Dr. Stone (2019) s02e09 Episode Script

To Destroy and to Save

It's a defensive war.
As long as we do our best
to defend this place…
But the chemicals are all gone.
How can we create things?
Run, scientists!
Like a moth to a flame.
In the end, they're just a bunch
of primitive humans with melted brains.
The only thing
that can conquer
this primitive Stone World
is the gift nature bestowed to humans,
the power of sheer strength.
It is what humans accumulated
for themselves,
the power of science.
This is the final battle.
We have to defend the Cave of Miracles.
Are you planning to create a weapon now
while the others
buy us time against Tsukasa?
But the chemicals are all gone.
We have nothing.
What are you doing, Chrome? Come here.
Let him be. He's looking for a solution.
You sure trust him a lot.
I saw something just now.
The sixth sense
that I've honed for years tells me that
there's a badass science tool here
on the battlefield.
My kind of science
starts with exploration!
Stay mid-range and surround them.
We won't win
by fighting Tsukasa and Hyoga head-on.
The teamwork between them is amazing.
They are already powerful enough
on their own!
It's easy to target him
when he's in the air.
This is our last chance to defeat Tsukasa.
Taiju, prepare the Shock Wave Cannon!
Nikki! Guys!
Good, march forward!
It's so dirty.
Do I just have to mix these snake
and gecko droppings together?
By combining nitric and uric acid,
we get urea nitrate.
It's not the best for weapon-making,
but it's better than nothing.
I don't get it.
If the uric acid
in the feces hasn't decomposed
and is still in good quality,
then white crystals will form.
So basically if we're lucky enough,
we can create some sort of
white powdery weapon.
Yes, it's all up to luck now.
I forgot about that.
Generally speaking, your luck
is seriously the worst.
Nice attack.
I don't want to kill you.
Behind this tall guy…
A duo attack?
More like a trio.
They are better than expected.
But this shouldn't be
a problem for Tsukasa.
Mind your own business.
Your enemy is me, Hyoga.
I guess you can call this a revenge match.
Kinro, Ginro…
Everyone is…
If the feces don't work,
can we use other stuff?
Like flower or paper.
I have tons of them.
After all, I'm a magician.
If only we had sulfuric acid.
The only thing I don't have…
Also, why would I bring
such a dangerous thing with me?
With sulfuric acid and the Miracle Fluid,
I can make aqua regia.
And with that, I can make a super…
No point talking about what-ifs now.
I found some!
The sulfuric acid you need is here.
Where did you get that, Chrome?
Don't you remember?
We used it at the very beginning.
It's what remains of that fake cannon.
You're good at this, scavenger.
Lastly, we add this.
The glycerol…
Seems like we can never get rid of this.
It's been essential
ever since the beginning.
By the way, it was also the first thing
I created in front of Tsukasa.
The stone of life that replaces a doctor.
Dr. Stone.
A war started by soap
will also be ended by soap.
I've been waiting for this.
I won't let go of this
unless you kill me.
Hyoga, without your spear,
you'll be useless.
Any spare spears?
You can take that spear.
Ordinary people always put up
a useless fight when they are desperate.
I'm not desperate at all.
Can you see it?
Whether it's power or science,
every small bit counts.
The power of an individual might be small,
but when you combine them,
you can build anything.
We will buy enough time
for Senku and the scientists
to turn the tides.
We believe in science…
What is this yellow liquid?
It smells sweet.
I'm a bit lightheaded.
Hush. Don't blow on it.
One small drop will create
a huge explosion
and reduce everyone to a pulp.
This is nitroglycerin.
I've heard of it.
It's something super dangerous.
This baby is amazing.
No one should ever try this at home.
No one wants to, okay?
Are you planning
to knock everyone away with it?
Of course not, dummy.
I want to save everyone.
The problem now is
how should I send this to the enemy
without detonating it?
You shall not pass.
I won't let you get to Senku.
Power and science are not
mutually exclusive when you want to win.
Power can be science too.
According to the Guinness World Records,
this is the best way
to fold a paper plane.
It is 100 times the power of gunpowder.
