Dr. Stone (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Prison Break

All right.
Launching Operation, Save Chrome.
The plan is simple.
First, we break the prison using this
upgraded Steam Gorilla.
Then we run.
That's all.
It's so simple!
Because if they find out,
they will counter-attack.
Steam Gorilla is just
a one-time-use ambush tool.
Senku is quite chill about it.
My cute Steam Gorilla.
How can you throw it away after one use?
We don't have time to dally.
Who knows if Chrome
will reveal too much information?
I'm a scientist!
Flame color test!
Oh, no, it might even be too late.
I think so too.
Ambush operation. Get ready.
Senku will never abandon his friends.
He'll use a scientific weapon
to save Chrome.
For example, a steam car ambush.
That's where you come into play.
I interviewed you. That's how I knew.
You won the police baton category
in the police combat tournament.
You're a strong and powerful policeman.
Can you guard the traps near the prison,
Leave it to me, Yo.
Whether it's the hostage as bait or
the bad guy Senku who fell for the trap,
I will give them a taste of my baton.
Before Senku and the others come
to save me,
I have to escape the prison myself.
Prison break,
Scientist Chrome-style!
How should I escape?
The inventions I had with me
were confiscated when I was caught.
The wall and the floor
are too tough for digging.
Do I really have to spend a few days to
cut the rope that binds the cage?
It's impossible.
What would Senku do in my case…
Think! Ways to escape a prison…
Damn it! That's right.
Imitating Senku is useless.
Here. Bong!
I was forced to hit you.
You're guilty of breaking the trap.
But we're cool now. No hard feelings.
I'm sorry, Yo.
No need for an apology. We're cool now.
If someone causes you trouble next time,
I will hunt him down.
The new world has such simple rules.
Thanks to you, the matter is settled.
Is that so?
I wouldn't want to stay in jail
for tax evasion.
Here. A gift.
These sweet buns look delicious.
Here, have some wine.
Here. Bong!
Who are you?
Found you, bad guys.
-Take him down!
Here. Bong!
The criminals were running away,
that's why I opened fire.
Did I do anything wrong?
Settle it in court? Too slow!
It's faster
if I deal with it straight away.
Bong! Like this.
You're fired!
In the old world,
I would never get any promotion.
A chance to start over again is amazing.
Is he the leader of the prison guards?
This is bad. It's difficult for me
to do anything if he's around.
I'm among the first in Stone World.
Among all humans,
Tsukasa, Hyoga, and Ukyo
are the Three Heads.
I call bullshit.
I should be included and together,
we'll be the Four Horsemen.
So I will finish this job perfectly
and climb up the social ladder.
And when I'm on top…
As such, we will use this ape as bait
and make Senku and the others fall into
our traps when they ambush us.
We'll finish them in one go.
I will definitely ace this job.
Are you sure?
He heard the strategy you said just now.
It doesn't matter.
He can't contact his friends.
Don't worry.
Plus, he's just an ape.
Don't pretend that I'm not here at all.
Who did you just call a skinny ape?
I didn't add skinny.
Just wait! Don't cry later!
Damn it.
I am indeed an ape in his eyes.
Just you wait.
Wait for my prison break with science.
Using just my brain
won't achieve anything.
And I'm not as smart as Senku anyway.
I should gather materials first.
It's my forte.
Act instead of thinking.
Exploration is my starting point.
What? Do you want to watch me pee too?
Shut up. Deal with it quickly.
This is my harvest.
What do I have here?
Something to help me escape…
Found it!
A lucky four-leaf clover!
Ruri and I searched for them
when we were young.
How nostalgic.
Wait, no!
How am I supposed to escape
using grass and branches?
It's feasible.
I just have to burn the rope
that binds the prison together
in order to escape.
I wish! These few branches are not
enough to make a fire.
Fire. Damn it!
If only I had the battery.
It was confiscated
when they searched my body.
Oh, no, why is the battery here?
Oh, I know. It must be from Taiju.
Thank you for sending this to me secretly.
I won't wait any longer.
I'll escape at night.
Connect both positive
and negative terminals.
I saw light. It's a fire.
-Burnt ropes smell awful.
-What's that noise?
you thought we couldn't see the light?
How did you light a fire?
Why should I tell you?
Don't underestimate the scientist!
This is bad. I can't let him find out.
After all, I finally got a battery.
Starting a fire with sticks?
You're wasting your energy.
I'm saved.
Still, with this outcome,
I'm glad that I gathered some materials.
Wait, I'm sorry.
You said you were a scientist, Ape.
