Dragon Ball (1986) s03e10 Episode Script

Five Murasakis

1 "Be Afraid!! The Split-Image Technique" Excellent! Mission accomplished, Master Sergeant Murasaki! Peace! Peace! O-ow!! W-what? That hurt! Now I'm mad! U-unbelievable! He was hit by a boomerang shuriken that breaks even boulders! What a hard head! You must have a diamond head! This is bad! He's serious now! Alright! Take this! Now you're going to pay! Where are you?! I've been waiting for you, kid.
Alright! Go ahead and throw them, if you can! Alright! Did you see that, kid? A ninjutsu tatami block! Okay, then in that case! What a joke.
I bet that came as a surprise, huh? There aren't any! N-not enough tatami! I should've made it into a 6-mat room instead of a 4.
5-mat room after all! That incompetent fool! Just how much are the villagers suffering while I'm in here like this? What should I do? Food's here, village chief.
Hey, food's here! You deaf or somethin'? I don't feel like eating.
The food just won't go down.
Fine, do whatever you like.
There seems to be a ruckus going on below us Oh, that.
Just some weird kid stirrin' up some trouble.
A kid? Makes me laugh.
Says he came all by himself to save you.
What? Me?! You're saying he's trying to save me?! And that he broke in all by himself?! Such recklessness! Such foolishness! Unbelievable! Does he want to die?! D-don't ask me! Ain't no point in getting' your hopes up.
Master Sergeant Murasaki is makin' mincemeat outta him at this very moment! W-what is he doing?! But anyway, was there still such a heroic young lad in our village? I suppose I'll have my meal.
Come back here! D- damn it! Wait! Come back here! Fool! Another smoke bomb! Huh? Well? I doubt you can follow me now! This is the water strider technique! That's nothing, I can make it to that shore easily.
Go ahead and swim across, if you dare! This artificial river has been stocked with none other than piranhas! What are piranhas? Stupid! Piranhas are really scary fish! They're incredible fish that can eat a cow or a bird or even a person in no time flat! These little fishies? Are you telling the truth? So you don't trust me?! Alright, that's fine with me! Well? Pretty amazing, huh? I dare you to try coming over here! Alright! I don't need to swim.
Hi! A-are you a frog or something?! Okay, so now what, Mister? Are you still going to fight? Or do you surrender? Foolish imbecile! I would never surrender to the likes of you! So what are you gonna do? Either choice is fine with me.
K-kid! You've finally made me mad! Weren't you mad since a little earlier? B-but this time you've made me really mad! Really mad, huh Yes.
I didn't want to have to use this ninjutsu technique But it's your fault for making me mad! What are you doing?! I, Ninja Murasaki, will show you the ultimate secret ninjutsu technique of all! The Split-Image Technique! Huh?! Let's see huh?! Which one?! Well, kid?! Bet you can't tell which is the real one! They all look like the real one W-what an amazing technique! Die, kid! Aha! You're the real one! W-whoa, that was close! Dodged it Ah, so you're the real one! Why you! W-what is this?! What's going on? They all look like the real one Okay, now! Kill him! Which is the real one?! It's nighttime now Yes Then, he must have been Don't think so pessimistically.
I'm sure he's just fine.
Dad! I'm home Is something the matter? No, nothing at all.
You must be tired.
You didn't find the Dragon Ball today, either? No, it didn't turn up.
Dad, have you heard any rumors about something happening in Muscle Tower? Like somebody being captured or anything? Somebody being captured?! What on earth are you talking about? A child went there all alone?! Yes, but he's really strong! He even beat up 2 grownups from the Red Ribbon Army in an instant! Isn't that right, Mom? Yes I'm sure he's fine! I'm sure he'll save the village chief for us! But even so, it was absurd of him to go into Muscle Tower all by himself! Come back here, kid! Ow! I can't do a thing when I can't tell which is the real one! But something sure seems weird.
Everybody's doing their own thing I'm sure he disappeared somewhere in this area.
He's obviously hiding somewhere nearby! You don't think he could have run away, do you? He would never do that.
The split images are talking! W-what an amazing technique! There he is! Well? I bet you're surprised, huh, kid? Your technique is amazing, Mister! Well, duh! We're all real, after all! Eh?! The one you first fought against was I, the oldest brother.
I'm the 2nd brother.
3rd brother.
4th brother.
I'm the 5th brother.
We five are none other than The Quintuplet Ninjas! Surprised, aren't you? It's too early to be surprised.
Now that the ferocity I possessed alone has suddenly increased 5-fold, all you can do is die, kid! You sure talk big! You were never fierce to begin with! I see, so you're all real then? Alright! I'll just finish you all off! Impudent little runt! We'll slice you up into sashimi! The real one's right here! And this one too while I'm at it! W-where is he?! 1, 2, 3 Just 2 left.
W-what the the kid looks like several kids! Be careful! He can use a real Split-Image Technique! W-why didn't you say so sooner W-what speed and power! Now you're all alone again! A monster?! Apparently it's locked away inside Muscle Tower.
A gargantuan creature that seems to be neither monster nor human! Night after night, eerie wailing can be heard coming from the tower They say that a monster that lost its freedom grows increasingly angry as each day passes.
If attacked by such a monster, a single human child would have absolutely no chance at all No, that can't be! Suno! Let us pray for the safety of that young boy.
That is about all we can do This guy likes to do nothing but run away! D-damn it! Watch this! Hey, Cyborg 8! It's your turn to play! Take care of that little brat! Come back here! Okay, 8! Go! Yet another new enemy stands before Goku?! Who or what is Cyborg 8?! Will Goku be able to safely rescue the village chief?! minouhse