Dracula (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Goblin Merchant Men

1 Previously on Dracula I do not need to see your offer.
My interests are not for sale.
At any price.
Grayson has offered me a position in his firm.
I want you to tell me everything you know about Lord Laurent.
Everything you need to know you can find out at 10:00 p.
at the Swinburne Club.
What do you want? I presume you have no objection to my deployment of the seers.
There is a vampire in London.
You shall find him forthwith.
He detected them and then employed some kind of countermeasure.
I will track him, and I will destroy him.
Why engage Harker to bring the woman into your orbit? Surely you have the power to simply take her.
To turn her into as such as I am, it would be an abomination.
So it is written, and so it shall be done.
Where am I? Why am I not dead? This is the price of your defiance.
Using the power of the God you denounced, Ordo Draco has made a monster.
Thou art condemned, condemned to endless night.
Yah! Vlad Tepes is condemned to be undead.
I had no idea you played, sir.
It's been over a century since I last put fingers to keys.
I was thinking about Lady Jayne Wetherby and her decidedly unwholesome avocation.
Really? Which one, sir? Her vampire hunting, of course.
It stretches credulity to think she's unaffiliated with the Order.
I would tend to agree, sir.
But then she is a female.
I suppose I shall have to ascertain it one way or the other.
What's that? Ah, yes, written confirmation from Lord Laurent's solicitor.
Congratulations, sir.
You are now a majority stockholder of British Imperial Coolant.
Good morning.
You look dreadful.
Pack your trunk and we shall go.
Go where? Mother decamped for Paris and left me on my own, and you know how much I hate that.
So, if the cure for my loneliness and your broken heart are the same thing How did you know? Dearest Mina, do not shed a single tear for Jonathan Harker.
Honestly, there's no point in wasting a single minute more thinking about what an awful twit he turned out to be.
Not when you could be having fun with me instead.
Murray, I have two young relatives under my charge, sharp, young minds, but lately they've experienced a great, psychic strain.
I understand, in your capacity as director of this institution, that you've had the privilege of serving as an alienist to certain individuals of high renown.
I have treated a number of public figures.
You understand of course that I can't divulge No, no, your reputation for discretion precedes you.
Which is why I'm here.
Not for myself naturally, but for close relations who wish to remain anonymous.
Please, how may I be of service? You should be able to meet our order without a problem, Mr.
Are you suggesting we dedicate the entirety of our operation to the needs of a single client? No.
But I think he is.
Get out of my office now, both of you.
Very well.
Though I must regretfully inform you that your employment here is terminated, effective immediately.
You don't have the authority to dismiss me.
You're nothing more than a rich man's novelty I wouldn't even let into my home.
Now hold on a minute.
You have no right - to speak - As a majority shareholder of British Imperial Lubrication and Coolant Co.
, limited, Alexander Grayson is now your employer.
When I speak, I speak with his authority.
I'll give you a second chance to do as you're told.
Have I made myself clear? Yes.
In future I'd appreciate it if you tried to earn Mr.
Grayson's trust, not to mention generosity, and I'd start by sharing your undivided attention during business meetings.
I'm sorry.
There's no excuse.
I provided a list of individuals Mr.
Grayson would very much like you to foster friendships with.
I'm sure you recognize most of the names on the list.
And, Harker Never again presume to defend me to anyone.
If you wish, I'd be happy to mix a stimulant.
Now may I inquire as to your client's name? I'd rather not say.
Please, doctor, indulge a humble academic.
Well, professor, I suppose I can rely on your discretion? She is Lady Jayne Wetherby.
I see.
I see.
Our huntswoman is seeking a new drug for her seers.
I'm certain of it.
Give it to her.
Well, if you insist, I'll concoct a serum of inadequate potency.
And force our enemy to seek a new solution elsewhere beyond our control.
Well done Van Helsing.
Short-sighted and foolish.
I suppose you have a better plan? If Grayson brings off his geomagnetic scheme, the Order's oil and petroleum holdings won't be worth the paper they're written on.
I am well aware of the threat he poses to all of us.
So what on earth possessed you to sell him your shares in British Imperial Coolant? Had I a choice in the matter, I never would have agreed to his terms.
