! Senku and Kinro are fighting!
What happened?
Senku even said to use a real weapon,
instead of the spear we use
in competition.
It's too dangerous, Senku. If I…
I need your full commitment
for my experiment.
This is the rule.
"Rules are rules" is your motto.
Fine, I won't go easy.
Senku won!
Kinro's spear broke,
but the paper shield is still intact.
Why is a shoji door so sturdy?
He can't answer that question now.
His arms went numb.
He blocked the spear,
but he couldn't nullify the force.
You didn't apply
normal glue on the paper, did you?
Bingo, ten billion points for you!
It was melted plastic before it hardened.
Soft paper and tough plastic
combined together.
Behold, the birth of carbon fiber resin.
Carbon fiber?
I've heard of it, but I'm sure.
It's light but unbreakable.
It's used on F1 race cars
as well as on rockets.
The ultimate material
with SS-tier mobility and defense.
Steam Gorilla.
All right! Upgraded!
It looks so strong.
We also added double boiler engines
and full tracks on the huge front wheels.
No worries!
As long as we use this tank
made by tough paper shield,
we can easily rush in
and destroy the jail.
We'll save Chrome without any bloodshed.
Suika must have told everyone
about my location.
I want to pee.
No, you can't go there!
Oh, no, that's…
A trap?
Regardless of its quality,
charcoal is always accessible.
So after gunpowder,
the next technology to watch out for
is a steam car.
Steam car? In Stone World?
It will appear sooner or later
thanks to Senku's talent.
That's why you kept him in a place
that's perfect for a steam car?
So Chrome is just bait.
Senku might look cold,
but he'll never abandon his friends.
That's his fatal weakness.
I was thinking.
What if after we save Chrome,
we use this Steam Gorilla tank
to vanquish the Tsukasa Empire
once and for all?
That way we can avoid
direct confrontation.
Well, it has to move
after it breaks the jail.
This is a one-time-only tank.
It's to save Chrome.
I see.
Such impressive crushing power
can only be employed once.
If our strategy leaked
and they did enough preparation,
then this ambush tactic wouldn't work.
This one and that one are all
to prevent an ambush tactic.
So if a bunch of idiots charge in to save
the hostage, they'll be gone in a second.
Oh, no, this is a trap, Senku.
If you come to save me,
you'll fall for it.
I need to inform them.
Someone, please!
No, what was I thinking?
I hope to be saved.
I want to scream for help.
Am I a little kid who needs
his mama to save him?
No way.
I should be the one saving them.
It's one-time-use, what a waste.
If you have some extra time
to install a cannon,
perhaps the Cave of Miracles will be ours.
There's no need for what-ifs.
We have no time.
If Chrome can escape the jail himself,
then our plan will become even easier.
I want to escape this jail myself
by using the power of science.
Because I'm Chrome, the scientist!
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