Dr. Stone (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

Secret Mission

How's that?
Using the solution I got
from electrolysis to melt the ropes.
This is prison break,
Scientist Chrome-style!
Chrome is back!
He escaped the prison by himself!
Science is awesome!
It can even help you break out of prison!
I'm surprised you had tools available.
Didn't they confiscate them?
it's all thanks to the help
from Taiju and others.
They smuggled the battery to me.
I'm ten billion percent sure that
that brain of Taiju isn't this smart.
So that's what Yuzuriha is doing then?
Once we eliminate other possibilities.
But Yuzuriha is busy
with her top-secret mission.
She's not someone who abandons her duty.
She's on a secret mission?
Isn't her mission to infiltrate the enemy
and contact us using the phone?
Whatever. All I know is I'm safe now.
What is this badass gorilla machine?
Yes! Thank god you came back by yourself.
My cute Steam Gorilla won't have
to be discarded after a single use.
Exactly. This tank is our trump card
to break into the ultimate battlefield.
The final battle is the battle
for the ownership of the Cave of Miracles.
If we can get our hands on
the nitric acid inside,
not only can we produce Revival Fluid,
but we can also make bombs.
Which means that once the cave is ours…
The Tsukasa Empire won't be able
to recruit more soldiers.
And we'll have
the strongest weapon of science!
The Kingdom of Science
versus the Tsukasa Empire.
The winning condition of this battle
isn't to kill all enemies.
The victory belongs to the one that claims
ownership of the Cave of Miracles.
In that case, the Tsukasa Empire
will surely deploy all their soldiers.
Don't worry,
we have Senku's weapon of science.
But they have 100 soldiers!
We only have more than ten soldiers.
We're outnumbered.
Taiju and the others are working hard
to solve this issue.
Not to mention the eloquent speech
from the mentalist
who helps us recruit more allies.
It's a huge responsibility.
By the way,
how's the impersonation strategy going?
-I've been trained by a die-hard fan.
-It's not the same at all!
-I can imitate Lillian's voice perfectly.
-Lillian is like this!
How many times do I have to repeat it?
As long as Ukyo's superhuman hearing
doesn't catch my voice,
the plan will work smoothly.
No need to tie you up.
Near the Cave of Miracles.
Chrome came here alone for reconnaissance.
I guess it's for nitric acid.
Good. The preparation is almost done.
The first round of attack
against the Tsukasa Empire.
The final mission shall begin soon.
My cute Steam Gorilla
is even cuter now.
It's Lillian Weinberg!
It's her voice!
It's Lillian!
It's her!
Hey y'all, people from Japan,
please hear me out.
Good. The result
of the training was flawless.
Lillian's southern accent is on point.
Full marks for you, Gen.
I might even fall for you.
America has been rebuilt.
Everyone is safe.
-We'll be saved!
You guys are too loud.
Listen well. Tsukasa despises
the power of the Old World.
Do you think he's willing to coexist
peacefully with the American army?
It doesn't matter.
He can't do anything about it.
That's right. If America has been rebuilt,
even if Tsukasa is strong,
he'll still have to surrender
in front of bullets.
Yes, I agree.
But our army still needs some time
to arrive in Japan,
so I hope everyone can stop Tsukasa
from destroying the statues.
Before we arrive,
please follow Senku's orders!
The persuasion plan
with Lillian's voice is amazing.
We'll have more and more allies!
Yes, it works so well that I get worried.
When we take everything for granted,
that's when we're the most vulnerable.
You guys look like you're having fun.
Let me listen to the call too.
Oh, no. We need to make sure
that Ukyo won't notice.
Well, we have no other choice now.
That die-hard fan,
Nikki, gave me full marks.
My impersonation versus Ukyo's good ears.
An all-or-nothing battle.
Amazing. It's really Lillian.
In any other situation,
I'd have already admitted defeat.
after singing enthusiastically
which is hard for you to imitate,
Damn it, he noticed that tiny detail.
So it didn't work.
Wait, Senku.
Why did Ukyo speak in English just now?
Perhaps he didn't want the others
to know what he just said?
There were already
signs of Ukyo's unusual behavior.
When he found us in the cemetery,
he didn't go back to inform
Tsukasa and others.
Instead, he chased after us.
Good observation, Mentalist.
Gen versus Ukyo.
A win and loss for each for now.
The person who sent Chrome the battery
was you, Ukyo?
I'm impressed. You catch up so quickly.
If you had charged in to save him,
you'd be dead now, Senku.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not your friend.
I have already guessed so.
If you're on our side,
you wouldn't have captured Chrome.
I have been investigating
and I want to understand
who you truly are.
Why? Because I saw
that spectacular
top-secret mission of yours.
-I'll sew the clothes.
I heard it. That bag contains…
stone chips.
A lot of them.
Is she going to sew with stone chips?
I sew and sew.
That was fast.
Everyone thought she'd need
a night to finish sewing.
