Dragon Ball (1986) s03e13 Episode Script

The Fall of Muscle Tower

1 "The End of Muscle Tower" Okay! I said give him back so give him back! Give him back right now! I really will knock your lights out! Don't get confused.
For a little pipsqueak you sure talk big! If you can knock the lights out of I, General White then just you try it! Alright! I'm not gonna hold back! Get ready to die! S-stop this! It is not good for the two of you to fight any more! Shut up! Ha-chan! Useless! Are you okay, Ha-chan?! - Son Goku, stop - Don't worry, just you watch! I'm gonna take care of him in no time flat! He's really exhausted after fighting against Buyon That means the odds are stacked in my favor! Okay, kid! Come at me already! Okay! W-why you! It's all over! I thought a fly had landed on me You know, punches should be like this! Got it? Who is this kid he's unbelievably strong H- he's some sort of monster M-my strength What's the matter, kid? What happened to all that energy you had? G- General White, please stop it! Shut up! You stay outta this, Useless! Son Goku You were a little careless there, kid.
It's still too little early for beddy-bye! L-let go I'll wake you up! Get up, kid! Son Goku! P-please stop it, General White! S- Son Goku! G-get up! He'll fall asleep hearing that useless lullaby! Are you okay, Son Goku? D-damn it how dare he! I'm mad now! N-no way! No! Son Goku! Son Goku Please, no more Why are you stopping me, Ha-chan?! It'd be best to bash this guy into a pulp! But fighting is not good.
Let him get off with just this much Please, Son Goku! Alright.
But you sure are nice, Ha-chan! Huh? No, uh I Huh?! Looks like he's still plenty energetic! Alright! A Powered Gun! You still wanna fight?! What's it gonna be? Very well I give up.
I'll hand over the village chief.
So you surrender peacefully? This way.
He barely escaped death.
Looks like you saved him, Ha-chan! Huh? Things seem to have suddenly become quiet! Get out, your help's arrived! My help?! You don't mean Honestly?! I did hear that it was a child, but Are you "Village Chief"?! Indeed I am So you really were the one who came to save me? Yeah! Thank you, thank you! And you're still such a small child And Ha-chan was with me too.
Hello It's all okay now! I took care of all of this bad guy's friends! T-that's amazing, thank you so much! That's okay.
Okay, let's hurry back home! Oh, that's right, my outer garments It is great that General White finally came to his senses Not a move, kid! Don't try anything funny! I'll splatter the village chief's head like an egg! T-that hurts! D-damn it! Coward! Hold it! The strength of this Powered Gun isn't to be taken lightly! Maybe I should try it out on something! - Stop it! - G-General White! Well? There's not a single thing you can do! How do you like this situation? Dammit! Doing such cowardly things! So what do you do now, insolent child? Come any closer and watch what happens! I'll blow his head off, just like that Don't concern yourself with me, just hurry and take care of this guy! It doesn't matter if I die! Don't worry about me, just take care of him and bring peace to the village! But Don't worry about me! If I can sacrifice myself for the village then I will gladly do so! Really?! I-if that's what you want, I guess I'll do that, but B-bastard! I'm serious, I'll do it! But didn't he just say he doesn't care?! B-but! If at all possible I would be very happy if you saved me too There you have it.
S-sorry Well then, how shall I deal with him? General White! Please stop doing these bad things! What?! Pretty polite way of asking you have there you damn weakling traitor! B-but But hold on a little longer, I'll take care of you soon enough! 8, I'll spare the village chief's life if you do what I say.
H-honestly?! Yep But only if you destroy him! So what'll it be? If you don't do what I say, the village chief winds up dead.
Will the kid die? Or will the village chief die? Dirty! W-what should I So, which one will it be?! Hurry up and decide! I- I cannot do either I just cannot! I just cannot! Ha-chan You're a poorly-made creation in every sense of the phrase! Stand up, 8! Stand up at once! Get up! Stop it! Ha-chan is really kind-hearted! I won't let you harass him any more! I see.
In that case, you'll do what I say.
Isn't that right? Alright! Excellent! Face the other way, kid! The other way? What for? Die! S- Son Goku! Guess not even the kid can stand up against this! Son Goku Take this! End of the line! You're in the way! You, Cyborg 8! You would fight against I, General White?! H-how dare you do that to Son Goku! This is how you would act toward the ones who gave you life?! D-die! Die! N-no bullets! You are a bad person! I will get rid of you! S- Son Goku?! Son Goku, are you okay? Are you dead?! He's fine.
He's alive.
Just a little done in, though Son Goku! But weren't you shot too, Ha-chan? Are you okay?! I am a cyborg.
Something like that is nothing to a cyborg! So cyborgs are tough! Thanks for saving me! It was you who saved me even more, Son Goku.
But you sure are awesome when you're mad, Ha-chan Even more awesome than my punches See, you can do it if you try! But I hate fighting It would seem that night has given way Let's hurry back to the village Village chief! Please get as far back as you can Smells good! Somebody's coming! Hey, Mom, Dad, it might be him! Son Goku? Are you cold? I can't go on, I'm gonna die S- Son Goku! I'm about ready to die so hungry! Hey! Hey! Oh, it's Suno and her parents Hey! It's the village chief! He really did rescue him! But who is that big fellow next to the village chief? Yeah Goku isn't with them? It's him! That's great Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! G- Goku?! So hungry Yummy Congratulations are in order for succeeding in safely rescuing the village chief.
But just where has the Dragon Ball gone?! minouhse