Dr. Stone (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

Humanity's Strongest Tag Team

Power and science are not
mutually exclusive when you want to win.
Power can be science too.
Do you know what "power" is in Greek?
It's dynamite.
This is
Yes, let's negotiate, Tsukasa.
Tsukasa, your sister
is still alive, isn't she?
I might be able to heal her.
has some sort of restorative power.
A chance for your sister to recover
for a truce.
Wait, Senku.
Mirai is still naked!
We can't revive her like that.
What illogical nonsense!
We're in the primitive Stone World,
it's normal to expose our private parts.
You really like mentioning this,
don't you?
Let's just wake her up and--
I think this is the right size?
-Already done?
-Already done?
Ready, Senku.
Oh, my!
The statue is cracking…
She's turning into a living person.
Oh, I almost forgot that you guys
are seeing this for the first time.
The next phase is crucial.
I pray to you.
Please heal Mirai
just like how you healed Senku's neck
during de-petrification.
Revival Fluid is
a wonderful medicine that can
wake someone up from a ten billion percent
several-thousand-year coma.
Petrification and coma are quite similar,
so it can definitely be healed.
Where am I?
You grew up,
but you look handsome.
How long have I slept for?
Six years. No…
Several thousands of years, Mirai.
You knew she couldn't recover,
yet you never gave up.
Just like that,
you persevered for years after years.
Tsukasa, you've been waiting
for this day, haven't you?
For many years…
For this very moment.
All right, pack up.
We're going back to our camp.
You still have a lot
of stone chips on you.
They cover your cuteness.
Go wash your face
at the river over there.
The number of dynamites doesn't add up.
We used a lot of them
so it's normal to have some errors.
I'm the Scavenger King.
My calculations are never wrong.
If someone stole it,
I would have heard it.
The only one who can trick my ears
and steal things…
is him.
Mantle was supposed to be
guarding Homura's jail now.
Where did he go?
Is he shirking his work again?
Oh, no!
Damn it. They realized so quickly.
Damn it.
I have a brilliant idea to turn the tide.
I just have to kidnap
the escaping Chrome once again.
I know where he'll run towards
and Senku's camp is just over there.
There! Seriously! That was easy.
I'm so lucky.
Yo, tell Hyoga that
it's time to break me out.
The real aim of Hyoga is…
No, this is…
Where's the explosion?
The Cave of Miracles…
Was anyone buried alive?
Let's do a headcount.
If Miracle Fluid is buried underneath,
then we can't produce Revival Fluid
and weapons.
Homura did that.
But why did she blow up
the Cave of Miracles?
She won't act
without an order.
Who gave her an order?
Isn't it obvious?
What happened, Senku?
Hurry up, guys.
Explosion? What?
I'll go check.
Run! Mirai! Tsukasa!
Whether ambushing
from behind or during sleep,
I couldn't eliminate Tsukasa Shishio,
the Strongest High School Primate.
Unless you have someone
you want to protect.
The only one who's been waiting
for this moment is me.
I've been waiting.
Don't go, Kohaku.
The current is too quick.
-And look.
-Let me go, Dad!
It's too hard to locate people underwater.
Let's go and look for them downstream.
I pierced through Tsukasa's chest.
It's a fatal wound.
It's no use saving him.
-I did my research beforehand.
I know the current will bring him here.
I'm not surprised.
Why would someone like you
jump into the river
without hesitation to chase after us?
You're right.
Now that the troublesome Tsukasa
has been dealt with,
I'd like to talk to you alone, Senku.
Are you a high school student setting
up a meeting behind the school?
Sorry to disappoint. I'm married.
Well, I was also divorced once.
We don't have anything to talk about.
Fair enough.
But just listen.
Then either act on your own
or be forced to act under my torture.
Not much of a difference.
I used to agree with Tsukasa.
We believed
the petrification
that took place
several thousand years ago on Earth
was to pick the chosen ones
and to cull the population.
Sounds ten billion percent boring.
Remember, your so-called baseless theory
is just a joke in the world of science.
Don't be naive, Senku.
You already knew that, didn't you?
The Earth cannot support
seven billion inhabitants.
So who should live?
What do you think, Hyoga?
We should make sure that
the future generation survives
and get rid of the capitalists who only
knew how to exploit the future generation.
This is our chance
at creating a new world.
The noble Tsukasa wants
a utopia with no competition,
but I'm not interested in that.
Even if they're young,
if you revive these brainless apes,
in the end, they will still fight
for resources to ensure survival.
What we truly need is a careful selection.
This new world belongs
to the extraordinary ones.
The others should disappear.
That's the right thing to do.
Petrification already gave us
this opportunity to--
Yes, that is very logical.
It might be the right thing to do
but it doesn't get me excited.
If the Earth can't support
seven billion inhabitants,
then the seven billion inhabitants
should figure out a way together.
That's the way of science.
Yes, Senku.
Your scientific knowledge is amazing.
I know you will always be able to
create nitric acid, no matter what.
So let's select only the extraordinary
and conquer the world together.
If we work together,
we'll be the strongest team.
You can only agree.
And before you finally agree,
I shall sever your fingers one by one.
Then toes.
I already told you from the get-go.
You have no option.
Damn it, don't come here.
Back off!
How disgraceful. You are still trying to…
Seems like I thought
too highly of you, Senku.
Shut up!
I can promise that
you guys will never be in danger again.
Senku, I broke our promise
to achieve my dream,
but you upheld your part of the promise.
It's my turn now
to uphold the promise of a truce.
This time,
you really won't be in danger anymore.
From now onwards, I will fight for you.
Then I just have to destroy you both.
In this new world, one of the two giants,
Tsukasa is nearing death.
The Strongest Primate will be me.
Hyoga is saying this
to decrease our morale
but what he said is also true.
I think so too.
You even confirmed that
with me now, Tsukasa.
Let's fight together then, Senku.
I will form a tag team with Tsukasa
and give Hyoga a lesson
using science and strength.
Get excited.
Trying to buy time to discuss a plan?
Well sorry, you won't have the luxury.
An injured lion and a person
who doesn't know how to fight.
This is humanity's worst team ever.
My eyes are trained on you, Senku.
Your eleven o'clock!
You're a monster.
I'm the first target?
You know what? I can crush you
with one finger using science.
This level of bluffing
only works against brainless primitives,
you cannot defeat me at the moment.
You already know that, don't you?
That hole in your lung is fatal.
Then why are you struggling in vain?
You'll die sooner or later.
Yes, I don't know why either.
But perhaps…
I just want to fight a little bit longer.
Just this thought alone
is enough to make me happy.
Fighting together
for this brief moment.
I see. What a pity.
Happy hour is about to end.
It's over.
A bandage on his fingertip…
To cover the cut I made just now?
Didn't you hear me?
I can crush you with just one finger
using science, Hyoga.
The fire just now…
How did he start it instantly?
Primitive science is not bad either.
If this was a lithium battery,
you would have pierced through it.
But the tough zinc-carbon battery
is good both offensively and defensively.
What? When did you
get that stuff?
How forgetful of you.
You brought them to me, Hyoga.
Wind up the thin wires from the cell phone
to make a coil and attach it to a battery.
That's how you get a transformer.
Behold, the birth of a 100kV stun gun.
I was looking forward to this too.
Teaming up with you.
This is a gift of science
from me and Tsukasa.
Take this.
Damn science.
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