Dracula (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

The Devil's Waltz

Previously on Dracula It'll be my honor to host your engagement party.
Things will never be the same.
You are to be married, and that is that.
She is Ilona.
You must never again mention Mina Murray's resemblance to my wife.
I need your blood to create a serum so you are able to conquer daylight.
I want you to find out everything about this General Shaw.
He's a powerful ally of my competitors.
Vera Markham can tell you all you need to know about Shaw.
Yes? You wish to employ my services in order to get Mr.
Renfield to answer one question.
Unh! Mr.
What are you doing here? I know I shouldn't be here, but there's no time.
Time for what? No.
You must leave, immediately, or I'll go.
I promise.
But I must tell you, you're making a mistake.
A terrible mistake.
- What do you mean? - Harker.
He'll never be able to make you happy, and you know it.
How dare you.
Now is not the time for lies, Mina.
You know it's the truth.
If it isn't, say it.
Look me in the eyes and say it, - and I'll go.
- No, no, no.
I-I love I love Jonathan, and no other, and he will be my husband.
Of all the days to lie-in.
Don't you know we have a million things to do before tonight? - It's still on? - Of course it's still on! - Unless you've reconsidered.
- No.
No, of course not.
Well then, for goodness' sake, get up, darling.
You mustn't waste another second of this momentous day.
Yours is going to be the most spectacular engagement party London has ever seen.
Be careful.
That's very fragile.
Come and meet your first test subject.
Place it in line with the door, please.
And no obstruction that may cast a shadow! I wouldn't get too close, Professor.
I think you'll find her suitable, if not exactly agreeable.
There are many technical challenges, but I believe we will surmount them, given time.
Time is a luxury we do not have.
I must walk in sunlight soon.
People are getting suspicious.
Do you understand? By the way, where's Renfield? He was meant to accompany the lab equipment.
Renfield was nowhere to be found.
I had to do it myself.
We are about to embark on a journey, you and I.
It begins with a single question, and it ends with your answer to that question.
I want you to remember that, so I will say it again.
It ends with your answer.
So you see, no matter how helpless you may feel, no matter how lengthy, debasing, and disagreeable the journey may prove, ultimately, you are in control.
Let's get started, shall we? Though I take great pride in my profession, it has become tedious of late.
There are, after all, only so many variations on a theme one can play.
Release me.
Unh! Each client is unique, of course.
The methods vary, but the result is inevitably the same.
I'm warning you, there will be repercussions.
I often think, "Perhaps this time, Janina.
"This time, for once, "the client will dispense with all the bluster and defiance and simply answer the question the first time I ask it.
" Who does Alexander Grayson love? Oh, well.
Perhaps next time.
These are General Shaw's personal accounts.
It's all there, under Bellamy Limited.
Bellamy? Sole shareholder, empire munitions.
Empire munitions? Shaw's receiving money from an arms manufacturer? 60,000 pounds in July.
July, that's when That's when the empire won the tender for eight new warships.
He got commission.
General Shaw is taking bribes.
Harker, please.
What do you plan to do with this information? I know you begged me to organize this party and I agreed, but that doesn't give you the right to be an idle princess.
You have the guest list.
I have the replies.
You check the former against the latter, and the kitchen needs the final count by noon.
This list, it's all wrong.
Lord Davenport.
Lord Rothcroft? Who'd ever have guessed that Jonathan had such distinguished friends? Yes, but they're not his friends.
At least, he's never mentioned them.
All my doing, I'm afraid.
I insisted he invite them.
It's all rather overwhelming, Mr.
Are you sure it's not too much of an imposition? Not at all.
This is just an empty stage upon which Miss Westenra has lavished her formidable magic.
At least somebody appreciates all my hard work.
Alexander! You won't believe what Mina.
Could we have a word privately, please? Ladies, if you will excuse us.
Shaw is far from a saint, and I've got - the evidence to prove it.
- Not now.
- I've just had a meeting.
- I said, leave it.
Lucy, you'll probably think me a spoiled child Impossible.
