Dragon Ball (1986) s03e11 Episode Script

Mysterious Android No. 8

"The Mysterious Cyborg #8" Cyborg #8! Exterminate that little brat! H-he's so huge! This guy's strong, really strong! Let that brat realize just how terrible you are! Can you unfasten me? Oh, right.
Hold on a sec.
Huh? The key's not here! I don't need one.
Did you see that? His amazing strength! That feels better.
Now get him! Pulverize him! Eliminate him! No.
Y-you didn't just say no, did you? Killing living things is bad.
I hate bad things.
W-what nonsense is this?! Your time to work has finally come! I know that you are all doing bad things.
Holding the old man from the village hostage and worrying everyone.
Enough of this impertinence! We, the Red Ribbon Army, were the ones who built you! Are you refusing to listen to the parents who gave you birth?! I cannot do it.
I am sorry.
What?! You shoddily-made wimp! No matter what you may say, I cannot do it.
Alright, if you're not going to listen to me then I'll just have to force you to obey.
Listen up, Cyborg #8! A bomb was placed inside your body for use in case of an emergency! If I so much as tap this button you go boom and become a scrap heap! If you don't wanna wind up that way, you'll unquestioningly obey me! Got it?! I cannot do bad things.
W-w-what?! Why, you! You traitor! You're a complete failure of a creation! Master Sergeant Murasaki! Blow that fool up immediately! Yes, sir, General White! Outta my way, Useless! Now I'll explode you, just as you wanted! Stop it! Ready to die? Stop it! Here I go! Stop it! Die! I won't let you! Y-you brat! How dare you destroy the remote control! Jan-ken-gu! That's what you get! W-what is that idiot doing?! Thank you for saving me.
I am happy.
You should've taken care of that guy yourself Fighting is not good But if you don't fight bad guys won't you wind up getting killed instead? I am afraid of fighting.
You sure look strong, though.
What is your name? Me? I'm Son Goku.
And you? My name I am called Cyborg #8.
That sure is complicated.
What's "Whatever #8" mean? It sure is a weird name.
Son Goku, are you going to save the old man from the village? Oh yeah! This is no time to be doing this, is it? Well, take care! Attention all personnel! Attention all personnel! Everyone out of M3! Head to M4! Fortify combat stations! W-what is this? This is a weird room A dead end That's odd Not another one It's like I'm constantly going around the same place in circles! I'm back where I came up from Once you've lost your way in here there's no escaping Continue to walk until you die! I don't think so! Another one So there you are, Son Goku.
Huh? Why are you It is very difficult to go to the very top floor.
I will come with you.
Eh?! You know about this place?! I was once shown a map.
Do not worry.
That's nice of you.
Thanks a lot! It is my way of thanking you for saving me.
It seems to me like you can't escape no matter how long you're in here.
It would be terrible if one got lost in this maze.
This way.
Hey, Ha-chan, is this the 5th floor? This is between the 4th and 5th floors.
By the way, what is "Ha-chan"? Huh? It's you.
It's hard to say "Whatever #8" (Hachi-go), so Ha-chan? Ha-chan Ha-chan I like that! Ha-chan Ha-chan? Strange guy.
How is it? Does it hurt? No.
It's not that bad.
How long do you think this will keep up? Probably until they find the Dragon Ball What exactly will happen to us when they find the ball? Okay! I'm going to go beat them all up! What's the matter, Ha-chan? I hear something.
Hear what? Somebody is coming And there are many of them! I am sorry! Are you okay? Hi! There he is! This way! What's goin' on?! B-bastard! Are you okay, Son Goku? Ha-chan! Son Goku, this way! Huh? Not again.
I'm sick of this That is odd There was no wall here before Son Goku, this way.
It's pointless no matter which way you go! This cannot be Ha-chan Let us go back What's the matter, Ha-chan? Son Goku, let us return to our previous path! Hurry! Fools doing the same thing over and over No luck, Ha-chan Huh? Ha-chan?! What?! Damn it! Huh? I knew it H-huh? We did it! Ah! Ha-chan! Ha-chan! Ha-chan! Son Goku! This room is the 5th floor.
It's all one big wall Can't we get inside? There is no entrance to the 5th floor.
It is a secret room.
Even I do not know what is inside it.
This is the 6th floor control room.
The room where the old man from the village is being held.
Alright! So you're the boss! Give back the village chief! You did well to make it all the way here, kid.
Allow me to congratulate you.
You're really quite amazing, so much that I would like you in our army.
Who would want to work with you?! General White, please stop doing bad things! So the traitorous, poorly-constructed machine asks like a big shot.
B-but Who made you?! Who was it that brought you back to this world as a cyborg after you had died once before? Just exactly who?! Say it! I-it was you, General White It was because of you that I Then it's still not too late! Kill that kid for the Red Ribbon Army! I- I cannot do that! I suppose I truly cannot do bad things! Please, Son Goku is very strong.
So please surrender! Stop it, Ha-chan! It doesn't matter what you say to this guy! Aren't you the ones who should surrender? Uh oh They finally made it to the top, but Muscle Tower is full of traps! How will Goku and Ha-chan get out of this crisis?! What exactly lies in wait within the darkness?! minouhse