Do you know what "power" is in Greek?
It's dynamite.
We will use this kamikaze paper plane
to save all humanity.
What the…
If that hits anyone,
he'd be blown up to pieces.
That is the power of science
that snickers at
the power of strength.
We barely made it.
Thank you, frontliners,
for defending this place.
The Kingdom of Science just made TNT.
Its power is
around ten billion megaton joules.
Ten billion megatons
is a bit too much there.
Hush. The numbers don't have
to be accurate.
Senku, you suck at negotiating.
You only say facts.
There's TNT in this world?
A paper plane might miss anyway.
True, let's just charge in.
There's also a way for more precise aim
other than throwing a paper plane.
The tables have turned. The war is over.
All right. It's over.
This is
We won!
It's finally over.
At the moment, we won, yes.
But it's still far from over.
Some issues have been dealt with
but the problem is now the future.
Both Tsukasa and Senku
naturally noticed this.
What should we do next?
Whether I accept it or deflect it,
it will explode.
The shock wave will be wide as well.
There's no way I can dodge it.
However, this will affect a lot of people
and cause numerous casualties.
Senku, you want to save your enemy
and you don't want to
put your allies in danger either.
Seems like both of us are stuck here.
This is not over yet.
We're just in a stalemate.
You knew this would happen
and yet you let it transpire?
Which means that
your aim is to…
Yes, let's negotiate, Tsukasa.
Gen, you said that the first time you saw
Tsukasa was on a TV show, didn't you?
Don't you think this is odd?
He has the power to conquer the world
yet he claims that
he pursues a higher goal
and aims to purge
the dirty world of all capitalists.
He is Tsukasa Shishio.
And he
kept profiting
from competitions or TV shows.
He even had the title of
"Strongest High School Primate."
This doesn't make any sense to me
because it doesn't match what he said.
That's right.
Working hard to make money
is something very normal for me.
That's why I never noticed that.
So why and for whom
did he make all that money?
Tsukasa, your sister
is still alive, isn't she?
She's brain dead.
Your sister, Mirai,
will never wake up again.
I know that, of course.
But still…
I'm back, Mirai.
I will protect you.
No matter how many years
or decades it takes,
I believe that one day…
I might be able to heal her.
has some sort of restorative power.
We can try our luck there.
That's right, Tsukasa.
Senku's neck that you broke
was healed by the Revival Fluid.
Also, Revival Fluid…
That's right, it currently belongs to us.
That expression is just disgusting.
What do you propose?
A chance for your sister to recover
for a truce.
Any evidence to back up your claim?
Only my words.
I won't lie with science.
Is that enough?
It is enough.
More than enough.
So you have a younger sister.
You've been protecting
your younger sister.
If you're such a kind person,
then why did you destroy the statues?
That's unforgivable.
Well, it is.
I admire your frankness, Taiju.
Why do you want to do something scary
like purging mankind?
Perhaps it's scary.
What would you guys do then
when you wake up
to an uninhabited Stone World
and you find out there's a Revival Fluid?
A primitive world like this
cannot accommodate too many inhabitants,
and we don't know if we have
an infinite supply of Revival Fluid.
What would you do?
At this moment, I can only pick life.
It is indeed scary.
It's like I'm a god
who has to commit sinful deeds.
I shall shoulder these sins.
I believe now is the best opportunity
to create a new world.
My goal hasn't changed.
Not now, not ever.
So, Senku,
this is just a truce.
The hospital back then
should be somewhere here.
Seems like everyone was washed away.
Just unearth them then.
With dynamite.
That's a bad idea.
You'll destroy the statues.
Don't worry,
they're just super hard stone.
Even if they are destroyed,
we can just reassemble them.
And who should be in charge
of such a tedious job again?
Tell me, Senku.
Alfred Nobel invented dynamite
for war
or quarrying?
So which one then?
I don't know.
Who cares about
the opinion of a middle-aged scientist?
What I want to say is
the money made by dynamite
was used to fund the Nobel Prize,
which has allowed science to thrive.
We will also rely
on the science of dynamite
to keep digging
and save
all mankind.
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