Dr. Stone (2019) s02e11 Episode Script

Prologue of Dr. Stone

Are you okay, Senku?
I am ten billion percent unharmed.
It would be worse if this was
my first time getting pierced by a spear.
The practice I had with you,
Kinro, came in handy.
All right.
Let's kill Hyoga and his friends.
Killing is bad.
Magma just wants to kill.
How long should we imprison him?
Until after the civilization
has been rebuilt.
Once a civilization
of science has been built,
then Hyoga won't be
the strongest person anymore.
We can put him on trial
or anything we want.
As a science nerd,
I'm not interested in that.
Finally, it's over. Everything.
Did you oversleep?
Quite the contrary.
It's about to begin.
Now let's work together
and build it from scratch.
In this Stone World…
The Kingdom of Science.
What's happening?
Stop standing there.
Come help us.
We're building a science lab!
All right!
Iron cauldron and glass cauldron.
Then a power station.
Some of you have a blurry vision too.
Glasses can solve that.
There's even ramen
in the Kingdom of Science.
The puzzle is done.
There are still a few pieces missing.
It was completely shattered.
Are you sure you can fix it
with Revival Fluid?
It'll work.
According to Senku's theory,
as long as the cross-section
hasn't been weathered.
What if the theory was wrong?
Then there'll be blood spraying everywhere
and the body will fall apart.
-He's alive!
-He's revived!
No! Deadline!
How long have I slept?
Several thousand years.
I've definitely been scrapped!
Here, paper for you.
Now you can continue to draw your manga.
Thank you!
Do you know this guy?
No, but he's a manga artist.
I just revived him.
Also, I promised Senku that
I'd bring back all the entertainment
and interesting things
in the world for you guys.
The long-awaited civilization of science
is about to begin.
The Kingdom of Science? Entertainment?
Damn it. How did this happen?
I was just away for a while.
I'm jealous.
After I fell,
I lost all my memory.
Let me help out too.
This guy is no good.
He could be the one who released Homura.
A volunteer? Welcome.
We need manpower now
and we need to do the statue puzzle.
Great timing then.
I can work to atone for my sin.
You just confessed…
Whatever puzzle this is,
I'll deal with it.
Do we need to attach all of these?
Every single fragment?
Yes, every single fragment!
I see.
Go straight from there,
across the lake, somewhere nearby…
Stop talking, Tsukasa.
You need to rest.
Before I die,
certain words have to be said.
The winner has been decided.
The Kingdom of Science won.
Those statues that I destroyed
became meaningless sacrifices.
I'll deal with it.
I'm better than anyone else
at heavy work like this.
As long as I know
where the statues were destroyed,
then I can retrieve the pieces.
Tsukasa, are you saying that
you still remember
which statues you destroyed?
Of course I do.
I'll never forget about them.
I see. You won. Really?
Is everyone okay?
No one died?
I'm so glad.
Yes, everyone in the village is safe.
Not a single person died!
We promised a bloodless war
so Senku won't let anyone die.
What's next, Senku?
Many modern people have been revived.
At least one of them knows this, I hope.
Add vinegar, chlorine,
and sulfur, and you get chloroacetic acid.
If you add in sodium hydroxide,
then you get sodium chloroacetate.
Then using the sodium cyanide
produced from blood and iron,
you get cyanoacetic acid.
I don't think they know.
Add in alcohol to make ethyl cyanoacetate.
Finally, a little formaldehyde.
Voilà, tissue adhesive for wounds is done.
Oh, can we use that to save Tsukasa?
This can only close his wound
to buy him some time.
I'm not a wizard.
I can't fix the damaged internal organ.
Being here with Hyoga
is not bad.
A bunch of brainless, naïve fools.
Why wouldn't you execute
the one who killed your leader?
Your system will collapse sooner or later.
For all you know,
Tsukasa might still be alive.
Mortals cling their hope to miracles.
Senku doesn't rely on that.
All he does is walk,
step by step, on his path of science.
He's the strongest and the most reliable
man in the world.
There's only one way to save you.
Tsukasa, I will petrify you.
They said I couldn't come here,
but I'm worried about my brother,
so I decided to take a peek.
Over here, Yuzuriha.
I need you for some patchwork.
We need someone crafty here.
By patchwork, you mean…
Well, I suppose anesthesia
doesn't exist here.
Are you trying to operate on him?
Don't underestimate the Strongest Primate.
You don't need anesthesia,
do you, Tsukasa?
Of course not.
Mirai is only six years old…
Don't worry, Mirai.
Senku's science is very trustworthy.
If he can't do it,
he'll say he can't do it.
If he wants to save Tsukasa,
then he definitely has a way
to achieve that goal.
The road might be narrow,
and it might take several years,
even decades, but he'll find a way.
It's my body.
I know it well.
The operation will just
buy some more time.
I have sepsis.
I only have a few days left.
Petrification is the only way to save you.
Petrification can save Tsukasa?
I can use the secondary healing effect
from de-petrification
to heal his injury.
I understand in theory.
But do you know how to petrify something?
Don't rush things.
Are you an impatient kiddo?
I'm trying to figure out
how that works too.
It's just that I don't know
how many years it'll take.
But before I reach the conclusion,
you'll be ten billion percent dead.
So before that happens,
I have to kill you.
I will freeze him to death.
A cryostasis.