If sewing is just a cover,
then what does she do
with that extra time?
It's more complicated than usual today.
It's fine. I'm already used to it.
Don't tell me these stones are…
The surface of statues won't
revert back to cells due to weathering.
That's why when someone's de-petrified,
he needs to break a thin layer of stone.
In other words,
those statues destroyed by Tsukasa…
If we can reattach them before
the joining parts become weathered,
we can perhaps…
It's unbelievable.
If I guess it right…
This is crazy.
Even in the current situation,
you guys still want to save humanity
with the power of science.
I'm sorry, that ape
somehow melted the ropes.
I don't know how he did it!
It's fine. There's nothing much
we can do about Chrome.
By the way, what about Yo?
I'm screwed.
I let Chrome escape. I'm as good as dead.
Listen, this is my last order.
Underlings should obey their superiors,
but the superior bears
the full responsibility, right?
I am your superior.
Put the blame for Chrome's escape on me.
You go back and tell them that
I fell down the waterfall and died.
I have to run now.
Life can start over again. See you!
Even if Tsukasa destroyed
the petrified statues,
as long as we can assemble them
like a 3D puzzle,
we might be able to save them.
Bingo, Ukyo. Ten billion points for you!
So what?
Are you going to rat us out
to Mr. Tsukasa?
I think we can work together, Senku.
With some conditions.
Ukyo with superhuman hearing
wants to join us?
This is a very rare opportunity.
Let me take the wheel, Senku.
Psychological warfare
is the mentalist's forte.
Stop wasting time on testing limits.
Get to the point. What's your condition?
That's the biggest faux pas
in negotiations!
Okay, I see now.
I only have one condition.
Don't let anyone die.
Ukyo, I really don't understand you.
Are you just a simple idealist or--
I think I'm the worst kind of person.
You're Tsukasa Shishio.
Nice to meet you.
I heard about you
from the female journalist.
Submarine sonar operator, Saionji Ukyo.
You have superhuman hearing
and are level-headed.
Ukyo, to create a beautiful Stone World,
I need your help.
When I saw Tsukasa
destroy a statue for the first time,
I felt awful.
Why did he have to do that?
I tried to be a mediator to prevent
the revived ones from killing each other.
As such, I allow Tsukasa
to destroy the statues.
A statue is just an object.
If it's not alive, then it's not murder.
I tried to convince myself
with this pathetic logic.
I know what I did was despicable.
But I just…
I just don't want
anyone to die in front of me.
This must be our limit
as humans
who live in this kind of world.
As long as you can promise that
no one will die, I'll help you.
If any of you ever kill someone,
then I--
Interesting. You have my word.
No problem.
If we're lucky,
it'll be a bloodless battle.
We just have to turn "ideal"
into "reality."
How should we fight then?
Thank you.
Thanks to you,
I can confirm one more thing now.
When Hyoga attacked your village,
he reported that
his underlings died due to your strategy.
But no, you're not the murderer.
Hyoga was the murderer.
Tsukasa and Hyoga are strong,
but they are different.
We can't dally any longer.
Or else, blood will be shed.
The footprint is too perfect.
As if someone left it intentionally
to prove that he came here
to visit this grave.
Someone was having a meeting here?
I heard that our underlings
came here to visit this grave.
-Are you joining them too?
I'm here to mourn Yo who passed away.
May he return to the cycle of nature
along with Gozan, Yuki, Ren,
Akashi, Kyoichiro, and Morito.
May they rest in peace here.
Who's Gozan, Yuki, and others?
They were the brave souls
who died of poisonous gas
during the attack against the village.
I see.
At least Yo's belongings
will share a resting place
with his friends.
Behold, the happy origami tank!
Get excited!
Does the cannon work?
We don't have gunpowder.
I'm using a leather rupture disc.
Rup… What?
It's a burst disc.
It will burst open
when it expands past its limit.
Once you electrolyze water,
the hydrogen and oxygen will cause
the rupture disc to expand to the maximum.
Just light the fuse…
I see. Even I can understand how it works!
So it can only fire once?
One is all it takes.
I'm ten billion percent sure people will
lose the will to fight, seeing a cannon.
You're right.
I hope we'll win without any sacrifice.
The key is to attack them
after the firing of the cannon.
For the battle around
the Cave of Miracles,
shortly after the battle starts,
the Kingdom of Science
will deploy everything.
"He" is our indispensable tool.
"He" has immeasurable strength
and endurance.
It's odd.
We meet for the first time,
but I already know your name.
The Kingdom of Science has everything now.
The final battle
with the Tsukasa Empire will begin soon.
Get excited!
According to the study
of Harvard psychologist, Shawn Achor,
human panic responses last for 20 seconds.
If our ambush works
and the enemies feel
that they can only flee,
we only have 20 seconds
before they calm down and counterattack.
If it comes to that, someone will die.
Brace yourself, everyone.
These 20 seconds
will determine the fate of all humanity.
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