Dr. Stone (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

Final Battle

It's been so long. I almost teared up.
Over there?
Where Senku and I woke up…
The starting point of everything.
The Cave of Miracles.
That's the cave where we collected
bat droppings to produce…
Nitric acid.
Not only can it be made
into Revival Fluid,
but it can also be made into a bomb,
a destructive weapon in this world.
Miracle Fluid,
the one fluid to determine life and death.
That's why Tsukasa deployed
so many guards here.
Yo, your sacrifice will not be in vain.
Senku's target is the Cave of Miracles.
To avenge Yo, we have to stop Senku
and create the ideal world.
Tsukasa and Hyoga are near the grave.
It's quite far from here.
Thanks for the information.
This scary-looking cannon on this tank
can fire a loud cannon.
I'm ten billion percent sure they'll lose
the will to fight upon hearing it.
If our ambush works
and the enemies feel
that they can only flee,
we only have 20 seconds
before they calm down and counterattack.
If it comes to that, someone will die.
We'll fight after 20 seconds?
Just kill everyone.
No shedding blood.
That's Ukyo's condition that we agreed on.
Rules are rules.
If you break the rule,
the battle plan will collapse.
Which means that we have to use
our lightning-fast ambush
and occupy the Cave of Miracles
without killing anyone.
Okay, let's get ready.
Steam Gorilla.
Prepare yourselves, everyone.
These 20 seconds
will determine the fate of all humanity.
A glass jar of sulfuric acid is inside.
As it lands, the glass jar will break.
Mixing fuel like alcohol and coal dust
with sulfuric acid.
On the surface, it will cause a bigger
explosion than any Hollywood blockbuster.
In fact, Tsukasa already predicted that
we'd attack using the steam engine.
The Cave of Miracles is an important area.
There must be a lot of traps there
to deal with a tank.
You're ten billion percent right.
So, Senku, should we dodge…
Never mind. Just charge in!
What's that?
Is this for real?
It's a tank!
Oh no, they just crushed
every trap with force.
Tanks are awesome!
Magma is enjoying this, isn't he?
Not needing to dodge
saves us a lot of time.
Everyone, prepare for frontal attack.
It's an ambush!
Damn it!
The first step is the hardest.
The panicking enemy
will just attack blindly.
How can I dodge their first attack
without killing anyone?
The weapon broke.
Carbon fiber shield.
Carbon fiber?
How is this possible?
We're in the Stone World!
Don't worry, everyone.
I'll stay on the front line
and block every attack.
We managed to hit you on the head.
Why is he so tough?
You guys, hitting someone is not nice!
It's a war.
What the hell are you talking about?
Our target is their weapons. Disarm them!
Tie them up.
Follow Kohaku!
The tank fell into the trap!
It's down.
Oh, no.
We're screwed.
It lasted longer than I thought it would.
Magma, the stage is yours.
You should be nice
when you ask for a favor.
Say "please."
What's that?
A copper bowl?
It's a normal bowl.
Jaw-dropping science tool.
The application of the sound bomb.
Use a sound receiver
to absorb the explosion
and overwhelm your enemy in one go.
Put on your earplugs, guys.
Take this, sound bomb!
Shock Wave Cannon!
Everyone is disoriented now.
Tsukasa said that
if the enemy ambushed us,
we should retreat. A temporary withdrawal
is a basic tactic of war.
Time to put my journalism to the test!
I'll go back to Tsukasa
and report to him what happened.
"You're a capable woman. Stay with me."
Will he say such words?
Stop right there.
Are you serious, Ukyo?
Don't even think about it.
Nikki, you…
Report to Tsukasa.
Don't let any of them escape.
Damn it. We don't have
the sound bomb anymore.
The enemy is attacking!
There's no way to defend
against this horde of enemies.
Damn it.
We overtook
the Cave of Miracles!
It was such a long-term plan.
You mean we have
to infiltrate the Tsukasa Empire
while you recruit more allies
to form a rebel army for science?
We'll part ways and fight our own battles.
Yes, that's it.
What a sad farewell.
I think I'm tearing up.
Senku and I parted ways
and worked hard
for one whole year.
Finally, we claimed it back!
Is this the nitric acid produced
by bat droppings?
Miracle Fluid!
Now we can make Revival Fluid
and bombs to our heart's content.
What are you doing, Senku?
We just won this battle!
Senku is always calm,
so it takes longer for him to celebrate.
I want to celebrate our victory too
but we don't have the time.
Let's start making bombs.
Oh, no, you're right.
Before Tsukasa realizes what happened
and comes back here.
Sulfur and coal!
Mix in nitric acid
and voilà,
an instant bomb-making kit is done.
You're well prepared.
Of course, we don't have much time.
Okay, this is finally
a victory for the Kingdom of Science!
Bomb acquired!
It's too fast. How?
Run, everyone!
The ingredient for bombs, our trump card…
Damn it.
The chemicals are all destroyed.
Someone this powerful…
It must be…
Damn it. Is this really happening?
Even if everyone including
Kohaku and Magma teams up,
we still can't win against one of them.
We don't stand a chance
against any one of them.
You guys have pretty sharp senses.
You understood straight away that
at this moment,
the victory of
the Kingdom of Science is gone.
It was such a long battle.
One year has gone by.
I'm sad
because I have to kill you twice.
How coldhearted of you.
I wanted to see you so badly
that I climbed back from hell
using an ultra-thin thread of science.
Damn it. What should we do?
What should we do?
She's inside the tank.
Defend this area!
Lillian is in the tank.
Yes, that's right.
The revived American army will soon…
It's all a ruse.
Stop fooling around. Come out, Gen.
A primitive cell phone like this
can never reach America.
Damn it, they saw through everything.
That's why they came here so quickly.
Impersonate? What?
You were so close.
But the winner has been decided.
Senku, you lost.
I have a proposition.
If you--
Don't waste your time.
I know what you want.
You'll promise to let everyone here go
as long as the one
who knows science, that is me, dies.
I'm glad you understand everything
so quickly.
As expected from someone rational.
No way!
Senku, no!
To go through that again…
I don't want…
Not again…
Meathead, don't put
on your disgusting sad face.
How is this the same as last time?
Look around you.
Back then,
you didn't make it in time.
I had to face it alone.
But it's different now.
There are
so many people here.
You and your friends
from the Kingdom of Science…
You're right, Senku.
And there's one more here
who knows science!
The winning condition of this war is
don't let anyone die.
Rules are rules.
We've earned a lot of experience
from tough battles.
Yes, Senku is not just the village chief
but also our friend.
We just have to punch them, right?
Everyone is motivated.
If Senku loses,
I can never have cola anymore.
It's different now.
I'm sorry, Senku.
Long time no see, longhaired man.
How rude.
You greet someone
when you first meet them.
I shall greet you
properly this time then.
Nice to meet you.
We're the Kingdom of Science.
Do you have any plans, Kohaku?
Not at all.
What we can do now is to defend this area.
It's a defensive war.
As long as we do our best
to defend this place,
Senku and the other scientists
can definitely create
a path to victory.
But the chemicals are all gone.
How can we create things?
Run, scientists!
Like a moth to a flame.
In the end, they're just a bunch
of primitive humans with melted brains.
The only thing
that can conquer
this primitive Stone World
is the gift nature bestowed to humans,
the power of sheer strength.
It is what humans accumulated
for themselves,
the power of science.
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