And while he's asleep,
I'll find out how to petrify someone.
I will revive you at all cost.
That's the only way.
Please trust me and let me kill you.
I trust you.
In fact, I'd rather
die in your hands.
After all, I killed you once, Senku.
Oh, right. That happened.
My revenge then.
Let me kill you slowly.
All right!
My cute Steam Gorilla
will turn into something badass.
I just need two pistons from the engine.
I'll disassemble
the cell phone for now too.
We need a lot of metal wires.
Are they really Neanderthals?
Don't say that.
We look more like Neanderthals now.
Impressive. What are you guys making?
A fridge.
It's more like cold storage.
Cold storage in the Stone World?
Exactly. That's how
a modern person will react.
I said the same thing too.
Now I just smile.
Let two pumps do their thing.
Make sure the air passes through the wires
to transfer the heat.
Then freeze!
I still don't know how it works. Oh, no!
Can you make cold storage
with a simple structure like that?
The modern cold storage
is more complicated.
I know food will not perish when frozen.
You're talking about food preservation,
but I might find a ten billion percent
perfect way to preserve something.
Petrification Ray.
With just a drop of Revival Fluid,
you can have sashimi anytime, anywhere.
With its healing property,
you don't have to worry about bacteria.
The culprit of human extinction
becomes a convenient tool.
Wow! This is new science!
Petrification is awesome.
We'll always have fish.
If the Earth can't support
seven billion inhabitants,
then the seven billion inhabitants
should figure out a way together.
That's the way of science.
With a freeze-dryer,
we'll have the perfect combination.
Food crisis averted!
Good, the fridge is done!
All right, let's back off.
Why all of a sudden?
When you have to kill your own friend,
do you wish someone is there to watch?
Both of them are our leaders.
If someone's around,
it'd be cumbersome for them
to say their last will.
I've heard of it
in the spaceship of science fiction.
Soyuz could only support three passengers.
Among those who are alive now,
who would you pick
to have a space trip together?
before I die,
do you still want me to list out
capable individuals for you?
What are you on about?
It was just a simple question.
Why ask such a meaningless question
at this moment?
So we can't talk about
something meaningless?
I'll pick Taiju and…
you don't have the stamina
to explore other planets.
So I'll pick Chrome.
I feel like I'm not needed
over there either.
The girl with shells on her head,
you won't pick her?
She's a journalist.
She holds vital information
to help me pick who to revive.
I thought she was just your type.
The Strongest Primate actually
likes someone like Marilyn Monroe.
Appearance is not
the top criteria for revival.
You're too serious.
By the way, Tsukasa,
the title of "Strongest Primate,"
did you give that title to yourself?
I never viewed myself that way.
The strongest primate
must be the muscular mountain gorilla.
It certainly was strong.
I fought one
for a TV show once.
You're a monster hunter.
Didn't you fight against a lion?
Grilled or cooked,
lion's meat tastes awful.
When both of us and Taiju ate it,
it's as if we just punished ourselves.
Our faces just squished together.
Taiju swallowed the lion's meat
with a bunch of mushrooms. That saved us.
How nostalgic.
The couple of days spent with you…
really fun.
I think Taiju ate
a poisonous mushroom back then.
I think it's called fly agaric.
You'll hallucinate
if you eat too much of it.
Also, Mario from Super Mario
will become bigger once he eats it.
But his strength remains the same.
You know why?
Because after Mario ate the mushroom,
he thought he grew bigger.
It's ten billion percent a hallucination.
Don't you think so…
Right, Tsukasa?
My brother tried so hard
and spent so many years
protecting me.
Now it's my turn.
I'll visit you every day.
I won't let your body decay.
All right, prepare for departure.
Let's go.
Gather around.
We weren't this many
when Tsukasa was around.
Isn't this too many?
It's my first time seeing so many people.
All right, everyone. Here.
A mysterious light
showed up 3,700 years ago
and petrified all of us.
What was the light?
I was peeing by the roadside,
and I got petrified.
Weren't you a cop?
If that was an attack by someone,
humanity is done for
when they use it again.
So before that,
we will use science to stop the culprit
and obtain that mysterious light.
Byakuya left us with valuable information
several thousand years ago.
The origin of the petrification ray
is at the back of Earth.
The back of Earth?
How are we supposed to get there?
No problem.
The Neanderthal found their way
to traverse Eurasia.
That took them
several hundred thousand years though.
Also back then,
they have powerful leg muscles.
We'll just use our brains and hearts
to traverse from one end to the other end.
I don't think we can walk there.
Of course, we have to cross the sea.
That's right, from now onwards,
we'll make a ship.
Traveling the world
and solving all mysteries.
The seafaring era
of Stone World is about to begin.
-All right!
-That's badass!
Suika will help too!
I'll make the ship.
Ishigami Village, a seafaring race.
First time traveling overseas!
That's not the point!
But it's kind of similar.
Starting your adventure on a ship.
It seems like everyone is fired up.
They are serious about traversing Earth.
When the Kingdom of Science
comes up with something,
they are dead serious about it.
It's been two and a half years ever since
we woke up in this world full of stones.
The progress is too slow.
Finally, marching forward!
A long-term plan
with humanity's future at stake.
Exactly. Now the fun part begins.
We shall now unravel
the mystery of petrification.
I will use the color of science
to paint a fantasy story.
Get excited.
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