Dragon Ball (1986) s03e08 Episode Script

Major Metallitron

"The Terror of Muscle Tower" Come inside or you'll catch cold.
Do you think he's okay? I wonder where that guy called "Village Chief" -san is being held Can you hear me, kid? Welcome to Muscle Tower! Where are you talking from?! By the way, kid, what did you come to this tower for? To save "Village Chief" -san! The village chief? Ah! So somebody from the village asked you to come here, huh.
Fine, then! Enter through that door and come up here using the stairs! The village chief's on the very top floor! So, think you can make it all the way up here? Alright! I'll show you! What the? Not what I was expecting It's just some little brat.
How dare you scare us! Hey kid, you did pretty good to make it inside! General White! Do you mind if we kill him? Do as you please! Who is it? Master Sergeant Murasaki.
Enter! Check this out.
Don't kill him right away.
Let us have some fun too! Beating up a this kid will be as easy as takin' candy from a baby.
But I'll let ya have some fun for a bit.
Why you! Little brat! I'm gonna kill you! Damn you! What the?! I didn't hit you?! Huh?! W-where'd he go?! Behind you! It's pretty hot in these clothes.
I'll just take 'em off.
A split-image technique.
Judging by that move, this certainly is no ordinary child.
Seems the news about him beating Silver was true after all.
The Silver? Do you think he can make it up here? Entirely out of the question.
Of those who have made it to the 3rd floor, none have prevailed against Sergeant Metallic.
And if by some chance he does defeat him, I will be there for him on the 4th floor! That's too bad.
I was really hoping I could give my arms a nice workout.
Sergeant Metallic, the kid's on his way up as we speak.
Go easy on him, will ya.
Alright! Now I feel lighter! Here I come! Welcome! You're huge! You cannot continue upward unless you defeat me.
You're going to fight me? How long do you suppose it'll take Metallic to take care of him? Hmm.
1 minute is likely more than sufficient.
Die! Where did he go? He's gone.
"Village Chief" -san! I'm coming to save you, hold on! Fight! I'll crush you! Alright, it's all over now! What?! Unbelievable! Alright! This time I'll give you all I got! A-amazing! He takes the brunt of my attacks but doesn't even flinch! Looks like the match has been decided! Nearly 2 minutes.
It appears Sergeant Metallic had a bit of a hard time.
End of the line! Ow! What a hard face! That toddler still has that much strength?! But now it appears he's made Sergeant Metallic even angrier A-again?! I'll kill you! You should've entered the Tenkaichi Tournament! Now I got you! He blew him to smithereens! But what incredible strength! I'm lucky I didn't have to fight him.
This was the fist time he's ever had to fight for real! That was a close call! Peace! Peace! Peace! What was that move just now? I've never seen anything like it Shooting a Kamehameha-type thing out of his mouth Alright! If he's gonna use a Kamehameha then I'll use one too! Tadah! I'm alive! W-what?! Impossible! He dodged that?! Payback time! Have a taste of my Kamehameha! Ka me ha me ha! H-his face is gone! Did I do something bad? W-what was that technique? Nanmandabu Nanmandabu (Buddhist chant) I- I'd swear his hand just moved Now it's decided.
Indeed it has W-what the?! I'll kill you! W-what's going on with this thing?! Sergeant Metallic's a robot! Okay, kill him! Eliminate him! Damn it! Ow! Damn it! Now I'll just ram into you as hard as I can! Alright! I'll show you my reserve strength! Ka me ha me Huh? He's stopped moving What the hell's going on?! It appears that his battery has run out.
W-what?! We haven't changed it since last spring There sure are some weird, amazing guys in this world! That kid is no ordinary child.
What're you doing?! Hurry and guard the 4th floor at once! Yes, sir! It appears that Goku has cleared the 2nd and 3rd floors! However the 4th floor looks to be even more difficult! minouhse