What's wrong? I had the most perplexing dream.
Really? That kind of dream? No.
Not that kind of dream.
Tell me Was the dream version of Jonathan more circumspect, or was it merely a matter of circumference? No.
And it wasn't even It wasn't even Jonathan.
Yes, of course.
Of course it was Jonathan.
Renfield went to Victoria Station last night to pick up some laboratory equipment.
He never arrived, and he has not been heard from since.
Well, perhaps he was detained.
He's been missing nine hours.
He would have sent word.
Shall I contact the police? No, no.
No police.
This must be handled with the utmost discretion.
At this point of our business, Grayson Energy cannot afford a scandal.
I'm sure you understand that more than anyone.
Of course.
Well, I'll start with the hospitals, the morgues.
Did he have any appointments prior to picking up the equipment? Only to gather some information from local steel mills.
Well, that narrows things down a bit.
He's hardly inconspicuous.
Leave it with me.
Jonathan? I really must be going, Mina.
Wa Is this list right? I'm sorry.
I-I have some urgent business to attend to.
We'll have to discuss this later.
But the party is tonight.
It's in a few hours.
Well, I-I made a few additions, is all.
Business acquaintances and so forth.
It's not the additions that concern me, it's the people you have disinvited.
Like who? All your friends at the paper.
Szabo? Think, Mina.
We're serving alcohol.
Do you really want him juggling champagne bottles and doing his dancing bear routine? I'm sure he will behave himself.
The answer is no! We're moving up in the world, and its only natural that we're gonna lose a few friends on the way.
Would you listen to yourself? So, who else will be in attendance? Rothcroft.
A few others.
I do hope there won't be another grand spectacle this evening.
Brash Americans like Grayson are best left twisting in the wind.
Once they realize their money can't buy cooperation, they pack up and move on unless provoked.
Of course, sir.
There should never be any direct action against Grayson without your express permission.
I thought you'd be at Carfax with Lucy.
I was, but I thought I'd come home and rest a while.
Your mother would be so proud of you.
You've found a fine man in Jonathan.
I know she'd be happy with your choice.
A month ago, perhaps, with the old Jonathan.
But he's changed.
In what way? Well, to start with, he's got an entirely new set of friends business associates, most of them and they're titled and wealthy and much older than he is.
That's perfectly natural.
He's in a new line, he's bound to make new acquaintances.
Yes, but he's cut ties with most, if not all, of his old friends, as though they're expendable.
And I can't help but think That you might become expendable as well? I must admit, Mr.
Renfield Your stoicism is impressive, but by no means a surprise.
- Rodrigo? - No.
Oh, you are strong And clearly no stranger to suffering.
Admirable traits under virtually every other circumstance.
Alas, Mr.
Renfield, not here, not now.
There is just me and you.
The questionand the answer! Who does Alexander Grayson love? Renfield's been abducted.
By whom? We can only assume it's the Order.
But until the sun goes down, I'm powerless to help him.
Do you think they can break him? He will die before he says a word against me.
Very well, then.
Problem solved.
We cannot let anything distract us from today's test.
How long will this entire process take? I will use the resonator to generate voltage to a pair of electrical paddles, then apply them to the subject's chest and attempt to jolt the heart into beating.
Then I will give the subject a massive injection of the serum.
If it works, you will immediately repeat the whole process on me.
But I won't have an adequate supply of the serum.
As you can see, it's a slow process.
I don't have the equipment! Hold a second.
- Excuse me.
- Yes, sir? I'm looking for a Mr.
If it's business, call my St.
Louis office.
I have called your St.
Louis office, and your Kansas City office, and your Carson City office.
Don't tell me, let me guess.
You're Alexander Grayson.
That's correct.
And you want to buy my Sweetwater operation.
And your Doubletree mine.
I am willing to offer you 20,000 of your American dollars.
Really? Impressive.
Grayson, you are either a very brave man or a very foolish one.
This is a rough country to be traveling unarmed.
I don't like guns.
