Dragon Ball (1986) s03e15 Episode Script

A Trip to the City

"Bulma's House in Metro West" - Have some cake too.
- Okay! Good for you, Ha-chan! Yes! You'll come stay with me? Yes! Congratulations! Thanks.
Son Goku, you are really going to leave this village? Yeah, I really have to find my grandpa's memento.
It's already getting late, so spend the night here.
Thanks! Good for you! Well, tomorrow morning you'll be saying goodbye to Goku too, Ha-chan.
Stay here tonight with him.
Starting tomorrow you'll be staying at my place.
See you later.
Good night! Nope, no good.
What will you do now that the radar is broken? I'll go to Bulma's house and have her fix it.
Bulma? She's the one who gave me this radar.
Where does she live? I think she said Metro West What direction is that from here? Metro West that would be let's see That way, maybe? It is extremely far away! How do you plan to go there? Walk.
W-walk?! But there's no other choice, is there? There aren't any cars or planes in this village.
Terrible I'll give you lots of lunches! Really?! Good luck, Son Goku! Well you need to get lots of sleep! Good night! - Good night! - Good night! This is the first time I have slept in a futon It feels so nice.
Eh?! Y-you say you're going to walk?! Yeah, what with Kinto Un broken and all What?! A Kinto Un, you say?! Little boy, you rode on a Kinto Un?! A kinton? (mashed sweet potato) Yep, I did.
You know about Kinto Un, old man? I most certainly do! When I was a lad there were quite a few of them.
Isn't that right? Yes, there were! But since only those with completely pure hearts could ride them, people who could ride them grew less and less, and we almost never see them anymore.
But being able to ride on a Kinto Un certainly is something! But it broke and died.
Kinto Uns don't die! Did you actually try calling for it? Nope.
I thought it had died, so Try calling it! Kinto Un! Nothing's coming.
That's odd You were right! Here it comes! Kinto Un! Good for you, Kinto Un! I really missed you, Kinto Un! Good for you! Oh! He really can ride on it! Okay, I'm going now! Take care of yourselves! Son Goku, thank you for everything.
You are my best friend.
Good luck! You better not lose to the Red Ribbon Army! Bye, Ha-chan! Bye, everyone! Alright, next stop, Metro West! Let's go, Kinto Un! Goku! West is that way.
Oh, okay.
Later! T-that's a kinton? (mashed sweet potato) Amazing Goodbye! Be careful! - Bye! - Take care! - Be careful! Look, it can fly in the sky too! Ki Ki Kinto Un We're out of the cold place now! Ki Ki Kinto Un A bit different from a mashed sweet potato with chestnuts The delightful, delightful cloud given by the Turtle Hermit Whoohoo! Flies easily and lightly through the sky Come, Kinto Un! Go, to the ends of the earth Oho, that's funny The ends of the sky They're heading westward.
And at a tremendous speed! Do Do Dragonball This place is really bustling! Grandpa's memento- the 4-star ball When all 7 are assembled the dragon will grant everyone's wish.
W-what is this place?! She lives in a place like this?! I'll look for her on foot from here on out.
This place sure is noisy Hey kid! Watch where you're goin'! Stupid! Hey, can I ask you something? Where is Bulma's house? How the hell would I know?! - What's going on?! - What're you doing?! Outta the way, runt! What are they in such a hurry for? Hey! Where is Bulma's house? Eh? Bulma? Yeah.
I have no idea.
Go ask somebody else.
You live in the same place but don't know her? Oh man I wonder if she really lives here H-hey, wait! Step on in.
Come on in.
Oh, you'll give me a lift? Thank you.
I'm saved! You're so nice to drive me there! Where you headed? Bulma's house.
Where's that? I don't know.
I'm looking for it.
Sir, you do have money, don't you? Money? I don't got any.
Don't be stupid! Getting into taxis without saying a single word Idiot! So here in the city you need money to get directions to houses? So what do I do to get money? Huh? What is it? Excuse me Coming through Is something going on? - Go for it! - This guy's a pushover! Here I come! So, is there anybody else?! If you beat me I'll give you 100,000 Zeni, so how about it?! Come on now! What's the matter? Aren't there any challengers out there?! If you fight me and make me say I'm beaten then you can get a ton of money! I can get money?! It's like the Tenkaichi Tournament! Hey, you do it.
Don't be stupid, that guy knows Kenpo, I wouldn't have a chance! I'll fight! Hold on a sec while I take off my things.
Kid, you're good at jokes! I'm not joking.
You wanna fight me? Yeah! I get 100,000 Zeni if I win, right? Okay, whatever.
Let's fight then.
Normally you'd have to pay the 10,000 Zeni match fee but I'll make it free just for you, kid! Thanks! I'll go easy on you then.
Then let's get this thing started.
Alright! Here I go! Be my guest.
C-could you see that? Not at all Are you beaten? O-of course I'm not beaten! Oh.
I-it looks like you've studied a bit of Kenpo somewhere, kid Yeah, I trained! Okay, the match starts again! Okay, here I go again! It would be best to hurry and say you're beaten! Little punk! Watch out! I- I am beaten Thanks a lot! Now I got some money! Who should I ask who would know? Hey! Take a look at that kid's hand! Whoa, what a load of money! Hey you, little boy! Come over here! Over here, over here! What is it? Right this way.
Are you going to give me something? We're the ones who're gonna get something! We'll take that money now.
You'll tell me where Bulma's house is? Stop yer yackin' and make with the money! How come? Bleh! You're not going to tell me where Bulma's house is? You brat! You want me to kill ya?! Punk kid! L-let me see Bulma-chan's house? W-wouldn't a police officer know if you asked one? A person named "Police Officer"? Thank you! N-no, you're welcome.
If you're looking for a police officer, that person over there is one.
Thank you! Here you go! Hey! "Police Officer"! A girl by the name of Bulma? You don't know her citizen number either? Don't know what to tell you Let's see She looks like this! T-that's a little You don't know? Oh well, I'll check the computer for you.
Normally we aren't allowed to do this for civilians, though.
B-u-l-m-a That's a rare name so it shouldn't take long to find out! There are three people, which one is it? Is it this person? No! Then what about this one? It's Bulma! This is amazing! This is the daughter of the head of Capsule Corporation! Hey! So where is Bulma's house?! It's a little far so I'll take you there.
Get on.
I don't have any money.
Stupid! You think I charge for money?! Sorry for repeating myself, but are you really an acquaintance of Bulma-san? I told you, I am! Okay, we're here.
This is it?! What a huge house! Bulma! The reunion with Bulma, at last! minouhse