He threatened you.
There is no protection, none, for any brother who violates the principal oath.
If you have anything to say to me in your defense, I suggest you do so now or stand before your brothers and suffer the punishment proscribed.
Kill me.
Kill me.
This way, please.
Here we are.
Daniel, is that Alexander Grayson's man? Jonathan Harker.
Yes, father, that's him.
Will you send a bottle of Bordeaux over to that young man dining on his own, Mr.
Harker, with our compliments? Is there a problem? No, sir.
It's just Mr.
Harker directed us to send this over with his compliments.
Hmm, Latour 1890.
We shall make a full circuit, starting at the Savoy and arriving fashionably late at the officers' club ball, where the men shall be delicious, if a little too well-behaved.
Lucy When you went to the house, are you sure you didn't see Jonathan? No, Mina.
Not a note, not a card, nothing.
No doubt he's already found some silly little cow who fits his description of a proper English wife.
What do we do with these delicious officers? Ladies.
Where are you going? You know I have to.
To steal away like a thief in the night? The die is cast.
Then we'll run away.
We'll run as far and as fast as we can to a safe haven beyond the reach of the Order.
There's no such place, Daniel.
And you know it.
- Then we'll simply come clean.
- Are you mad? What of my reputation? I will not shirk death only to see my family's legacy compromised.
I signed my death warrant the moment that I capitulated to that American.
I knew this when I did it.
And I would do it again.
Stop! Finally.
We've been waiting here all night.
Sir, the sun.
Just a moment more.
What is it? Sir.
I want to see her face when she reads the card.
Are they from Jonathan? - No.
- Oh, let me see.
I'm sorry, sir.
Damn! "When it comes to dreams, one might falter, "but the only way to fail is to abandon them.
" It's unsigned.
Who do you think might have sent them? I haven't the slightest.
Have you made any progress with the solar vaccine? Not while devising the serum for Lady Jayne, no.
How long must I spend skulking in the shadows? I want to walk in the sun like any other man.
You will never be like any other man.
You would do well to remember that.
I've increased the duration of the vaccine to three minutes and 12 seconds.
Ah! - Three minutes.
- And 12 seconds.
You leave me just enough time to have a cup of tea before I burst into flames.
Brother Stephen James Laurent, did you place your own interests before those of this most august order? I did.
The punishment is proscribed within these pages.
So it is written And so it shall be done.
The sentence has been handed down from generation to generation.
Will you accept the blade? I will.
I I think I know how I feel 'Cause I I only play it for real You should be picking me up Instead you're dragging me down You're flying over my head You're landing all over town What are you thinking? Ah, you You need more absinthe.
Perhaps, but by way of careful study and experiment, I may have discovered my limit.
Beautiful and witty.
Hmm, I'm not sure whether to write a poem or paint your portrait.
I wonder, how many women have you flattered with paper and canvas? You're the last one.
I promise.
My way of contact with reality is through a limited aperture.
Our transfluence takes place through one small opening.
I amuse you? Do women really fall for that? "Transfluence.
" How superior you are.
A woman of your means slumming the lower depths.
Observing us like we're animals at the zoo.
You see there are no bars here.
And we are not caged.
All right.
I'm fine.
Move! Mr.
Thank you for my rescue.
It was nothing.
But what brought you here? This place is notorious for its parties.
I like the music.
You're troubled.
- No.
- Tell me.
It's Jonathan.
Harker? I can't believe he'd do anything to hurt you.
But he did.
He said the most horrible things, and I walked away, and we haven't seen each other since.
I don't know how to fix it.
You know, bohemian nightlife is a poor substitute for happiness.
Sometimes the people and places we are meant for take us by surprise.
Well, there's a tableau vivant.
Heathcliff and Cathy on the moors.
It's getting late.
- May I see you ladies home? - No.
Thank you.
Our carriage is waiting.
Miss Murray, Miss Westenra.
Thank you Mr.
I had lunch with several of the men on your list yesterday Davenport and son, Lord Rothcroft, General Shaw.
I see.
Anyone else? A Mr.