This is a singularly inopportune moment to purchase a mine, sir.
What the hell? Federal taxes on minerals are set to escalate, so if you insist on making the purchase, make sure you tender an option with a leaseback provision to avoid the levies.
Whiskey, sir? Thank you.
And what's your name? Renfield.
Renfield, esquire.
Alexander! You were right.
Renfield was abducted outside of Empire and Colonial yesterday afternoon around 4:00.
I found a newspaper vendor.
He witnessed the whole thing.
- Did he give a description? - Mm, three men.
One hit him, the others grabbed him and threw him into a carriage.
- Did he notify the police? - He assumed it was the police.
I found this.
Where? In the gutter just outside the main entrance.
Shall I notify the police? No.
This is all I need.
I was beginning to think I would be forced to start without you.
I had an urgent matter to attend to.
And what could be more urgent than this? Shh.
I finally have a lead on Renfield.
Shall we proceed? First, we start its heart.
1,000 volts, circuit one.
3,000 volts! 3,000 volts, circuit one.
It's beating.
You can't leave now! I must find Renfield.
You are about to host a party at which known members of the Order will be present.
Professor, if you ever valued that arm, take it off mine immediately! Hello.
Thank you.
- Back in a tick, darling.
- Okay.
Lovely to see you.
I promised him I will not do my dancing bear.
I think it's time for me to see to the women.
If you will excuse me.
- Jonathan.
- Dr.
Mina, you look lovely.
Thank you.
You were right.
I was beginning to forget who I am.
I never will.
And I will always be here to remind you.
Promise? I hope Mr.
Grayson likes what we've done with the place.
Well, he He hasn't arrived? Mm-mm, no, not yet.
He's still to arrive.
Who does Mr.
Grayson love? Mr.
Renfield, who does he love? Who does Mr.
Alexander Grayson love? I am willing to offer you 20,000 of your American dollars.
Grayson, you are either a very brave man or a very foolish one.
This is a rough country to be traveling unarmed.
This is a singularly inopportune moment to purchase a mine, sir.
What the hell? Federal taxes are set to escalate, so if you insist on making the purchase, make sure you tender an option with a leaseback provision to avoid the levies.
Whiskey, sir? Thank you.
They mean to kill you.
Unh! That's enough outta you.
You think you're so smart? Huh? Come on, boys! Join in.
Unh! Aah! You're safe now.
Renfield? Mr.
Who does Grayson love? Curious.
No sign of the ringmaster.
No doubt choreographing his grand entrance.
I actually meant his man.
You know, the very large one who makes all the turgid announcements.
What's his name? Speaking of grand entrances.
- She's looking for Grayson.
- How can you tell? Because he's the only one who isn't here.
Poor thing.
Spent her best years having any man she pleases, but now? Lady Wetherby faces the unpleasant prospect of not having the one man she really wants while her husband withers away in his sickbed.
I apologize for being late.
I hope everything is as you wish, Miss Murray.
Thank you so much, for everything.
You look very lovely.
You'll have to excuse me, hmm? - Thank you, incidentally.
- What for? With your help, we managed to locate Renfield.
Suffice it to say, all is good, though I'm no closer to knowing who's responsible.
- Is he - He's quite all right.
I assure you.
Now, what's this interesting news you have regarding General Shaw? - Quite the party.
- Mm.
He must be a very valuable employee.
What do you think of Harker? I think he could be useful.
And if anything, he's ambitious.
Surely you're not thinking of recruitment.
Well, he's a little rough around the edges, but we could always use some fresh blood.
The more Britain arms itself for war against the Ottomans, the more General Shaw stands to gain.
On virtually every munitions deal this country makes, he's getting a cut.
10% of the total value of the contracts.
Harker, these allegations More than allegations.
I've checked his accounts.
They're meticulous.
Look, Harker, my intention was to embarrass the man, not have him dragged up on charges.
But Shaw's a hypocrite.
A traitor of the highest order.
You're not suggesting I just let this go, are you? Ah.