Is this all you got?
Wait, no.
We shouldn't mock uncivilized people.
I'm sorry. I really…
So you know that if you rub the sticks,
it will become hotter.
Friction. Boom!
"How's that? This is science."
"Don't underestimate the scientist."
"I'm a cool guy."
Damn it, this is just too funny.
Sorry, Ape. I can't help myself.
What are you talking about?
I'm using a metallic battery.
This way is better than what you…
No, science is not for showing off.
What's my real aim?
I should play dumb at this moment instead.
I'll show you something more amazing.
Brace yourself.
If you heat seawater, you get salt.
I bet you guys didn't know that.
Wow, Scientist Chrome is so smart!
I'm sorry. Keep it up.
I look forward to you
escaping prison with seawater.
I'm dying from laughter.
Escaping with seawater…
Electrolyze seawater
to get sodium hydroxide.
The mafia used it to dissolve dead bodies.
Sodium hydroxide should be able to
dissolve ropes easily.
I have a battery now.
I just need salt water.
Senku used seawater back then,
but I can't procure it in a prison.
The only salt water I can get
is through this way.
What is he doing?
Ignore him.
I can do it myself.
How's that? Using the solution I got
from electrolysis to melt the ropes.
This is prison break,
Scientist Chrome-style!
Hey! There's a bear in the jail!
How is it possible?
This is the bluffing technique
I learned from Gen.
As long as I can confuse
the guards for one second,
I'll be able to escape.
One second to freedom!
I travel by pole vaulting
when I go exploring.
The ape knew where the traps were?
Wait. How?
What did he do
to break the prison in one go?
It melted.
It feels like science.
The ape that only knows
how to start a fire with sticks.
-Damn it.
-Stop right there!
It's hard to catch up to me.
You all saw how Yo punished someone
who ruined the trap.
This is the side effect of punishment.
Ukyo used the smoke I made in his favor.
This taught me that you can always
turn the enemy's trap in your favor.
Damn it. I knew
only you could catch up,
Damn it. He's fast.
Stupid ape!
Don't get in my way
to the top of this world.
Chrome, I'll never ever let you escape.
Oh, no.
It's a dead end.
Damn it, I can only fight him.
You're a fool.
How can an ape with a bamboo spear
win against a policeman
with modern training?
Pick one.
Get beaten badly by my baton
before going back to the prison
or get beaten until you're
almost dead before going back.
You are guilty.
Just let me hit you,
then I can forget everything.
For me, both of them are the same.
After all,
I only have a few days to live.
What are you doing?
This is not the normal amount
of blood from a mouth injury.
He's vomiting blood.
I was infected in the village.
I didn't tell anyone
because I didn't want to make them worry.
It can't be cured.
I have pneumonia.
For people without
any knowledge of science,
it's a fatal and infectious disease.
Wait, no!
Damn it, Chrome.
This is the skill that I learned
from my past experience
in battle.
Take this!
Chrome is back!
He escaped the prison by himself!
How do you know where we are?
How can I not know?
I followed the route Suika
took after scouting
and I walked on the road
that is visible to the telescope.
Detective Suika did all the work here.
But Chrome, how did you break
the bamboo prison?
Brace yourself.
I used some super-duper scientific method.
I used a battery and salt water to produce
the solution that can melt things.
It's called sodium hydroxide, right?
No, it's actually sodium hypochlorite.
Chrome, you made sodium hypochlorite.
When you electrolyze any salt water,
you get bleach.
No more dirty stuff!
It's a strong alkaline.
The rope is made from plants.
Strong alkaline can easily dissolve
fibers of 1mm-thick.
This is how you escaped
from a bamboo prison.
You got it right.
Ten billion points for you.
Then sodium hydroxide is…
Back then, we used strong alkaline
to melt fiber to produce paper.
Senku and Chrome made the same thing
at the same time.
the blood in your mouth.
It's like that time when I was sick.
Chrome got pneumonia!
Got you all!
What is this, Chrome?
Plants too.
I tasted them myself to make sure
that they are edible
before gathering them.
So you used this to get rid
of your pursuers?
As expected from Professor Senku.
Wood sorrel and perilla.
If you chew them together,
you'll get red-colored water.
This is interesting.
When perilla is mixed with the oxalic acid
from wood sorrel, it'll turn red.
Yes, my science comes from my experience.
You're not bad yourself, Scientist Chrome.
Thank god Chrome didn't have pneumonia.
This red-colored water smells familiar…
It's the perilla used to marinate plums…
The taste of dried plum.
Damn it!
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