Dragon Ball (1986) s03e14 Episode Script

The Secret of Dr. Flappe

1 "Imminent Danger!! Go for it, Ha-chan" We still have more, would you like seconds? Thanks for the food! Amazing! Thanks to you two peace has returned to the village.
We're truly thankful! But why did you have to go through all of that for just one ball? Now that you mention it, the Dragon Ball never did turn up Where on earth could it be? Even with everybody in the village looking for it, still nothing Um What is it, Ha-chan? I had it Eh?! This, right? This is it! This is it, Ha-chan! W-why do you have the Dragon Ball?! Once, when I went outside, I just happened to find this.
But General White planned to kill all the villagers after he found the Dragon Ball So that is why I hid it.
Remarkable! I've really taken a liking to you! I've decided! You two will live at my house! Eh?! Me and Son Goku? That's right! It's just me and my wife, so having young people over would really help us out! Sorry, but I can't.
Why not?! 'Cuz this Dragon Ball isn't my grandpa's memento either I have to go look again for the one that is! I see But you'll come stay at my house, won't you, Ha-chan? Y-yes Isn't that great, Ha-chan? You even said you wanted to try living with the villagers! Isn't that right? Okay, then it's decided! But I am a cyborg What does that have to do with anything? Humans have their share of bad apples too! Thank you, I am extremely happy You'll come live with us, Ha-chan?! Good for you, Village Chief! Congratulations! But! No, I cannot live with you after all.
W-why not, Ha-chan? There is a bomb inside my body.
Eh?! A bomb? Oh yeah Now get him! Pulverize him! Eliminate him! No.
Killing living things is bad.
I hate bad things.
Listen up, Cyborg 8! A bomb was placed inside your body for use in case of an emergency! If I press this button you turn into a scrap heap! T-that's terrible I do not know when it will explode.
D-don't throw me into a scare! That's so sad That is why I cannot.
I truly appreciate your gesture, though, Village Chief.
There's no reason to give up, Ha-chan! Eh?! Professor Frappe! Professor Frappe can help! That's right! I'm sure Professor Frappe can do something to help! Professor Frappe?! Who's that? A scientist who lives in this village.
He's anti-social so he built his lab in the mountain recesses of this village.
He lives there all by himself.
Ask the professor to remove the bomb for you! But the professor's a disagreeable fellow, he won't listen to anybody I'll go! I've gone to his house to play lots of times! The professor is fond of Suno so he'll meet you for sure if she goes! Will you go, Suno-chan? Alright, I'll go too! Okay, then it's decided! You'll leave at daybreak! T-thank you all for doing this for my sake D-damn it! They're so pretty You can have them if you want.
I don't! The Red Ribbon Army would come back again and kill me if I kept these! Okay, I'll hold onto them then.
Is that the miniature radar that General White wanted? Yep, this is it! I got it from someone named Bulma.
When you press it here, it Huh?! Huh?! What's the matter? It's busted.
Oh man! It's because I had it inside my shirt the whole time I was fighting You should have the professor fix that for you tomorrow too! Oh yeah! That's a great idea! Do you have your lunches? Good luck, Ha-chan! Right! Watch yourself! - Be careful! - Good luck! We'll be back later! Professor Frappe's house is on the other side of that mountain.
Do you think he will repair my body? Don't worry, I'll ask him for you! That professor, what's he do for a living in the mountains? I don't know for sure, but it looks like he researches difficult things.
Sometimes he fixes the villagers' clocks and sewing machines and stuff.
Clocks and sewing machines?! What the hell are they?! What's the matter? Go on ahead of me! Let's keep going.
I won't let that brat get away with this any more! Wow, what a huge pond! You're standing on top of the water! This water is frozen so it is no problem.
Frozen? That's right.
The water turned hard because of the cold.
Hurry up! Ah, so that's why! Are you alright?! I'm fine! Ha-chan! Let's go! Okay! Thanks.
I didn't know that water's this slippery when it turns hard! Only an imbecile wouldn't even know what ice is! Hurry up and get outta here! Did you hear a splashing sound just now? Now that you mention it Get outta here! Just your imagination.
You think? Let's go.
Exit, exit Where is the exit?! Exit, exit Why you! There it is! Over there! Alright! Let's go! Oh, it's just a bear.
It's so cute! Okay, let's hurry! Right.
D-dammit Here we are, this is Professor Frappe's house.
Professor! It's me, Suno! Professor! Professor Frappe! Do you think he's out? Who are you?! Professor! Oh, Suno-chan! I see, so you two beat up the Red Ribbon Army all by yourselves These people are super strong! N-no, I am not that strong.
That's not true! I don't even begin to compare to your strength, Ha-chan! But it certainly is nice that peace has returned to the village Now we don't have to live in fear anymore! Indeed You were bullied by Red Ribbon too?! No, it seems not even Red Ribbon bothered to check back here in the mountains.
Oh, that's good! But I still can't forgive them for burying a bomb inside a person's body! It's alright, isn't it, Professor?! You'll save Ha-chan, won't you? Professor! Ha-chan will be okay, won't he?! O-of course he will.
Something like that is a simple task! That's great! Isn't it, Ha-chan? Isn't that great Huh? I do not blame him, he has not slept since yesterday.
I'll go get him a blanket, wait here.
It's been a while! Y-you! W-what are you doing?! I have some business with you, Professor Who would've thought they would come here W-what do you want with me now?! Last night, General White and all our cronies were defeated.
And it was all because your Cyborg 8 betrayed us You created a terribly inferior product for us.
I'm going to have you, the one who gave life to 8, take the responsibility.
W-what do you want me to do You're going to get the Dragon Balls that the brat who's with 8 has.
Once we get our hands on them we can rebuild our army once again and make the world ours! I- I can do no such thing! What?! I wonder what he's doing? All he said was that he was going to get a blanket If you absolutely refuse, my only other option is to have you die.
Professor Suno-chan! No! So what will it be? If you don't then I'll take this child's life! V-very well.
H-huh?! Professor that is! Professor! What's going on?! These appear to be them! That is Suno-chan's voice! Suno-chan! M- Master Sergeant Murasaki! This is goodbye, everyone! What's going on, guys? Terrible news! Your knapsack was stolen! Eh?! Come back here! Fool! No matter how fast you are there's no way you can outrun this! Come back here! Come back! Looks like he's given up! Ka me ha me ha! Oh, good! My lunch almost got eaten! I sure don't like him leaving these things here T-there! Now there's no need to worry! We did it! That's good! Thank you very much, Professor.
Thanks! Thanks! No, it was nothing Oh, yes.
This radar's construction is too complex for me to understand.
Sorry that I couldn't fix it.
I guess all I can do now is go to Bulma's house and have her fix it Huh?! I'll throw this thing outta here! - Bye, Professor! - Bye! Take care! I did such a foolish thing because they said they'd kill all the villagers otherwise.
Forgive me, Ha-chan Bye! D-damn it! I will not allow myself to be beaten like this! Just you watch minouhse