Grayson, and the groom.
Lady Jayne Wetherby.
I invited her.
I hope you don't mind.
Of course not.
Um, if you'll excuse me.
I've missed you.
You look absolutely ravishing.
Oh, far better to be ravished.
Where have you been keeping yourself? It seems somebody abducted and tortured my man, Renfield.
Oh, good lord! Why would someone do something like that? Probably some old business rival.
And don't worry.
It's all been resolved.
- Shall we? - Yes.
Uh, Mr.
Grayson? Please let me introduce you to my employer.
Uh, Mr.
Grayson, um, Lady Wetherby, this is Mr.
- Mr.
- Mr.
- Lord Davenport.
- We've met.
Lord Rothcroft.
- Lord Rothcroft.
- Mr.
- And Lord Godalming.
- Lord Godalming.
Welcome to my home.
Very kind of you to have us.
Uh, gentlemen, please excuse us.
I cannot wait to get you to myself.
Hmm, and so you shall.
Excuse me, Mr.
Grayson? I would like you to meet my mentor and my friend, Professor Van Helsing.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Professor Van Helsing.
Honored to meet you.
The Professor is a pioneer in his field.
Is that so? Grayson's man, Mr.
Renfield, was abducted.
- Really? - Mm.
Abducted and tortured.
Was that Order business? Absolutely not.
Grayson's been kind enough to give us his home for our celebration tonight.
How remarkably generous of him.
Thank you, Professor.
A pleasure.
Miss Murray.
Professor? Is everything all right? Excuse me.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
For my beautiful daughter, Mina, who has always made me proud, and for Jonathan, who I have long considered a son.
Mina, I only wish your mother were here to witness the woman that you've become.
Please, join me in raising a glass to the happy couple.
To Mina and Jonathan.
To Mina and Jonathan! Uh, ladies and gentlemen.
I'd, um, well, I would like to start by thanking Dr.
Murray, not just for his kind words this evening but for a whole lifetime of kindness, culminating in him allowing me to marry his daughter! I say "allowing," but, um, anyone who knows Mina knows that she follows her own path, and that path that path has led her to make me the very happiest and very luckiest man alive.
Hear, hear.
Grayson! Tonight's festivities are nothing short of spectacular.
Now I've thought long and hard about how best to express my gratitude to you, and in the end, decided that it's right for me to offer you what I consider most precious The privilege of the first dance.
May I cut in? Excuse me.
I need some air.
Grayson has a secret.
I can tell.
And what might that be? I'm not entirely sure.
He's a man of mystery without biography.
Well, that's hardly unusual for an American.
Those who oppose him frequently end up dead.
Those that oppose you frequently end up dead.
It's coincidence.
Nothing more.
Speaking of which, his arrival in London coincided with something rather more ominous.
Which is? The advent of the old one you seek.
I brought you the old one's ashes in a jar.
Did you? Alexander Grayson, a vamp Ridiculous.
You would not be the first woman to be blinded by desire.
The first huntsman, yes but not the first woman.
Go away! A lot of information I learned here in New York while I was studying law under Charles Remick, a white abolitionist.
He made a motion I be examined under the Missouri bar.
I presume you passed.
I joined a firm in St.
Louis and was sent out west to sort out a cross-claim.
The client took exception to my race.
I was set upon by ruffians, and imprisoned for the crime of defending myself.
What about the firm in St.
Louis? Well, they washed their hands of me.
I suspect that was their intent all along.
I was left friendless and penniless.
Suffice to say things did not go to plan.
I'm very grateful for this, sir.
I hope I don't undermine that gratitude by asking, "Why?" You're a lawyer of the highest caliber, Renfield.
I require a lawyer.
I too know what it's like to live as an outcast, outside what passes for polite society, but rarely is.
More than you could possibly imagine.
You are a man of secrets, Mr.
That much, I can see.
But I owe it to my profession and my good name to tell you that I can only work for a man who trusts me completely.
Then you shall know all my secrets, and your life will never be the same.
Is that a promise?