Dragon Ball (1986) s03e12 Episode Script

Horrifying Buyon

1 "What Now, Goku?! The Horrible Buyon" Sorry! Son Goku, are you dead? T-this is W-what happened? We fell through a trap door to the 5th floor.
The 5th floor? What is this place? I do not know.
I only heard that the 5th floor is a mysterious room.
What a joke.
Kid, if you don't wanna die then you'll do as I say! What?! Damn you Hand over your Dragon Ball and the radar you used to look for it! Hell no! Like anybody would give you anything! I thought it would come to this.
Then I'll just sit here and watch you on the monitor as you turn into a pile of bones and roll around.
He closed it! W-what's starting? Son Goku, were you also collecting the Dragon Balls for a bad reason? No! I'm looking for them because one of them is a memento from my grandpa.
That is a relief.
You really are nice, Son Goku.
W-what the?! T-the wall is opening up! There is something inside! Be careful! S- Son Goku! S- so cold They're really strong! Don't worry! Just leave it to me! Huh? How did you get in here? So you got lost all by yourself Your mother and father must be worried.
So that's where Okay, time to go home now.
I wonder if he'll rescue the village chief for us? I hope he comes back safely Kid! It's the end of the line when you're up against Buyon! Prepare to be eaten! I won't be eaten by this thing! S- Son Goku! I am scared.
What for? I'll take care of him with one hit! You're quite naïve, kid.
No matter how good you are or what weapons you have, you stand no chance against Buyon! No way! My punches have no effect at all! Alright, in that case Try a kick! A-are you okay, Son Goku? O-ow! This isn't good! His body is so soft and flabby - I can't use punches or kicks! Now do you get it, kid? Buyon is invincible! Damn it! That can't be! One more time! L-look out! Son Goku! S- Son Goku! Do not die! Please do not die! I- I'm okay, it was nothing S- Son Goku! Too bad, kid! Son Goku! Good for you! Good for you! Man, that was close! Just a little bit more and I woulda been swallowed! Stubborn little brat! You're not getting me with that again! But I'm in real trouble now.
All I'm doing is running away What can I do to beat him? Son Goku, you are quite exhausted Yeah.
Hungry too Oh yeah! The Kamehameha! Okay! Stand back, Ha-chan! I didn't wanna use this 'cuz I get even hungrier every time I use it, but I'll put an end to you with this! Ka me ha me ha! What?! No way! Even the Kamehameha?! What's the matter, kid? Is that it? May I give you one last chance? If you hand over the Dragon Ball and radar I'll save you! Didn't I already tell you I'm not gonna die?! Stubborn fool! Then I'll let you die just as you wish! I'll just look for the Dragon Ball and radar afterwards! Don't hold back, Buyon! Slaughter the both of 'em! Crap! Buyon! Kill 'em! Ha-chan! Ha-chan! Ha-chan! Are you okay?! Thank you, Son Goku! I have no choice, I'll ram into you with everything I got! Here I go! Assault! We are done for, Son Goku.
There is nothing we can do Don't talk so pathetically, Ha-chan! Men can't give up! B-but You bastard! Laugh it up while you still can! But there really isn't anything we can do.
If only his body wasn't so soft and flabby It'd be a cinch if his body were hard Dammit Wait a sec.
You were frozen solid! Frozen? What's that? It's where you're so cold you turn hard like ice.
I see! Hard! That's it! Yeah! W-what is going on, Son Goku? Yeah! I'm gonna win this fight! W-what?! Can't you just admit defeat?! Don't be sputtering such nonsense! It isn't nonsense! Just you watch! Alright! Alright! Ha-chan, is coldness a problem for you? Coldness is no problem for me.
That's great! Let me inside your coat! It's unbearably cold! Now he's all hard! Excellent thinking, Son Goku! Now that he's hard, it's time for this! C-cold! We did it! W-who is he?! Now for the next one It's nice and warm here! Nyoibou, extend! Ha-chan, hold onto this pole! Hold on tight! Nyoibou, revert! Fool! Dropping your guard like that! That hurts! Can I ask you a question? T-the bullets hit you, didn't they? They did! And they really hurt! I'm gonna make you hurt twice as much! Thank you once again, Son Goku! T-this can't be happening! Now give back the village chief if you don't wanna get sent flying! Goku has finally climbed his way to the top floor of Muscle Tower.
The final struggle to the death with General White begins at last! minouhse