Dragon Ball (1986) s03e07 Episode Script

Cold Reception

"Suno, Girl of the North" What are you dawdling about for?! Can't you even find one stupid kid?! I don't care if you kill him! Just get his Dragon Ball and radar! Got it?! Roger! Move out! What?! The footprints have disappeared?! Yes, sir! The blizzard worsened while we were following them At this rate! Fool! Quit your whining! If the blizzard's that bad then the enemy couldn't have gotten very far either! U-understood! Split up and search for him! Report the minute you spot him! All vehicles, move out! Mom, open up! It's me! Where did you go on a day like this? This boy was unconscious It's okay.
He's still alive! He doesn't seem to be from around here.
He fell out of an airplane What kind of kid could beat up Colonel Silver? There wasn't anybody else who fell out of the plane? Nope, just him I figured he would die in this cold if I left him out there H-huh? Mom! He's awake! Where am I? Jingle Village! J- Jin? You were frozen! Okay, drink this and warm yourself up.
Hot!! You need to cool it off first You certainly are lucky to be alive.
If she hadn't found you, you'd be completely frozen to death by now.
You carried me here? Yeah! Hey, what's your name? My name's Goku.
Son Goku.
Son Goku? What a funny name.
What's yours? I'm Suno.
I look really young but I'm almost 10 now.
By the way, where were you headed for in the plane? Oh, I just came here looking for a ball called a Dragon Ball but then the plane A Dragon Ball?! Are you from the Red Ribbon Army? Hey, what exactly is that? Those guys earlier were called the Red-something-or-other too S-stop! That was a close one! Point X3.
No sighting.
Moving on to Point X2! Moving to Point X2! Wait! Doesn't look like he's in here.
We haven't done anything Listen now! Let us know right away if you find out where the kid is! Things'll get mighty ugly around here again if you try and hide him! Old man! So they want the Dragon Balls that bad? What are they collecting them for? I don't know.
I don't know.
Why are you looking for them? I'm looking for the ball that was a memento from my grandpa! I'll show you.
This is a Dragon Ball! This is a Dragon Ball? Yeah! I've never seen one before! But this isn't my grandpa's his has four stars here.
Why do you suppose Red Ribbon wants these balls? They certainly must be worth a lot I don't really know myself, but there's 7 Dragon Balls in all And they say that when you collect all of them a guy called Shen Long comes out and grants any wish you want.
Any wish at all? Yep! They say it can fulfill any dream I can't believe something like that They say it can fulfill any dream But I saw it.
I saw the Shen Long guy come out.
Exactly as a person wishes and desires A drama secretly hidden in the dreams of days long, long ago The miracles set into the seven balls will revive here and now Come out, dragon, just for me This heart is really throbbing Be courageous, far away Come out, dragon, just for me For real?! Because I want you to grant my wish I don't lie! Because I want you to grant my wish So what did you wish for? Chase your dreams, far away It wasn't me, it was somebody named Oolong.
Chase your dreams, far away So what did that Oolong person wish for?! So what did that Oolong person wish for?! Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Dragon Ball, I'll get it! Give me a pair of girls' panties! Apparently he got some girls' panties! Come on! Don't kid around like that! I'm not kidding! It's the truth.
Before that Oh yeah, I think there was also some guy who became a king! Wow! That's it then! The Red Ribbon Army is trying to take over the world! So that's why they're searching so hard for the Dragon Balls! There should be another Dragon Ball around here somewhere! We know.
My dad and the others are out helping look for it Your dad and the others? The Red Ribbon soldiers can't look for it all by themselves so they threatened the men of the village into looking for it.
They sure are mean! You should've just beaten them all up! They're really strong! We can't beat them up! And what's worse, the village chief is being held hostage in the Red Ribbon base! They said they'd kill him if we don't do as we're told! Stop competing with Red Ribbon to find the Dragon Balls.
Yeah! You should hand your Dragon Ball over to them! It's not worth dying for! Okay then! You agree? I'll go beat them up for you! My way of thanking you for saving me! Don't be stupid! Those are grown men! This isn't a fight between little kids! I wonder what that sound is? W-what if it's You'd best hide somewhere! I really need to take a leak first! We're looking for a little boy W-we haven't seen him! My daughter and I are the only ones S-stop! What?! Your dad? No! It's the Red Ribbon Army! Hurry, run away! Oh Alright! Die! W-what? What just happened? Let's see, I did 6 punches and and 4 kicks! A-amazing! I didn't see a thing! I'll go beat up all the bad guys and save that person called "Village Chief"! Later! H-hey, wait! He certainly is an energetic little boy, isn't he That's for sure I wonder if we'll ever see him again S-so cold I'm back Dressed like that, of course it would be cold.
You can borrow my clothes.
By the way, do you know where the Red Ribbon base is? Oh, yeah It's called Muscle Tower.
Muscle Tower is a horrible place.
Many people have gone there to try to rescue the village chief.
But most of them were killed even before getting inside Some were lucky enough to get inside, but none have ever come back out alive.
But I'm going anyway! I'm not cold at all! Please take my advice.
Don't be reckless.
Don't worry! Just leave it to me! By the way, what's this cold white stuff? Snow.
You've never seen it before? It sure is weird.
Later! I'm gonna beat them up this time for sure! He sure is weird, isn't he, Mom? But I don't want to see him to die He's such a nice boy.
What's that?! Where do you think you're going, kid?! I'm going to save a guy called "Village Chief"! Go back home like a good little boy, kid.
The sun's still too high for you to be wanderin' around half-asleep! You're the Red Ribbon or whatever guys, aren't you! And what if we are? Then I'm gonna beat you up! What? W-where'd he go?! W-what the! General White, there's a weird kid! What?! The fool! He's come all this way to die! Eliminate him! Nyoibou! Extend! Nyoibou! Revert! Not bad for a little toddler.
But can he make it to the top floor of this tower? Just what exactly lurks within this eerie tower? minouhse