- Browning? - Yes, he was at your party.
Are you sure? Yes, quite.
Now a mutual friend has told me in complete discretion of course that you have recently broken from a young lady.
Her name escapes me.
Mina Murray.
Charming gal.
I'd rather not discuss it, if you don't mind.
But I do.
If only to prevent you from turning my study into a funeral parlor.
I'm sorry.
I've known Miss Murray Minafor a long time.
She's always been very stubborn.
She insists on continuing her studies despite the fact that I now have the means and every intention of supporting her as my wife.
I understand.
- You do? - Uh-huh.
I understand that you are a fool.
How can a man who wishes to defy social convention and rise above his station deny the same thing in the woman he loves? You're calling me a hypocrite.
No, Harker.
I'm calling you a fool.
But you are a man in love.
And they are very often the same thing.
Finish up.
Go home.
You're up.
" I do think, you know, every so often.
And what are you thinking about? You.
You inspire me to I don't know, greater independence, I suppose.
What time is it? 2:00.
We gave half the day to the night.
- 2:00? - Mina, what is it? I missed Professor Van Helsing's class.
Peppermint to soothe the stomach, willow bark to ease the pounding in your head.
It tastes awful, but it will work wonders.
Thank you, professor.
Miss Murray, am I wasting my time with you? There are dreams we must fight for.
If you want to advance beyond the boundaries society has made for you, you must fight.
You're not wasting your time.
Give me a second chance, and I will prove it to you.
Return here tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.
You will report to me as my assistant for the term.
The serum for Lady Jayne's seers is ready.
We'll track their power to its source, and there will be a plague upon this city.
Take this directly to the address as written.
Don't dawdle.
If you return within an hour with a signed receipt of delivery, a second shilling will be your reward.
- Go on.
- Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Is the stimulant working, sister? Can you see the vampire? I can see.
It's working.
The vampire.
He's with her.
Help me.
We've been poisoned.
I see my serum has taken hold.
By now you will both be paralyzed.
Do you have any idea what it's like to hear the screams of your wife and children? My children would be in their 20s now.
The Order burned them alive for no other reason than to punish me for my disobedience.
I lost everything.
The monster you seek, I cannot let you find him.
Not as long as he is of use to me.
Until we've destroyed the Order once and for all.
I'm afraid traces of the drug will stay in your brain tissue post-mortem.
Since I'm the only man in Britain who possesses the expertise to process and administer a non-lethal dose, I would fall under suspicion.
This evidence I must destroy.
It is unfortunate, but sometimes science requires sacrifice.
Don't worry.
I will be quick.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
It's my fault, not yours.
I've been stubborn and so obsessed with chasing my own dreams I never even took the time to understand yours, and I do.
But I now realize you don't require my protection.
And you are in no need of keeping.
So, if if you could, just let me love you instead.
Good evening, Miss Murray.
Jonathan! You've forgotten the most important thing.
What? Marry me.
Be my husband, and I will be your wife.
I wanted to ask you so many times.
I even bought a ring.
May I? The oddest thing happened to me today.
Really, sir? Just one? I performed an act which brought great joy to someone other than myself.
Whom? Harker, Mina Murray.
What exactly did you do? I guided the one back to the other.
By the looks of it, they'll be wed.
A good deed then.
I should be horrified.
But in truth I can't say I dislike this feeling.
- And yet - And yet.
Keeping your employee and Miss Murray together keeps her in your orbit.
Like gravity.
Close but not too close.
When it might be wiser to let her go.
Sometimes you're too smart for your own good.
It's like a millstone around my neck.
On that first morning when they made me what I am, the sunlight burned my skin.
I don't know or why, but I knew I would never be the same.
What did you do? Ripped out the throat of the bastard priest.
So not a bad morning, all things considered.
I've had worse.
How can this be? I don't know.
It's unprecedented.
To track the trackers It has never been done before.
- It's a disaster.
- Oh, it's worse than that.
This is the work of the vampire that I seek.
Now that the seers are dead, he will much more easily attract others of his kind.
An abomination.
Soon London will be crawling with the vermin.
Daniel! Oh, my boy! Grayson.