Dragon Ball (1986) s03e06 Episode Script

Cruel General Red

1 "The Heartless Red Ribbon" Hey! Cut it out! That hurts! Well, I should get going.
I have to find Grandpa's Dragon Ball! T-thanks Huh? Rain? I guess I can always look for it tomorrow.
Attention all units! Cease all work immediately and assemble at location F-7048! I repeat, cease all work immediately and assemble at location F-7048! The Dragon Ball has presently stopped at coordinates QX2-SE.
It's moved Search for it tomorrow at daybreak! Roger.
Now with the river flooding there's a chance the Dragon Ball has washed up on land All we can do now is methodically search for it.
Look everywhere! Underneath rocks, in the mud Do NOT overlook it!! Well, thanks for all the food! Later! Just a little further.
Oh, so they still haven't found it either! Heheh, it isn't there! Start searching from the crack of dawn, huh My back hurts C- Colonel Silver! G-good morning! If you have time to be greeting people then get to work! On the double! Y-yes, sir! It ain't that simple! Like we're gonna find a tiny little ball in a huge place like this! But ya know If we don't find it we're gonna get punished Oh man Hi! Around here, I think.
Lemme make the picture bigger.
It's really close! W-who are you?! Let's see Let's see What a weird kid Hey, you! You're in the way! Get outta here! You're gonna get killed! There it is! Aw, man.
It's the 5-star ball.
Grandpa's isn't the 5-star ball The Dragon Ball! Huh? You guys know about Grandpa's Dragon Ball? W-who is this kid?! He found it awfully easy! We're really lucky this kid found it for us! Hey! Hand that ball over to us, okay? Why? What are you gonna do with this? Shaddup! You don't wanna die, do ya? Come on now, give it to me.
If you're gonna talk like that, then! I said hand it over! I don't need this ball, but I guess I'll hold onto it for now.
I sure hope the next one is Grandpa's ball! C- Colonel Silver B-bad news This is Colonel Silver! W-what?! That? Him?! You're the one from yesterday! That energetic kid from yesterday, huh I'm glad to see you made it out alive.
Ah! Kinto Un! Why you! The Turtle Hermit gave me that Kinto Un! It was really important to me! What do you have to say for yourself?! Simply answer me this Why are you collecting the Dragon Balls? How were you able to find the Dragon Ball so easily? The Red Ribbon Army's radar can't precisely determine their locations.
That must be some radar you have.
Do you think I'd tell somebody who destroyed Kinto Un!? Apologize to me! Kid! Don't you dare mock Colonel Silver of the Red Ribbon Army! It would be in your best interest to start talking while I, Colonel Silver, still haven't lost my temper.
So talk! Why are you looking for the Dragon Balls?! What sort of radar do you have?! I'm not gonna tell you if you're not gonna apologize.
Jerk! Your radar's in here, isn't it? What're you doing?! Give that back! I guess I can't be too careful around you.
I see So it seems you're not any ordinary kid If you intend to continually defy me then you'll just have to learn the hard way I'll put an end to you in 5 seconds.
What?! Leave me alone! N-no way I can't believe I Against such a little kid! Why you! Okay, time to go.
Oh, that's right.
Kinto Un's gone Now what do I do I wonder if it's too far to run? Oh yeah! I wonder if he's got any of those capsule thingies! He does! But I dunno what's what.
I guess I'll just throw them one at a time and see what happens.
W-what are you? Is it not obvious? I am a robot.
Y-you sure are strange Do you need something? Um, well, I wanna go in that direction, but Then go.
Yeah, but it looks super far away, so I want something to ride.
Try throwing capsule 3.
This? Is this an airplane? I can't ride that.
I can pilot it.
I'm saved! They're still looking for it! Where is it? But this is kind of slower than Kinto Un What is that? Reporting, sir! Something is happening with the Dragon Ball Colonel Silver is looking for! Please observe.
The Dragon Ball Colonel Silver is responsible for is heading north, directly toward the Dragon Ball that General White is in charge of.
Call Silver.
Isn't it sort of cold? I am a robot so I am not cold.
Now I'm shivering S- Silver here.
What?! Somebody with a radar even more sensitive than ours?! What? And they're that strong?! So how many of them were there?! Just one kid?! Who could it possibly be? I do not know.
But if they could do that to somebody like Silver then we cannot afford to be careless.
Please forgive me for saying so, Commander Red, but this IS the work of just one kid.
He isn't one of our enemies.
I hope so.
Contact General White, tell him to kill the kid and take his ball! Understood! And one other thing.
Yes, sir.
Bring Colonel Silver to me! S-so cold W-why is it so cold It is obvious.
The north is cold.
I- I don't have any other clothes to wear Humans are so inefficient.
They get hot, they get cold T-this spot's fine.
L-land the plane.
W-what's the matter?! Hey! Hey, are you listening?! Cold! I have frozen Hey! We're gonna crash into the mountains! What was that sound?! Looks like something crash-landed! Let's check it out.
I have no use for excuses.
Commander, please, wait! Give me one more chance! Silver.
Have you forgotten our rules? Why?! You thought highly of my abilities! So why?! Take him away.
Yes, sir! Don't touch me! What?! A plane crash?! That's it! Are you certain it's one of our planes?! There's no doubt about it! According to HQ there should have been a kid in it! I see no corpses or anything of the sort.
Just wreckage from a robot soldier! He may have fled.
Search for him! He should have a Dragon Ball.
Yes, sir! I don't know who he is, but he's one foolish kid.
Hey! C-come take a look at this! What's up? Did you find something? T-this is How will Goku stand up to the Red Ribbon Army, which will use all its might to try to steal the Dragon Ball?! And this little girl; is she friend- or foe? minouhse